Posted on February 15, 2008

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David Walker Resigns 20:59:58
Ron Paul: Statement on Competing Currencies 13:07:19
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RON PAUL says U.S. Weakening Constitution 23:59:01
I helped in the raping of.... 23:44:15 23:43:58
Our Military 23:43:31
Is Obama the right wing radio favorite? 23:38:31
Digg the Bomb for President Paul Day 23:37:29
How about a THANK YOU RON PAUL Moneybomb? 23:32:32
Louisiana RP supporters dropped the ball at the state convention. 23:29:50
Ron Paul Mentioned on Tavis Smiley - 2-16-08 23:18:06
RP's CNN Video linked on Daily Dose 22:49:02
Local news article about Pauls Campaign 22:48:59
Descendent of the Founders 22:40:19
RonPaulRacing site has NEW CONTENT 22:31:29
Did anyone hear on oreilly today... 22:31:22
Ron Paul 'House Painting Party' in Texas 22:30:42
A painted Ron Paul House 22:30:05
give U.N. the power to tax U.S. citizens ----you have got to be kidding me?!! 22:29:07
Ron Paul Videos Up On CNN's IReport!! Please Rate!!! 22:19:55
$$$ NEXT MONEY BOMB IS MONDAY, FEB. 18TH $$$ 22:14:33
I need some input on a poster... 22:14:30
Anyone want to be on the radio? 22:11:54
Article: All Travelers to Europe May Face Fingerprinting 21:58:52
poll....Who thinks we need another huge money bomb to give the campaign a boost in the media and peoples minds???? 21:58:10
Tensions Surrounding Israel are at the Boiling Point 21:41:19
The new Media 21:38:12
Mainstream Media Wakes Up to Push for Hearings 21:28:11
Republicans love Saudis American killers? 21:25:53
Weapons of Mass Deception found 21:08:00
What are Clinton/Obama's Positions on the Draft? any good links? 21:01:22
If your from Louisiana please read this - the fight is on! 20:58:05
Tucker name drops Ron Paul today. 20:56:46
Here's one that's two months overdue--MSM props! 20:41:55
From Reason, Re: TX-15: Bonus Nugget about LP Candidacy 20:35:58
Blogs for Victory 20:34:50
Driver's License? 20:15:01
Mr. Bush You Are A Fascist--video Keith Olbermann Special Comment. Posted 15/02/08 20:10:55
Team Owner: Ron Paul's In The NASCAR Race Tomorrow for $50,000 ! 20:07:44
Harriet Miers and White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten in Contempt of Congress 20:07:16
OMGosh, I found THE BEST Video 20:01:51
Carl Cameron said Ron Paul "... hit it out of the park" 19:46:49
Wiretap Bill and neocon Motives 19:43:57
Bill Oriley's talk show gives Ron props! 19:30:03
6:24 PM -More about Ron Paul on CNN-coming up 19:25:29
WOW! Reagan delivers Ron Paul Platform 19:25:00
Investigate OBAMA'S Kenyan Connections 19:22:27
If you have already voted for Ron Paul, you MUST vote again 19:21:34
Help Save Net Neutrality - They are Trying to Kill the rEVOLution at the root!!! 19:13:23
Freedom To Fascism... Coming to a Theatre Near You 19:12:52
Quote of the day 19:05:56
More reason to hate McCain: Bush #41 just endorsed him. 19:03:08
Ron Paul Racing Find Out the Truth 18:46:15
Nearly 600,000 people have voted for Ron Paul in the primaries so far 18:45:36
Digg-Paying for Obama's Change 18:43:57
The point that lies deep below the Wolf Blitzer Report 18:39:50
If all 450 of us on DP right now donate $30 to the national campaign, we'll be at $6MM today!!! 18:38:19
Message to the Educated Only 18:29:59
*** Ron Paul Coast to Coast *** 18:28:16
score one for ohio 18:25:52
Does anyone know if Obama's Global Tax Bill was voted on yesterday? 18:23:45
Can someone debunk this for me 18:20:03
28th Amendment Proposal: Specific Measure to End 2 Party System 18:12:48
Worst Week of Donations 18:11:57
+++ Ron Paul Freedom March +++ 18:09:59
Privatizing the profits, Socializing the risks. 18:04:33
PLEASE Help Us Win South Texas For Ron Paul!!! 17:59:13
Purple Staters on Ron Paul 17:54:43
Freedom March 17:44:36 - 2/15/08 17:44:22
How the "spooks" took over the news 17:33:08
Freedom March 17:32:49
Does anyone know whats going on with Ron Paul's congressional campaign? 17:31:37
RED ALERT--donations needed for TV ads during presidential debate 17:26:19
OUR Congressional seat in action 17:20:28
free slim jims up for grabs... looking for texans to spread the message 17:15:12
Naomi Wolf - The End Of America 17:10:58
State Houses?? 17:10:58
Does anyone know what happened to Rick Williams from RPR? 17:03:08
Wolf Blitzer on CNN 3:55pm EST said coming up on situation room... 16:59:10
Dr. Ron Paul Gold Nugget Interview 16:52:48
robert newman's history of oil: MUST WATCH! 16:52:34
Class Action Suit Against David Rockefeller? 16:50:29
Project Vote Smart 16:43:48
Will Huckabee OWN or GET OWNED by the GOP 16:37:22
Oh wikipedia. 16:27:18
Keith Olbermann - THE TRUTH 16:21:13
Confirmation of Liberty Racing sponsorship 16:10:30
Let's Make History People...Ron Paul Racing! 15:54:50
The door to Iraq's oil opens 15:50:02
Armando Fitz owner of Fitz Motorsports Anounces deal 15:49:53
Financial Article: Long read but jeez I hope its not true 15:46:51
Today's threat to sovereignty 15:42:34
Obama & Clinton Hold "Public" Debate in Austin, Texas - No Peasants Allowed! RP Supporters Plan Counter-Action 15:37:51
Top US accountability officer quits over job constraints 15:37:23
Ron Paul attacked Locally 15:27:51
Is anyone interested or am I just full of beans? 15:27:46
Bail Out Pay Backs 15:20:21
New post from Chuck Baldwin: He's pushing a 3rd Party 15:15:08
RED ALERT--donations for Houston Debate needed today 15:04:19
Foriegn Policy advisor Ivan Eland article great! 14:53:09
Ron Paul on FISA 14:47:58
Is John McCain Electable? 14:45:24
Rich Dad on Ron Paul 14:43:44
US Constitution, 12th Amendment 14:18:36
Obama = Milli Vanilli 14:05:35
We need the energy.... 13:56:19
*Is this where we put our vote IF not Ron Paul* 13:42:18
Ron Paul Candidate in NC 13:39:28
On the Attack 13:33:12
George H W Bush endorses McCain. 13:28:32
Good News 13:12:57
More shenanigans in Washington state 13:06:52
Bush is kidding, right? 12:56:42
Why are we polling for a March date at Restore the Republic? 12:52:33
Top 5 investments in case of a recession 12:42:26
to those who think they will vote for obama if Ron Paul is not on the ballot. 12:41:41
What's Ron Paul Stand For??? 12:40:32
Call the Republican National COmmittee 12:36:06
The logic in socialism 12:34:48
Investing with EuroPacific 12:18:37
Georgia's 7th Congressional District 12:15:39
All RP Supporters Must Get In On This... 11:55:48
Secret Service Notwithstanding 11:54:44
Huckster store ad on our MeetUp 11:51:13
Florida National Delegates for Ron Paul Needed!!! 11:47:52
Nolan Chart: "March DC on June 21st" 11:40:31
I think one of the reasons donations are down because....... 11:36:58
Obama the antichrist? 11:27:34
Democracy by Democrats is $$$ 11:09:39
Ron Paul Billboards Store Front is now open! 11:03:26
Ron Paul Racing GRAPHIC (Please SUPPORT) 10:52:03
My Response to Justin's Recent Column on Taki's Top Drawer 10:50:00
McCain campaign south texas co-chair+money laundering 10:39:39
The main reason not to vote for Obama 10:34:27
Reach out to alternative healthcare community 10:22:01
Michael Meiring: Blast from the Past 10:20:22
Ron Asks Congress To Legalize Competing Currencies 10:18:59
The globalist McCain..."League of Democracies" 10:18:14
Olberman Goes Ballistic! 10:15:56
Don't buy gold, think! Gold is held by whom? Mostly banks, so if we buy gold now, we are basically 10:10:31
Ron Paul should attend this meeting... 10:06:58
National Open Carry Day: July 19th (Sam Colt's B'day) 09:12:52
VOTE NOW!!! LA TIMES POLL - 08:35:39
The Constitution, and the ways of old? 08:34:08
What a pair! 08:29:10
Maverick Fails The Test: McCain Votes Against Waterboarding Ban 08:25:02
Is this Revolution or not! 08:20:35
Olbermann Goes off on FISA 07:08:16
What the march is REALLY about... 05:30:12's another item of interest..... 05:14:24
*What the Revolution Should Do Now - by Bradley A. Porter* 04:56:27
Ron Paul DC March - We the people revolution 04:45:09
Fishing for Delegates: How do we cast a net for the Romney delegates? 04:15:29
Damn Mcain, he is always one step ahead of us!! :( 04:11:31
Congressman does his job- amazing site to see!!! 03:45:19
Friend of Paul Society 03:42:15
Obama, Clinton, McCain foreign policy advisors 03:32:50
Check out this video - Olbermann calls Bush a fascist. 03:27:02
Summary of Media Censorship 03:10:38
Tax rebates: Getting all friends and family to march on DC 03:08:10
Ron Paul Video- Dedicated to the Ron Paul rEVOLution 03:07:44
What is a hero? 02:53:52
A second set of state capitol marches after Washington DC? 02:47:24
We need a Ron Paul video better than this one! 02:43:08
Plato- if you dont listen to this you are only robbing yourself 02:42:58
The Difference Between Huckabee and Doctor Paul 02:35:50
This is embarrassing! 02:34:12
with the exception of Ron Paul 02:33:10
Kenny Wallace gets in the Daytona 500!!!! 02:28:53
The Man behind The Real ID 02:22:31
Washington State Counties are in, Stevens County Certainly Changed 01:56:48
the iranian oil bourse explained... 01:48:50
DADDYWARBUCKS' Forum Topic 37978 is Gone 01:37:02
*Ron Paul’s failings show superficiality of race* 01:36:46
Who got a call from McCain tonight? 01:29:26
Vietnam Vets Against John McCain 01:23:57
Somebody help me answer this! 01:05:01
The San Francisco Gay Pride Parade 01:02:55
Pastor: IRS Probes Huckabee Endorsement 00:53:41
REAL ID - What Do You Think They Will Do? 00:49:45
Secondary March? CFR Headquarters NY 00:47:47
This should help Hillary BUT NOT McCain 00:43:36
The Global Agenda(factual articles for your reference archives) 00:41:18
DP Live Vote: What's Your Favorite Day to March on D.C.??? Need Feedback Please Respond on the Board 00:36:34
Huckabee Fan Strikes Back 00:19:46
John Mccain will be in deep dodo after this gets full steam.. 00:19:36
★★★Let's make a stand against the GOP and media!! DONATE! President's Day Money Bomb!★★★ 00:08:15
Young Conservatives of Texas Endorse Ron Paul !!! 00:03:19