Posted on February 16, 2008

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Weekend Watching - The Amero & NAU 23:02:49
The Situation Room - Paul receives most donations from our troops 05:46:01
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Anyone else figured this out? DP and RP 23:55:04
Is there still room for Bloomberg? 23:43:13
Arizona Anti-SPP-NAU Bill reintroduced by Rep. Andy Biggs 23:37:27
Is it worth it playing video games??? 23:33:16
Bloomberg? 23:29:05
Explaining The Subprime Debacle With Stick Figures 23:12:08
McCain gains 50 delegates in LA and Michigan, now at over 900 22:56:38
US Dollar Collapse & Preemptive Nuclear Strike 22:48:28
What's better than Ron Paul in the White House? 22:44:54
Newsday smear about Dr. Paul! 22:32:20
Glenn Beck POLL to answer, relevant to Paul's philosophy (2/16) 22:24:36
Petitions To Ron Paul & the Libertarian Party 22:21:12
John Stuart Mills On 'What's worse than war' 22:19:53
Just shipped leftover signs to Ohio & PA - if you have signs offer the same 22:19:30
I'm moving to Vermont....gotta love their drive and desire. 22:09:46
Hilarious Sound Clip...Need some help here... 22:08:29
Did you see Dr. Paul? 21:58:19
Canvassing is Good for You! 21:50:38
Article on RP Republican/Independent 21:25:22
Donations have not dropped... 21:18:58
Go outside and look at the moon. 21:09:14
sharing my view 20:58:50
Hello 336 20:57:58
What will you tell your children? 20:46:21
Reference Depository 20:37:43
New Ron Paul Video."For Those About To March" 20:29:11
Getting Closer! 20:27:07
Watch C-Span now 20:11:46
The Global Agenda (Old NWO References-that are coming to pass) 20:06:16
Do You REALLY want MEDIA Coverage?????? 20:00:09
The Kiss Of Death??? 19:51:56
Any PAC(s) yet for 19:51:01
Glowing Video Piece on Ron Paul via NYTimes (of all people!).....Is the MSM waking up? 19:42:56
The Last Man Standing and the Ron Paul March on DC! 19:42:31
Olbermann Goes off on FISA 19:40:29
"The very minds we are trying to free." 19:36:27
★★ the Foolishness of the GOP and why they will lose the election with John McCain ~analysis 19:29:41
New video for the march/rally 19:20:21
Can you actually 18:49:15
Are We Breaking Ron Paul's Heart? 18:39:12
NEW VIDEO: Skateboard-Hating Baltimore Cop & Street peformer 18:35:01
The March to Restore the Constitution 6/21/2008 18:27:25
What's this? 18:18:03
Coordinated Pre-March on State Capitals? 18:11:02
★★HELP HIT $6 MILLION TODAY!!!★★ 18:09:06
A New Kind of Congressional Superman 18:07:19
Who here has "no shame" in your game? 17:58:09
******THE MARCH...******** 17:53:25's 2007 Person of the Year is U.S. Congressman (and Medical Doctor) 17:48:47
New: censored fiscal-news, shortly? 17:39:40
AOL Straw Poll 17:30:39
Bow Down Before the One You Serve, You're Going to Get What You Deserve 17:29:57
The Anti Terrorist on Corporate Control VIDEO 17:21:03
Government Accountability Office, David Walker, To Resign 17:11:32 (Off topic) 16:58:47
GOP pressures Huckabee to QUIT 16:57:47
Charles Barkley 16:54:58
Keith Olberman "Mr. Bush you are a Facist" 16:50:16
"A Body of a Hundred Thousand American Flags" at the March is vital . . . 16:33:55
New Video is up 16:33:31
Don't Retreat....Hold the Line (for Paul) 16:24:20
Compulsory Evolutionism 16:13:47
The Metaphysics of Evolution 16:11:04
Dr. Paul March Allies 16:03:18
News we are not getting - Google this & find out 15:53:59
Google Ron Paul?????? 15:49:10
Ron Paul is Not Quitting the Presidential Race!! 15:45:50
Write To Galveston Daily News 15:28:45
Divorce Attorneys Now Allowed to Use Electronic Toll Road Data 15:11:56
*NEW* Washington Rally promo Videos! Get Motivated! 14:58:42
Ron Paul says one world gov't is coming 14:40:39
Paul Vs. Obama. Obama = national gun registration? 14:38:22
Another Kansas Caucus Speech 14:20:18
Let's Talk Inflation 14:19:26
New Ron Paul Art: Defending Liberty 14:11:14
Resonant Light machine 14:08:18
Ron Paul Racing Raises Nearly $25,000 toward $50,000 Deposit - Let's Go Racing with Ron Paul! 14:07:19
any precinct leaders 14:00:29
Ron Paul on Gold Seek Interview 13:52:49
Victory at sunset: "Protect America Act" Died At Sunset 13:49:05
Google this 13:37:30
Just returned from Cobb Co. GA delegate selection-report 13:30:06
Constitution Party Platform - your thoughts? 13:22:05
Ron Paul Republicans Facebook Group 13:14:27
cnn starts "blogging" 13:07:53
WA State Ron Paul Supporter(s) Flyers Everywhere--how do you all feel about this? 12:49:27
America Freedom to Facism 12:34:51
Monday is THE MOST important money bomb to date. 12:02:53
Donations for 12:00:37
Success Stories From Delegates for Delegates 11:37:21
Gentlemen, start your LTEs! 11:32:16
PLEASE Let This Jerk Have it 11:08:54
Recount Update Alert 10:46:43
CNN coverage of Ron Paul Military Support 10:46:06
My American Flag Is Now Flying Upside Down 10:35:56
Dead Prez Concert Goes Wild In Washington 10:32:23
Shut Down of Web Site Tracking Economic Indicators 10:23:53
Diebold and your valuables 10:16:52
ALARMING!!! Indict Karl Rove 09:16:16
States Rights: How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stopping Sub/Prime Crisis 08:43:39
April 15th RP rallies, nationwide 08:23:12
Have you tried googling Ron Paul lately? 07:32:12
Army Raids PARTY! 07:09:46
Imagine This On National TV 06:55:58
Iran Oil Bourse may use Russian ruble (collapse of the greenback) 06:45:59
Ron Paul speaks on Markets and GOLD Today! WOW!!! Must hear!! 06:32:11
A Video on Entangling Alliances 06:04:21
TX Paul Supporters Look on ebay for materials! 05:15:41
Can a voter in any state 04:52:21
I truely believe... 04:07:58
Ron Paul Colorado License Plate 04:07:42
Great Article About Congressman Larry McDonald (mentions friendship with Ron Paul) 03:25:52
Hooray for the Global Crisis? Always opportunity in times of crisis, we will be ready for change! 03:23:26
America's Schools: Battleground for Freedom 03:01:25
Irrational posts 02:45:25
Baltimore Cop vs 14 year Old Skater 02:38:28
Student sentenced to death for downloading womens rights document 02:36:20
Input Request* I'm Representing Ron Paul in my University's Debate 02:22:48
The 2nd Revolutionary War - when Bush declares martial law 02:13:26
Bill Clinton "vote for me" 02:04:41
I guess it is illegal to stamp the dollar with stampers 01:58:16
Foreign Policy: Need Best RP Info, Please 01:53:46
Article: US Kingmakers Triumph No Matter Who Wins (except RP) 01:43:42
Rush Holt Denounces NeoCon Plan to Trounce 4th Amendment 01:41:55
Anyone? Who created the original rEVOLution logo? 01:31:07
Boy are these guys missguided. 01:18:12
For the states still to come 01:17:35
About 300,000 direct mailers sent out in Ohio 01:11:31
We Need a Permanent List of Paulistinians who are running in State and Federal Races! 00:50:07
Input wanted 4 Ringside Revolution 00:26:42
Peak Oil = Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) 00:25:23
OPEC Talks About Ditching The Dollar 00:25:04
Letterbomb! Donate Now! 00:04:31