Posted on February 2, 2008

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FINAL WARNING: Attention Caucus States! This is your last chance! 17:24:41
Put Eric on Jay Leno! 16:26:59
Last Weekend to Canvass Before Super Tuesday 15:01:42
Fox News Exposes DIEBOLD Vote Machine Fraud 09:24:49
Granny warriors need some help!! 08:24:16
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mtvs debate coverage ron paul. 23:59:43
Maine is a SUCCESS 23:59:28
I Am a Legal Immigrant, Can I Vote? 23:56:21
Paul's Foreign Policy (A Question) 23:50:22
Only precint leaders should be able to post in forums. 23:47:46
$12K Needed To Reach $100,000 Today 23:47:43
All 4 MTV Debate Parts 23:40:00
URGENT APB: MAINE LAST CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 23:37:38
PROUD to be a part of the revolution. 23:34:06
* * Get yer' 'HATE SPEECH' here * * 23:30:44
Ron was just ON C-span!!!!!!!!!!!!! 23:27:55
It's no wonder 23:18:11
FauxNews get ballooned! 23:12:14
Naystrom 23:09:22
Ron Paul is the Professor and the rest are Eddie Haskels 23:00:01
CNN Removes Ron Paul From Story 22:56:25
Flawed Cindy McCain has a grudge list 22:54:03
I just ran around town and nailed up some home-made Ron Paul signs 22:47:56
***MONTANA Conservative Legislature Endorsements 22:46:45
Chalmers Johnson thinks there might soon be Revolution 22:43:27
My Pastor adds Paul back to the poll. 22:41:41
Sitting and thinking about the MTV Q&A 22:35:56
Only 4 Delagates?! 22:33:19
romney-leads-in-early-returns-in-maine 22:32:08
C-SPAN ROCKS. 22:31:33
huckabee-romney-to-step-aside. 22:27:58
Cheer Up! There is a plan. 22:22:52
Is Maine winner take all for delegates? 22:20:49
/mccain-super-tuesday-may-end-gop-race. 22:20:47
Dr. Paul on C-Span (from Thurs) - now 8:18pm Central Feb.2 22:19:56
while waiting for slim-jims 22:19:09
The 1/30 CNN Debate Through My Eyes (Video-Political Humor) 22:18:17
I'm watching C Span. Camp 2008 Central Time. RP kicking ass!!! 22:16:36
Correct me if I'm wrong but... 22:07:59
Futurist, Gerald Celente, on 2008 22:03:34
Ron Paul re-run on c-span 9:00 est feb 2, 22:01:30
Ron Paul got 1st place in delegates to the state convention for my town 21:54:52
Best RP picture yet! 21:51:19
* * FINALLY ! NATIONAL LED. FAB ARTICLE - EXPOSE' Ron Paul and How the Media Pick the Candidates * * 21:50:11
Results in Maine 21:45:17
Final question posed to Dr.Paul mtv 21:41:36
Look what they just printed about RP 21:34:31
My Take on the MTV Candidate Presentation Tonight (2/2/2008) 21:27:33
* * What ever happened to "FU Frank"? * * 21:25:57
What We Need is a Stragety. What do you guys think. 21:25:44
MSM Media already responds to MTV'S debate forum 21:24:05
What is the likelyhood of a Ron Paul - Chris Peden Debate? Are there any recent polls for the14th district? 21:23:47
MTV Choose or Loose Poll 21:20:13
Quick Poll for a church 21:19:18
The Rewards of Being a Precinct Leader 21:17:25
MTV Debate Video: Ron says Republicans deserve to be Punished 21:15:47
Delegates -- Planks -- A Big Question 21:12:26
Hillary's mandatory "National Service" 21:06:33
A GIft for Ron Paul Supporters & Election Fanatics 21:03:42
Ron Paul for Congress has Raised Over 55,000 so far Today! 21:00:45
Who is the singer of the "free credit report dot com" ads? 20:59:39
Issues Flyer 20:57:03
Ask Hillay This question Just cut and paste 20:52:29
Ron Paul Congressional Hate Ad in District 14 20:51:52
MTV debate video complete! 20:45:48
Ask Hillay This question Just cut and paste 20:43:38
Ron Paul people are like Border Collies. 20:42:47
POLL28 20:39:45
My MySpace comment on the MTV forum 20:35:42
Gilroy/Morgan Hill, CA Group - Outstanding 20:27:38
We Must Stop Polling,it is killing our right to Vote!!! 20:26:09
Web-Based Call System Available for Alaska 20:18:58
Vote Down Clinton!!! 20:18:33
Vote against hillary RIGHT NOW: MTV is airing live results, no censorship 20:17:54
Did someone get the debate on Mtv on Youtube? 20:12:50
MTV the new "fair and balanced" 20:02:12
Is canvassing illegal??? 19:58:10
Keep voting on the MTV forum! 19:57:00
Dr. Paul wins Aroostook County, ME! 19:52:22
Our daughters at War? A Christian family writing their friends. 19:52:12
Hellary just bombed on MTV! 19:52:06
Incredible showing by Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19:51:18
RP's BEST debate by FAR. that was amazing 19:50:56
Ron Paul gets silver in ME, tops 20% of vote 19:50:26
To whoever was interviewed by SoCal National Public Radio: THANK YOU!!! 19:48:05
RP straight talk on MTV makes McCain's as straight as a drunken idiot taking a sobriety walk for the cops! 19:44:39
Ron Paul just said we cleanly won LA but they didnt want to count all the votes - ON MTV DEBATE! 19:39:11
RP on MTV..kicking butt and taken names! 19:37:09
Ron Paul is KILLING IT on myspace debate!!!!!!!!!!1 19:32:39
Some kind of "game" or "experiment" used by the government 19:32:34
Bush Continues to Reap and Sow More Hatred toward America. 19:21:46
Huckabee's anecdotes make me want to write a fairy tale about... 19:21:20
Keys to a third party run... 19:11:36
Live MTV Poll!!!! Vote now!!!! 19:07:09
GET ON myspace RIGHT NOW and do the live voting, on MTV real time no censorship!!!1 19:06:41
MTV Debate You Know What To DO! 19:06:09
MTV Debate on NOW!!! 19:05:08
Ron Paul For Congress Site 19:01:53
More Military Donations To RP, AGAIN In Fourth Quarter Of '07! 18:58:01
New Ron Paul Design - Not for profit- cheap as possible 18:48:43
I don't want to start anything, OR give anyone bad ideas 18:48:10
MySpace Presidential "Closing Arguments" 6:00PM 18:47:12
vote for ron paul here... 18:44:45
Don't bash a Ron Paul voter - it's a rEVOLution now! 18:40:39
Can someone tell me when/if I should expect final Maine results? 18:39:21
Original Ron Paul Painting- Fundraiser 18:34:05
Ron Paul left of my pastors Opinion poll! 18:26:27
This country is going to get exactly what it deserves, MY FRIENDS. 18:20:55
Questions for McCain. 18:13:30
I am SICK of Ron Paul GETTING ROBBED of wins! 18:11:06
Paul: Secretive Elite Controls America 18:06:02
Ron Paul Is Popular at the Super Bowl !! 18:02:04
RP supporters battered by McCain bodyguards in Chicago!!! 18:00:27
McCain says the surge is working... Wrong Again "5 Plane" 17:56:23
Ron Paul 4th quarter fundraising 17:52:47
Digg ,This is a disgrace this is what the police are doing to Americans 17:51:55
Ron Paul just on FOX, 5:51 ET 17:51:49
Ron Paul spot just on Fox News about fundraising!!!!!!! 4:52pm EST 17:51:36
Ron Paul coming up on Fox News NOW 17:49:16
Shall our Sons & Daughters Be Drafted to Die is Foreign Wars? 17:33:40
Good link for the Cacaus results for each State. 17:32:36
WOW !!! 17:31:29
This is What Ron Paul Means by "Blowback." 17:31:29
Ron Paul Debate Tonight! MTV from 6-7:30pm. 17:28:43
What's up with Huckleberry's donations? 17:25:39
Ron Paul Attacks Root Causes of Problems! 17:24:58
Test your knowledge: WHO SAID IT??? 17:22:16
Ron Paul on c-span right now! 3:54 est Feb 2nd saturday 16:54:14
US army suicides set for new high 16:51:17
Ron Paul in Spokane on C-SPAN in a few minutes 16:50:37
2nd in Maine with 3% Reporting.. 16:45:31
Is Paul speaking in Portland tonight? 16:40:17
Let CNN Know Your Thoughts On John McCain 16:37:20
A little on Romney's anti-gun position 16:35:47
Why isn't Right to Life mentioning Ron Paul's pro-life record?? 16:35:30
Those Pesky RP Supporters! 16:29:44
Some positive news 16:20:31
Who is Ron Paul? 16:17:28
Come on people, if you are mad that your gov does not listen to you sign the petition 16:11:59
Robert Rubin, head of Citibank: WHAT MELTDOWN? 16:08:33
Cleveland Plain Dealer reports Ohio contributed 2nd most to Ron Paul's campaign 16:08:19
It's Official " We The People " bomb 16:06:38
Colorado Paper Says 3,000 Show Up for Ron Paul in Denver 16:04:49
Petition to Impreach Nancy Pelosi 16:02:15
Where is Media Mention of Ron Paul being the Leading Fundraiser? 16:01:45
Ron Paul and the "S Factor" 16:00:50
Being delusional hurts too much. 16:00:32
Popular vote in Maine is irrelevant 15:48:36
I think we need to be quiet if RP is doing good in a state 15:45:22
Maine results......romney ahead but ONLY 250 votes relax everyone.... 15:44:22
Maine at 3% Reporting: Romney-58% Paul-19% 15:27:00 15:21:28
The Dangers of calling for a Constitutional Convention South Carolina residents, listen up! 15:20:19
Media's Full Court Press is On! 15:06:06
Ron Paul Will Win The Nomination 15:03:25
The war coming back as a major issue in the campaign 14:57:16
Romney "Supporters" were on a High School Field Trip 14:51:08
What a great day in Scottsdale AZ 14:39:16
Goldwater/Paul Comparison 14:27:16
Ron Paul wins Chebeague Island Maine 14:26:35
Ron Paul getting front page press on 14:24:52
Select a presidential candidate Quiz! Geat Site 14:15:11
probably just in case help 14:15:00
Dr. Paul currently first place in Aroostook County, ME 14:14:44
Ronald Reagan on Ron Paul..This Should be Battlecry Ad Nationwide! 14:13:20
Cash on hand 13:58:55
LA Times Feb.2 Article: Big Chance this Weekend for Ron Paul 13:57:10
McCain on War - Before and After Video 13:38:24
Ron Paul 2nd @ My town (Westbrook, Maine) 13:36:59
Joel Salatin endorses Ron Paul!!! 13:34:11
"The Revolution: A Manifesto" Youtube vid 13:20:15
killer song! 13:18:39
Has anyone else noticed an UPSWING in Ron Paul media mention?? 13:09:29 13:08:03
Obama and his CFR ties 13:04:52
Good Morning America How Are Ya.....Arlo Guthrie Endorses Our Doc 12:47:09
Ron Paul Bumper Stickers for Your Car 12:46:23
My NYTimes NON-INTERVIEW. 12:39:13
Interview with Vijay and more Seattle 1/31/08 12:35:43
Keep the bomb going! 12:33:16
Bad News....McCain officially announced winner in Louisiana : ( 12:30:29
The media is biased against...Dr. Paul...really(link) 12:27:32
Documentary video on the US economy - Do NOT miss this 12:23:04
Revolution music 12:21:43
Ron Paul LIVE on tonight at 6 p.m. 12:14:53
ANTI-DRAFT 12:14:02
10 sec. Youtube Clip: Good view of size of the Denver Rally 12:10:03
Ron Paul and How the Media Picks the Candidates 12:07:27
Just wrote a speech for caucus, tell me what you think 12:05:58
Post your newsfrom Maine here! 12:05:21
Some Poll Numbers don't add Up. 12:04:54
Youtube Video: Guy ties a r3VOLution mini blimp to a Fox News van in traffic! 12:04:34
Opportunity to Promote Ron Paul 12:03:12
*** An Idea Whose Time Has Come! *** 11:52:48
GENERAL EISENHOWER & RP totally agree on US foreign policy! 11:47:41
Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2007 11:37:20
The 2008 Election Is Already Over With, Nothing To See Here Move Along.......... 11:28:55
Check out my latest Ron Paul editorial cartoon 11:22:45
Ron Paul Revolution vs Fox News 11:21:20
American Conservative Endorsement 10:59:46
Ron Paul officially changes his name to "OTHER" 10:52:09
The Constitution Is No Longer Relevant. 10:49:29
A strange parallel.. 10:40:56
20 Million Illegal Voters ? 10:29:17
Help Sponsor Infomericals in Major Cities Near You! 10:23:44
some-people-havent-learned-lesson 10:22:20
Wesley Snipes Acquitted! 10:19:49
fox-news-exposes-diebold-vote-machine 10:18:04
Abraham Lincoln's Endorsement of Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:14:24
Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Congressional Offices 10:13:46
RP speech in Denver 10:03:49
Hawaii Caucus 10:03:33
Line up at bookstores when Ron's book comes out! 10:00:39
Still pumped from speech in CO last night 09:55:51
Send Money 09:53:52
Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Congressional Offices 09:51:12
take the voter test 09:35:38
Why is Huck negative on 09:29:12
The Cspan Studder 2/2/08 09:25:07
Free-Market Grassroots Tactics 09:11:56
Question on National Service Act of 2007 HR 393 09:06:26
What's the news from Maine??? 09:03:43
Any Media Coverage for Anniversary Bomb? 08:51:37
Little state....with a big pair of you know what...... 08:47:54
Facebook Users - paul poll. 08:45:47
an idea that can stop the censoring 08:44:50
Fox News Exposes vote fraud 08:24:58
The People's Media Manifesto 08:07:05
John McCain vs Ron Paul - A new approach ? 08:00:36
Any of you researchers out there... 07:46:59
A way to get 3.3 million in 3 days 07:41:41
Ron Paul Revolution vs Fox News (Hint: Faux News gets Blimped!) 07:37:06
white-house-hopefuls-burn-millions-on. 07:20:42
I found it!! 07:15:57
RP's Speech post debate 07:11:42
Better proof that McCain is a faux Republican.. 06:51:13
Proof McCain was once a Ron Paul Republican! 06:48:02
perot-mccain-betrayed-us-pows 06:34:09
my favorite video 06:26:13
TheSquareRootOf 1%...amazing video. 06:19:31
Could you please help on a local poll? 06:16:05
Ron Paul and earmarks question? 06:09:03
bill-o-loses-his-mind-again-attacking 06:00:02
Full page Boston Globe ad for Ron Paul to run Monday, Feb. 4. 05:59:43
We have over 572,000 troops over seas! 05:32:42
My email response to the question "Do you Believe we are safer having gone to Iraq?" 05:28:02
!!!!!!Denver Tonight!!!! 05:18:08
Cast The Devils Out! 05:07:04
Reduce Terror by Not Participating in IT! *Video* Ron Paul Intro. 04:56:08
Hillary Clinton fraud hearings to begin Feb 21st 04:35:23
Muck Huck out of luck!! 04:31:58
New Way To Massively Adverise Dr> Pauls Message For President 04:29:56
Email to Jesse Benton 04:25:45
Just bought 1 year subs. to American Cons. Magazine 04:20:04
Amazing technology... Find out if your next door neighbor donated to Ron Paul or John McCain 04:11:45
We Have Done so Much its Unreal VIDEO TO KEEP THE REVOLUTION MOVING 04:04:42
For those attending McCain Rally's this weekend... 04:03:01
Paul says "GOP opponents failed in attempts to write him off" 03:58:13
Ron Pauls Appointments?????????? 03:53:47
Great article! NTUF - New Study: Ron Paul is the only candidate who would cut spending 03:48:23
Brighten your day.. I DARE ya!! 03:34:39
My Experience at the Denver Ron Paul Rally Tonight! 03:32:43
Warrior Grannys in Ar. 03:26:37
Granny Warriors in AR. 03:25:43
New RP Song- Country 03:17:27
IF... 03:06:18
Unusual POLL 03:05:18
Anderson Cooper. Just another CNN jounalist? Maybe, maybe not. 02:56:53
MSNBC Hardball - Terry Jeffery rants positively about Ron Paul! 02:56:26
What about Wesley Snipes? 02:45:07
CSPAN Campaign Coverage 02:40:35
Call in to Coast to Coast AM right now. Feb 2. 02:39:28
DIGG this Please!!! Who the World Would Elect! 02:36:00
This ad showed up in my Gmail 02:29:20
Colbert- "Ron Paul is Insane" Video 02:13:51
American Soldiers in Iraq Laying Down Their Arms? 02:12:53
The Glenn Beck Newsletter 02:07:43
Thought we were done with Giuliani??? 01:57:36
Larry King Interview w/ Snoop Dogg... 12:45am CNN 01:55:01
Help Hawaii Please! 01:53:49
A Response To Christians 01:49:15
Precinct Leader Bomb? 01:49:14
Why I Decided to Donate Today After All 01:41:08
Stupid supporters are among RP's worst enemies 01:39:47
republicans-are-making-fox-news-sick 01:38:30
I donated today! Did You? 01:36:07
Saturday is $52 for the Paul's starting their 52nd year together! 01:34:04
INCREDIBLE! John McCain Website Promotes WAR??!! 01:33:46
Author Robert Ringer Has Endorsed RP for President 01:32:38
calling all supporters 01:30:18
Helium balloons for Ron Paul 01:21:35
Ron Paul to debate Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Mike Huckabee 01:15:11
Holy S*** watch this. Olberman rips Bush apart! 01:12:27
Why my family and I DID donate today. 01:10:08
*Attention states that have not caucused yet* 01:09:53
Pro-Tem Mayor Runs Against Paul in Texas 01:06:16
American Conservative Magazine Endorses RP 00:58:35
Donate Again Now! 00:56:49
Greater Media acquires Charlotte, NC radio stations (lets all email them) 00:54:55
LAST MINUTES:Let's detonate the money bomb!!! 00:54:35
Where is Limbaugh? Why isn't he 00:53:33
Who has the GUTS!!!! 00:53:18
Is it time yet...? 00:52:43
Doesnt the FEC Donors List Show ALL Donations? 00:49:07
My Most Important Post 00:48:43
Ron Paul in Denver (video) 00:47:22
News websites blitz!!! 00:44:27
Revolution - A Manifesto now at #3 on Amazons Bestseller list 00:33:08
Is Pat Buchanan Endorsing Ron Paul? 00:26:29
**Correction*** 1 million+ total so far today 00:23:03
Watch Dr. Paul in Colorado tonight...Thanks 9 News in Denver!!!! 00:21:28
USA Daily endorses Ron Paul for President 00:21:17
We can recruit Howard Stern and we should! 00:18:35
Voting Machines - Question of the day... 00:13:17
BJ Shea invites Ron Paul on his radio show, and he's FURIOUS he can't get him on! 00:07:39
Help critique Caucus speech for TOMORROW morning 00:06:04
Frank Luntz on Bill Mahrer???? 00:02:38
NH recount Update. What a crooked mess! Someone needs some jail time. 00:01:48