Posted on February 8, 2008

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Twenty-two Massachusetts Delegates Up for Grab! 21:28:40
Cleveland State Universtity invites Clinton, Obama, and Paul! 14:42:11
Ron Paul says NO 3rd Party Run 14:10:19
*** Important Announcement *** 10:57:31
Ron Paul Cosponsors "Combat Veterans Debt Elimination Act" 02:52:32
How I Won My Huge Caucus 02:35:39
New Ron Paul Paster 02:11:56
FEC Phone Numbers 02:52:33
Video: Ron Paul Speech at CPAC 2-7-08 01:23:55
California Election Fraud Video 01:10:49
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What's your take on Ron Paul's e-mail? 23:57:55
The keys to the kingdom 23:56:21
Brett Favre Rumor Debunked 23:53:32
Ron Paul forces Mitt Romney out of the GOP race 23:53:30
Take back the Republican Party 23:43:53
Blogging CPAC: Ron Paul on Presidential Steroids 23:38:10
***CEO of has something to say! READ 23:35:44
RonPaulPrinting.COM and FREE Slim Jims -- you pay shipping! 23:35:36
#4 BRETT FAVRE Endorses RON PAUL for PRESIDENT! 23:34:51
Dynamite Article! ~ CPAC: Ron Paul on Presidential Steroids 23:33:18
paving the way for amero dollar ? 23:32:16
NEWS UP-DATE for RonPaulRacing 23:29:58
NEW VIDEO out at RonPaul 23:27:12
Why the negativity towards the Christian faith? 23:23:40
California not over!! 23:22:30
Arizona Election Fraud 23:20:24
Heh. For you Anime lovers.... 23:13:23
Extensive interview with Paul on monetary policy 23:07:22
Is it better or worse for Ron Paul that Romney and maybe Huckabee drop out? 23:00:31
Congress Moves to Sieze Control of All US Water... Another reason to vote 4 Ron Paul 22:59:47
Ron's CA numbers 22:55:55
bush-attacks-ron-paul 22:55:23
interesting article about the stimulus 22:51:03
Sign Of The Times 22:50:48
Iranian Bourse 22:44:23
Let's support BJ Lawson 22:33:32
Has Ron Paul been "whitehoused?" 22:28:54
*RED ALERT* Romney's Delegates Up For Grabs!!! 22:27:10
Memo Blasts State Dept. Iraq Effort 22:24:23
Ron Paul's Feb. 7th Conference Call To Supporters!!!! 22:09:23
ATTENTION:Great Media Idea!!!!!! 22:00:50
FOX Investigative reporters fired for telling the truth 21:56:06
Delegate Training is our best hope. 21:52:56
Introducing the Ron Paul Timeline 21:47:19
Which delegates have been counted so far? Senatorial? State? National? 21:46:12
Red Alert (whatever that means) Washington State. 21:44:53
Bottom Line Codified into LAW in 1797 ~ US NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION. 21:41:29
Precinct Leader Call... 21:40:33
Must See! Excellent Take on the National Debt- Use this to Ron Paul's Advantage! 21:38:39
Death of the Dollar. 21:28:27
RP article in LA TIMES...a must read 21:28:09
Dobson Endorses Huckabee 21:25:58
Consider RP's AMAZING COURAGE - He is openingly challenging The IRS, The Federal Reserve & The Military Industrial Complex! 21:17:54
BREAKING NEWS! Shocking evidence that Ron Paul is NOT a pacifist! 21:15:58
Welcome Romney Supporters 20:58:56
General Republicans Think McCain Has Won, His Supporters Will Not Vote. 20:57:46
This is a Turning Point... 20:50:43
Ron Paul speaks to the youth at Liberty U. 20:45:49
Is McCain eligible to be President? 20:45:26
Please people all write to , I received this mail today 20:45:21
So when is the next money bomb!!! 20:43:25
* * UPDATED - TX televangelist under senate investigation, raised million for Huckabee * * 20:40:55
Catching Wild Pigs - story I was recently sent 20:36:16
Now that most of Romney's supporters are with us, can this help us win states? 20:33:41
The Collective Insanity 20:31:00
Pennsylvania's presidential primary could be a deciding contest. THE FEAR OF FRAUD 20:27:51
== Why Ron Paul Matters == 20:26:02
Friends: Even if Ron Paul does not win, his IDEAS will win. 20:20:40
McCain = not eligible?? Source = US Dept. Of State 20:20:20
money bomb going on ron paul for congress 20:11:24
us-aid-for-russia-linked-to-iran nuclear program 20:07:42
Ron Paul clearly the best presidential candidate 20:06:14
Digg: Romney supporters may be switching to the Ron Paul camp 19:57:18
Founding Fathers: Christian Quotes 19:54:08
Mellencamp 19:53:17
O, ye of little faith 19:50:25
We are the children of what could be the greatest revolution in history! 19:45:13
When will the US Dollar fall from Grace? 19:45:05
Have we lost our way at Daily Paul? 19:44:12
"The only conservative left in the race" Catch phrase suggestion. 19:44:01
Looks like the message is getting through - AP Poll 19:41:06
We need to get into a McCain rally 19:31:52
Why Romney Dropped Out 19:29:39
Reactive thinking vs. reflective thinking 19:28:08
Could you Imagine??? 19:27:41
The Giants will never beat the Patriots 19:24:24
ron paul 2008 official store merchandise orders running late? 19:23:31
If Youre Angry About the MEDIA BLACKOUT... 19:21:00
We Never Learn.......... 19:20:55
Just heard Dr. Paul speech to Liberty Univ. 19:19:41
**** MONEY, MONEY, MONEY****** 19:17:05
Could the Daily Paul benefit from being divided into three separate forums like... 19:17:05
Ron Paul and the Decision to Not Run Third Party 19:16:20
218th Anniversary U.S. Constitution Money Bomb - March 4th 19:12:30
Anti-Ron Paul Guy on Youtube is Funny But Serious 19:10:47
Name in Lights 19:07:59
Anyone from Arizona? 19:07:46
Ron Paul at Liberty University 2/8/08 - WATCH IT HERE 19:05:55
Craigslisters Continually Flagging & Thus Deleting My Perfectly Good Posts 18:53:32
Ross Perot's 1992 Presidenial run 18:51:20
Sick of getting flamed The Mods need to step up 18:50:31
Help me convert my DAD ==McCain supporter. 18:42:33
Ron Paul forces Mitt Romney out of the GOP race 18:41:19
Senator McCain's Real Record on the War in Iraq -- 18:34:50
We need to Give UP! 18:29:35
GOP Conversion: it's the war stupid 18:27:21
Enough talk, let's put it up for a vote 18:23:25
How to really "convert" people - WITHOUT getting into a debate... 18:21:33
Follow-up from Romney Blogger 18:19:28
Self righteous vultures are the worst! 18:17:51
Article printed in Kansas newspaper 18:16:58
Southern Minn. teen cited for Ron Paul decal 18:16:14
This is the Best Ron Paul Speech EVER... 18:16:00
What's your favorite Ron Paul Music Video 18:13:41
Paul Needs To Announce A VP - 18:11:07
Presidents Day MONEY BOMB! Feb18th 18:07:25
Digg: Martial Law Outsourcing: The FBI deputizes business 17:58:48
Speech Suppressors @ Daily Paul 17:58:39
What would you rather watch - A RP NIGHTLY NEWSCAST ON INTERNET TV or the sos on the msm. 17:57:19
14k 17:56:55
Ann Coulter says she loves Ron Paul...but... 17:55:42
Paul: Best Double-Play Combination in Foreign Policy 17:55:07
Looks like tabloid media has started a new tactic 17:52:59
RP and Huck guys organizing the WA caucus. Chairman GOP says Ron&Huck will do very well. 17:52:00
Hey GOP!!! We're not going anywhere!!! 17:51:49
Great opportunity 17:50:58
It couldn't happen to a nicer guy: David Shuster, Suspended! 17:48:00
Shuster Suspended 17:46:33
It Must be 3rd Party to Win.... 17:46:03
Feel free to ask the MSM an election question! 17:43:58
McCain's Health Care Bill - health care for Mexico?! *alert HQ* 17:42:42
Constitution Money Bomb 17:38:56
A very simple step by step process to convert people to our side!!! 17:35:40
Colin Powell is screwed 17:35:21
It makes me crazy! They show he's the obvious answer,but still no Ron Paul!! 17:33:01
A New Direction That Won't interfer with the current Direction 17:25:39
James Dobson's Endorsement of Mike Huckabee 17:22:20
The Survival of the Ron Paul Revolution 17:19:12
This country needs an armed freedom march 17:17:49
The Red Dot Blowback and Revenge of the Nerds by Alan Stang 17:13:34
'"ROCKY'" ANDERSON, Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah 17:12:17
***Ron Paul's Liberty University Speech- video- 8500 attend! 17:07:42
Heh heh..You Guys Are Gonna Love This! 17:04:33
Forced Return..... 16:57:15
Vermont Teddy Bears, Just say no. 16:55:07
Libertarian or Constitution Party? 16:54:37
Behind-the-scenes information 16:52:50
Terminology Primer for those new to the Ron Paul movement 16:52:08
Need a guitar player to spread the revolution 16:47:44
Bush endorsing McCain- nice 16:47:15
Ron Paul Signs NumbersUSA's ''No Amnesty'' Pledge 16:44:06
Untrue rumors about Paul dropping out 16:40:47
McCain bill: Heath coverage for......Mexico! taxpayer backed 16:39:26
If it can work on anyone, its John McCain 16:38:32
Not to be a downer here but what if... 16:31:27
If Ron Paul Loses Primaries and Cannot Run 3rd Party, One of Two Needs to Be Done 16:29:50
Two Things.. taking a break from here, to post on other fourms again...if ya wanna help... here's some links. 16:29:29
Am I The Only One Who Heard This? 16:19:17
Appeal to Huck's desire for POWER!!!! 16:17:08
Maryland Ron Paul Supporter running for congress 16:16:36
New Poll - How Will You Vote In November? 16:09:22
CNN needs you to correct them... 16:07:46
Runningmate suggestions? 16:05:43
Dobson to endorse Huckabee 16:04:56
Third party, NO! If he loses, Governor Paul of Texas, YES! 16:03:36
Ron Paul for Congress MONEY BOMB is TODAY!!!! 16:02:45
The Exaggeration of McCain’s Electability 15:54:48
Dennis Miller must not like McNuts.. right? 15:52:25
How to approach LDS (=Mormon) Romney supporters 15:51:37
Anyone Notice 15:45:12
SOMEBODY has to Run 3rd Party! In November! 15:44:59
Support RON PAUL.... support liberty 15:44:45
How to use "WIN" and "WHEN" correctly 15:41:44
An honest question 15:35:36
Here comes the McSwiftboat 15:29:47
Instapundit Crowd Just Doesn't Get It - Oblivious to Our Blackmail 15:22:32
Third party = goodbye congress seat, career 15:20:38
Cheer up!! 15:17:41
Why Media Ownership Matters 15:13:51
Challenging the Federal Reserve, The Military Industrial Complex & IRS takes big time courage and balls! 15:08:15
My take on 3rd parties, from nearly 20 years as LP member 15:06:13
I just saw Ron Paul give a speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA (Friday, Feb 8) 15:02:56
911 is the perfect issue for a Military Industrial Troll! 15:02:00
Why does CNN/POLITICS list Dr. Pauls Delegate Total as only 16??? 15:01:59
Ron Paul Supporters: Read This 14:59:18
The Dialectics of third party memes, preaching 9/11 truth to the choir, and Inaction comedy 14:57:52
All this concern for Dr. Paul's house seat really bugs me 14:56:26
Signed up for Brooklyn Republican Committee 14:53:56
CPAC to CPACers: Don't Boo McCain 14:51:01
ANYONE seen or heard a Ron Paul commercial... 14:50:29
Why is the CFR bad? 14:42:41
My Letter to My Representative 14:42:25
a better question, why MSM rejecting Ron paul? 14:38:32
Wall of separation between church and state 14:29:18
Former Romney supporters now supporting Ron Paul! 14:27:21
Chuck Baldwin on a 3rd Party Run - Go For It ! 14:23:06
Texas is ready 14:19:56
bush-attacks-ron-paul 14:18:56
New York Store Only Takes Euro 14:10:43
Be aware of negative blog site lifting material from DP 14:10:41
Rejecting National ID 14:00:16
Romney DELEGATES FREE? 14:00:04
AIR TIME!!! Day-of-Fame --- VOTE NOW!! 13:59:57
Ron Paul SOCIALISTS: a great article Paul supporters who don't like the MSM should read 13:57:45
Please provide links and info to why Fed makes inflation 13:57:17
california election fraud video 13:56:19
Let's all get real! 13:55:42
Reason Article on Paul 13:46:51
Donate $600. rebate checks to 13:45:45
Cool it on the third-party talk for a little while, eh? 13:39:49
Top of the Ticket : Los Angeles Times : Ron Paul forces Mitt Romney out of the GOP race 13:32:55
UPDATED: Help "Man of Commom Sense"????? 13:29:28
Ron Paul Strategy Update?! 13:14:53
Digg The CPAC Speech! 13:12:37
Martin Weiss needs a good scolding... 13:11:57
Neil Young.. 13:10:56
Necessary third party run 13:08:53
Write in Ron Paul - online poll 13:08:10
Robert Anthony Pape, Jr. - RP's new Foreign Policy Advisor 13:07:31
The TSA has a blog..... 13:06:31
Mysterious Federal Reserve: Send this Letter to the Editor 13:03:57
Bush soft endorsement of McCain a death nail 13:03:42
I love it when Ron's protrait swings around on this one.... 13:01:26
Logic 101 12:59:20
Why Rally Behind the Nominee? 12:59:13
ANY IDEAS! On how we could get an email list of Romney supporters? 12:51:33
I suppose this doesn't matter - You tell me 12:49:10
Tucker standing up for Ron Paul right now! 12:45:08
Websit reports real time global violent hot spots 12:41:17
Why GIVE Wisconsin to McCain? -- TWO Events on February 19th 12:39:28
Clinton is broke 12:38:27
Forget the GOP, they were our WORST enemy 12:37:52
Is there going to be a Feb 28 CNN Republican debate? 12:30:49
I Voted 12:30:27
This Letter should be sent to ALL MSM hosts.. 12:29:58
Where's Ron today? 12:29:31
Ron Paul Racing Is Back! 12:29:16
Romney's Out! Ron Paul, Do We Have A Problem? 12:19:18
The Ron Paul method on Anti-Terrorism 12:18:05
Need a new advisor... 12:11:12
Win Texas with Fast-Strike Local-National Partnership 12:09:25
Dark Horse Looks Good In GOP Presidential Race 12:08:57
RP speech just over..was great 11:59:11
Calling all revolutionaries: join Freedom Force International 11:57:40
Personal Rant; Mitt Quit 11:56:47
Open GOP Convention... VOTE! 11:54:32
Pushing Forward the RP Agenda: 11:53:13
The Founding Fathers: Christians, Atheists, Agnostics or Deists? 11:53:10
humor? 11:51:45
FBI Deputizes Private Contractors With Extraordinary Powers, Including 'Shoot to Kill' 11:48:08
Come on RP Campaign staff fight with us not against us 11:43:35
If all else fails and Dr.Paul doesn't become Prez... 11:43:13
What Are The Best RP Videos To Send To Our New Romney Friends! 11:40:56
Stimulate the Economy 11:25:11
MARYLAND Ron Paul endorses GILCHREST?! WTFO! 11:24:56
RP on the rise at Free Republic 11:18:20
how our tax system works-- Great way to convert beer drinking liberals 11:14:30
Do you want to drive O'Reilly up the wall! 11:13:51
Storyboard for anti-McCain youtube video 11:13:27
Could Romney still be in it? 11:10:34
New Chuck Baldwin article - Good 11:09:03
McCain giving US Healthcare to MEXICO?? 11:02:21
Pat Buchanan on the John McCain Platform- Less Jobs More Wars 10:54:22
Question about BBC Images of McCain 10:53:23
Straight talk from Senator McCain: More wars to come 10:51:33
Now that Romneys out-GOP supports McCain for War & Judges! 10:44:55
My current favorite Ron Paul video 10:42:35
Perhaps the MSM oversold McCain. 10:40:08
Mama don't let your babies grow up to be "911 TRUTHERS" 10:36:35
Why the elections are a sham & the fight for Ron Paul MUST go forward! 10:36:30
Man Kills 5 Kirkwood, Mo City Council Members 10:28:50
John Stossel talking about Ron Paul on Bob Grant Show 10:20:42
Who is the man that introduced Ron Paul at CPAC convention? 10:10:34
McCain complicit in Liberty Ship bombing cover up - save dads reputation 10:08:18
SRN news 10:06:38
painting a different picture 10:01:22
What happens when Ron Paul's plan comes into fruition? 10:00:31
Donate to videos exposing McCain's Military aggression 09:58:57
Help with becoming delegate 09:54:04
Ohio Caucuses - March 4th - NEED HELP! 09:49:54
Becoming a delegate - Please help! 09:27:01
Virginia meetup - Have somebody appear at the huge Gun Show in Chantilly 09:16:59
Must Read !! L.A. Times... 09:15:32
The Real McCain 09:09:37
what if the hidden agenda behind Romney suspending is... 09:07:05
A letter to MSNBC and Keith Olbermann 09:03:39
NRA needs to wake up! 09:01:10
Fox News Whistle Blowers 08:52:22
TWO Great Articles about Dr. Ron Paul 08:42:16
Indiana meetup - Should we help Huckabee to get on the ballot? 08:40:11
Conservative vs Liberal...Too funny 08:33:55
open letter to GOP stalwarts re: Romney's exit 08:33:51
Store in New York Only Takes EURO 08:30:02
*** Dr. Pauls CPAC SPEECH HERE! OUTSTANDING!! *** 07:56:21
Should we include the TRUTH about McCain while CANVASSING for Dr. Ron Paul? 07:45:47
BUFFOON Game - Who's your pick? 07:43:18
* * SEE OTHER RP REPUBLICANS HERE * * * * 07:35:33
Calling All RP Supporters!!! 07:35:17
can McCain get the 51%? 07:00:25
Benefits of 3rd Party Run 06:35:09
california-election-fraud-video 06:33:46
McCains Racism 06:33:25
A COUPLE of WORDS people need to start using when talking with the media 06:24:31
Euros Accepted Now in NYC: This is big 06:19:57
What The Revolution Really Means 06:13:43
Idea for Republican National Convention! 05:58:55
After The RNC... 05:58:26
Texas 22nd and the Republican Party 05:55:31
The Democratic Primary in Washington is worthless, what is the best way to convince the Dems? 05:35:07
I just wanted everyone to see this again :) 05:25:28
A sign of an impending crack up boom????? 05:17:51
Monetary Policy 05:15:24
**Bush's Assault on Free Speech** 05:06:33
Please help digg Anti McCain site 05:02:49
I guess Huck does not know how to count either 04:46:42
For those who think Huck is any more sane 04:33:43
Why Mitt Quit... and why Huck didn't 04:29:30
Pro-gun community has two choices 04:24:51
Someone in Colorado District 3 please run against John Salazar 04:13:23
Drudge and Mccain 04:03:25
Youtube problem...................... 03:59:31
Help Save America from The Criminals! video 03:53:57
Could Ron Paul become the "Cinderella Man"? or even "Rocky" 03:50:31
The Romney Effect 03:49:12
Are you electable, Sir? 03:46:13
The Fall of McCain's rise to power given to the only man people can trust with support. 03:40:30
John McCain's Suicide Attempt & His Resulting PTSD 03:30:57
Something super Tuesday states missed. Don't make the same mistake. 03:25:37
McCain on comments about this week.Veterans Rant at VA Hospital, 2 for Ron Paul. 03:18:34
Can you? 03:17:39
National "Where is Ron Paul?" day!!! 03:14:29
If you haven't seen this yet, you need to... 03:14:06
TEXAS? 03:10:45
Here comes Bloomberg... 03:09:48
Rejecting National ID 03:05:53
The doctrine of interposition 03:04:29
Televisioin add to sway Romney suporters! 02:59:26
Imagine 02:59:17
Ron Paul's speech at CPAC -- transcript needed for Deaf supporters 02:53:33
Super Tuesday States Ron Paulers - What are you doing now? 02:39:34
Ron Paul for President of the Confederate States! 02:38:36
What are the main reasons people reject Ron Paul's platform? 02:32:48
Ron Paul Talking Widget!!! 02:22:54
Another purveyor of lies 02:18:33
Concerted effort so Mitt fans won't turn to Paul 02:11:51 - Pixar/Lucasfilm Artist Does Ron Paul!! 02:09:31
Just saw MSNBC do a biography on McInsane. Wonderful. 02:08:23
Dr. Paul speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2/7/08 02:06:28
An Open Letter of Condolences to Mitt Romney's supporters. 02:05:46
We Beat Romney Giuliani, Thompson and Edwards 01:57:27
War with Iran could be delayed 01:55:58
McCain on Liberty - from CPAC 2day. A glimpse of things to come? 01:53:56
Washington state caucus 01:53:23
CPAC Transcript of Speech Needed 01:46:01
If I had it to do over again..... 01:38:18
FOX News, Don Luskin, Dr.Paul 01:37:13
Romney ordered to drop out. By whom? 01:32:39
We need to act now before its too late 01:28:39
US aid for Russia linked to Iran's Nuclear power reactor 01:25:27
WE are a LOBBY 01:20:32
Ask Potential RP Supporters 01:19:57
Found this on 01:09:43
Add Glenn Beck to the list! 01:09:16
Local Media Bomb 01:01:30
McCain BOOED at CPAC **VIDEO LINK*** 00:57:22
Signs Of The Police Stae. 00:57:21
***Veterans Against McCain-EXCELLENT*** 00:55:03
Don't give up! Money for RP is money well spent! 00:54:46
When I had no money to feed my children 00:54:18
Congressman Paul Cosponsors "Combat Veterans Debt Elimination Act" 00:52:34
Hope Anthem~ *New Video 00:44:09
why would romney not officially DROP out of the campaign? 00:41:41
Ron Paul needs to team up with Huck to stop McCain 00:37:51
McCain is a traitor, the Vietnamese call him Songbird. 00:37:21
John Melloncamp 00:32:07
I would love to see a head-to-head debate between Dr. Paul and McCain 00:31:50
Is it true that RP never spoke at Cpac before? 00:31:27
Pro Life and the GOP 00:29:17
Calling All Romney Supporters - 00:29:16
Surprising enough the MSM is not reporting on this 00:27:53
ABC's John Stossel from 20/20 seems to love Ron Paul 00:27:21
Any Minnesota updates? 00:27:10
Where did McCain get his money from anyway? 00:25:54
Where did McCain get his money from anyway? 00:25:54
Travis Schooley 00:21:49
Things "Official" MUST do... 00:16:37
Legal question about my local ballot 00:16:19
What's happened to our country? A note for my fellow Paulites 00:09:12
Support Huck to stay alive to spread the RP message 00:08:35
Mitt Romney dropping out good for RP? NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS 00:06:32
regarding FORMER candidates... please read 00:00:31
Prop 93 Defeated in Cali, Term Limits Enforced! 00:00:00