Posted on February 3, 2008

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Super Tuesday Canvassing; Ebay Auction Ends Mon 23:50:15
MP3 | A Tender Interview with the Ron Paul Family 11:23:44
SUCCESS! Full Page Ron Paul Boston Globe Ad, Monday, Feb. 4 08:33:09
Ron Paul at MTV/MySpace Forum 01:10:33
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Try this, guaranteed to cheer you up: 23:59:09
Fox's brainwash during Tom Petty Superbowl Halftime Sow (Strange it's an election year, huh?) 23:56:41
Bush proposes $3 TRILLION budget!! 23:54:11
Blair government under police investigation for war crimes 23:50:35
New Song "Vote Ron Paul... Win a Free Country!" 23:49:11
Petro Dollar Video 23:46:43
If the Giants can do it.... 23:44:31
THIS JUST IN!!! Romney is a fudgepacker! 23:40:25
McCain Obama endorsed by LA OPINIÓN 23:36:03
Just got this off the GOP web site ,,PATRIOTS WIN ,,PATRIOTS 56 GIANTS 3 23:35:16
Obama ad run during Superbowl (Northern Virginia) 23:33:19
Text Ron Paul As Super Bowl MVP NOW 23:20:53
Attention Super Tuesday States: Nationwide Toll-free RP info. line 23:17:36
RON PAUL SAID HE ALWAYS GO FOR THE UNDERDOG AND he said the giants if there the underdog and they WON LOL 23:13:18
Important YouTube Video: "Petro Dollar" *** YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS *** 23:10:20
Barack Obama : 2009 Pakistan War 23:08:10
Giants Win Giants Win 23:06:26
Seems like the underdog will win 22:57:53
I'd like to know why??? 22:55:33
More complete ME results here (70%) not 68% 22:47:44
Federal Reserve Stealing Iraqi Oil Revenues 22:44:36
Of all the ideas relegated to "conspiracy theory" status... 22:43:23
Cold Feet? wait to give up until after game day please. 22:39:30
Hillary will garnish wages of workers who refuse her universal health 22:38:52
Why Ron Paul needs to win! UK and Australia bans: 22:27:38
The John Birch Society I havent heard m uch mention of this here 22:22:43
Any New News from Maine? 22:09:50
When is the next debate? 22:00:31
URGENT Precinct Leaders: UNCLE SAM NEEDS YOU Who cares? Need 180,000 precinct leaders Total so far 16,000 22:00:07
Any thoughts on growing Ron Pauls ideas in Congress? 21:58:36
Awesome Inspirational Video 21:53:01
Health Freedom ...Ron Paul ! 21:50:43
2008 World Economic Forum 21:44:11
Getting Out Of The GOP and Moving to the Constitution Party 21:38:01
IMPORTANT! Slate Intel Needed... 21:32:46
Help me with Reagan gold standard quotes 21:32:21
Major Tennessee Newspaper leaves Dr. Paul off list of candidates 2 days before primary. 21:30:34
Money as Debt: VIDEO 21:29:38
Video of the clinton faily using drugs and racial slurrs 21:28:24
Super Bowl Ads 21:27:54
How's global warming going? 21:26:31
Dr. Paul Schools Bernanke 21:15:44
Something to ask McCain supporters 21:14:52
+ Anyone with connections to HQ to verify thread about donations from church leaders? + 21:11:37
Tom Petty is inspiring me @ halftime show 21:10:17
World Economic Forum on now 7:00pm central CNBC 21:02:28
Campaign Finance Laws? 20:48:07
KHOU Poll 20:33:55
Proof of what Ron Paul says about US intervention 20:26:27
Media malpractice: Popular support for Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee not news 20:24:57
The Romney group is about to do some trolling! 20:16:39
Fight the Drop Out Rumor Join the Spontaneous Money Bomb Today and Tomorrow 20:09:04
Ron Paul #1 in Montana 20:07:07
What's up with Maine? Still only 68% of vote reported? 20:03:22
Romney has Superbowl ad 20:01:48
Take Heart, Have Faith - Anything Could Happen 19:57:57
The Energy Non-Crisis must watch 19:49:17
The Ron Paul Nightmare 19:42:19
McCain drops out of race? 19:41:08
ALASKA - we need help! 19:33:48
Ron Paul: Media-Trix 19:20:27
The joy is gone from my heart... 19:19:33
--<{(-SUBTERFUGE-)}>-- (AKA how to help do Ron's dirty work) 19:15:16
Who will drop out first? McCain or Romney? 19:11:08
Fox just opened up the super bowl with tribute to troops and D of I 19:07:36
Anyone see this? 10% in California! 19:06:39
Romneys automated phone call 19:06:36
Google this: Ron Paul Just Come Home t-shirt 19:05:26
I thought FOX said NO super bowl ads? 19:03:32
Consider the Cosummer Boycott that preceeded the Revolutionary War 19:01:25
With a Super Bowl intro like this 19:01:08
Opening of Super Bowl sounds like a Ron Paul commercial 18:59:12
Faux Sports - Pre-Game - The Constitution 18:58:55
McCain Flip-Flops on Foreign Policy. We need 2 get this out into MSM 18:56:16
Welcome to the Daily Paul, discussions here, references elsewhere 18:50:30
Iran's Oil Bourse: A Threat to the U.S. Economy?War is coming soon 18:49:29
Most Important Video on the internet 18:48:25
Gathering RP videos 18:47:00
How many know? 18:45:26
Miss Liberty supports Ron Paul from Paris 18:39:13
For a Brokered Convention 18:36:08
Fight the Drop Out Rumor Join the Spontaneous Money Bomb Today and Tomorrow 18:33:29
Least offensive media to watch super tuesday results 18:33:27
?? Idea to Get Official (un)International Donations ?? 18:32:39
Topic: Leaving Mitt to join Ron Paul 18:24:50
The only time Ron Paul's donations seem to do well is when the counter is at the top of the Daily Paul Forum 18:21:05
How the Media Pick the Candidates by Cliff Kincaid 18:20:54
I need your help! 18:14:15
Will Bain and Clear Channel Merger be Completed ? 18:12:38
KNOW BEFORE YOU VOTE...a comparison of the candidates site 18:03:41
Remember folks, this is a REVOLUTION. 18:01:21
Please help me with some facts 18:01:19
QUICK!! Email-in to fox news 17:59:44
Jerusalem Post: Egypt says no ships present at time cables cut 17:59:27
FOX NEWS CO : McCain and Romney are competing with two other major candidates, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. 17:57:13
The Pentagon lost 2.3trillion before 911 now they want a record budget 17:56:32
Ack! Dr Pauls Revolution - A Manifesto has fallen from #3 to #9 on Amazons Bestseller list 17:48:43
Hillary has proposed to garnish wages of workers who don't buy into her national health plan 17:47:35 - 2/3/08 17:44:49
CNN just announce only 3 candidates left for republicans 17:33:01
Another False Statement 17:32:23
Re-Elect Ron Paul as Congressman! 17:30:10
video: rally at Reagan library debate 1-30-08 17:26:56
Time For A Third Party Run??? 17:25:39
Spontaneous Money (bomb) Freedom ROCKET! Going on NOW!! Roll in the Donations!!! 17:25:34
Ron Paul could care less about the power of the Presidency, he's about giving the power back to Constitution and the people. 17:23:42
In Defense of the Darkest Horse: Why Christians Need to Discover Dr. Ron Paul 17:22:38
ARRRRRRRR!!! Maine 17:17:47
Screw the GOP 17:15:12
This is why we fight for Dr. Paul 17:14:28
Ron Poll: How committed are you? 17:11:43
What to do with the generation of me, me and me 60-70 17:10:45
We need the man with 195 I.Q. 17:06:52
Precinct leaders - precinct leaders - precinct leaders 16:54:57
CNET gets spanked for minimizing Dr. Paul's support at mtv forum 16:50:59
In opposition to the Protect America Act 16:45:47
Vote for Ron Paul no matter what - here is why 16:45:41
What if Clinton and Obama team up? 16:39:25
Naaaaaaaaader?????????????? There's no way I'm leaving Ron Paul now 16:35:58
21 Years Young, Woah unto the Draft 16:28:27
Ron Paul Message Muffled Despite Record Breaking Fundraising, Strong Support from Military and Americans 16:23:58
NEW POLL..GO VOTE 16:21:59
+ + What's going on in Maine Sunday--today? Results? + + 16:19:23
WARNING!!!! 16:14:22
mcstains druggie wife steals pills!!!!!!!!! world net daily 16:13:01
ARIZONA needs your help NOW! 16:11:21
Could it be a McCain/Huckabee ticket with Rudy as Attorney General? 16:02:32
DIGG!!! Pentagon: The internet is an enemy "weapons system" 15:58:47
Super Tuesday is the END OF THE BEGINNING 15:52:51
Ron Paul Hunting for Caucus Delegates 15:51:09
Two Pieces of Caucus Advice: Wear Stickers, and Vote 15:50:50
Economists, or anyone, please answer this question. 15:48:38
McKook hints at limiting internet access... 15:42:10
Too bad we can't have DP Login authenticated through the Precinct Leader Login 15:38:11 - first letter posted!!! 15:36:10
Ron paul during half time??? WATCH! 15:27:51
A thought, read Paul/Huckabee ticket 15:27:26
Gravel getting 7% in Maine! 15:24:36
DIGG IT!!!- More troops support Ron Paul than all others COMBINED!!! stick that McNuts! 15:19:46
Donation Tracker 15:16:34
Clinton "socialism" rears its ugly head! 15:15:39
Why doesn't Ron Paul talk about his history more often? 15:09:39
dailypaulreports--Tony Blair "President of Europe" 15:05:06
dailypaulreports--Poland Agrees to US Missile Shield 15:04:59
dailypaulreports--Isreal Prepares Rocket Rooms 15:04:51
dailypaulreports--India Isolates Bird Flu Victims 15:04:44
Hillary saves a life at Missouri speaking engagement..Bogus 15:04:44
dailypaulreports--Mississippi, Illegal to Feed Obese 15:04:36
dailypaulreports--Snipes Beats FED 15:04:30
I Want My, I Want My, I Want My MTV! WE DID IT! 14:58:17
John McCain losing Arizona? 14:57:14
Hillary Clinton is David Rockefeller's candidate 14:52:25
We need to hit 8 million (less than 3 mil to go) by Feb 5th!!! Give!!!!!!! 14:47:57
: : Alaska Launches Critical GOTV Tool : : All Alaskans Please Read 14:47:08
FEC Q4 Military Contributions!!! 14:45:00
To anyone who talks of a 3rd party run 14:44:43
hillary sees no problem garnishing wages to pay for healthcare 14:43:01
some help spreading the MTV vid on Digg today? 14:42:01
Is this how this delegate system works? We MUST ACT! 14:39:19
Report from Maine 14:36:39
Post Feburary 5th Paul Supporters Unite! We need a plan to win states when the media is not looking anymore 14:35:57
Connecticut RP supporters, CT Call-4-Paul needs your help 14:28:59
John Maynard Keynes ADMITS IT! 14:28:36
Help Ron Paul win reelection to Congress 14:24:08
We are probably going to have one of the worst recessions we've had since the Second World War. It's not a good scene.” -J 14:19:58
Do we need to win 5 states or not? Here are the rules: 14:06:32
Infiltrate the Republican National Convention 14:05:38
40% or 90% silver coins? Gold ? too 14:03:10
ELVIS LIVES for Ron Paul 13:51:33
Ron Paul wins Northern Maine Co. 13:46:04
Televised polygraph exam. 13:45:34
Bush to unveil $3 trillion budget for 2009 13:45:17
We should all write Tavis Smiley of PBS to host another GOP debate (contact info) 13:40:36
Wal-Mart Parking Lots? Has anyone done RP flyers or signs there? 13:38:42
***MSM MIND GAMES***Republican National Convention 13:32:43
SURVEY: You support Ron Paul and have chosen to CONTINUE donating. Why? 13:32:29
#11 now going to the top on youtube 13:32:17
What things might be like if RP does not win 13:30:11
What Happened to Freedom? A Story You Need to Hear. 13:25:43
Superbowl 13:22:10
Nader may run for President? 13:19:56
Question about a protest? 13:19:44
Don't Worry, even if RP doesn't win, here's why. 13:17:05
***SHARE your Favorites! Many New Supporters*** 13:14:54 Debates Ongoing: "Ron Paul Racing for NASCAR". Help Defend Our Hero! 13:07:22
For anyone who thinks a government can't get too much control and become sinister while the masses sleep... 13:04:05
desperation turns people off 13:02:16
Israel WMD Program (BBC report) 13:00:29
Mother Jones article 12:59:33
Ron Paul has killed my love of sports 12:57:19
*New* Money bomb idea 12:53:49 - please pass this link around 12:47:45
Microphone in front of mouth. Any Public Relations professionals on staff? 12:46:16
A great Way to fund many grassroots projects 12:42:31
RP's new one liner could go like this......... 12:31:57
Ron Paul Sweeps Northern Maine Caucuses 12:31:29
need help in making case 12:28:03
Are we learning from Ron Pau? 12:26:25
McCain Exposed 12:24:54
Campaign Materials and Supplies 12:22:38
Anyone see the LA update? 2/3 of the Provisional Ballots NOT COUNTED 12:21:29
*** A Republic if you can KEEP IT - Ron Paul Circa 2004 *** 11:55:08
The People Ron Paul took on so far- Fearlessly 11:49:51
What happens at the convention IF? 11:27:31
ANOTHER Cable Cut. ALL phone and internet from middle east is now routed through United States. 11:22:08
Congressional Seats And Other Government Positions 11:19:04
News Blogs 11:07:28
bin Laden just another a**hole 11:04:28
We need to hit 8 million (less than 3 mil to go) by Feb 5th!!! Give!!!!!!! 11:02:07
OpEd News: "The lesser of two evils... is still evil." Pro-Ron Paul 10:54:32
-Youtube- Ron Paul -Youtube- Monday 10:46:58
Ron should blast McCain 10:46:21
Have you seen The Georgia Guidestones? 10:40:07
Outrageous Video! Homeland Security? UPDATE 2nd Video. 10:36:50
Ron Paul Supporters: Take Control of Congress!!! 10:36:37
Google Trends Contradict Media Polls On Ron Paul 10:31:03
/success-full-page-ron-paul-ad-to-run 10:12:50
It's a WAR of WORDS folks! What "one-liner" best describes the RP opposition? 10:09:23
Now Hillary Clinton is taking Ron Paul's lines 10:08:54
If you have Direct TV...actually this should work with cable too! 09:58:54
This is as good as it gets. You have to watch this song! 09:57:08
Montel Cancelled For Speaking Out 09:54:16
downloadable flyers?? 09:50:15
Every successful campaign has one! What should be the official RP campaign slogan". 09:46:53
Romney Supporter Defect to Dr. Ron Paul 09:36:15
UpDate, My Ron Paul Super Bowl AD Just uploaded to Youtube 09:35:13
WHAT IS WORKING to recruit new voters? Your Success Stories need to be heard. 09:30:30
Did you FORGET what we ARE FIGHTING FOR???? 09:29:30
LA Times reports Romney wins Maine. 09:19:54
A beautiful painted portrait of Ron Paul 09:17:22
Video titled "War with Iran".......everyone should see it 09:04:12
For those of you confronted with the Electibility Issue and why some are voting McCain 08:53:32
Illegal Immigrants Driver's License 08:46:23
Maine - a successful caucus 08:32:15
4get about a 3rd party candidacy! 07:21:36
Ron Paul speaks on Economics 07:19:37
Awesome Tool! See who is Burying on Digg! 07:17:05
-paul-at-denver-convention-center. 07:12:00
everyone! help re-elect dennis kucinich to congress! 06:57:57
Ron Paul introduces legislation to stop the Trans Texas Corridor 06:55:50
Bring The Empire DOWN, Just Quit Spending 06:34:41
For Your Friends That Are Being Swayed By McCain.... 06:32:27
Do you know how to catch wild pigs? 06:27:32
Makeover Needed!!! 06:20:48
The Newsletters FAQ v.1.0 06:16:18
A clarification for those who don't get it... 06:15:14
Is any one keeping track of our delegates?? 06:01:32
A few thoughts... 05:42:55
YOU'VE GOT MAIL 05:38:47
NUCLEAR 9/11 TV ad warning Americans 05:30:13
fox-news-exposes-diebold-vote-machine 05:28:22
More proof we're lied to 05:21:10
RON PAUL Minutemen Strikeforce! 05:16:13
OMG! NO!!! LA Times: Breaking News: Romney wins Maine caucus, McCain 2nd, Paul 3rd 05:01:52
How to get votes 04:51:54
Ron Paul Top's Rivals in Donations from Church Leaders? 04:45:43
Ponder This... 04:41:29
Has Anyone Seen Any RP TV ads? 04:36:28
One thing you can tell people who say "I would vote for him, but he won't win" 04:25:35
The Proud Family 04:23:40
RP signs everywhere!!! 04:15:40
Our Boy Needs A speech writer!! 04:14:57
RESHAPE THE GOP: an Idea.. 03:53:17
ALERT! The Green Party attacks Ron Paul! 03:50:23
****Ron Paul DOMINATES the POST MTV POLL!!! 03:38:22
Anyone know the latest or final Maine results? 03:29:49
Keyes on Romney - Excellent read - State level 03:26:41
Anyone else questioning what's going to happen tomorrow? 03:22:29
* * Revolution Needs a Cause Beyond Campaign * * 03:20:56
Comment to node 33074 03:18:33
McCain Vs.Romney:Godzilla Vs.Mothra! 03:16:37
Peter Schiff - Appears on Faux News 03:09:16
Bad Timing (Letting Ron Paul Down on Eve of Super Tuesday) 02:58:30
Federal judge: Law penalizing businesses that hire illegals OK 02:52:01
Greatest Ron Paul Super Bowl Ad 02:48:41
a question to slam McCain 02:47:30
Hillary and Obama: For Involuntary National Service (Digg) 02:45:51
Some Poetic Justice for you artsy RPer's I call it a revolution 02:45:08
Revolutionaries: Take This Message and RUN WITH IT!!! 02:41:55
* * Monetary cost of all Wars * * Unbelievable. 02:37:57
* * Big Bro. whips out the Fat Caliper * * 02:30:40
You Don't Believe In Prayer...Ha! See this short it for the Revolution...then 02:30:11
Consistent TV Ads in Colorado 02:28:36
*** ATTENTION CALIFORNIA VOTERS **** Super Tues Info 02:26:51
Repost from "Daily Dose" - about CAUCUSes and why you should stop freaking out 02:15:15
"Update"......."Infomation on those Fec.Q4 Soldiers donations" 02:14:45
The Next Generation 02:13:57
PRECINCT CANVASSING WORKS! PLEASE SIGN UP!!! There's still time! AND TOMORROW'S THE SUPERBOWL= big audience at home! 02:13:44
Signs Down at HQ???? 02:13:41
McCain GONE WILD video 02:07:01
The REAL Truth of Election Corruption.....(Know Your Enemy) 02:05:41
Hillary basically doing what I suggested for Ron Paul 02:04:59
"It would be funny...if it weren't so sad." 01:52:17
Email Your State Republican Party Chair 01:51:55
We need links! 01:43:56
WOW!!! I don't believe how free this makes you feel! 01:42:46
Let everyone be Proud of Ron Paul, 01:30:24
Speak at College Political Science Classes... I did!! 01:23:43
C-SPAN 20 mins of Ron Paul central time now and again ifumissed. 01:22:36
I love how Carol Paul always holds her purse 01:22:19
Ron Paul on CSPAN now 12:20 a.m. EST 01:20:55
I Wish Aaron Russo Was Alive to see all we are doing Freedom to Fascism 01:16:44
The Stark County Strip Search 01:13:39
Great new video interview I just found 00:53:20
What happened to ALL those donors from Q4 00:51:05
Why America Needs Coalition – Clean Elections and Freedom 00:48:25
What has the world come to? 00:46:45
A Republic if You Can Keep it : Ron Paul in 2004 00:46:36
MTV article not as favorable as it should be 00:46:27
I wish there was a poll... 00:45:47
What Would You Do Ron Paul Poll? 00:38:24
Ron Paul Bests Everyone in Military Donations, Again. 00:31:07
What have you done to get the message out? 00:29:19
9/11 Endorses Huckabee 00:21:47
# of NEW Donors 00:17:28
Any transcription of MTV debates tonight? 00:16:26
Maine is NOT Lost 00:08:59
Montel Williams loses job after defending troops on Faux 00:03:57