Posted on February 21, 2008

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Lew Rockwell Endorses Dr. Murray Sabrin for Senate 19:48:36
Video: Ron Paul Slams World Bank 16:41:59
Jim Forsythe Money Bomb NOW! 19:48:37
Peter Schiff - Crash Proof 14:53:42
Two Ron Paul Rallies, Austin TX - Saturday Feb 23 14:29:21
Austin, TX Democratic Debate Tonight - CNN 8pm ET 14:10:09
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New anti-McCain video now online: "The Bombfather" 23:56:05
Socialism in Florida 23:48:45
How We Make An Impact! 22:50:51
anyone here who knows about watch list?? 22:48:51
More Shock And Awe From the US Military, But For Who's Benefit? 22:34:16
Painful to listen to Obama speak 22:19:40
How you all gonna get there? 22:13:47
Please Email This to Everyone You Know ! 21:58:52
relax 21:50:51
relax! 21:49:37
Iraq Veterans Against the War 21:45:10
David Rockefeller On Ron Paul 21:34:59
Eurasian Energy Resources and U.S, Military Presence Interactive Map 21:24:48
McCain is TOAST 21:21:54
I'm sure this thread will get me a "troll" label 21:19:24
McCain: Yet MORE Issues 21:17:55
Breaking News ... U.S. outrage as Serb protesters burn embassy 21:17:24
Our brothers in action 21:16:49
How to RUN for Local Office - Complete Step by Step Guide 21:16:42
a way to fight for our 2nd amendment! 20:52:10
Inspiration from Ron Paul and China 20:52:10
URGENT! URGENT! Dr. Paul Supporters Petition 20:41:13
Ron was right... 20:39:45
Does the cost of $160,000 per RP delegate, sound like a winning strategy? 20:29:50
SPECIAL Announcement *Be A Ron Paul Delegate* 20:27:39
Overseas Patriots need a website builder / webmaster... 20:16:21
Huckabee, Limbaugh Support McCain Against Improper Relationship Accusations 20:00:43
my project needs help 19:54:57
Brother Arlo 19:54:14
Organizational Platform 19:39:52
Ron Paul is the Best Candidate 19:34:52
Ron Paul Fight Night.. 19:34:02
Local news spin 19:22:27
Lou Dobbs will run as a Third Party 19:16:36
Hahahahaha! 19:13:50
CREDIT BOMB! 19:02:17
Digg-Style Community Voting 18:59:17
Ron's answers 18:57:52
Let's help Sherry Jackson Peel 18:51:27
Who Here Wants to Become a Millionaire Helping Ron Paul? II 18:50:09
We're throwing a party! 18:43:38
You're not above your law! 18:18:30
former LEO outlines what is really needed... 18:16:44
In Texas, it's the NAFTA superhighway, stupid! 18:15:35
Belgrade US Embassy 18:10:15
favorable Chicago Tribuine article (Feb. 21) on Dr. Paul 17:59:31
1932 March on Washington WW1 Veterans (video) 17:55:14
REAL ID... 17:29:57
Possible Ron Paul piece coming up on CNN Situation Room!!!!!!!!!! 17:29:14
McPain's Financial Crisis 17:18:09
We need to help Texans 17:08:15
McCain may get bumped from Indiana primary ballot 17:01:47
Bill O'Reilly Makes Racist "Lynching Party" Comment Concerning Obama's Wife 16:57:50
Can Someone Tell Me Why This Would Not Be A Good Day ... 16:47:10
FEC To McCain: Not So Fast on Public Financing Withdrawal 16:27:41
McCain campaign problems??? Just cancelled press conference! 16:16:19
Songs Targeting Presidential Elections 16:12:28
Kenny Wallace endorses Ron Paul 16:06:34
THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX - To Get More Delegates! 15:41:44
Wikileaks banned by U.S Court 15:38:50
Inspiring post on the Daily Dose 15:34:04
R3volution consulting by 10 year Ron Paul Congressional Political Director 15:33:19
Idea::The Search for the Next Ron Paul TV Show 15:23:15
Former Ron Paul Congressional Political Director on conference call 2-26 15:22:44
Support the Troops March in Killeen (2/20) 15:21:59
Amnesty is back!!! Please act NOW to stop this!!! 15:12:56
McCain's campaign advisor is a Mexican Official 15:10:19
Congressional Debate Faux Pas...?!?!?!?!?!? 15:09:47
Fox News fires investigative Reporters... 15:04:10
Dump The Dollar To Win The Revolution 14:54:11
I think they forgot someone... 14:44:15
McCain Should Withdraw 14:30:48
Huckabee only remaining candidate - SF Paper 14:30:02
Who Should Speak At The March? 14:28:39
Should we wonder why there is trouble in the votes? 14:24:34
Barbra Walters invites all candidates to The View 14:22:50
Re: New York Times Blasting MCCAIN 14:22:39
Once the March date is official: Are you planning on bringing your kids? 14:21:25
Ron Paul March Theme Song 14:21:14
Ron Paul Peeps INVADE a Bill Clinton appearance! 14:21:13
Police take DNA samples during traffic stops 14:12:55
SUpreme Court rejects ACLU over illegal wiretaps 14:05:55
So, they shot down the satellite 13:55:52
WOW! Watch it explode!!! 13:54:19
Does anyone know what the current cost is per RP delegate? 13:50:59
New Letterbomb Video and date 13:48:50
platinum goes ballistic... Gold next 13:40:08
Who Here Wants To be a Millionaire Helping Ron Paul-Where is it? 13:32:30
March 4th Money Bomb Needs Your Help 13:30:12
Who should we invite to the march? 13:24:10
Curious About Vote Totals 13:06:16
End of Mahdi Army Cease-Fire May Expose Minimal Role Of Troop Surge 13:00:56
REAL ID & The DC Gun Ban Montana Fights Back 12:52:20
?Buying Silver? 12:51:52
**** INCOGNITO **** 12:50:56
Confront McCain, and others, about USS Liberty Attack! For the veteran survivors!!! 12:49:24
Researching for my own "compare the candidates" flyer 12:37:23
HOPE pays off more than FEAR, unless FASCISM is the END GAME 12:35:57
ACTION ALERT!!! 12:27:52
Skater Kids in San Diego- The Lasting Impact of Ron Paul 12:25:12
A new idea! 12:21:46
RON PAUL MARCH - Make Your Pledge Now 12:18:51
Downward economic spriral accelerating 12:12:39
Police to get NEW weapon 11:40:50
What does this mean? “I will stay in as long as my supporters want me to” 11:27:05
PowerVote (Ron Paul as our Whip) 11:06:38
ABC cut that whole Joy Behar clip fromthe view 11:03:06
Positive LA Times article 10:55:08
RonPaul vows to FIGHT ON! 10:47:46
Should I post this? 10:37:03
6.0 earthquake Nevada 10:35:51
Please Help Me Prepare For My State Convention 10:23:35
Highschool Student Tasered by Cop 08:33:54
Playing Huckabee off of Mccain!!! 08:20:01
Dailypaul’s Home Page New Addition... Your Comments Please... 08:12:02
More on Obamamania 08:06:52
Report critical of army in Iraq suppressed 07:44:56
TAVISTOCK 07:39:44
CNN: Paul's candidacy goes on 07:34:20
Kenny Wallace endorses Ron Paul for President 07:33:56
Ron Paul Is a Prophet! - Is this the McCain Scandal We Were Waiting For? 06:35:13
ABCNEWS - Response from McCain Campaign 05:39:10
Obama's Communist Mentor 04:57:02
Paul's 2nd Worst Enemy 04:52:31
Kenny Wallace endorses Ron Paul for President 04:52:29
GOP meltdown 04:42:41
Ron Paul's WORST ENEMY 04:31:30
Songs Targeting Presidential Elections 04:09:53
'Paul' media attention growing 04:00:20
Corporate Media Begins Gun Control Mantra 03:53:47
Hugely positive communication technology coming: Old Media, RIP 03:49:37
Governor Ron Paul? 03:48:25
RP for Congress fundraising total -- almost $1 million 02:30:27
Video: Ron Paul and Liberty's March 02:20:38 glitch 01:45:12
Dobbs On NAU Super Highway 2 01:41:51
Generation war 01:35:00
Top U.S. accountant warns of pending fiscal tsunami 01:32:37
Al-Sadr Redux? 01:20:39
The REVOLUTION continues! 01:18:03
McCain outed? NEW YORK TIMES/MSNBC REPORT... 01:13:36
New Kool-Aid Flavor: OH!-BAMA! 01:11:42
The Litmus Test For Any "Ron Paul Republican" 01:11:32
Propoganda Posters.....CLOSING update. 01:08:23
News on Politicallore!!! 01:07:25
Go to to Pledge to March 00:47:31
Sing Along With Zappa... 00:35:10
Could this be Ron Paul??? 00:22:40
Vote fraud among Democrats? see New York Post 00:18:19
America's Missile Might - CNN Reporting the Satellite 00:07:25