Posted on February 27, 2008

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Ron Paul Video 1988: The American Power Structure 13:33:21
Pastor Chuck Baldwin: Money Changers Destroying America 13:30:41
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Breaking News: Today Ron Paul Just Confirmed To Speak at FreedomFest 2008 23:17:16
Gallup poll shows Ron Paul was right. Will there be appologies? 23:09:32
Bernanke & Fed's funny video 23:05:46
Ron paul story posted on yahoo. Should help him get more attention. 22:56:27
Ron Paul on Yahoo news - Supporting other RP candidates 22:55:59
Wise as a serpent - harmless as a dove. 22:55:24
Does anyone know? 22:52:11
What are you afraid of Huck ?! 22:31:15
McCain Sews Up The Nutcase Vote 22:29:59
Gotta hand it to you Daily Paulers!!!! Check out Drudge ... 22:13:12
PALLADIUM better than Gold! 22:01:06
Courts screw us again 21:49:35
L@@king for Delegates??? Here is a source. 21:15:47
A RP/Nader debate on YouTube or some other alternate media would be widely watched. 21:06:25
Ron VS Ben Bernanke 21:05:13
Ron Paul Internet Radio 21:02:08
One More Week 20:45:43
Federal Reserve - April Fool's Money 20:23:05
Poll: Which candidate is the most eco-friendy? 20:09:48
**SOS to America--get a life boat!** 20:09:11
Let us be thankful for 20:08:05
News from Texas 14th district 19:59:54
Ron Paul Vs. Ben Bernanke... Continued RP Statement and Fed Response 2/27/08 19:58:00
Say It With Bullets 19:48:43
The Silver Lining: Part I 19:46:08
Dr. Paul on Fox Business News Tonight 19:42:29
Isn't there a debate tonight or tomorrow? 19:38:02
Handy Tool For Finding Potential Ron Paul Republicans 19:09:29
This Thing Aint Over 18:56:11
Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 08 Election 18:38:27
New Forum 18:32:54
It's time to grow up. (don't click here, let it die) 18:14:55
** URGENT! Need Video Capture! NE OHIO Akron event! 18:12:20
Look out, Huck, Ron Paul's people are gonna be furious 18:09:34
AOL Poll 17:34:05
Freedom & Music Festival in June in N.H. 17:32:08
What will we be remembered for? 17:23:41
McCain sticks up for Obama, costs him supporter 17:21:55
Media Can't Ron Paul Barack Obama 16:56:11
Carol Paul 18th Birthday - Donate! 16:55:36
One picture worth 1000 Words? 16:50:23
How big will be the "Ron Paul Pact" be next year in congress? 16:48:38
Euro Thoughts? 16:39:03
Share this video with all NJ voters! 16:27:22
Where is the love for Cheney? 16:21:35
McCain Fortune Linked to Organized Crime 16:20:16
Another Ron Paul Youtube Video Censored 16:17:32
Ron vs. Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke - 2/27 16:02:34
Gun rights - please vote 15:12:39
Aaron Russo Video. Lots on insight in it 14:51:39
Paul Vs. Bernanke Video 14:40:50
2-27 email from the campaign 14:38:50
Need Housing Advice 14:34:29
Possibly the LAST Chance to be part of recorded History! 14:19:41
difference between Obama and DR Paul (video) this is good 14:18:11
Santoro and Terbolizard on tonight! 14:15:25
Radio host: 'McCain threw me under bus' 14:10:52
DARN! Now at 1:05 on CNBC they talked about RON PAUL AGAIN! 14:07:18
Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early (Funny) 14:04:52
Soldiers getting court martialed need help 13:53:21
Need Money Advice (I have to update-- it's that pride thing I mentioned) 13:51:32
Jimmy Vaughan at Austin Ron Paul Rally (Video) 13:40:11
Tribute to the Greatest Generation 13:39:41
NO NATIONAL ID email BOMB! 13:31:56
Ron Paul speaking on CNBC now 12:06 EST 13:07:21
Support the troops 13:01:54
Diebold Parody - For A Good Laugh 12:41:17
Ron Paul vs Peden polls? 12:34:48
William F. Buckley - Dead 12:24:27
Swarm Hucklebee in Texas 12:12:58
URGENT--Today is the last day to donate for the anti mccain ads in texas 12:01:06
The Peter Morrison Report 11:59:00
Christians might enjoy this 11:58:20
LA Times about Huck, Ron Paul and how the grassroots will tear Huck apart for ignoring Dr. Paul 11:45:34
The three trillion Dollar War 11:37:44
For those who's state has already had their primary... 11:37:38
GREAT LA TIMES article!!! 11:26:08
what a controlled president looks like behind the curtains 11:23:04
Wikileaks flexes muscle in lawsuit 11:23:03
Aww, Poor Obama Getting Smeared. 11:21:04
Keep Up The Pressure on McCain Ohio Ballot Access - ALL CAN HELP! 11:03:48
Gold and Economic Freedom: Alan Greenspan's OWN WORDS 10:54:03
Message from Ron Paul 10:36:27
The enemy of my enemy is my friend 10:21:01
Why would people live in FEMA Camps ? 10:20:46
Dollar Coming Down Further 10:20:36
Barack Hussein Obama, Jr./McCain and Conservative Radio Talk Show 10:00:54
My own back yard: practicing for what? 09:57:27
McCains Mental Illness - or something worse. Very scary 09:43:47
Geraldo's Son Loves Ron Paul 09:36:36
Ron Paul on kidd kraddick in the morning? 09:34:45
NOW 10:00 a.m. 2/27:Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve System Chairman, testifies 09:32:06
Is Microsoft actually doing anything *wrong* ? 09:30:40
HEADQUARTERS needs to aggressively fund the ground game through meetups and hiring more local campaign workers! 09:17:32
The Morning Observation... 09:06:55
This video makes me so very angry 08:40:03
After Watching the DEM Debate Last Night - MCCAIN GOT off EASY Dont You Agree??? 07:42:55
McCain Withheld Controversial Abramoff Email 07:27:03
How to Start Your Own Country in Four Easy Steps 07:10:50
March on DC, April 15th - Grannys 06:35:51
Barry Manilow donated to Ron Paul! 05:50:32
People will be awakened by the summer 05:26:48
fox Paul got it right 04:57:50
Cabinet & Appointees 04:53:05
The Police State In Portland, Oregon 04:28:27
It's getting worse for McCain 04:15:55
Why Shouldn't Ron Run 3rd Party for Potus if he loses his Congressional Primary? 03:28:56
A license to print money. 03:25:44
Global Enslavement Question 03:18:45
I have now seen it all! 03:13:50
From my Senator about Impeaching Bush........... 02:58:52
Huck asking his ppl for input challenging Mc to debate, your chance to comment 02:47:15
What happened to the Ron Paul official web site? 02:41:38
Dr. Paul should publically challenge Huckabee to a debate! 02:27:34
I have to post this sorry if you already read my other post 01:55:39
More Austin Rally pix 01:50:22
for you ECONOMICS experts out there... read it, learn it, KNOW IT! 01:39:13
Olver says Bush will call martial law if we try to impeach ( Short video) 01:33:31
ITS the economy STUPID! mother of all meltdowns! 01:31:00
Perhaps we should just let our enemies destroy themselves? 01:30:14
We all know Bush's little FISA bill did not pass but he got his way 01:28:02
let the onslaught begin!!!!!! 01:22:50
Huckabee requesting a debate with McCain... 01:06:19
Freedom March Update 01:01:51
Television ads. 00:42:57
I am going BK and need advice 00:42:18
Down at the debate tonight 00:36:15
G. Edward Griffin 00:32:03
The Clinton Body Count 00:23:43
Check out the last couple paragraphs of this McCain story 00:22:01
Why a stepchild? 00:10:58
Albert Howard Interview Tommorrow on 4-6 CST 00:10:32
Is it a bad idea to buy a house now? 00:07:34