Posted on February 17, 2008

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Breaking Camp? 11:58:31
Ron Paul on CSPAN 2004 08:02:29
Help Protect Our Seat in Congress 16:26:55
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Dallas Morning News breaks US MSM silence on Sibel Edmonds 23:44:46
Post Comments Here for Stronger DailyPaul Moderation! 23:28:42
R Ǝ V O ⅃ U T I O N. 23:26:42
Skateboard-Hating Baltimore Cop Kicks Street Artist’s ‘Moving Box’ 23:23:49
PREDICTION for Dr. Ron Paul - POWERFUL 23:20:54
I Need some Expert or Near Expert delegate information 22:50:52
CaptainJ0e's blog vanishes 22:44:29
Mike Huckabee`s White Supremacist Links 22:36:40
Write In Ron Paul For President 22:32:05
Louisiana State Caucus Video - LAGOP exposed 22:25:32
Ron Paul is winning the state of Nevada 21:58:32
Kosovo indepedence announced - A good thing? 21:57:36
I'm sure Paul was robbed as well... 21:44:08
War Profiteering. This makes me sick. 21:37:17
I finally came to my senses. I just signed up to become a delegate (2/17/08) 21:31:33
Championship Sponsorship! 21:26:14
obamas days are numbered! 21:18:52
New RP for Congress 3 Day Comparison Graph on !! 21:16:36
Brady Campaign 21:01:42
WeAreChange confronts Mexico's ex-President Vicente Fox on NAU 21:01:06
The 6 Million Dollar Man, Baby! 20:57:31
Corporate Media Begins Gun Control Mantra 20:50:32
The Obama Mystery 20:48:46
Desperate Iraqis selling kidneys 20:46:33
Tomorrow, Ron Paul at the University of North Texas on Presidents’ Day (and More!) 20:39:56
Everyone should watch this. 20:27:11
One very informative page regarding Dr. Ron Paul on the CFR Site! 20:19:17
CIA's Bin Laden unit head, Michael Scheuer says "Ron Paul only one that gets it" 20:13:16
How we CAN and WILL win the nomination : The Delegate Process Explained in depth. 20:10:25
"The Prayer at Valley Forge"--something to remember 19:45:54
NAFTA has began in KC!!!!! 19:40:39
Why would people live in FEMA Camps ? 19:34:21
Assasinated Congressmen Speaks from the grave on the NWO 19:30:26
The Century of the Self - Interesting Documentary 19:21:01
Car Wraps 4 U: Your Input Please 19:10:43
$$$$ President's Day MoneyBomb Starts in Just 6 Hours $$$$ 18:59:09
How To Restore The Republic - DIGG it!!! 18:47:27
Good One: What do we agree on? 18:47:21
Ron Paul SPEAKS TRUTH 18:27:06
J.F.K help. 18:25:46
Why have the debates stopped? 18:25:24
The Internet is Greatest Tool Ever for a presidential campaign! HQ is squandering our advantage! 18:20:17
Advertising.....Ron Paul Racing 18:17:48
Freedom -O-Thon 2008 Washington D.C. 18:15:54
Ron Paul Racing, now what? 17:47:58
Can someone give me some financial advice? 17:34:15
If even just the 100 current users would just DIGG the moneybomb post 17:27:02
Trying to find Liberty Video 17:26:30
Are you KIDDING ME???? 17:11:05
More nonsense... 17:09:31
Northern Rock the troubled British bank to be nationalised UK Treasury announced on Sunday 17:04:38
Don't believe in NAU or the Texas Tran Corridor? Tell that to.... 17:01:58
Iran Oil Bourse Open for Business 16:57:56
How about working for Ron Paul now and debating all these other topics later? 16:45:52
Act of Desperaton - US Congress plans to save dollar and market 16:27:39
We are still winning people SO PLEASE STOP listening to the MSM to get your information : PLEASE READ AND BECOME EDUCATED 16:23:42
Who's organizing this March on Washington 16:15:45
CNN's new propaganda commercial 16:07:06
Bush's Africa visit - attempt to further militarize the continent and consolidate US holding. 16:04:42
Write-In Ron Paul 15:45:49
*DIGG* President Paul $Bomb Day starts Tonight @ Midnight !! 15:39:51
<--CASH IN on Ron Paul--> 15:29:46
kosovo declares independence 15:24:19
Badges?!? We don't need no stinkin' badges!!! 15:22:52
Anyone Read "The Fatal Embrace" 15:14:16
John Adams Bio - Please Digg this 15:09:20
Framing the question to reach the core "libertarian in every American" 15:08:13
The latest Conspiracy Theory. 14:55:36
Where are the Ron Paul Speeches? 14:40:19
What do you think about this song called " Revolution "? 14:30:04
I hate to say this, but somewhat, w/o MSM... "normal" people don't get to see/hear Ron Paul >:^< 14:18:28
Israel - Turmoil 14:12:14
Here's the Doc 13:55:51
The Voice of Freedom- 13:54:56
Who Is John McCain, and What Is He Doing to the Republican Party? 13:53:29
Free LDS-targeted Fliers available 13:47:12
Possible "anti-semtic" disinfo shills on Daily Paul? 13:39:55
Why is there so much anti-capitalist sentiment on Daily Paul? 13:27:59
The numbers speak 13:25:59
Infiltrate the Convention!! 13:25:17
How to take on the CFR 13:13:30
Operation Air War to Begin! Need Volunteers. Pandora's Box Has Been Opened!!! Please Keep This Thread going 13:11:39
Larry McDonald and Ron Paul 13:10:15
Watch this video to the end. 13:08:15
Huckabee, Schmuckabee 12:54:35
bumper sticker 12:02:30
Any bets on offline donations? 11:59:45
How are we doing in WI, Washington, and 11:34:22
If you want to be a delegate... SIGN UP! 11:23:42
The War With Mexico or The War On You aka Illegal Immigration 11:18:45
Huckabee out of money 11:15:28
Remembering WHY we Support Dr. Paul 11:07:31
Electing Federal Officials!! 11:02:58
How to indict Karl Rove 11:01:31
Are you passionate about Ron Paul? Can you write? Make some $$$ & share your thoughts. 11:00:31
Class action Law Suit against CONGRESS!?! 10:56:33
HR 3216 * Marque and Reprisal Act of 2007 * 10:38:35
What Change Really Means 10:26:51
Beans and gold, what's the better investment? 10:08:34
Louisiana Results 09:57:46
Why David Rockefeller and his NEO-CONS FEARS RON PAUL 09:46:07
The NY Post Claims Obama Was Robbed In NY 09:38:11
Discovery Channel Refuses to Air "Taxi To The Dark Side" 08:57:58
Why would people live in FEMA Camps ? 07:51:54
ron paul on the economic crash 07:45:22
This is going to be a great week in Texas! 07:02:50
The Honesty Bond 06:45:17
May I ask this? 04:58:58
D.C. RALLY or Ride For Ron 04:01:14
Do you all think there ever was such a thing as an Honest Presidential Election? Story:"Origins of American Voter Fraud." 03:59:17
Paul's Message: More Liberty, Less Government, Milwaukee 2-16-08 03:46:48
Does the Media Push the market or does the Market push the media? 03:18:07
The War on Democracy 03:00:36
Frank Luntz and Bill Maher 02:55:35
New Homeland Security Weapon 02:36:22
Why they died.... 02:26:39
A new war for the Neocons. Serbia and Russia. Gotta luv it. 02:21:38
Vote in poll! John "Make it a hundred" Mccain is winning!!!!! 01:55:18
McCain coming to Atlanta 01:48:12
Berkley in the Sixties.....Great Video (documentary) and Ideas for our March on Washington 01:21:47
The War Party 01:19:21
Ron Paul On Geraldo Now 01:05:23
Success in Washington! 00:30:51
Fema Trains to Evacuate Hurricane Victims? 00:27:28
Death of the GOP? 00:17:01
How you became a commodity-Important! Relates to Fed. 00:11:19
+++Paul backers rally against McCain+++ 00:09:41
Rejecting National ID 00:07:23
★★★President's Day MONEY BOMB!!!★★★ 11:36:57