Posted on February 23, 2008

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My Ron Paul / Peden Article in Todays Galveston Daily News 23:42:11
Opinion Poll 23:28:13
Cartoon Characters 23:08:03
McCain's Friends Tell the Story 23:05:43
I'm so mad....they call this reporting! 22:58:11
Shattered Union 22:55:20
A Jew Upset My Mother 22:37:34
Galveston news endorses Peden- sort of 22:25:40
March 4th money bomb is stupid 22:13:49
Santoro talks about Ringside Revolution on RPRRadio 22:07:54
April 15th - Tax Protest Day 21:53:09
the Republican Constitution Party (edited) 21:48:31
The 2nd Revolution...My generation, Time for the 3rd 21:45:57
To spread the word: be YOU, be CONFIDENT and be POSITIVE 21:45:53
Let American people know whats going on NH recount result 21:39:49
why does nobody speak on who owns 2/3 of the worlds gold(E ROTHSCHILD) 21:37:56
Ron Paul places first in Milkuvmagnesia primary! 21:36:21
Ron Paul speaking today at Vive Les Arts in Killeen 21:30:09
Media Blackout Causing Voter Fraud 21:11:37
Vaccine Companies Investigated for Manslaughter 21:09:27
Congressman Ron Paul criticizing The World Bank. new 20:46:02
Ron Paul asked to debate Chris Peden 20:45:31
Leaked RIAA Training Video: Find Pirates and Also Find... Crack Dealers and Terrorists? 20:43:22
Theory on how all those Ron Paul signs ended up everywhere. 20:40:18
Advice on how to distract the IRS when they knock on your door 20:37:03
McCain gets a ZERO 20:33:11
Money Bomb@ Nation Builder Going On Now! SAVE OUR SEAT! 20:07:19
John Stossel... Presidents can't run the economy 20:07:03
3rd Amendment end run in sight? 20:00:51
How many pledged delegates does Mccain have? 19:19:37
Another AMAZING Coincidence!!! 18:59:30
Hyperinflation ??? Depression ??? Gold ??? Debt ??? Good Advice, PRICELESS! 18:34:04
Very Good Ron Paul Endorsement Video from a Soldier 18:25:41
A CALL TO ARMS 18:12:57
Have any of you lost friends over all this? 18:06:30
Ron Paul Rally Streamed Live From Texas Here 17:37:50
Live rally stream here now Sat 4:15 Est 17:17:05
Is John McCain Electable??? 17:03:43
Obama....same political stuff, just packaged differently 16:51:14
Bob Schultz - WTP - formal report on NH recount! 16:38:37
Someone Explain Again How we are Going to Win a Brokered Convention? 16:34:34
WHO was the FIRST Fascist President of the U.S.?????? 16:31:11
ABC NEWS ARTICLE (Congressional Race and Peden).... how many lies can you find? 16:29:00
How many on here 16:15:10
Huckabee...Sixth most Corrupt....Judicial Watch 16:04:18
Where Have All the Leaders Gone? 16:03:15
Gary North's article on Rockwell's site 15:21:55
ARTICLE: It's Time to Dump the Federal Reserve 15:16:56
Personal debt - don't pay it off 15:09:12
Off Topic... 14:53:23
Ron Paul on Serbia 1999 14:49:29
2008 NH Primary recount result 14:45:41
HQ! - Want enough delegates to win? Hire 500 Contract Campaign Workers to work full time for one month. 14:44:17
USA is Terrorism? UK news 14:39:22
IRS "reply" to Freedom to Fascism ... Tax Protestors 14:23:57
GOP Uses YouTube Approach to Market Fascism! 14:18:01
Can Someone PLEASE get video from this Rally 14:02:28
Freedom comes from within - not from without. 13:56:11
McCain Helped Re-Elect Congressman Indicted on Federal Extortion Charges 13:49:09
Ron Paul backs out of Energy Summit? 13:20:11
Lets give the house a pat on the back 13:16:39
Freedom of Assembly/Speech - yeah, right! 13:11:11
Texas Ballot Issue! "Controlling Government Growth" 13:09:58
Message for PowerVote and those who asked for it.. 12:50:30
This looks like it might be a good book for teaching children about economic freedom. Check it out. 12:35:31
DELEGATE UPDATE- Help Please 12:24:24
What now, Ron Paul Racing 12:21:38
"Theft from the elderly" 12:21:29
Nigel Farage- Who is this guy? Should we reach out to him? UK people speak up! 12:13:45
Arkansas has been removed... 12:10:26
Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance 12:05:06
Question for gun enthusiasts 11:58:33
Please DIGGG 11:50:56
Public Reaction keeps Going 11:49:36
Pass the FISA bill or else 11:21:39
Proof - Obama and Hillary are the same!!!! 11:12:35
Today Is 23 February 2008 - Where RP Is Today 11:02:22
McCain is One of the Keating Five! 10:34:43
I should know this by now but could someone please explain to me... 10:30:23
about to go to my county convention 10:28:53
Huckabee on a Brokered Convention 10:21:31
Frank Luntz - Worst Person In The World! 10:17:27
New self inking Ron Paul stamp 10:09:46
Economics, the Social Order, and the Ron Paul Revolution 10:09:43
Deleted from Wikipedia--G. Edward Griffin 10:05:58
McCain Website Claims 1055 Delagates??? Is this true??? 09:54:19
Why we need to keep fighting! 09:53:22
If only he could play the fiddle 09:52:43
John Stossel: Presidents Can't Manage the Economy - Candidates Should Promise to Keep Their Hands off the Economy 09:46:57
Rigged Gitmo Trials Prove 9/11 Official Story Wrong 08:54:23
OBAMA AND HILLARY EXPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 08:53:22
ATTENTION HQ! - Here’s how to catch up in the delegate count. Updated for Clarity! 08:52:03
Ron Paul Volunteers of America 08:47:58
I just watched SiCKO by Michael Moore 08:31:13
RFID update 08:28:10
Former Ron Paul Congressional Political Director 07:37:27
"Crook"Ville Police Lets The Dogs Out 07:16:18
Popular Movie Reviewer defends RON PAUL and the SHAM we call the Electoral Process 06:54:57
Clintons to face fraud trial 06:11:01
Tom McClintock 05:46:45
Did Al Qaeda just congratulate Obama? 05:42:31
Huckabee understands Ron Paul's strategy! 05:36:53
2009: The start of the "air standard"? 05:30:47
A 3 trillion-dollar war ... and climbing? 05:17:32
irrefutable evidence of ABC bias against RP 04:38:28
So anyway... 04:24:49 down 04:14:58
DNC claims McCain cronies planned scandal to raise funds. 03:47:32
John McCain 03:39:46
Is McCain going to drop out? 03:19:38
Great News From Texas...Have a look see 03:17:38
vote in the texas poll it takes 2 seconds obama is winning 03:00:52
Police officer escorting Clinton killed in Dallas 02:39:51
Leaked RIAA Training Video: Find Pirates and Also Find... Crack Dealers and Terrorists? 02:13:25
Do you have to be a registered Republican to be a national delegate? 02:03:58
Economy Question 01:49:07
March 4th is the next money bomb 01:47:28
Ron Paul forced Mitt Romney from the race!!!! 01:38:53
Mainstream Media reported today MCCain has recieved a huge influx 01:14:24
A Warning To Obama , 00:58:10
Very Solemn Video: Grab a Kleenex 00:52:57
More Than 1,300 Paul Supporters RSVP Online For Rally 00:48:29
This has nothing to do with RP, but we all need some humor once in a while. 00:46:40
Ron Paul racing takeover complete 00:42:16
John Stossel speaks truth... 00:32:04
What Is An Earmark? If You Pay Taxes, You Need To Know 00:12:21