Posted on February 29, 2008

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Dr Paul on Fox Business News 11:40:48
Murray Sabrin Is The Prize 09:11:35
LA 1st District - David Simpson: The Fruits of Ron Paul’s Candidacy 00:26:49
Ron Paul's Statement Before the Financial Services Committee 2/27/08 00:15:31
LoveRaiser for Carol Paul's Birthday - Friday, February 29th !!!! 00:06:56
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Obama & McCain Clueless Paul & Kuccinich Got It Right 23:52:09
Ohio.... 23:24:26
In Texas People are Going to the Polls, but 22:57:30
Inflation: The Economics of a Planned Empire 22:25:39
Awesome Letter to the Editor 21:48:34
***Food for thought*** 21:46:23
U.S. Terror Watch List Surpasses 900,000 Names, ACLU Estimates 21:42:50
Unbelievable 21:22:18
William F. Buckley, Better Off Dead? 21:10:40
Hillary Clinton: The same yesterday, today, and forever 21:08:35
Help! I need a high-resolution Ron Paul graphic! 20:39:18
An Alarmed Message From Ron Paul's Opponent 20:26:45
Independent Polls Confirm Ron Paul Is Drubbing Peden 20:24:34
Terrorized by 'War on Terror' 20:19:11
Can we get 100 Million Americans to shut down their TVs for 24 hours!? 20:09:40
Letter from my Congressman: Help me please 20:01:51
Interesting...let me know your take on this- WTC7 Collapse 19:53:40
John McCain 'Accidentally' Calls Himself A "Liberal Republican" 19:44:08
I Want to Cry... 19:39:15
Ron Paul on Iraq & Iran 19:10:48
Pass it around ... 18:20:29
Gun Shows? 18:13:36
Powerful defense of Ron Paul and his views on the dollar 18:04:49
Why is the medical community NOT trying to stop CODEX??!!!! 18:04:39
Jack Cafferty: Ron Paul's Theme Song? 17:30:45
The "change" dude is in the soup now 17:28:45
Yes this is true, The KKK just endorsed Obama over Clinton 17:28:07
Lee Iacocca's new book!! 17:27:29
Sheeple pay attention. 17:22:38
3 Presidential Candidates Acknowledge World Govt. Agenda 17:03:39
The Chimp did say No Recession 'Right' ? Well 16:56:33
Corporations have permission to shoot to kill U.S. citizens. 16:33:01
Argentina's Currency Crisis - Something for the Dollar to Learn From 16:32:15
BRAVO BRAVITSIMO!!!!! 16:20:12
How does GLD work? 15:55:38
GMO Crops and Foods 15:52:58
Ricin Scare in Vegas: Propaganda 15:28:51
Ron Paul Pop Can? 15:21:49
Running for Congress 15:12:16
Record-high ratio of Americans in prison 15:11:34
THE REAL HEROS - in this historical battle will be - RP, the RP Grassroots & the RP Delegates! 15:11:33
Ron Paul 2nd Amendment Video. COOL! 15:06:25
How We Can Still Win Texas 14:56:46
Obama, Clinton and NAFTA LIES! 14:50:09
More Americans using credit cards to stay afloat 14:34:38
The REAL Reason for Going to War with Iraq??? 13:48:45
Sovereign Wealth Funds 13:36:52
McCain self-identifies as "proud conservative liberal" 13:36:22
,, 13:32:37
Florida: Diff. between Congressional District Delegate & Delegate-at-large 13:27:58
Ron Paul Wrong Again!! 13:13:10
****the government does not tell the truth!**** 13:11:22
Devvy Kidd For VP? 13:05:45
A WV Musician Politicking For Paul In Ohio (2/28) 13:03:15
How I Helped In Ohio Last Night - UNICEF Fund-raiser in Athens 2/28 12:54:48
Game of Hot Potato with the U.S. dollar! 12:52:03
Our "Holy Grail" 12:43:42
Crashing Dollar leads to Media Exposure for Ron Paul 12:41:45
April 15th Global Strike 12:40:51
RP 2008 Daily Dose - Dan McCarthy has moved on 12:23:45
World Government is their goal 12:17:19
Don't Forget Jim Forsythe for Congress 12:08:50
Ron's Letter in Wall Street Journal Today 12:07:27
George Lopez Disses Ron Paul 12:01:47
Murray Sabrin Site back up! Donate and pass it on! Must make up for lost time! 12:00:59
*FREE Boarding for Ron Paul's March in D.C.!!?* 11:55:27
An echo from 1787, Brutus has words for you. 11:47:47
URGENT!!! Must Stop Obama's Global Poverty Act 11:45:24
Murray Sabrin website update !!!! Was it Sabotage???????? 11:42:26
CFR uh, er Communist Manifesto 11:37:38
Golden opportunity knocking 10:57:48
How do I save RP videos? 10:57:20
the galactic federation supports ron paul 10:56:09
CNN goofs and posts S&P down 90% at opening 10:53:32
CIA Rank Order - Current account balance Of Countries of the World 10:47:22
How to Google bomb your enemies! 10:38:53
Has this become the autism website? Flag them! 10:25:25
Today is Murrays Day...Fight the FED and Money Bomb! 09:54:41
PSA: Autism and Mad Hatter Syndrome 09:38:00 Privacy vs. Security and Much Ado about NAFTA 09:29:45
Devvy Kidd - March on GOP Convention, not D.C. 08:18:28
Happy Birthday Mrs. Carol Paul 07:57:28
How Would Ron Paul Vote? 07:55:16
Boston Globe Reports Buckley Skull & Bones 07:34:09
Reviving An On-Going Problem // Not Allowing It To Slip Under The Rug 07:29:04
Against Me! - Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious 07:27:43
Dr. Ron Paul and False Flag Fever 07:11:51
What do social health care, possibly Autism and death have in common 06:54:53
Article features Ron Paul on GATA website, spreads the word 06:51:22
Who's next? Home of the free? 06:12:42
Keeping the Internet Free 06:02:47
Buying Silver (ware) for resale 05:36:09
One In Every 99 Americans Now Behind Bars 05:11:21
Official Army Business: Nation Building 05:08:30
Who would win the World Vote, Paul or Obama? 04:39:35
Adaptation of powervotenow 03:47:20
Mama said knock you out! 03:44:47
Daily dose. Have yours? 03:44:20
ABC News: From his own mouth John McCain: "I'm a liberal." 03:41:00
Well DUH!!! 03:35:10
Paul Polls 03:25:58
Angelina Jolie Iraq Propaganda 03:20:17
John Mccain ineligible for running for president??? 03:17:44
Ron Paul on FOX Business 2/28/08 03:11:44
Ohio Needs You...McCain should NOT be on the Ohio Ballot--Important! 03:01:02
New PJB Article: Katrina Nation 02:42:01
What do 18 inches of snow in Ohio and the Ron Paul campaign have in common? 02:24:42
Ron Paul 2/29 WSJ/Letter to Editor 02:10:28
Ponder This... 02:10:26
Please Explain The Federal Reserve and the fall of the dollar 01:36:56
The ringside rEVOLution! 01:29:07
VOTE! RON PAUL 2008 01:19:53
Shoot me in the back! 01:18:19
Only 25 hours, 51 minutes and 32 seconds until 01:16:09
Predicions? 01:15:45
stagflation or no stagflation??? 01:13:40
Second Video" Who is Ron Paul? 01:02:58
1 Man 6 Votes 00:59:05
Has Murray Sabrin's Website Been Sabotaged? 00:57:38
Bush. lets just kick em all in the nuts. We dont need to talk to anyone 00:40:12
The Gold, Oil And US Dollar Relationship - MUST READ ARTICLE! 00:36:41
Fiat Currency, Gold and the Looming Economic Collapse 00:31:18
Ron Paul is Already My President 00:29:39
So this is what happened... 00:25:40
The lull before the storm? 00:17:59
The Ron Paul Story Documentary 00:15:07