Posted on February 6, 2008

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Minneapolis Rally - Eric Richards 16:41:10
Why Ron Paul did *best* in NH 15:22:42
HERE IS THE DELEGATE PROCESS...from an official campaign coordinator 13:14:02
So, You Think Ron Paul Is Out of the Race, Eh, Sonny? 11:38:12
The Mouse that Roared: Why Ron Paul Won the Election 16:41:11
569,336 Real Americans Who Care 10:34:16
Be of good cheer! (Please read if dejected) 10:28:07
Super Tuesday - Reports from the Front Lines 10:34:17
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Off topic - IMAGE Peruvian Anti-Riot Police Uniform 23:50:25
A little Help in NE Wisconsin 23:49:41
WIN! Ron Paul WINS baltimore MD straw poll 23:47:53
Paul WINS majority in 3 Montana Counties 23:43:13
The New Republican Party Has Arrived! 23:32:24
Exodus beginning? 23:25:49
Civil Flag Banner bomb the night of April 14th 23:25:44
This is our "Mt. Vernon" 23:20:36 23:08:26
Louisiana's 1st congressional District 23:07:57
Lou Dobbs 2nite - says "bring our troops home." He said we have 23:03:47
Free Ron Paul Campaign Stuff (I'm from a Super Tues. State) 22:57:17
True_Believer 22:55:20
Better to be active minority in GOP or support LP or Constitution Party? 22:50:07
This may not be news, but Ron Paul is staying in the race. 22:49:25
Don't Worry, Be Happy 22:46:58
Important!! Many RNC delegates are still bound past the first round 22:43:38
Please help with this chip in!!!!! 22:39:16
Not Waiting for Next Money Bomb - It's Happening Now 22:37:56
What's Up With Stephen Colbert? 22:35:49
It's STILL the economy, stupid! 22:32:29
Don't Wait For Next Money Bomb - It's Happening Now 22:29:10
Reagan & RP Comparison Video - THIS SHOULD BE USED FOR TV ADS! 22:26:40
How much of your time you spend on DP a day? 22:25:48
Help me expose fraud/conflict of interest with KFI AM 640 & Romney (Clear Channel) 22:25:23
McCain Skips Vote On Economic Stimulus .. Couldnt Decide ... 22:24:31
Ron Paul Supporter on "American Greed" 22:23:35
Brokered convention is our only chance!!! 22:19:25
The Revolution's Next Goal: Convince Delegates a Vote for McCain is a Vote for Hillary 22:18:46
What's left besides primaries? 1 debate? 22:14:38
$$$ Bought a grand worth of REAL money today $$$ 22:13:46
Video about petrodollar? 22:11:57
A Big Reason Why Dobson won't endorse Ron: 22:05:05
Michael Moore on Larry King tonight 9pm East 21:57:50
Hope Anthem - Marc Scibilia's tribute to the Ron Paul r3VOLution 21:47:56
Minn rallly 21:47:33
What are the next caucus states? 21:43:19
Facebook loosing faith 21:39:00
Ron Paul with 42 or More Delegates So Far 21:32:29
Long Island Results Google Maps 21:16:17
Pat Buchanan would be a great VP as well as campaign consultant! 21:14:19
Huckabee & Insane McCain - A Match Made in Hell 21:09:12
How did MCCain jump from 613 delegates 21:08:29
Help Me Help US! 21:07:02
Funny Game: Ron Paul is tough on border security 21:05:04
Delegates Cost one million a piece! 21:04:27
Jack Cafferty Explains why 3rd party has no chance 21:00:35
Libertarian Party sends a funeral wreath and condolences to the GOP! haha! 21:00:34
"We're Still Here!!!" - Money Bomb. Feb 12th. 20:58:52
Hillary Borrows $5 Mil. - Staff Work For No Pay 20:54:53
Just received recorded phone call 20:49:44
VIDEO: Brokered convention video by RP supporters 20:45:04
Is Lou Dobbs "secret coding" for Paul? 20:41:50
The State of Disunion 20:36:19
I am very encouraged by our positive outlook 20:29:08
Pat Buchanan’s Magazine Endorses Ron Paul!! 20:28:10
lets show them who they are messing with when they are messing with PAUL 20:18:46
Facebook Poll 20:06:48
I think this is it /a video that everyone in America has to see 19:55:02
Money problems for Hillary too 19:53:46
In a Brokered Convention we would have to Trade Off like West Virginia 19:52:58
Money bomb the Revolution! 19:52:18
The Revolution has only just begun! 19:47:23
Absolutely the best all-purpose single handout for meetup groups 19:41:32
Louisiana 19:39:59
Media Smeared Paul , Ignored McCain 19:39:16
Adopt A Lone-Star Meetup Group!! 19:38:59
Bush Sends $3.1 Trillion Budget to Congress 19:34:21
********Watch these and gain confidence! 19:34:00
Canada Loves RP - a short pickmeup 19:32:53
The Emperor had no clothes. 19:30:03
I just donated 50 bucks..... 19:25:47
** Any Montana biz owners on dp who need good customer/tech support reps, writers, MBAs??? ** 19:21:43
Glenn Beck Poll for GOP - Ron Paul on the poll - just came via beck email 19:20:44
You Guys are Funny 19:15:58
Hillary's Campaign Is Broke - $100 Million Gone? 19:15:27
RP - THE GENERAL HIMSELF needs to talk to the troops on a regular basis via INTERNET TV! 19:14:10
What About A Paul - Huckabee ticket? 19:12:39
. 19:11:40
+++Ron Paul is my General George Washington+++ 19:08:23
Hurting Faux News where it counts...LOOK 19:07:19
The Death of Small Government in the GOP 19:02:47
New member with an idea 19:00:10
Recount NEWS 18:59:30
I think I figured out the plan 18:59:02
Really Bad Article 18:53:24
Ron Paul is my General George Washington 18:51:15
We MUST persist TOGETHER!!!! 18:49:17
Coming Economic Crisis - Our Best Ally 18:48:12
Best Case Scenario for Ron Paul 18:44:12
Please remember what Dr. Paul said. 18:40:23
Funny Story 18:39:29
Will Conservatives do this at Convention???Tell him what you think!!!! 18:38:30
Between Winning and Losing amazing video 18:31:02
Join and help push Pro-American Laws 18:28:49
For State Delegates: Strategy to Buck McCain 18:23:25
Ron Paul Dominates Colorado 18:11:11
2008 Republican National Convention Rules: Educate Yourself 18:08:38 - A GREAT START FOR FREEDOM 18:05:30
Voters in Chicago told to cast ballots with 'invisible ink' 18:03:57
* * Ron Paul National Delegate Count Now 42 or More * * Press Release 17:59:42
Washington, You're Fired! 17:55:57
Ron Paul excluded from CPAC?? 17:49:44
Mccain - "Bomb Iran" 17:47:18
The new depression(or old) 17:47:13
HA!!! History has played into Ron Paul's hands - and Mitt's father wrote the Book!!! PLEASE READ! 17:43:17
+++To all my friends on DP who "Think" they know me+++ 17:38:14
While we were DISTRACTED...: Bush to veto spy bill if immunity omitted 17:32:02
Your state already voted? Not too late to become a precinct leader! 17:31:41
Super Tuesday: Explained. The Revolution: Realized. People fear the REVOLUTION. 17:30:21
Election problems - solve them 17:29:58
"But you won't give up, right daddy?" 17:27:04
Just a little update from my weekend trip to SW Louisiana 17:21:28
The Last Ron Paul Revolutionary - Some Things To Ponder 17:21:21
Clinton loaned her campaign $5 million 17:18:22
A recap of my caucus last night. 17:16:20
Documented Media Bias (plus more) 17:10:13
Super Tuesday is an absolute win for Ron Paul-please read 17:02:32
Another Dirty Trick by Bush/FOIA 17:02:16
Meetups in Colorado 17:00:08
TO AKAK & JOHN2K 16:59:52
Princeton U: Diebold voting machines proven totally insecure 16:56:47
Wikipedia: Brokered Convention 16:50:57
Daily News : "Ron Paul Backer cries foul in Brooklyn." 16:48:34
MSM: Internet cables were cut 16:46:50
Major problems voting in California 16:45:34
Signs Of The Police Stae. 16:40:04
Last night... 16:40:03
RP has at least 42 delegates! 16:38:56
I wish this campaign really went after McCain's 100 years of war comment 16:37:29
Conservative Columnist calls RP "Quixotic Anti-War Candidate" 16:33:52
Read: A Romney Supporter Trying to Get His People to Support McCain 16:33:18
Ron Paul has 42 delegates, maybe more! 16:29:35
What happen in Alaska? 16:27:13
Another one for the shredder 16:24:07
Romney and Huckabee 16:23:53
Still love liberty? 16:22:11
What really happened in Alaska?? Comments on paid staff, please. 16:19:13
My call from the RNC 16:19:08
$10 to let Ron know we're still here! 16:18:44
National Campaign Undercut Alaska RP Revolution? 16:13:00
Huckabee Loves his Felons! 16:09:02
Libertarians wrote in Paul? on Lib ticket? How much did this cost? 16:05:31
***important advice please**** 16:05:20
IMPORTANT!! $10 We're Still Here Donation!! 16:01:24
`~_The Other Guys_~` 16:01:11
1238 delegates left McCain can still win easy. 680+512=1192 16:00:25
Reagan At This Point In The Election 15:59:23
Pat Buchanan’s Magazine Endorses Ron Paul!! 15:57:40
March 4th 218th Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution Money Bomb 15:56:19
Canvassers in late primary states 15:56:16
Rocky Mountian Collegian Op-Ed piece disinfo 15:55:38
Alaska and Washington? 15:55:27
Any Idea? 15:53:59
A cheerful topic. 15:48:38
How to lose a two front war in three easy steps 15:48:08
An Onging Debate Among Christians 15:37:03
What should we do in the mean time? and thru summer 15:29:16
Ron Paul Term Paper... 15:27:03
Where are the remaining state primaries and caucuses? 15:15:25
Funny McCain Graphic: The image that says it all 15:14:04
This is what most mainstream Republicans think 15:12:58
Tiny Victories: My Parents... 15:11:30
Washington State People: Help to get 30% Target Amount 15:11:16
Schwarzenegger Donated California Mailing List to McCain 15:03:05
Cartoons....A look back in time 15:01:07
Synergy Explosion!! 15:00:43
Feb 28 MSNBC debate 14:58:58
Ignorance, Sheep, Religion, Scary, End of The World, Huck: Why RP can't catch a break. 14:57:23
Level of support for Dr. Paul 14:51:13
Crashcourse for a Huckabee informant 14:43:19
who cares about RP's congressional seat??? 14:41:24
The message is HOPE and we are HOPE 14:39:52
It's hard to kill an idea! 14:36:55
Interesting numbers my brother sent me.... 14:35:39
To ALL who voted with me yesterday. 14:33:46
This is what a self-proclaimed "Libertarian" had to say about Ron Paul 14:33:38
Ron Paul Had A Great Super Tuesday! 14:33:10
Good line for today... 14:32:44
RALLY 14:29:42
We Can't be Ignored 14:23:39
Suggestion for McCain's Next War 14:19:31
The corrupt media and how we are helping them 14:16:42
Canadian Gas is NOT sold by the Gallon!!! 14:16:11
Please Keep-up The Good Fight 14:14:49
Life after Super Turesday 14:13:27
I see a lot of very bleak GOPers today 14:13:18
Any investment gurus out there? 14:11:20
$3.1 Trillion Budget Proposal 14:04:49
* * A ScoreCard You Won't Find on Fox * * 13:53:30
What we do now... 13:53:23
Constitution Money Bomb 13:53:15
Of Course We Are Winning! It's the Message. 13:51:54
Donate TODAY! Show Ron you care! 13:51:12
On another note..Let us extend our prayers 13:50:56
* * LA TIMES- RON PAUL Makes His Move---EXC. SUMMARY * * 13:50:17
Will someone please explain?? 13:48:37
What is a SUPERdelegate? 13:45:18
The campaign site is down for me 13:44:29
Proof that the Neocons are genetically inferior 13:42:41
Who is more unhappy: Mitt, John or Mike? 13:41:12
We have only begun to fight! 13:41:01
the American Revolution—the very thing whose legacy Ron Paul is fighting to keep alive—had darker days in 1776 than anything we 13:40:46
A sneaky WIN for Ron Paul 13:38:55
Somebody gets it 13:37:23
Help - TedBits & Ty Andros 13:36:53
The Revolution is Going to a Brokered Convention - McCain Can't Win Enough Delegates 13:32:48
Now is the TIME TO STRIKE 13:30:21
Open Letter to Everyone 13:27:58
An Open Letter To Dr. Paul 13:23:41
I'm not giving up on RP, but I am.... 13:23:29
A Reminder to the Defeatists 13:18:32
Ron Paul got 432,000 votes as a 3rd party at the convention, TODAY WE HAVE 500,000 13:17:46
We need a symbol. 13:10:44
I've never been so embarrassed to be associated with so-called Ron Paul supporters - UPDATE 13:09:12
Dr. Paul has 30 years! How long have YOU been fighting? 13:02:30
I’m in for another 50 today because McCain is a gambler (look how close the winner take all results were), but Ron Paul will do 13:00:11
Delegates won in a Primary and those that attend the convention are two different things 12:55:23
Cheer up, buddy. A great Ron Paul photo. 12:54:25
Thank You 12:53:36
My Day At The Polls 12:51:08
Avoid the media 12:50:39
Time to go undercover with plans!! 12:50:12
Fryer Huck Calls Conan, Stewart, and Colbert "Idiots" 12:49:19
Did I miss something? 12:46:42
If Ghandi was right... 12:43:18
Ride a bike, build some legos, play solitaire, skin potatoes.. 12:43:12
**Please Explain Delegate Process Clearly** 12:43:06
There is no reason to stop now 12:41:04
Getting Through This Morning.. 12:39:05
Feel like giving up? Giving up... 12:38:27
Our Identity 12:38:14
When ! 12:37:45
If Mitt DROPS OUT, they will support Dr. PAUL 12:36:05
Open Letter to Dr. Ron Paul: Please Keep Marching 12:34:05
Can I help you? 12:31:30
Did Ron Paul commit suicide in 1988? 12:30:11
Does EVERY delegate attend a brokered convention? 12:27:46
While we wait to hear from Ron 12:27:09
+++Why I love Ron Paul+++ 12:25:57
Look at this, we are still bothering them! Proof that we are winning. 12:20:52
Understanding Saul4Paul 12:20:41
"It ain't over till it's over" 12:18:35
No mixed multitude needed here - only "Israelites" - a Ron Paul parallel 12:13:33
Wait to see what Dr. Paul has to say. 12:13:02
Of course the Media.... 12:08:35
Who Did More for Your Freedom, You or Dr. Paul. 12:07:21
Saul4Paul Challenge! One Million Dollars for Dr. Paul 12:07:05
You can vote for the next 20 years and it won't matter..BUT THIS WILL 12:05:57
Why did anyone think it would be any different? - Buck up. 12:05:54
How many states had Rp tv ads? 12:05:29
Do you get it yet people??? We all need to become delegates!! Forget the primary process 12:02:13
You Have To See This 12:01:30
What options do we have left? 12:00:18
Gotta Take Some Time Out To Work On My Taxes 11:59:17
How did we do in Ca. I just woke up and I am late for school dont have time to research? 11:58:06
There's work to be done! 11:57:23
A Resistance Movement has many facets 11:56:39
A Message to the Cry Babies and Bandwagoners... 11:54:43
LET THIS POST DIE and use the updated one i have linked thank you : Dr. Steve 11:51:00
$$$ Up Yours Saul Money Rocket $$$ 11:48:30
Don't Let the Revolution Die. 11:44:24
Where is he at this moment? Where is Ron Paul's 11:44:02
The New Liberator 11:43:42
Who is a delegate in here? 11:40:19
One can only assume that most Americans are either 11:37:30
How Ron Paul can win America in 2 Weeks. 11:36:10
Video proof of California Election fraud! DIG QUICK! 11:34:58
what? 11:33:35
AP is to blame for Super Tuesday woes... 11:32:56
Ron Paul Had a Super Tuesday - So STHU and Get To Work! 11:32:50
Time To Vote Libertarian 11:28:31
Send this to everybody you know and surprise many of them!! 11:25:57
DO NOT just lay down and die 11:24:42
See you all in Minneapolis? 11:24:28
Brokered Convention is Going to happen!! Just as the campaign said it will 11:21:56
Where is the money 11:21:51
Delegate Situation 11:20:18
Texas 11:17:22
Reading List for the Revolution 11:16:46
A Message For The Negative Folks Today!!!!! 11:16:37
I still don't get it 11:15:01
Urgent! We need funding today in order to launch billboard in Austin, Texas! 11:14:40
EVEN MORE SERIOUS A 3rd Party run is the dumbest idea on the planet 11:13:56
A New Dawn 11:10:18
Ron Paul said if we continue so will he. I got paid today. $50 to Ron now. 11:10:06
I wrote to Lew Rockwell today 11:09:10
Abolishing the Federal Reserve 11:02:11
How about injecting new life into the campaign by selecting a running mate? 11:02:00
Remember the Alamo! 11:01:15
Should Ron Paul quit? 11:00:31
Russia To Expand Global Presence at Sea 10:56:58
Donate $20.12! 10:55:44
CNN - Romney's press Sec'y says he will not drop out 09:48 EST. 10:54:47
The problem i've seen with the campaign.... 10:54:05
This sums it up for me at the present time 10:53:46
Now that Super Tuesday is Over... 10:52:24
I will follow Dr Paul to the Gates of Hell.... 10:46:07
ROME: How God Uses Evil to Advance Good. 10:44:28
Glenn Beck Stating "Can't fight a war without an economy!" 10:44:28
Want to win election? 4 letters... 10:41:57
I Found Hope For America!! 10:41:16
WTF California?? 10:39:16
CPAC starts thursday does anyone know if it is broadcasted? 10:36:47
Let's Not Forget the ECONOMY, the #1 Issue of this Election 10:36:14
A hypothesis on fascist dictators of democracies 10:33:34
URGENT: Dr. Paul needs a Documentary - VOTE NOW! 10:30:06
REAL ID May 11th... 10:29:14
Keep the good doctor running 10:28:24
Important - Why Ron Paul won the election!! 10:28:02
Lenders freeze equity lines in response to tumbling property values 10:25:51
We need to all move to the same place!!! But where? 10:22:56
funny-super-tuesday-polls. 10:20:35
If the campaign does not want to do it.. 10:13:19
Actual results from my NY Precinct 10:05:49
Drudge has some funny headlines about McCain 10:05:22
Decorum breaks down at NH recount 10:03:09
On a lighter note... 09:57:10
more-new-hampshire-vote-fraud. 09:56:08
Serious Questions about delegates and brokered convention! 09:55:37
Bad Timing, but believe it or not, the Internet will decide the 09:47:08
To Storyteller 09:46:09
Declaration of Independance 2008! 09:45:29
Sodahead Poll - VOTE!! 09:31:07
My 96 yr old Grandmother emailed me her thoughts on the election 09:31:03
Why there can not be a brokered convention 09:28:08
Dow -370.03 09:27:42
funny-super-tuesday-polls 09:19:29
My letter to the editor 09:10:22
To all our friends in Missoula, Bozeman, Helena, Virginia City, Kalispell, Butte 09:06:53
CNN: Reports Voting Problems 09:06:24
Anyone know how many delegates we have so far? 08:48:53
I'm Revitalized! 08:32:16
A Question For MSM 08:20:06
Don't Quit - Nobody Else Worth Supporting At All 08:17:52
This Will Piss You Off.......Big Time! 08:06:38
Pauls votes in the Shredder 07:53:27
What happened in Alaska? - did you watch this video yet? 07:52:22
WHO'S DELEGATE, WHAT DELEGATE? (don't believe it) 07:51:25
Stop, hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's goin' down... 07:47:26
Our Tax Dollars At Work 07:42:52
Take a look 07:38:12
-paul-sticks it to them 07:34:46
***Why There Is Still Hope, Stay With Us*** 07:25:42
Become a Delegate! 07:16:10
We need to turn the GOP inside out. After it implodes. 07:09:42
Take A Look Around You -- Seeing Any Negative Comments? 06:45:02
Texas Ron Paul Rally!!! 06:42:47
The Media's Self Fulfilling Prophecy 06:27:24
3rd Party Run and IRV 06:26:06
Game Plan - The Big "I TOLD YOU SO!" 06:08:49
Vermonters! March 4th! Ron Paul can take the late states if 2 more drop out by Feb.12 and there is low voter turnout! 06:05:19
Crystal Broyle's 'Ron Paul' newspaper is the Ron Paul MSM (Main-Stream-Media) 06:04:27
OUR constitution. ..beyond the campaign !!!!!!! 05:56:28
Mccain Vs. Paul 05:53:04
The Duty of every American - The Revolution Starts Here - 05:48:03
Thank Jay Leno 05:47:17
Media Blackout is completely justifiable from here on 05:32:11
For all those who would waiver on the cause, watch this. 05:17:27
The real lesson of super tuesday 05:15:14
We are winning the delegates in Alaska 05:06:50
Eric Richards performs at Ron Paul Rally in Minneapolis 05:02:04
Is this a Revolution? 04:54:12
Super Tuesday is the Valley Forge of the Second American Revolution 04:51:09
I will Not Vote for Establishment Clowns! 04:45:36
Third Party 04:42:15
The TRUTH Part 2: This is LITERALLY a Battle Between the Forces of Good and Evil. PLEASE READ!!! 04:22:43
Delegates from Dropouts 04:19:33
Clinton Pulls Another NH In CA 04:15:05
Eric Richards performs at Ron Paul Rally in Minneapolis 04:07:30
does brokered convention require 5 state victories? 03:59:52
The TRUTH Part 1: Why the MSM matters and the Internet Does NOT. PLESE READ!!! 03:59:37
Plea for an Independant Run 03:59:30
Why do the Straw Poll results differ SO much from primaries/caucuses? 03:58:06
NO!!! Romney's projected to win Alaska with 90% of the precincts in! ;( 03:57:44
Alaska exit poll not in line with votes coming in 03:41:16
We Are Going to a Brokered Convention!!! Look at the Numbers!!! 03:39:42
Our main target: Louisiana 03:37:37
WTF - 'Other' vote at almost 13% in CA - ??? 03:35:24
This country is SO screwed! 03:32:33
Remember this post? That's why we lost Alaska 03:26:45
Ron Paul Still Running, Why? 03:26:43
Pass it on! First in a series of new ads! 03:26:43
at first i did not think RP could win 03:26:29
The rEVOlution WILL not be televised! 03:23:11
Republican Party Convention Possibilities 03:18:44
Today's stock market reflects our down day 03:17:34
Ron Paul gains 5 more delegates from North Dakota 03:14:38
I was selected to be a County, State, and Congressional district Delegate! 03:13:27
Can't slow down 03:11:24
Super Tuesday a SUCCESS 03:07:24
Could Ron Paul have possibley *WON* Cali!? 03:03:16
Alaska results beginning to come in. 03:01:13
political choice - an illusion ? 02:59:52
~THIS is why it's NOT OVER!!~ 02:59:32
Washington state looks good Saturday. 02:55:59
We have everything now (someone please repost this on the blog!) 02:42:54
Is it *time?* 02:41:06
A response to the WAR MEETING HELD THIS EVENING 02:40:41
It's pretty amazing if you ask me!! 02:40:03
Triage: Breathe and Think 02:32:23
Blitzer just talked about delegates mattering, not vote 02:29:01
I've been reading posts 02:27:41
In spite of everything, not a bad night!! 02:24:14
Elected as a Delegate? 02:23:13
$$$Should Ron Paul Pay the GOP back$$$$ 02:22:40
+++ The Old Man +++ 02:21:39
America:Freedom to Fascism can win Ron Paul the election 02:16:37
So, Realistically, What? The Revolution is...? 02:16:36
Here are some FACTS about delegates 02:15:31
Preserving The Future 02:11:30
Alaska results are an hour away. 02:05:20
Vote Fraud Witnessed in Colorado -- BlackBoxVoting Forums 02:03:31
US Government chooses Oil over Genocide 02:01:23
One positive thing about the Ron Paul Revolution 02:01:02
thanks yall (sorry but this might hurt the average joe) 02:00:11
WHAT is up with the Alaska GOP? Ok, I guess they vote longer :) 01:56:20
Alaska results, my guess is the hold up is Ron is in 1st 01:56:02
A new direction... 01:54:44
Delegate Scorecard 01:52:37
Montana had no Primary today according to Yahoo Dashboard. 01:49:31
Reports pouring in @ Blackboxvoting 01:48:22
Turn Defeat into Success 01:46:50
Hay it could be worse we could be Rommney ? 01:46:25
Turn Off The TV and Get back to WORK! 01:46:12
When today is over 1/2 million people will have voted for Ron Paul 01:43:18
WE GOT 2nd!!!! in Montana!!! hot damn! 01:42:37
Can we buy controlling interest on one of the MSMs? 01:41:11
What about huck??? 01:40:54
Rand Paul in 2020 01:39:56
It is time everyone knows about McCain's 100 year war plan 01:35:20
Romney dropping out? 01:30:26
Matrix Has You ! Follow the white rabbit ! 01:29:43
The fault is not our own, the fault is not the campaign, THE FAULT IS AMERICAN CITIZENRY!!! 01:29:30
question: if romney drops... 01:26:56
Remember This is Only The Beginning 01:26:14
Alaska results ? I see democrat results but no Repub???? 01:24:35
Ok here is the deal.BE HAPPY! 01:23:53
US Voters a lot like Britney Spears 01:23:14
+ + Need help with brief analysis--this question is PARAMOUNT + + 01:22:10
Is it just me... 01:21:25
Who here can explain 'Other' in CA having over 100,000 votes? 01:21:06
How many delegates does Ron Paul have? 01:20:21
Time for all popular closet supporters to come forward... 01:19:19
** Canada Dollar overtakes US Dollar ** 01:18:50
CNN Censoring Ron Paul results from MT 01:17:39
Hundreds of thousands for Paul 01:16:39
We only need 2 Ron Paul Senators to Stop the Bleeding! 01:13:13
We only need 2 Ron Paul Senators to Stop the Bleeding! 01:12:30
Current state of the Ron Paul campaign *** 01:07:58
Ft Knox, Pres. Bush's budget and the problem with us 01:06:31
fbi-wants-palm-prints-eye-scans-tattoo database 01:04:20
The Servant 01:02:29
All these techies supporting Paul and none of them hacked a Diebold? 00:57:12
TIME FOR PLAN B!!! 00:57:01
* * BRAG BOOK * * Wheat Only...NO TARES! 00:56:00
Obama just stole Ron Paul's platform 00:55:38
Ron Paul has endorsed the Free State Project 00:53:12
Ron Paul, ´´the Right Choice for a Stronger America´´ 00:51:41
For All Those Who Wish for a Brokered Convention 00:50:58
Anybody from Alaska? 00:49:18
! * ! * ! .....Political Guru Needed..... ! * ! * ! 00:49:14
cry-baby-clinton-yale. 00:48:28
ABC News Gunning For Ron Paul... Again 00:47:10
McStain - What a little Prick 00:45:10
McCain "Salutes" Huckachuck 00:43:17
McCain ignores Ron in "victory" speech 00:42:54
Ron Paul places 2nd in Montana with 24.5% - All Precincts Reported 00:42:00
McCain just stated that he is the undisputed Republican front-runner! 00:41:52
Forget Republican... Forget Third Party.... LETS GET READY FOR 2012!!!! 00:41:33
selection 2008 00:41:00
Colbert just made fun of RP 00:40:10
Ron Paul's First Words On Super Tuesday 00:40:09
226 People in Montana Should be taken out back and beaten with fish 00:38:40