Posted on February 12, 2008

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The Liberal Who Would Be President 21:02:39
Press Release: Ron Paul supporters launch billboard in his home state of Texas 16:00:43
DIGG-Ron Paul Announces Grand March on Washington DC--DIGG 03:56:59
I will not surrender, I will win Ron Paul Votes and Delegates in my Texas Precinct! 01:21:53
Three Contests, Tuesday 2/12 21:02:40
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Ron Paul Racing to Sponsor NASCAR's Kenny Wallace & Mike Bliss 23:56:55
MARCH - while we can still Fly 23:48:53
Wahhooooo. I think I had a victory!! 23:47:16
is it just me 23:40:49
Tell your friends and family to spend their rebates on the DC march 23:40:25
How did we let THIS happen: "Senate Passes Bill to Expand U.S. Spying Powers" 23:38:27
My Prediction, if NO brokered Republican convention Lou Dobbs WILL run 23:37:52
Greenspan = Francisco D'Anconia? 23:31:55
RIP GOP 23:30:34
Getting EVERYONE on board via rebates! 23:30:21
Help me please 23:30:08
Conversions to Ron Paul happening on Detroit News Forums!!!!!!! 23:17:36
Total Chaos Around Here! 23:12:27
Just filled out a survey for Intuit Turbotax 23:09:57
While I thought McCain would win DC and Maryland I did not think Virginia 23:09:16
NEWSWEEK & FactCheck.Org Comment on DailyPaul 23:07:34
Obama v.s Ron Paul On The Issues (DIGG Site Please) 23:03:02
Operation Enduring the Rape of Your Children continues... 22:58:54
March on Chinese Embassies 22:57:12
Hotel Reservations 22:56:01
Preparing 4 D.C.;;Tens of Thousands March on the Pentagon 22:54:55
MD - Provisional Ballots Used From 8-9:30PM 22:53:58
Bias? 22:52:46
Help!!! Ron Paul isn't on the list for Congress! 22:50:21
Can somebody help me? 22:44:49
Control The Troll 22:42:49
We Are Ron Paul Republicans 22:39:41
Primary Results - Main Thread 22:38:53
dr paul should pick the march date 22:31:04
Comedian Red Skelton called it right decades ago! 22:30:00
If you are anti-Iraq-war voter for fiscal reasons who would be your second guy? 22:29:31
POLLS about to Close in DC and MD 22:28:50
Media Reform 22:25:34
Is it time? 22:22:09
Please say NO to April 19...thanks to Stormfront 22:21:59
The March: Listen to Dr. Paul on the video 22:19:58
ABC just predicted McCain to win Virginia with 51% reporting!! WTF?!? 22:13:44
RP should challenge McCain and Huck to a One on One Debate! What are they afraid of - the issues? 22:13:04
I will be in DC July 4th... I have never been there. I'm taking the week off 22:12:10
Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Speaks On Ron Paul 22:08:31
The March is not about Winning Primaries 22:06:00
Meetup Challenge 22:02:23
Rush is really supporting McCain 21:57:49
It's now very obvious 21:51:18
What's going on in DC? Possible voting fraud? I don't like this at all :( 21:48:32
Meet with your local police, ASAP 21:48:29
watch DIgg they are trying to smear Paul 21:47:30
Its "TEXAS or BUST" for the WIN ... 21:47:15
Pledge to march here ------> (same people who brought you the tea party) 21:42:19
For all the people who don't understand "Truthers"... 21:39:48
Confessions of an Economic Hitman **MUST SEE** 21:39:46
Virginia 21:38:34
New BOOK Project-Update! 21:36:50
...But what about vote fraud???? 21:32:45
Virginia results 21:11:44
This is not the Ron Paul March, but rather, the FREEDOM March 21:09:04
New project : How to break in the MSM 21:02:32
Diebold Machines being abolished in Ohio, California, Florida, Colorado! House Rep. offers $500 MIL 20:58:22
China topic censored here. 20:57:07
RP Revolutionaries need a rest - 20:52:09
You never know what will happen 20:52:02
CBSnews, Montana 20:45:25
Voters Hell in Arizona: A Pollworker's Personal Story 20:43:04
Forget "Truthers" what about Agent Provocateurs at the March! That's the main concern. 20:39:02
You've got to see this site - tremendous 20:38:40
Why can't Ron Paul win just 1 state? 20:36:47
The Mouse that Roared: Why Ron Paul Won the Election 20:36:17
Virginia update - McCain eats dust, Huckabee wins, convention here we come 20:33:30
Mitt Romney morphs into Ron Paul then morphs into Mike Huckabee 20:33:05
Ron Paul Speaks on Rally Date - 2/12/08 (Video) 20:29:51
Catch the Spirit 20:28:09
McCain's $100K Question 20:21:23
Potomac Primaries! 20:21:05
A little love for truthers 20:19:59
Why are donations so low lately? 20:19:48
Amazing Moment The World's Biggest Christ Was Struck By Lightning 20:15:39
Deputy Dumps Man out of Wheelchair to Check Disability 20:14:22
Ron Paul Takes 10 % in Virginia 20:12:59
Interesting numbers.....follow the money 20:07:27
Virginia - CNN projects Obama win 20:06:53
Video:"We are the ones we have been waiting for" 20:06:35
Ron Paul Defended Rush Limbaugh..Remember this Rush? 19:55:13
Speaker Wish List, 19:52:47
Thoughts on a Ron Paul March 19:51:35
March needs to organize in these forums 19:49:11
I love the message, but I'm not sleeping with it at night 19:45:45
Why Ron Paul is already the Next President of the U.S. 19:44:26
Welcome Trolls! 19:43:48
Dear John (McCain) Letter: 19:42:03
military endorsement bomb 19:41:05
Gingrich Warns of GOP Catastrophe 19:32:42
MoneyBomb vs. Slow and Steady, is the Debate over yet? 19:30:01
Anyone just watch CNN at 6:27 est Chavez cuts off Exxon 19:27:01
Funny Story: I have had a Ron Paul ringtone on my cell for 2 months 19:26:27
Flaggers are Like George Bush... Freedom for noone 19:25:04
John McCain Excellent Video! 19:23:32
Grrr--Stupid CNN!!! 19:22:10
What's With All These Clueless Christians? 19:06:41
If you liked "Freedom to Fascism" maybe you should help Sherry 18:58:51
UPDATED: McCain Is NOT Eligible!--an analysis according to the law 18:58:41
March 4th U.S. Constitution Enacted versus June 21st Ratified 18:54:51
Internet World News: We Publish Our Sources 18:54:28
ZOD for President 2008 - Vote for Your Ruler *Funny* 18:45:52
New VIdeo - rEVOLution March!!! 18:45:00
What state/meetup groups truly supports Dr. Paul? I smell a challenge. 18:43:42
Tell people to use the tax rebate for the March trip 18:40:43
Has anyone noticed how Rush is throwing around RP's name..... 18:36:46
Senate okay's Immunity for Telecom eavesdropping 18:32:30
This should be dugg 18:32:13
I am disgusted. 18:29:52
My Take on the Truthers at the DC Event 18:26:51
2008 - The Summer of Constitutional Love 18:26:38
Easy and Great way to raise money for the Ron Paul March! 18:19:57
You can count on the MSM to try to sabotage the march in one of several ways. 18:12:08
DRUDGE links now...LA Times article on RP---LAT asks for supporters to comment...reach 20 million readers 18:10:00
Why cant Rand Paul run for the congressional seat???? 18:05:47
HELP!!!! Should I listen to... 17:57:20
Mcain;not born in U.S.???? 17:54:34
I WORK FOR THE OLD MEDIA (and subvert them with every opportunity) 17:50:37
JUNE 21,1788 Our Constitution was Ratified 17:46:50
July 4th 2008 March on Independence day! 17:44:40
I Don't Care Anymore 17:43:03
Brokered Convention - HOW LIKELY INDEED 17:27:22
What is the status of the Indiana ballot access??? 17:20:22
History Channel Admits Anthrax Attacks are an Inside Job 17:19:18
Alex Jones' candid remarks about Ron Paul's letter and decision 17:16:49
The Personal "economic stimulus package" (just for laffs) 17:14:05
The March Must Be About The Message, Not The Man 17:14:01
Question about Huckabee's son David - dog torture? really??? 17:09:52
Ron Paul's Bio Page on (Council on Foreign Relations) 17:05:35
The importance of Breaking the Matrix 16:47:18
Today's the birthday of he who won the GOP nomination and presidency going in with 22 delegates 16:45:45
Huckabee not on PA ballot? 16:43:58
The Common Man 16:41:44
March On Washington Website Technology 16:41:25
Looks more like Ron Paul wants the March on Washington, D.C. to be on 4th of July 16:37:01
This is why Ron Paul wants us to march! 16:35:56
Defend the District - $286,431.44 - 71.67% of Goal - Contribute NOW! 16:33:58
WA GOP Chair, the Caucus, and Delegates 16:32:18
Dr. Paul's Video Message Update on Campaign! ****NEW**** 16:28:05
Ron Paul Cover Story - Newsmax 16:27:18
Washington D.C. March 16:05:31
Third parties have done no foot word, but expect to magically become relevant in the public’s eye on Ron Paul’s coattails SHAME! 16:03:03
Mccain Will explode at the talk of Brokered Convention!! 16:02:53
Major Endorsement announcement JUST RELEASED NEWS 15:55:23
!!!"Free the People" March!!! 15:45:15
Organize the Washington March, instead of Disorganize it 15:44:59
Another Anti-War group is marching (not RP) 15:44:45
Why April 15th 15:43:45
How do I get some help on this site?????? 15:35:18
DR'S DC! 15:34:32
MSNBC hits us again 15:33:07
Reconcile and Remediate the Vote 15:30:10
wninjas war on y/a (yahoo answers) 15:29:31
Ron Paul calls on us to march on Washington 15:28:51
Pastor Chuck Baldwin: What's with ALL these Clueless Christians 15:27:00
This is what it looks like to get started as a delegate... 15:26:19
Say HI to Ron's Congressional competition 15:24:41
STOP coming up with dates....Dr. Paul will decide!!! 15:24:04
Huckabee press pool runs out of gas 15:22:12
Just like with money bombs, most effective date for the March would be a revolutionary date 15:21:08
AOL National Straw Poll - Vote Here 15:19:40
110 delegates up for grabs today. Who should get them? 15:11:55
Check out this publicity! 15:06:30
TOO MANY COOKS!!!So far I see three different marches going.....which is the RIGHT march? 15:05:49
Let's invite other groups to our march! 14:52:49
The march date MUST be after schools let out for summer... 14:51:09
This march is about telling the POLITICAL system 14:46:15
Cure Meetup Apathy 14:36:26
Stand Against Huckabee 14:35:46
**Newsmax magazine gives Ron Paul a front cover shot!** 14:35:10
I'm With Ron! 14:33:00
Does this sound familiar? 14:29:23
Time Magazine Determined to Ignore Ron Paul 14:20:07
Your Not Going To Believe This, Stimulis for Mexico!!!!! 14:15:29
Alex Jones just said "Memorial Day" (May 26th) would be the *BEST* day for the March on Washington, D.C. 14:11:28
Information from Maryland~Virgina~DC voting today? 14:05:58
be your Precinct Captain NOW!!! also invade OHIO and TEXAS 14:02:43
More signs of GOP's death 14:01:13
Put Money bomb dates on front page 13:57:15
Obama 6 million, Clinton 5 million, mccain 8 million, How much for Ron Paul?? 13:51:02
DONATE: If Ron Paul loses his Texas district, WE WILL BE Done AND Gone 13:49:05
How The Spooks Took Over Our News Media. Article. 13:46:27
support the troops bump and digg and send 13:44:24
your chance to post REAL news on MSM!! 13:42:16
Valentines for Ron and Carol 13:40:15
Our Poll Votes Point to Sat. June 21 (ratification of Constitution) - Please confirm 13:29:24
MLK march on Washington. Feel the power. 13:27:50
OurFreedomNetwork DC Event date poll 13:25:31
Ron Paul Just Gave 2 Dates For The Rally 13:22:46
See what people are talking about 13:21:08
No Organization on this website 13:18:42
Independance Day - July 4th 13:17:05
I'm Ron Paul, You're Ron Paul, Were all Ron Paul! 13:16:52
Video Message From Ron Paul- Campaign Status Update. 13:15:46
BEST Dr. Paul Grassroots SupportSite. Get this on the FrontPage 13:14:15
RP on Alex Jones now 12:11 pm est 13:13:21
The March on Washington should be in late May or early June. CONSIDER THE COLLEGE KIDS 13:10:55
Ron Paul on Alex Jones today ! 13:08:26
New Logic for McCain Suppor.... (read and /sarcasm) 13:06:56
Anything New in VA, MD, DC Primaries? Holla back, Please!!!! (Potomac Primaries) 13:05:37
How can we unite for liberty if we can't even unite to march on Washington? 13:01:16
Ron Paul on AJ show today. 13:00:30
"Paulstock" music concert after the March is over 12:58:46
McCain = One Worlder 12:57:11
March on Washington: Saturday, April 19th is the 233rd Anniversary of the American Revolution 12:55:41
Obama Campaign About to Get Raked Over Coals for Che Flag at Texas HQ 12:50:10
CNN poll! 12:49:55
If you live to far away to march, here is a suggestion 12:45:12
Ron Paul Campaign Update ----By Dr. Ron Paul---- 12:44:26
Deflation 101 12:43:41
POLL for our March on DC! VOTE!!! 12:41:26
Parallel Discussion: PURPOSE of the March 12:39:19
March on D.C. PLUS 11 other accessible (and significant!) cities 12:38:29
WA State results at 96% - Letter from WAGOP Chairman 12:38:06
Newt Gingrich Warns of GOP Catastrophe 12:27:46
April 15th or April 19th is the March on Washington Date 12:26:41 says march is 06/07/08..likely supported by RP 12:26:14
Go Vote For Dr. Paul On Newt's Site 12:24:45
How to organize a march 12:18:42
Ron Paul Continues Campaign for Republican Traditions 12:18:02
Lincoln's Birthday 12:15:30
POLL - Will You Go to A Washington DC March? Yes, No, Maybe? PLEASE Take This POLL! 12:13:53
Support the Troops - it takes more than a magnet 12:10:43
March on washington... WAIT for rebates in May 12:10:21
Carpools 12:08:31
ATTN: a date is set: The Great American March on Washington 11:59:17
Washington State 11:58:13
March before May 11th 11:57:54
March on DC - Wait for rebates? 11:51:57
Let's wait a few days before setting the date 11:51:45
John Mccain is like Bob Dole. 11:50:11
A march in March? 11:49:18
June 7th or 21st, 2008, 06-07-08 11:48:23
March on DC APRIL 19 with GATA 11:47:23
Redistribution of Power 11:40:35
Carl Klang- music for the march. 11:36:40
4th of July People cmon!!!! 11:34:31
APRIL 15 - 'END THE IRS' DAY 11:32:45
PLAN for March on DC 11:32:42
LOUISIANA?? 11:29:40
April 19, 1775 - The first day of the War of Independence a/k/a Revolutionary War 11:26:12
April 15th, tax day for a clear message 11:19:16
whatever the date its the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION!!!!!! 11:18:02
How a DC event can be all-inclusive and gain much more national coverage 11:11:56
Prostitute National Press 10:59:59
Mean but funny 10:53:56
Video:"We are the ones we have been waiting for" 10:47:46
** NEW REVISED POLL to select DC march dates - Please vote *** 10:44:09
Great Article "RON PAUL IS NOT QUITTING THE RACE" by Alan Stang 10:42:27
50,000 FOR SUCCESS? 10:38:55
** Check it out ** Ron Paul Meet-up Challenge launches last night 10:38:09
We can March more than once! 10:37:47
"Ron Paul's flag!" 10:29:24
Seattle King 5 News Reports: Mistakes in GOP caucus results acknowledged 10:15:30
You Tube keeping Dr. Pauls message count at 243 10:13:52
The March must be appealing to All. 10:09:55
RP is the Bravest Man In America! 10:00:46
Letter From The Constitution Party 09:47:44
Pre-Order Ron Paul's Book to get it back into amazon top 10! 09:39:22
Tenative Date to March on DC: April 30th 09:22:05
Where should I put my donations? 09:17:51
Vote for Ron Paul, organization of mass write-in possible 09:14:58
Ron Paul calls for "March on Washington" 09:09:19
Great Article from Devvy Kidd about McCain and Vote Fraud 08:59:45
efforts in precints not washington 08:59:21
Formal Announcment This Morning On Cspan From Paul Camp, WE WILL NOT SUPPORT MCCAIN 08:39:31
***McCain Funded By Soros/Heinz Kerry Since 2001*** 08:37:43
Ron Paul won't back McCain 08:34:07 08:30:57
What the hell happened to RPisGr8's post "37057" 08:30:08
Ron Paul: Going the Distance 08:22:35
There is one sure way to stop wars! Only people whose congressmen vote for war, have to serve and pay for war. 08:04:25
Ron Paul's New Campaign Video 2/11/08 07:50:08
*** Youtube/Google Repressing Ron Paul DC March!#@!! 07:39:33
John McCain on Father's Rights: Not Touching the Issue 07:39:26
Our power, our Responsibility 07:17:16
What About A Poll Section? 07:13:10
Dr. Paul on You Tube 07:07:01
The Good Doctor Would Be Proud Of Us For Choosing June 21st! 06:57:13
The Good Doctor Would Be Proud Of Us For Choosing June 21th! 06:56:36
Ron Paul Calls for March on Washington 06:51:22
Ron Paul Has Already Won by Lew Rockwell 06:28:33
June 21 - US Constitution Ratified 05:54:12
Legal Expertise Needed at Internet Regulation Discussion at FreeRepublic 05:52:13
ONLINE POLL... for date to march on Washington.... 05:38:34
Ron Paul Not Quitting, According to Facebook Message 05:33:08
My Caucus Experience in Washington 05:24:55
Urgent Message To All Ron Paul Supporters: The Revolution MUST Go Beyond Dr. Paul 05:21:11
Noelle Whats The Point............ 05:13:35
New Spanish Law Lowers Taxes for Women Only 05:08:24
Someone just donated $500 according to 05:08:16
April 13-15 not the most practical!!! Memorial Day all the way! 05:06:33
April 30th! Here is why! 05:01:37
Please tell Trevor to set up a website where people can sign up to go to the March on Washington 04:57:48
Bush administration trying to take away free speech...What does this mean for our Freedom March 04:56:50
3 day Memorial Day vacation weekend! Great Family Affair! 04:44:38
The new Knowledge Tax 04:40:28
Please Digg: A Vote For Any Other Candidate is a Wasted Vote 04:37:53
Speakers at Rally 04:36:34
*** Strawl Poll at - please VOTE *** 04:36:13
Attacking vote fraud: let's pick a CA district and *prove* it 04:34:31
We should get John Mayer to perform @ The March !! 04:33:43
The first shot of this REVOLUTION has been fired today! 04:32:49
Is Dr Paul wrong about China? 04:22:00
New Strong on National Defense - RP Slim Jim you've been wanting + + 04:20:11
March!? 04:20:04
Donate today! 04:19:35
Dr. Paul gives another update on the campaign 04:14:11
Continuing The Revolution - It's Gonna Take More Than A Demonstration!!! 04:11:48
OMG! CA Man FINED $1,000 A DAY for his Redwood Tree shading his neighbor!!!!!! 03:59:19
March on Washington DC - 04/13/08 03:54:13
What is the point of the March on Washington? 03:54:09
Is he an amazing man or what.... 03:36:27
April 19th is when the American Revolution began. It's the ideal date for the March on Washington. 03:34:34
What Candidate Woul You Have a Beer With? 03:32:31
Washington Results Updated 96% 03:30:09
Government Grabs Since 911 03:29:19
RP Video already on! 03:28:14
Ron Paul decal gets kid ticketed 03:26:46
Obama's Parody on John McCain- The YouTube That Can, Alone, Defeat McMonster 03:25:44
Ron Paul Calls for March on Washington D.C. 03:24:26
i suggest a new forum be added for ride sharing info for the washington march... 03:23:30
East-Coat Meetup groups hold funraisers for West-Coast Meetup group plane tickets!!! 03:19:20
National march 03:15:59
Will Ron Paul advisors help Paul Congress? 03:13:26
Time to raise a little heck!!! (or alot) >;) 03:12:40
A great Lew Rockwell article on RP, too 03:02:21
Ron Paul March on Washington DC on April 13th - Thomas Jefferson's birthday! 03:00:41
New Video Message From Ron Paul 02:59:56
***News Flash*** Ron Paul Says "Vote For Ron Paul" 02:56:23
We Need Ron Paul to WIN! - Dealing with Vote Fraud #1 priority 02:56:09
March on Washingon, LETS SET A DATE! 02:51:14
McCain Funded By George Soros and Other Left-Wingers Since 2001! DIGG This! 02:51:06
10,000 Chartered Buses for March on Washington!!! 02:50:30
Check it out- We just went live 02:49:17
NYC Christians - Derek Webb. 02:48:24
||| Why the media does not matter ||| 02:44:37
Win 02:43:49
Great Idea from Lysa...chipins for those who need help getting there! 02:40:48
Are there any truckers on here? 02:35:49
NEW VIDEO FROM HQ: Going the Distance! 02:21:10
McInsane video, this guy is an idiot! 02:15:41
John "nuclear option" McCain has NEVER attacked Ron Paul!!!! 02:02:42
Ron Paul says we should have a march in Washington! 01:59:32
Latest From Dr Paul, Today on youtube! 01:58:45
A brief history of democracy in Iran. Single most important.... 01:51:55
we have met the enemy 01:46:25
Do you know WHAT A SUPER DELEGATE IS??? 01:45:33
How about a new amendment... The Liberty Amendment? 01:39:07
Message from HQ-If you are for RP,vote for RP! 01:33:48
McCain Booed in Michigan 01:31:12
[video] Ron Paul rally Lake Jackson, Texas 2/10/08 01:28:03
i want to ordera pizza but my mommi said no untill she gets bak home and she pais moni for it 01:27:21
Ron Paul Wins Back Truthers and Skeptics Overnight!!! 01:19:45
Alex Jones' candid remarks about Ron Paul's letter and decision 01:16:24
Washington ballots discarded? 01:16:10
Meetup Challenge launch T - 2 hrs and counting 01:11:33
The OLD Media never ceases to amaze me 01:10:04
New National Defense Slim Jim 01:06:10
Stealth/Shadow Delegates 01:05:31
I've learned a lot coming here. Are you? 01:00:12
The only way to a Brokered convention is though the Huckster! 00:57:26
NEED HELP!!!!!! 00:56:15
defamation of character = law broken (class action law suit) 00:42:39
Ron Paul Talked About on CNN Situation Room 00:41:06
Want to get inspired again? 00:38:28
One law for some. IRS Flouts Court Orders, Refuses to Release Data on Its Tax Enforcement Activities 00:36:58
History Channel Admits Anthrax Attacks are an Inside Job 00:29:59 has posted a very negative article on our man 00:28:11
How to respond to... 00:21:02
Fascism Organization: Project for the New American Century 00:21:02
Huckabee Drop Out Rumour. 00:18:06
AP Article Just Released: "Texas Rep. Ron Paul also remains in the race." Huckabee Says He's in For Good 00:17:27
Scientists Upset Al Gore'S Plans 00:15:08
Save Our Soldiers 00:09:55
Bush Calls On France For Help, good grief... 00:09:21
If you have maxed out find a family member who hasn't donated 00:07:06
How do you feel tonight? 00:05:11
Dan McCarthy: If You're For Paul, Vote for Paul! 00:02:16
Contribute to the Campaign! 17:50:38