Posted on February 22, 2008

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Lovely pictures 14:56:47
Revolution March Posters to Download 14:46:32
FEC Poses Fresh Problem for McCain 11:56:54
The new faces eyeing the Republican Party are seen as a threat to the old guard. 14:46:33
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@@@@LETS GET DR. PAUL ON TO ABC's THE VIEW@@@@@@ 23:58:47
Video: RP asks; What have you done for me lately? 23:43:42
know before you vote !! 23:32:40
Little bit of progress in Texas 23:00:52
Does anyone know where Dr. Paul stands on Union 22:47:53
Murray Sabrin for Senate! 22:41:04
Subprime woes in a comic form 22:12:16
What ever happened to 22:11:58
Great WI pictures-sign waving/limo! 21:51:53
Get Out Of The Stock Market NOW!! 21:36:21
Pass the FISA bill or else 21:34:24
An Open Letter to Ron Paul!!! 21:07:44
The Real Truth: Presidential Race 21:01:35
GA people needed tomorrow morning. Important!!! 21:00:04
A prove that Iraq had WMD 20:49:35
I love this guy 20:46:54
Russian new President Jewish?? 20:43:28
The Water Cure: Debating Torture and Counterinsurgency—A Century Ago 20:42:23
***MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO to ....PUMP YOU UP!*** 20:37:05
Yippee! Jim Forsythe has announced that he is running for Congress! 20:26:11
Delegate update.......McCain only has 848....... 20:24:37
Former Congressman Warns Of Martial Law Camps In America 20:22:18
Jonah Goldberg "Liberal Fascism" on Glenn Beck 2/22 20:13:44
Did you know that in 1968 Hubert Humphrey was Democratic nominee and did not win a single primary? 20:11:25
Powervote, why? 20:03:34
The Man- The March - The Message..... WOW 19:58:49
FOX VIDEO: Michael Scheuer suggests Paul, Kucinich would be best on terror 19:58:10
Anti-MSM ad 19:55:46
Hey, Kids! Let's Invade Iran! 19:54:47
Paul/Nader Ticket?? 19:39:53
Holy Cr@p! McCain naked! 19:38:43
Congressman Ron Paul criticizing The World Bank. 19:34:05
LOOK - 2nd Article about Dr. Paul in Seagoville TX (Near Dallas) Free Publicity! We Need All the Help We Can Get Here in Texas! 19:29:14
video: John McCain's "friends", starring Vicki Iseman 19:11:04
Canada Border at Ambassador Bridge Two Year Massive Improvement To Begin 18:59:55
Video--Britt Hume and other MSM 'experts' laugh about NAU--Ron Paul is our only hope to stop this 18:41:10
Ron Paul Poetry (Date: Feb. 22, 2008) A Nice Pick Me Up, Puts Things Back in Perspective 18:23:15
*** Ron Paul Speaks on the WORLD BANK House Financial Services Committee 18:17:42
Great New RP video and F%% Peden attacking RP 18:05:45
What Happens if Ron Paul Wins Texas? 17:59:22
Newsweek Finds Hole In McCain Lobbyist Tryst Defense - TODAY!!! 17:55:41
CONGRATS! We're now over 1 Million for RP TX Congressional Seat!!! 17:51:12
***Something to Ponder*** 17:41:16
Paul's Congressional Fortunes 17:40:24
Ron Paul Racing Crew disappeared !!! 17:35:51
Abolish the Federal Reserve in print ! 17:28:21
Chris Peden video 17:26:00
Interesting Tidbit about Billionaire Donor......Copied from RP Forum 17:08:54
Some people here 17:05:52
Great Murray Sabrin Talk 17:00:33
McCain Scores "0" on National Environmental Scorecard 17:00:20
McCain's problems 16:34:32
So how do we 16:33:33
A New Focus For Our Movement! 16:28:31
Obama's new UN "Taxing Authority" 16:21:25
URGENT: Help Expose Chris Peden - Voter Fraud Planned for 14th District 16:17:21
What is John Galt doing right now? 16:12:55
Huckabee: ADeadlocked Convention is my goal! 16:12:11
Recommended Movie 15:52:50
Can we get 15% of the polls from Constitution Party, Libertarian Party and RP supporters? 15:48:58
I Trust McCain, Clinton, Huck and Obama Absolutely! 15:42:09
===> Feature Film Needed? <=== 15:36:10
Lou Dobbs says Ron Paul the only inspiring candidate video 15:31:44
Email Larry King for Viewer's Choice Interview! 15:30:56
War Is A Racket 15:26:45
The Permits are in hand for the ... 15:25:33
2nd McCain Official Facing Federal Carges 15:19:42
*****PLEASE VOTE IN THIS TEXAS POLL!****** 15:18:24
Some times we need a pick me up take a look at why the establsihment does not approve of Dr. Paul and how he is winning. VIDEO 15:06:20
Mises quiz - Are you an Austrian economically speaking? 15:01:20
For the march: Giant posters (or banners) of the Constitution and Bill of Rights - what do you think? 15:00:26
Beating the MSM with Ron Paul Newspaper! 14:59:09
Turkey Forces Enter Northern Iraq 14:52:58
Under $3000 to go.... 14:47:34
john_mccain_is_no_war_hero 14:45:28
Show economic influence during march 14:37:57
Question about the 14th district 14:32:22
I Wrote My Republican Congressman Today and YOU Should Too 14:30:43
Campaigns Pay off BIG time for some... 14:23:59
HELP! Having tech difs.... 14:15:23
Kay Zwerling's Insightful Commentary on Ron Paul and the Movement!! 14:15:11
Don't curse the GOP, JOIN IT!!! 14:11:46
I'm Mad as Hell, and I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!!!!! 14:07:05
Wanted: Ron Paul Reporters 14:01:12
Huckabee says that brokered convention is his goal- 13:55:31
McCain: Liberal Gun Grabber by Pastor Chuck Baldwin 13:52:57
996,000 for Dr. Paul's Congressional seat. Lets get him to 1,000,000 NOW! 13:48:35
Today---Huckabee--all over media-calling for brokered convention? Hey...isn't that RP's line? 13:42:04
Any January Numbers for Ron Paul's Presidential Financial Situation? 13:33:27
Bush's Latest Poll Numbers Break Records 13:28:00
more info on economic madness! 13:22:32
We need a candidate bomb 12:49:45
This Should Get People Interested in Voting for Ron Paul 12:49:27
All of Ohio's Delegates not Legally Pledged? 12:48:11
Most Republicans 12:41:51
Huckabee Lies Again !!!! 12:24:28
I was playing checkers with my daughter... 12:22:51
Mccain's campaign is run by former lobbyist 12:19:15
Take over the GOP 12:10:12
Goodbye US Soverignty Hello NWO: Courtesy UN Minion OBAMA 11:58:48
I went to my first Republican meeting..... 11:56:09
"Sick of It" 11:52:01
Group asks for help in taking down mccain 11:36:23
How quickly can we cross a million dollars 11:29:44
Directive 51- Yikes! 11:28:18
Question regarding America: Freedom to Facism 11:06:53
Did anyone watch Tucker w/ Pat and the guy from Reason Mag? 11:03:31
Shouldn't there be a Congressional Investigation? 11:02:50
is Obama being set-up for assassination? 10:52:58
Clinton campaign spending worries supporters 10:34:56
How would you rate HQ's strategy and management of this campaign so far: A, B, C or D? 10:31:55
FEC SCANDAL BREWING!!!!!! @@@ 10:31:40
Huckabee an unlikely ally.... 10:30:17
How Shall History Explain the Magic That Was Here? 09:58:31
Sending this to local papers. Comments Appreciated 09:56:00
Turkey invades Northern Iraq 09:16:15
New Mexico GOP primary in June. 08:46:17
See Ron Run 08:22:44
What do we do about the FEMA concentration camps????? 08:03:56
From Today's New York Times 08:01:09
A Paul win is sudenly looking a LOT better - w00t! 07:14:35
UK Labour Used The Law to Keep Criticism of Israel Secret 07:08:23
Former Congressman Warns Of Martial Law Camps In America 06:39:58
Let's go for it! Here is the 'best of both worlds' plan: 06:28:36
How Long Will McCain's Nightmare Continue? 06:05:35
the enemy of my enemy is my friend!!!! 04:38:09
Security details at Barack Obama's rally Wednesday stopped screening... 03:25:53
Are you in? 03:11:28
A Word On Winning 02:52:01
If Ron Paul Should Lose his Congressional Primary...Why Doesn't he accept the Libertarian Nomination For President? 02:49:28
Why Should Ron Paul Supporters Support McInsane? 02:43:12
Huckbee supporters are about to become crybabies (Texas) 02:33:50
FROM THE DAILY DOSE: The National Delegates Will Decide — And We Can Take the Delegates 02:08:15
Ron Paul gets fired up and slams a Chris Peden supporter when he asks why Ron won't debate Peden 02:01:10
McCain Might have screwed himself.. 01:52:36
Truthers Unite 01:18:49
Barack Obama: Global Poverty Act = World tax = Socialism 01:15:20
Paul campaign reports $6 million cash on hand 01:10:39
What a true conservative looks like (and says) 01:04:04
Charles Goyette...Radio and TV Personality and Ron Paul supporter 01:03:53
Peden a liar??? I'm shocked 00:57:27
Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie Are Paulheads 00:53:39
Huck's hopin McCain will drop 00:50:39
In The Beginning There Was Ron Paul... 00:33:49
Chris Peden - Are We Concerned? 00:15:20
Mar 18 14:15 FOMC Policy Statement 00:02:23