Posted on February 9, 2008

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The Next Step for Us All (Updated) 12:55:29
Media is doing a great job of trying to destroy us, psychologically. 12:42:07
New Money Bomb site is up and running! 12:29:18
Ron Paul in Texas - Sunday February 10th 06:56:32
Louisiana Primary SATURDAY 2/9 04:48:08
GOP is catching on to the Revolution 00:27:23
Importance of Washington State 12:29:19
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Can you imagine the faces of the GOP when RP.... 23:57:35
Ron Paul speaks at Liberty University 02/08/2007 23:54:49
Obama's speech empty 23:52:20
can someone explain .... 23:50:02
HELP!! I have the True Way to get Huck Supporters voting Ron 23:46:35
CNN Corruption PROOF - STEVENS CO. 23:46:03
*What's Happening Here?* 23:43:37
I'm so depressed... 23:43:28
This Republic used to stand for something, something more than what it has become. We were that shining city on the hill, where 23:43:15 only reporting estimated delegates not actual, Official washington campaign Headquarters 23:43:02
Ron Paul Wins Spokane Wash 45% 23:39:48
Can Huck pledge his delegates to McInsane? 23:37:59
Candidates who drop out cannot just hand their delegates to the candidate of their choice, right? 23:37:55
Something Smells.... 23:34:44
Go Huck!!...hope he runs the board 23:32:31
Huckabee now in lead, we are about to catch McCain 23:28:32
37% precincts reporting Huckabee leading in Washington 23:28:16
Still a chance 23:28:13
U.S. Military Supports Anti-War Candidates Paul and Obama 23:28:03
Insane John McCain will lose at least 2 out of the 3 states today 23:27:18
Another way to get msm attention 23:20:12
Extra Slim Jims & Signs 23:17:47
Stuck at 16% - Does WA GOP not want to report numbers with Paul in the lead? 23:09:59
43rd District Win for Ron Paul 23:09:08
There is a Washington primary on Feb 19th: What is that all about? 23:08:51
Let's bomb ronpaul2008 with emails 23:08:18
The 16% CNN Reports From Washington is only Stephens Co! 23:07:13
Ignore "Ron Paul Wins all the Primaries" 23:05:07
Politico falsifying results to push bias against Paul 23:02:42
Louisiana .. CNN exit polls changing 23:02:38
Spokane vs. the rest of Washington State 22:58:58
We are in for heck of a fight, nearly everywhere is the enermy. 22:57:36
Trust Ron Paul's Judgment 22:55:38
ambassador Alan Keyes disses Ron Paul 22:51:46
Ron Paul Homecoming Radio Stream 22:47:03 RP Trails "OTHER" (As of 9:45EST) 22:45:13
Ron Paul is going to be president! 22:41:54
Size and scope of the federal government: What the founders had in mind 22:40:02
Washington State Results 22:37:16
McLame in Lead CNN 16 % reporting WTF??!?!? 22:34:41
Just Got Off The Phone With The People From The KHQ Site....... 22:32:04
CNN results - 0 for all counties apparently normal - edited 22:28:03
RedState Targeting Ron Paul’s Congressional Seat 22:26:45
Please Help out NE OHIO! 22:25:41
Official Results From Washington GOP 22:25:29
Looks like the big cities are coming in for Ron Paul in Washington 22:24:18 Showing RP losing WA 22:23:19
To the admin 22:23:07
CNN reporting Paul in 3rd in Washington 22:20:03
Who are the "other" with 29% in LA???? 22:18:41
This Candidate Doesn't Quit!! (From HQ Daily Blog) 22:16:26
How I got some supporters today. 22:15:20
Bandaids for congress 22:15:07
Someone please explain how does RP come in 2nd in the LA caucus and.... 22:12:38
portland news station in oregon did a report on vancouver washington... 22:10:42
Hillary mentions the Constitution: "It grows as our hearts do" 22:06:23
Hang On, Ron Paul NOT Winning Washington 22:06:07
Shenanigans in Washington! 22:05:19
*******PRESIDENT RON PAUL**************** 22:00:38
I feel so sorry for this boy,..THANKS hillary:-(( 22:00:01
Im mad as hell and Im not gonna take it anymore!! 21:58:47
Look at Louisiana Returns...See anything ODD?? 21:57:42
2020 Stossel interviews Ron Paul 21:55:40
I just called McCain's Headquarters! 21:55:23
speaking of campaign 21:55:01
Huckabee Says he is willing to take it to a brokered convention!! (CNN) 21:51:55
VOTE FRAUD 21:51:40
This battle is all about sending DELEGATES, DELEGATES & MORE DELEGATES to the RNC. 21:51:25 showing Paul with 0% in Lousiana, HUH? 21:50:22
★★★★★★RON PAUL WINNING IN SPOKANE WASHINGTON!★★★★★★★★ 21:47:19 21:46:13
If RP wins Washington I'm sending $800 to him 21:45:17 21:43:39
Where are eLIB3RTY and Aravoth when WE need them? 21:42:02
McCain was born in Panama - He cannot be President 21:36:22
Dear Ron Paul Revolution. Let's STOP being our own worst Enemy. 21:33:11
Ron Paul Was Winning Washington State!!! 21:31:51
The $10 Million Money Bomb 21:31:18 Front page, 21:29:20
Politico Reporting Washington State Now - Democrats Hillary is done 21:29:04
Now I got it,,, 21:18:32
RP and farm subsidies/foreign policy-a resource article 21:12:16
RP main Facebook group PROBLEM. 21:09:44
What would be nice is.... 21:09:07
ATTENTION - The Country is going nuts for Ron Paul 21:08:35
****Truth on McNUTS from VETERANS****** 21:07:21
Obama claiming voting irregularities in , , , 21:05:31
World's Smallest Political Quiz 20:54:41
Arizona Election Fraud 20:52:40
Make The Daily Paul Permanent 20:50:05
Ron Paul Radio! News and call in. 20:41:49
Remember, Remember... 20:41:06
Didn't we sent Ghuliani home? So should we do with mcinsane and huckapee 20:34:06
Petition 20:30:05
Bill Benson Case: Help stop this or the Gov. could shut us all up 20:24:59
Insurance Companies to Track Where You Drive and Park 20:22:00
We're witnessing the death of the republican and democratic parties... 20:19:25
HQ needs to have a press release and straighten this out 20:19:17
States that have been at bat need to double check, help next up-at-bat states 20:16:28
The fight is not over! 20:15:08
Fox news just put up ALERT-Paul will concentrate on Congressional Seat 20:14:58
Wow, I think that we have a much greater chance then we realize 20:13:58
MONEY BOMB!! Win the Texas 14th District! 20:13:34
Why Has Ron Paul All But Suspended His Campaign 20:09:48
Just how long has this treason been? 20:02:48
What is up with the blood shortage? 19:58:41
Letter to the editor of mine printed in several MD newspapers 19:57:52
must watch "Spirit of Liberty [Ron Paul 2008]" 19:56:43
Washington State Holla back!!! 19:56:04
Huckabee wins Kansas, Ron Paul gets 11% Can you say brokered convention 19:55:10
2 Things we MUST do. RP's latest letter is a DIRECTIVE, to us all. 19:53:32
China Steals 62 Billion a year and military secrets 19:50:06
We do not want McKill for president, we are American and we love our country 19:46:14
Who will donate today if Dr Paul wins Washington State Caucus? 19:44:06
"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl harbor!" 19:42:43
+ + People Watch Your Titles--You're Advertising Falsely..."RP out of Race" 19:36:14
bigmikedude 19:27:24
The Most Important Video On The Internet 19:26:07
New Website: 19:24:06
Media falsely claiming RP dropped---BECAUSE THEY HEARD IT HERE FIRST -SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTHS 19:23:14
ron paul: former congressman 19:19:27
Let's OFFICIALLY become a MOVEMENT and organize! 19:17:15
Impeachment? 19:13:29 has a post wrongly stating that Ron Paul has quit the race. 19:10:31
Business Owners+FBI+Martial Law 19:10:12
Moderators. Please make a sticky thread about Delegates, Training, and Brokered Convention 19:08:06
If you have any doubts, then please leave 19:00:09
Huckabee wins Kansas and takes all 36 delegates 18:58:51
Should the Daily Paul hold a conference call to focus directly on ways to get delegates to the convention? 18:58:16
CPAC 2008 RESULTS!!!!!!! 18:54:12
McCain's kissing Romney's a$$ now. 18:48:55
There are more contests in this election than there are STATES! 18:47:43
Im a delegate. YEA 18:46:46
Free delegates? 18:46:44
Check this out !!!!!!! 18:42:42
Rick Perry Gov of Texas asks Huckabee to Drop Out 18:38:18
Is wikipedia our friend? 18:36:22
No matter how serious, far fetched or funny, give up your scenarios for a Ron Paul Republican nomination 18:35:42
Alex Jones' Infowar/PrisonPlanet Crew's Perspective on RP's latest Letter. 18:34:24
This Candidate Doesn’t Quit 18:32:33
The Philosophy Of Liberty 18:27:46
New misinformation article 18:27:19
Front lines: Washington caucus report. 18:25:16
Ron Comes in Third in Kansas! 18:23:29
Vote fraud. Stay alert when you vote! 18:21:13
Loophole with Romney delegates! It could still be ours. MUST READ! DONT LET THIS GET BURRIED 18:17:03
How many votes in each state?? Any help in here??? 18:15:12
New Mass Movement - Give away copies of Freedom to Fascism 18:14:24
FBI spawns 'shoot-to-kill' citizens 18:13:15
Fox News Station Rally!! 18:12:25
Run for Congress under the GOOOH Party? 18:07:37
CNN said Mitt won CPAC straw poll 18:07:32
ITS NOT OVER! 18:03:47
The Fight Goes On we must Take out the Media!!!! 18:03:40
Louisana Primary today - News from the ground? 18:00:10
The Great Crux 17:58:19
MONEY FOLKS Campaign needs it. 17:54:18
Set Up Delegates in the States that Romney won!!! 17:52:22
"Spot the Differences" ad campaign up and running! 17:51:44
Urban warfare training...against who? 17:48:05
I think the REVOLUTION should overthrow the GOP!! 17:45:42
Washington Caucus Live Stream 17:42:23
I really wish you people would see the light and get in the delegate process. 17:42:10
I have a question... 17:40:28
Don't flag my posts as spam I'm not for huck. 17:29:55
Our Patriotism could get us in Big Trouble! Must See!!!! 17:29:51
Ron Paul at 11% in Kansas!! 17:29:04
We're Back in Business!! Rally the Troops!! 17:29:01
RP Consistent Headliner on.. Iranian news? 17:28:25
Defending Liberty at any cost? 17:24:21
Should the Daily Paul organize into teams to seek specific blocks of voters like Veterans, Romneyites, NRAs, etc. 17:20:35
7 People needed to flag tthe post "Read: Vote for Huckabee!!!" then flag this one 17:19:25
Today was my best day canvassing ever 17:19:10
Im so happy Huck Is beating Mccain!!! 17:17:57
Make Ron Paul's Book #1 on Amazon! It's at #84 now!!! *** 17:13:14
McCain stopped in KS! 17:12:10
Iranian oil bourse info might be deleted from wikipedia 17:11:17
The Great Irony and Hope 17:11:15
Positive true posts or no posts at all! 17:05:31
Thompson Endorsed McStain Today ... 16:57:04
Romney supporters were cheering Ron Paul at CPAC 16:50:02
How To Wake Up The Mainstream 16:48:35
++ Get THIS OUT TO ALL YOUR LISTS + + Urgent 16:38:11
Flood the Delegate Pipeline!!!! This is our #1 Priority. 16:34:23
scotty t 16:33:22 Do it now!!!Great site!!!! 16:29:03
John McCain can not win the general election, and Republicans know it. 16:28:23
Time for the comeback! 16:22:33
Huckabee is spanking McCain in Kansas. BROKERED CONVENTION 16:17:30
Ohio ads for RP 16:17:14
John McCain Can't Win Conservatives 16:15:53
A few thoughts on the R3voloution: Feedback please. 16:15:24
Chris Peden letter running against Ron Paul for Texas Congressman 16:15:19
How many delegates to have an impact at the convention 16:08:45
11:46 AM CT UPDATE - $301,426. - goal is $400,000-HOUSE SEAT MONEY BOMB * * 15:57:26
189 for Texas ......Please help! 15:52:43
Why be out of hope when we have a BROKERED convention at the doorstep? 15:52:38
* * WHAT HAS RP DONE IN CONGRESS-read and see* * ??? 15:50:56
Why I won't give up 15:47:31
My Pistols Are On Fire! 15:45:39
Ron Paul Motor Cycle Patch wanted 15:43:07
Can Always Write-In RP in November - Not Over By a Long Shot 15:42:01
Ron Paul is a biker too.... 15:39:15
Paul Congress 15:38:30
Our Enemy's Enemy is our friend...? (Ann Coulter) 15:36:55
Libertarians want Ron Paul back 15:34:24
126 Delegates at Stake in Washington, Louisiana & Kansas Today 15:33:31
NO MORE BUMPS! 15:28:21
Please google Jason Hommel California election Fraud!! 15:22:35
Is Ron Paul's Plan In His New Book? 15:21:23
Pattons Speech 15:20:56
Why Ron Paul's letter is straight out of Sun Tzu's Art of War. (We can still win the nomination!) 15:17:49
Beyond November??? 15:14:21
An Idea On Winning Precincts 15:14:17
Lew Rockwell Says It All... 15:10:44
President's Day Money Bomb Site is Up!! 15:07:42
Vote Libertarian in 2008 15:07:25
What Happens When You Wear Your Ron Paul Gear? 15:04:26
Celebrity Endorsements! 15:03:20
Saint Paul 14:59:45
A Visitor From The Past (Video) Must see! 14:57:57
We CAN win media over, but we need an innocent little trick... 14:57:21
Google Jason Hommel silver stock report!! 14:56:48
Ron Pauls Congressional seat is.... 14:52:37
If maxed out for Ron Paul's Presidential campaign, can I still donate the maximum amount to his Congressional Campaign. 14:49:10
2 is better than one. Where is Rand where is RP's VP 14:38:45
Ron Paul Is Right, As Usual 14:34:06
Canvass 14:33:31
For those who are ready to give Mr. McStilts and Huckabee a fight 14:30:37
We're ready now!!! 14:27:55
Why RP won't run with a third party. 14:27:01
It aint over till we say its over !!! 14:26:48
Hang in there :) 14:20:45
Sue the Media! 14:16:48
BIG..! BIG..!!! 14:11:42
Keep it Methodical folks 14:09:17
Ron Paul supporters trying to organize, anyone want to lead. 14:09:02
The next step is to become delegates....THIS IS NOT OVER!!!! 14:08:54
Lets send a message to Ron: 14:08:13
Showdown at high noon in Washington 13:58:25
★Hope Anthem★ Video! NEW! 13:58:05
Ron Paul's Message today: 13:55:37
It is TIME to FIGHT Fire with FIRE! 13:54:28
Are we constantly showing the other teams the play book? 13:54:07
Attention RP Fundraisers-Now or Never 13:53:57
Talk Radio Fails Conservatives 13:52:57
Yelling doesn't make it TRUE! 13:44:31
The Media just jumped on This... 13:42:05
We'll get a Brokered Convention; Anti McCain=Huckabee!!! 13:36:43
All is not as it seems-- Look at these numbers 13:34:20
The UN is now telling us what to do here in the US. Get ready folks here it comes.... 13:30:56
the coming tax rebate that isn't please read this VERY IMPORTANT will boost Ron Paul 13:28:59
Ron Paul not even on the ballot ??? 13:28:22
Wait a second, could this letter be out there to outfox Fox? 13:27:34
two words: manchurian delegates. 13:22:54
URGENT news regarding that so-called rebate!!!! 13:21:54
CPAC Strawpoll today 4:30, extremely important who wins! 13:21:44
Screw all the money bombs - DONATE NOW...TODAY...SEND A MESSAGE 13:15:53
Please read this... very interesting.. where Does Paul fit in? 13:11:52
Ron Paul Revolution "BACK" on the ATTACK! 13:11:21
The Impact Dr. Paul Is Having 13:10:29
It's A "God Job" 13:10:08
McCain may not get his needed 1191 delegates, Just Reported by MSM 13:07:28
GREAT NEWS FLASH, please read 13:04:36
The Anti McCain's will lift Huckabee. =Brokered Convention 13:02:52
A way for us to take over the newspapers 13:00:05
Here Come The Sharks 12:59:20
INFO BOMB !! Expose the dirt on MSM Websites ! 12:58:53
It's time to organize for the Libertarian Party 12:58:34
NEWS FLASH, must read! 12:57:09
+++++++++INFILTRATE McCain's RALLIES 12:54:09
Ron Paul Revolution "BACK" on the ATTACK!!! 12:46:36
Almost halfway to the goal 12:45:37
Respect for Ron Paul is crucial now! GET TO WORK! 12:43:21
Briefly: some things to consider 12:40:03
ok.ok. For all you 3rd party people 12:39:59
To boost economy, Americans want out of Iraq 12:39:45
>>>I just donated $25 fiat dollars! Anyone care to match me?<<< 12:36:09
Ron Paul said what he meant. He does not need your spin!! 12:35:25
Laying the foundation for the future. 12:34:05
Failure is not an option 12:32:34
Tell me NH isn't cool! 12:32:09
Ron Paul pivots to his reelection-article 12:31:30
Open Your Eyes, People! 12:30:16
Victory Is Ours 12:29:03
Stop Troll Hunting. It's Collectivist and Anti-Paul. 12:28:43
Time to sit back & watch round three... 12:27:51
April 15th - Global Strike Day - Restore The Republic 12:27:21
No longer a fan club...this is war! 12:25:39
It's IMPOSSIBLE FOR PAUL TO WIN the nomination, is it not? 12:12:32
How we doing in Kansas? 11:56:22
Why a Third-Party Candidacy Makes Sense for Ron Paul 11:48:04
"You have cured my Skepticism" 11:41:28
What We Need To Do 11:40:33
Apparently Forbes get it but not the dailyPaulusers!???? 11:38:30
Lamenting the summer --- any other DP-oldies doing the same? 11:37:59
Forget the constitution party, lets create the AMERICAN PARTY!!! 11:36:33
Alert! Alert! let's focus our power on Destroying McCain.. 11:33:53
The Neo Cons want to rub Paul out.... 11:33:53
I BELIEVE 11:33:47
All we need for a brokered convention is to keep McCain inder 42% 11:33:08
If you are one of those who give up once things get complicated. than this is not you battle! 11:26:06
We must select more Ron Pauls for each govt seat/position! 11:24:38
Reading list 11:18:50
Joseph Farah's mother voted for Ron Paul 11:18:12
You want to save Ron Paul's chances? 11:17:40
It seems that some of the Revolution's worst enemies... 11:15:10
DO YOU HATE NEGATIVE PEOPLE??????????????? 11:14:05
Is this what McCain calls winning? 11:12:30
RON PAUL-WILL FIGHT TO THE END-HE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:59:10
Latest RP Letter: A Layman's Translation 10:54:54
MUST READ 10:54:18
Facing Reality: The Revolution's Future 10:53:59
Has McCain Clinched It? 10:45:19
Congressional seat logic is flawed. 10:45:01
Response to Email from HQ 10:44:03
We're still in the fight! RonPaulRadio and RP Congress need funds! 10:42:32
Kill the doubt. Only steely resolve with a silent forward force. 10:41:33
CHEER UP!!! 10:32:12
We Can Have Our Cake And Eat It Too. 10:27:37
The establishment is playing chess.....why Romney "bowed" out 10:27:29
Ron Paul at 10% in Maryland and 9% in Virginia 10:26:16
83 Year Old Momma Gets It 10:19:36
Bush to RP: 'Well, you ran one hell of a race!' " 10:19:31
Results of CPAC Straw Poll to be Released this Afternoon 10:12:03
Keep fighting and stop accusing people of being "trolls." Just stop it, stop it, stop it 10:09:06
What's a "Troll"? 10:08:11
Once more into the breach dear friends: Kansas Caucus Today! (YouTube) 10:08:11
LET'S WIN WASHINGTON STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:07:30
california-election-fraud-video 10:03:53
Berkeley is at it again! 09:52:05
Super Tuesday results 09:49:49
Last nights letter was for Romney supporters... 09:49:04
DONATE to both sites 09:48:37
McCain's Silver Bullet: Please Forward 09:47:21
That was no concession letter, read it again 09:45:17
McCain & Obama to Improve Health Care - In MEXICO !! 09:43:43
Please donate to Dr. Paul's campaign to congress 09:41:24
I think Ron is wrong about the brokered convention 09:39:23
Forget Ron's e-mail, let's draft him 09:23:33
YOU are being tested 09:17:22
China Steals 62 Billion a year and military secrets 09:15:04
Message from a Paulite in FINLAND 09:13:46
Romney loses unpledged support-McCain needs 477 Pop Votes to WIN ROUND 2 - We can take those votes! Time to get back to work! 09:10:39
It Aint About How Hard You Hit!!! 09:01:28
The True American 09:00:02
What Romney & Rudy's Bailing Means 08:48:15
Prove President Paul wrong 08:31:08
Why many people aren't voting for Ron Paul! 08:29:31
What does Al Queda Think of Ground Zero? 08:25:56
Americans should march on DC against Corp and Gov Corruption: 08:14:59
Dr. Paul Speech at Liberty University 07:53:39
We need AOL Poll Link at Top of DP Front Page 07:44:07
Final E-Mail Plea for Ron Paul Votes (in Louisiana, use if you wish) 07:40:56
Iraq the second Vietnam... Start calling it this, get the media to call it this. 07:36:26
***This Is Big, McCain Wants Health Care For WHO????? 07:27:45
Ron Paul NOT throwing in the towel! 07:25:44
How to WIN? 06:52:36
The "long haul" 06:34:35
Scientists Upset Al Gore'S Plans 06:20:58
****McCains Amensty Bill, Heathcare to Whom????? 06:18:33
What became of the RED HOT "Money Bombs"? 06:11:48
Remnant 05:59:25
Who cares about Trolls when the True Believers can't cough up Ten Bucks 05:50:24
Just donated $101 05:49:29
Ron's letter 2/8 is fuel to the campaign, read why... 05:41:27
John McCain, the GOP and the Tyranny of the Majority 05:40:36
To Christians who want Ron Paul to win 05:39:37
The Meaning of CPAC and the Fall of John McCain 05:27:01
Fresh Graphic - Ron Paul Still Standing 05:25:59
27 More Primaries/Caucus Conventions--Pay attention!! 05:20:51
79 Users & 171 Guests @ $10 EACH: 05:20:27
Creed of Freedom. Ideals of the founders. *videos and link* 05:16:47
Ray of Light from Dr. Paul 05:06:51
Personal Ad 05:04:38
Let's pull a Rosa Parks 04:59:19
2/9 PRIMARIES 04:54:46
One Problem I Have Noticed, too many websites for Ron Paul we're too spread out read now please 04:50:27
Prayer Bomb 04:47:43
Louisiana Primary SATURDAY 2/9 04:47:07
Should U.S. Constitution Money Bomb Be Switched to Congressional Race? 04:45:40
Ron Paul should NOT run third party, BUT... 04:43:26
One problem I have noticed 04:38:12
Trolls swarm over dailypaul with defeatism - BUMP IF YOU NOTICED! 04:24:40
Ya know... 04:22:45
★Donate!★Donate!★Donate!★ If you're so concerned! 04:09:47
He realized that with so many on here calling for a third..... 04:06:05 Donate 10 bucks!! 03:55:26
Hey, cool. According to State Department, McCain not natural born Citizen 03:54:20
★★★★★★Dr. Paul's letter is legit. It's posted on the campaign site. 03:53:51
Quote from Ron Paul! 03:50:05
What happened to the topic about Liberty University - it's gone! 03:48:54
Paul to Supporters, I'm a Republican! 03:48:07
To all you hyper-thespians !! 03:47:03
when the people realize they have the power,they will win 03:46:34
Dr. Ron Paul A Hero! Get Positive 03:46:30
This Campaign is Just the BEGINNING 03:45:23
Ron needs us now more than ever! 03:41:08
Read this for a boost 03:37:32
I feel like I've been punched in the gut 03:33:17
Aren't we all glad 03:23:57
+ Why Do Bad Topics Stay On Top - While Ones With Meaningful Info. and Action Fall Off Page? + 03:23:43
Its not just about Dr. Paul (Read) 03:18:05
Ron Paul On Coast to Coast AM 03:16:49
Is Ron's letter authentic???? 03:15:49
From His Website Read It Before You Quit Nothing Has Changed 03:14:53
Create a Freedom Network for your state!!! KEEP THE PRESSURE ON!!! 03:06:43
Dont blame Ron Paul, blame America 03:06:34
Took *tajitj* up on his offer and called...He is a soldier that served in Iraq 03:04:51
Why are you complaining, when you asked? 03:02:26
Quick Patriot Head-Count 03:02:25
New Hampshire? Hawaii? Maine? 03:02:06
Who Can SET up A Money Bomb for Ron's Congressional Seat?? 02:59:50
Ron Paul Won't Pay Us and Walk Away! 02:59:16
Bill O'Reilly Loses His Mind (Again) Attacking Robert Greenwald ... and Some Homeless Vets 02:51:02
Ron Paul's Revolutionaries 02:48:53
Poor explaination for Iran internet outage. 02:44:59
* * Traitors Must Leave Daily Paul and RP's campaign --DATA* * 02:42:35
Freedom isn't free, and never will be! 02:42:24
Black and White 02:37:41
Ron's letter 02:37:37
To boost economy, Americans want out of Iraq 02:37:02
Your Input on exchanging my cash for Euros 02:36:39
Media Smeares Paul, Ignores McCain 02:33:16
I already forgot about Super Tuesday 02:28:37
So, before all the chaos - I had a question: 02:26:07
Ron Paul, for the love of God, go third party!!!! 02:09:14
Ron Paul Has ALWAYS Been Wrong ! 02:07:57
4th of July 02:04:57
Romney will be back - the old Coke vs new Coke marketing ploy UPDATE 02:04:27
The Ron Paul message is spreading --- report from Liberty University 01:57:03
Strategy for a brokered convention 01:52:17
St. Paul in St. Paul! 01:51:39
I say we meet with Little Juan Mcshame and Make him Have Ron as Vp 01:49:54
What is the PROBLEM?! 01:48:15
This is why Ron Paul AND NASCAR together will WORK 01:47:14
Dr. P said that this was our revolution 01:44:35
Kansas and Washington Caucus Goers Forum 01:41:55
What Ron Paul said...... 01:39:43
I still want to be a part of a march on DC 01:38:51
* *BATTLE ON 2 FRONTS- BOTH TX and pres. primaries - RUN MARCH 4 --The R3volution is at stake * * 01:34:01
Ron Paul Rebate: sign the Pledge 01:32:54
#### radio show about Ron Paul #### 01:27:10
* 01:25:23
Let's Work to Get Ron Paul Republicans Elected!Start a NATIONAL Coalition! 01:23:23
campaign 01:23:03
We are a Team of ONE 01:17:51
We need RP more than ever! It's goin down 01:08:29
* * MA LARGEST COLLEGIATE PAPER--writes on RP--most responses ever * * 01:07:04
This is Daily Paul not Daily Paul Quitters 01:04:59
OK. Riddle me this, why can't he win? 01:04:47
ROMNEY FOR VP... 01:03:35
MSN Front Page News: Poll: Iraq pullout favored to fix economy 01:02:08
Congressman Wexler questions Mukasey on Impeachment and Contempt 00:54:34
McIsane wants to give healthcare to Mexicans 00:54:08
I Feel Like Ron Paul Just Broke Up With Me 00:53:36
DC v. Heller: Ron Paul Scolds the DOJ 00:51:10
***If your state has ALREADY voted in the Primaries/Caucuses... 00:49:24
When are strong, act weak. When you are weak, act strong. Who said that? 00:45:46
Fox in Austin paying attention to Ron Paul 00:45:15
The Glenwood Post Poll 00:43:20
Denmark-based SAXO BANK - Ron Paul for President? 00:42:55
CHRIS PEDEN attack ad 00:41:20
Money bomb for Ron Paul congressional Seat 00:40:55
Great Article on Dr. Paul 00:39:04
Ron Paul at his best....must see video....let Ron school you!! 00:38:17
Letter from Ron. 00:37:55
OK Everybody had a chance to catch their breath? 00:32:11
Operation Fox News [is] NUTS 00:22:47
--- Did HQ really "fight the good fight"? --- 00:21:13