Posted on February 25, 2008

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Dr. Murray Sabrin Fights The FED! NYC Rally Friday Feb 29 01:56:12
More Ron Paul Videos From Austin 16:05:59
Pictures from the Ron Paul Rally in Austin, TX 01:56:13
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An open letter to non-Americans everwhere 23:59:22
Full Length Video on Federal Reserve 23:48:12
@@@@@ TEXAS--TEXAS--TEXAS !!!!!!!!!!!! @@@@@@@@@ 23:47:49
Greenspan pitching globalisation 23:44:42
Oops, DIEBOLD releases Presidential election results early. 23:31:27
North American Army created without OK by Congress 23:23:31
Ron Paul Austin Pre-Rally Press Conference 23:22:11
Let's play a game 23:10:22
Now is the time for Dr. Paul to... 23:05:56
Ron Paul Interview on KXAN Austin 22:52:16
Want to know Lady Liberty's secret identity??? 22:43:12
R U dedicated to saving America? or do you just run your mouth? 22:39:27
McCain says he could lose over war issue 22:39:14
Like we should be scared that the forum is infiltrated? 22:32:15
The First 9/11 Truthers 22:26:27
I'm encouraged with # on DP. 22:22:33
***REVISED*** Anti-McCain Flier! 22:15:11
DNC files lawsuit against McCain campaign! 21:57:53
Diebold accidentally leaks 2008 Presidential winner 21:45:20
Video: Bruce Fein, Advisor to Ron Paul 21:41:30
MARK SANFORD for Vice President! 21:18:13
From debate to forum from forum to gone 20:53:08
WAKE UP! (Video) 20:46:04
Video Reminder: Recorded Letterbomb Reminder and update 20:38:53
Ron Paul Movie! 20:36:24
Want to help out Ron Paul? 20:35:04
The quickening 20:32:00
Attn: Minnesotians 20:28:21
Great Video 20:20:30
They're getting scared 19:44:12
New Banner for 218th Anniversary Constitution Money Bomb! 19:40:04
Did you hear about Oklahoma? 19:33:06
Just in case you haven't heard. 19:12:14
Any Ideas? If we did A and then B, what would we name or call B? Please comment!~ 19:11:59
*** URGENT: HR 1146 - Please call your representatives in favor of this bill! "No" to the UN and "Yes" to FREEDOM! *** 18:53:33
What Do McCain, Obama and Nader Have in Common ? ... 18:49:46
The Best Ron Paul Campagin (March) Song !! 18:33:03
Did any of you just heard what Wolf Blitzer said on the show, and wrote in his blog????!!!!!!!!!!! 18:30:41
my friends, warmonger mccain officially in flip-flop desperation mode 18:24:55
++++Operation Garden Plot ++++ 18:18:55
Success Report 18:11:47
McCain Admits If He Loses, It Will Be Because Of The War 18:09:48
The best advice you'll hear today. 18:07:44
Quick question.. 18:07:01
Do you wonder "Why won't they listen?" 17:57:21
What questions would you like to ask the Ron Paul Campaign?Jim Fox will be at our meetup tonight 17:44:06
Video--Zombie Drug--CNN coverage--very interesting 17:43:31
2003 Gen Franks - disregard the constitution in WMD attack 17:42:11
Farrakhan praises Obama 17:20:20
John McCain: Al-Qaeda's Choice 17:17:46
A testament that most voters (especially seniors) aren't smarter than the average bear 17:09:51
MSNBC reports another gun 17:06:24
Scared about the NAU, Martial Law, its here- Read this. 17:01:35
Black Leader: Democratic Party Architect of Racism 16:58:12
Obama Hates America (according to his mom and wife) 16:55:06
Some Interesting News on the Dollar 16:47:51
Aimee Allen's Ron paul Revolution Video Removed from Youtube!! 16:47:47
America's New Crowd Control Device-Bigfoot's angry cousin 16:47:32
What's on the U.N. Menu List? Bugs- No Kidding 16:43:47
Can I Video My Primary Vote In Ohio? 16:38:57
Obama Hussein Showing his True Colors (or Clinton Propaganda?) 16:37:34
War Profiteering Exposed 16:32:11
Tax Strike 08 16:17:40
Pictures from the UT/Austin Rally 16:16:44
Mitt Romney to rejoin GOP race? 16:11:05
VERY IMPORTANT CONTACT YOUR SENATOR NOW-An email I recieved today... 16:07:42
My letter from Obama 15:58:15
Posted elsewhere, but learn from history- COINTELPRO 15:50:38
McCain says he could lose over War! 15:42:48
Dollar destroyed? Then what? 15:42:15
Take a stand against telecom immunity! 15:40:42
DavidG is a mole- Track his posts 15:36:37
MCcain: to win the WH, I must convince the country that U.S. policy in Iraq is succeeding. If not, I ll lose 15:32:42
ATTN Michael: Get Daily Paul on Ron Paul Graphs :-) 15:31:16
Time to Contribute.......1020 contributers by days end? 15:30:39
Democrats to file FEC Compliant against McCain today - 2/25/08 15:21:30
A veritable cornucopia of photos from the Austin Rally... 15:19:51
No Way McCain 15:17:52
mccain acknowledges he could lose unless he can convince war-weary america to keep fighting 15:15:03
UN Warns of Food Rationing? ALREADY?? 14:48:18
DAVIDG 14:36:53
*****Extremely Important-MUST READ!!!!-STAGE 6 Shuting Down!!!****** 14:35:00
Any questions for Randy Russell? 14:29:06
Jerome Corsi - North American army created 14:12:53
gold advisor types: what does this mean? 14:07:42
Nafta super highway 13:58:55
INFLATION - Is the MSM catching on? 13:57:58
How many WANT to go? 13:54:01
Important- I am in touch with San Antonio CBS news director- need help 13:29:15
At least the new world order has a sense of irony. 13:27:31
What if McCain chooses a PRO-Ron Paul VICE PRESIDENT? 13:08:34
******To what do you pledge your ALLEGIANCE? 12:58:47
Pump Price Roulette...what's it gonna be? 12:55:17
A hole in McCain's story from newsweek 12:53:53
Ron Paul - Revolution SuperStar Video 12:47:24
Obamamessiah 12:45:44
Learn from the Eagle 12:43:22
Viral NOW !! This Must Get out Now / McCain Feingold will stop the Truth 12:25:01
Pakistan DOS Attack (on themselves, doh!) 12:17:19
Aimee Allen video 12:04:15
plain and simple....OBAMA SUCKS 11:44:01
Ok this is just funny- Huckabee pic 11:43:23
About Freedom to Fascism and Aaron Russo 11:31:26
Is anyone else slightly terrified for the potential of martial law? 11:27:40
HQ site..Donations? 11:24:21
Are there any Republican Rules experts in the house who can answer this question? 11:10:29
The dark side of Ralph Nader 10:56:27
Feature length documentary featuring Ron Paul 10:54:16
Study up on Hitlers early years. 10:47:43
Another Mcinsane scandal - Distrust of McCain Lingers Over ’05 Deal on Judges 10:42:31
Beware of False Ron Paul Republicans! 10:38:26
RP Newspaper Ad Needed! 10:17:17
Democrats to Seek FEC Investigation of McCain Financing 10:12:09
One Nation Under Siege - Full Theatrical Release 10:01:07
A Message From Thomas Jefferson & Patrick Henry 09:38:36
CNN: Interviews Ron Paul - SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES? 09:15:27
Energy 09:14:25
army raids! 08:48:11
Beware of the weasels. (Fifteenth district, Ohio) 08:46:37
Soviet America: now we have selective news delivery? 08:38:27
Khan's Advice - How Ron Paul Can Easily Win From Here - No Crap 08:36:56
Dallas Morning News breaks US MSM silence on Sibel Edmonds 08:33:29
Time for Some Lubrication - War is a Racket 08:30:38
NORTHCOM ready to implement martial law 08:26:04
Ron Paul's press conference Saturday 08:17:53
****Perfect Ron Paul Campaign Song**** 07:19:53
Ron Paul Interview on KXAN Austin 06:50:41
Ron Paul carries no debt 06:37:42
"I think I'll be in the Republican primary this year" - Bush 06:35:44
Water Rights Threatened 06:21:58
Top U.S. accountant warns of pending fiscal tsunami 06:15:38
Name The Team / the Ron Paul Administration 05:58:31
David Rockefeller On Ron Paul 05:35:40
Debates 05:03:50
latest zogby 'poll' 03:32:55
Is The New York Times Setting the Old Media Up? 02:33:29
*Explanation Please* Inverted (Occult?) Stars on Am.Flag at Clinton Rally? 02:04:08
Interview With Aaron Russo (ot) 01:57:53
"Crook"Ville Police Lets The Dogs Out 01:54:19
the CFR has more info on Paul than Faux News 01:46:44
Ron Paul -Top Ten 01:33:46
Canada, U.S. agree to use each other's troops in civil emergencies 01:31:13
Congressman Ron Paul criticizing The World Bank. 01:30:47 Poll Has Ron Paul at 28% 01:30:35
check this out!! 01:20:17
Breaking: National Democratic Party Calls For FEC Investigation of John McCain 01:18:16
WAR 01:16:26
Democrats seek FEC probe of McCain 01:13:44
Recorded Video: What you can STILL do to help Dr. Paul 01:12:13
US generals ‘will quit’ if Bush orders Iran attack 00:53:40
Another story about how republicans win elections through corruption 00:43:52
Most Top Wanted: Congressmen, Senators, Governors 00:34:18
Slavery is just around the corner. Actually being debated right now. 00:28:48
Aaron Russo And The Academy Awards 00:28:33
I am trying to bump call 4 paul and daily paul is saying it has to be 00:25:11
"Civil Assistance Plan" signed forming New North American Army 00:07:53