Posted on February 28, 2008

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William F. Buckley Jr. Is Dead at 82 12:28:37
Dr Paul on Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto 07:13:41
Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke -- Rematch -- RP FTW 12:28:39
Aimee Allen: *Unofficial* Ron Paul Revolution Video 01:28:29
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Video: Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve Advice on DVD?? 23:56:11
McCain is a Traitor 23:46:14
A New video from BlackBox Voting on NH Recount 23:42:12
how real is a food drought in the near future 23:11:27
how real is internet censorship 23:10:41
Paranoia runs deep; into your life it will creep.. 23:01:03
Massachusetts: Tax Revolution Heard ‘Round the World' 22:49:17
trapped and better if halfed 22:48:17
100 years down the road what will they remember us for? 22:47:04
Lawyer Says Bin Laden Did Not Orchestrate 9/11 During Terror Trial 22:44:24
Mrs. Paul's Birthday tomorrow... 22:37:42
looks like they're going to pass a bill so McCain can slide by on the "natural born citizen" ordeal 22:19:25
Alleged Hijacker Booked On Post-9/11 Flights 22:06:54
Protest Fiat Money-IMAGE 22:05:32
How to Survive the Coming Food Shortage 22:00:20
401K Mutual Funds to Silver? 21:31:49
Will Congressman Ron Paul help to impeach Supreme Court? 21:07:45
a man for all seasons 21:03:03
CNBC Chicago traders cheer again for Ron Paul 2/27/08 20:47:00
New POLLS! RON PAUL dominating Congressional Race against Peden! 20:45:52
Bernanke & Fox News Shilling For Ron Paul 20:36:56
WATCH THIS!!!!! Lets get out of iraq -America First 20:20:11
RP on Faux news talking about the dollar 20:10:02
Get this on youtube Comments Support Murray Sabrin moneybomb 20:04:29
does the congress or supreme court have the ability to define natural born citizen for mccain anew 19:51:10
Just How Deep Does This $#!T Really Go? Mind-Boggling Information on Globalist Banker's Brilliant Setup 19:36:49
Not gonna march, gonna vote for McCain? NO NO NO!!!!!!!! 19:27:43
For those who are giving up. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! 19:26:34
Something for we marchers to look forward to? 19:25:32
What Ron Paul believes... 19:22:48
From the Constitution.......interesting 19:21:36
Want spread Dr. Paul's message to 23 million people? 19:20:54
McCain not eligible to be President spreading like wildfire 19:20:51
Cafferty asks "Can John McCain be President?" (born outside U.S.) 19:12:49
Repost- COINTELPRO Learn from history 19:02:01
McCain says 100-year remark distorted... 18:59:44
HUTTO - Prototype for a nationwide concentration camp system? 18:55:41
Cavuto, 3rd Party, Movement 18:50:16
John McCain has a poll on his website - HIT IT!!! 18:27:49
**URGENT! HELP Dr. Murray Sabrin get into Senate! SPREAD!!!! 18:19:14
Another March idea 18:16:31
Any advice on getting signatures for delegate applications? 18:10:02
Six hundred thirty three people reading this list right now, and only 103, writing 18:02:31
Murdock of FOX News a Billion-Dollar LOSER 17:56:51
Anyone want to see more RFID update posts? 17:44:01
Ignorant Keynesians Think the War is GOOD for the Economy (FOOLS!) 17:23:18
Bush says US is NOT recession bound.... WTF???? 17:19:04
Time goes on but some things never seem to change 16:53:06
Dismissing Ron Paul 16:50:03
Freedom Force International 16:31:57
Good news- independent poll- Paul blowing away Peden! 16:28:28
Dear Dr. Paul Letterbomb ends at midnight! 16:27:14
Hillary Enjoys Company of Columbian Drug Smuggler 16:21:19
Dr. Paul is Wrong About The Economy! Bush Says There Is No Recession! Thank The Lord! 16:14:58
Vote here half down Page for Ron Paul 16:12:55
PETE is PISSED!!! Check out the new video! 15:59:51
Check out this new Ron Paul video!!!! WOW!!!!! 15:58:39
Early Innings of Gold Boom-Greatest Generational Bull Market in History. 15:58:31
Patriots - sign in - 15:51:46
Ron Paul doesn't tax children 15:46:54
Ron Paul doesn't tax children 15:31:25
Want to vote for Dr Paul on McCain's Poll? <eg> 15:30:02
Denial Ain't Just A River In Egypt! 15:24:17
Holy cow. Ron Paul video link on front page on Yahoo! finance. 15:16:18
IMPORTANT to think about: How do we make sure we get the real value of gold or silver when we sell? 14:58:17
...and now, a little humor: What I would do with some Federal Programs and Departments 14:51:56
DRAFT T.J. RODGERS FOR PRESIDENT if Ron doesn't run as 3rd party candidate 14:41:41
Gold & Silver Accepted Here 14:36:18
More torture Pictures (WARNING VERY GRAPHIC) 14:29:26
US and Canada military agreement without Congressional approval 14:25:49
Bush Calls Surveillance Bill an ‘Urgent Priority’ 13:58:37
Do the MATH - Ron Paul CAN WIN!!!!!! 13:58:35
Why Ron Paul is the Only Republican Who Can Beat Obama 13:48:10
McCain responds to 100 year comment with even more idiotic comment 13:47:48
FOOD is a weapon..... 13:45:55
Five Days 13:41:10
PLEASE Make another video!! 13:37:04
Thank congress for the BCS 13:29:51
State Campaign Coordnator for Oregon? NOT! 13:28:45
US Saving Bonds? 13:28:30
John McCain's legibility NYT Article (Feb. 28th) 13:20:38
can anybody point me in the right direction? 12:48:46
******silver rocketing!******* 12:48:23
BLOOMBURG 12:46:47
Nice article on Dr. Paul 12:38:18
Global Poverty Act... ? 12:22:03
Here we go people> Dollar Sliding NOW! Gold and Silver Way UP! 12:20:52
I would like to see an endorsement from 12:12:00
Ron Paul and USD Index 12:05:35
At the march I think the civil flag would look nice. 12:02:29
My Response To "Little Difference Between Parties" 11:54:16
2/28 article NYT re: McCain citizenship 11:43:26
I just called my Senators and Congressman. 11:38:01
Is anyone listening to this bumbling idiot (Bush) speak? 11:24:05
Would Bernanke endorse Ron Paul??? 11:23:47
McCain's birthplace prompts queries about whether that rules him out 11:21:09
Russia quietly prepares to switch some oil trading from dollars to rubles 11:14:18
Huckabee claims race for nomination down to only 2 candidates... 11:13:07
Great 2-part article on why McCain et al are not an option! 11:06:11
Pelosi wants new tax on Windfall Retirement Income from 401Ks etc 11:01:13
Are You REALLY A Patriot? 10:10:32
Are You REALLY A Patriot? 10:10:10
Are You REALLY A Patriot? 10:09:43
Are You REALLY A Patriot? 10:09:19
McCain out -- Paul in? 10:02:44
Bloomberg Decides Not To Run For President 09:54:34 its a start!!! 09:49:58
Diebold Spoils the Election Farce!!! 09:40:26
Isn't it nice when the power structure tells the truth? UK Warning 09:24:46
Ron says Stop Fed Intervention 09:04:30
UN World Food Program to institute food rationing 08:41:39
RFID in Britian "encouraging" people to excersize 08:26:23
VeriTrace interesting businesswire release from feb 19 07:58:23
McCain Not Eligible Covered By Cnn - Poll Now 07:40:05
Please support the symbolic effort of Brattleboro, Vt to indict Bush 07:29:10
Ron Paul Vs. Ben Bernanke... Continued RP Statement and Fed Response 06:41:19
The Pentagon's New Map <= this is another reason why WE NEED A REVOLUTION around the world 06:26:23
Ron Paul: Direct Descendant of the Founders 06:20:33
***Gonzo Quotes*** 05:54:04
Ron Paul Austin Pre-Rally Press Conference 05:36:04
Anti-McCain on CNN! 05:34:51
Congress defined "Natural born Citizen" in 1790 - McCain is OK 04:45:26
Murray Sabrin attack opponent? 04:23:55
Bloomberg out 04:14:25
SCOTUS Says "NO"! What Must A Free People Do? We have NO Redress! 04:12:51
Support RP RE-election! 'Tardette endorses Peden 03:14:24
We must insitutionalize the Revolution - Our Great Challenge 03:02:58
Is it Really As BAd as I think? 02:42:36
Resolution Recognizing Constitutional Eligibility Requirements For President Of The United States 02:41:18
Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? 02:26:06
Mike Huckabee Accepts Values Voter Presidential Debate Invitation 01:51:47
Introducing the Free Competition in Currency Act 01:49:51
Next money bomb is March 4th please don't be shy 01:32:24
Aimee Allen - AUTHORIZED VERSION 01:14:07
FEC Problems For MCCAIN 01:13:53
The Whole World would Vote for Ron Paul! 00:54:26
7 Ways That The Credit Crunch Will Affect You 00:52:38
===> Proclamation Of Liberty: Christians weigh in please <=== 00:39:49
San Jose Police To Use Crowd Control Sound Wave Weapons 00:33:56
Aimee Allen Video Back Up! 00:10:36
Aimee Allen's *Unofficial* Ron Paul Revolution Video 00:09:00