Posted on March 1, 2008

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Weekend Watching: Maxed Out 01:27:15
Amusing Ourselves to Death 01:07:52
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Went to the gold store today 23:41:05
Safety deposit boxes and HS 23:27:38
Gold or silver? 23:14:54
Urgent!! Nebraska: Deadline is Monday 3/3 to file as precinct delegate. 22:53:18
Ron Paul on SNL? 22:39:38
Devvy Kidd: March F/U posted 3/1/08 22:37:09
Energy price inflation takes out indie truckers 22:08:15
Ralph Nader loves John McCain 21:53:32
Wouldn't it be amazing to have Ron Paul Revolution tattoos? 21:47:02
********URGENT***** Truth about FEDERAL RESERVE - oil - GOLD?????? 21:42:28
great song about our political issues 21:32:36
Did anyone hear Rush Limbaugh telling Republicans to Vote for Hillary in Ohio and Texas? 21:29:56
Be Happy. When Paul loses. 21:28:11
Have you seen this? What do you think? 21:21:08
Palestinian Conflict. 21:08:13
How nice of them..... 20:23:47
Want to voice your concern to private sector leaders? 20:13:00
Ohio Call For Paul Just Ran Out of Cash A Few Minutes Ago - Please Donate TODAY 19:43:27
CNN Money: Williams Admits Great Depression Coming 19:41:25
A good day in Douglas County Colorado for Ron Paul 19:30:26
What is Oprah up to??? Scary stuff, folks!! 19:12:56
Help, please! Donor site? 18:55:15
McCain and Hagee 18:51:13
Local doctor may follow dad into practice of politics 18:47:44
Another good audio file 18:43:40
Soldiers asked about Iraq... 18:22:58
Internet Rulers Screwing With The Revolution! Shuts Down Sabrin / Lew Rockwell! 18:02:31
A Little PharmaFun...Mother's Act 17:53:02
what does CPAC2008 say about consevative foriegn policy 17:31:43
How many people would like to see "Ron Paul: the Movie"? 17:25:15
Democrat Controlled Private Equity Firm shuts down Murry Sabrin Website!- But it's back up now! 16:45:33
Curious Idea about stimulus package 16:34:13
Eustace Mullins 16:32:33
The Mormon Prophecy 16:15:21
Have you guys noticed all the stories about shootings lately? 16:00:27
Breaking the Matrix (obliterating MSM arrogance) 15:44:03
Nebraska Delegates 14:48:51
What if the U.S. has no oil? 14:46:45
One question, please 14:15:11
Some interesting aspects for the freedom movement. . . 13:55:50
Obama can't wait to run against McCain 13:47:12
Will homeowners walk away? 13:30:54
NEW Article About Ron Paul GREAT!!!! DIGG 13:21:29
Hologram of Liberty:How Much Socialism Is Right for America? 13:07:09
--Hey Pct. Leaders... 12:51:26
Why Vote for "LESSER OF 2 EVILS" When You have RON PAUL 12:22:01
once again a nice welcome to newest troll....betterhalf 12:17:28
Repost- Canadian TV on Police infiltrators at SPP protest 12:00:14
Article questions if media is being fair with democrat cadidiates 11:34:57
Who is buying the gold? 11:10:12
War at Any Cost? by RonPaul on and Digg 10:47:19
It is the economy, stupid! 10:47:17
Those who have primaries coming up... 10:36:42
Agenda for the North American Summit 09:58:06
:To insure a peaceful march: 09:55:25
Good news from texas 09:48:52
Gordon Brown- NWO speech 09:39:37
Post everywhere! Go Viral! Expose the FED! 09:34:42
MONEY AS DEBT 09:19:02
next to free decals for your car 09:10:59
Great website with campaign finance Stats 08:58:41
Mike Gravel Pay attention voters 07:32:05
Terrorist Watchlist Database Balloons 06:50:35
April 15th Great American Strike Plans 06:49:31
Civil Disobedience 06:31:30
MSNBC article on McCain's citizenship 05:33:12
%%%%Will you SURRENDER???%%%%% 04:49:29
Where's Roger Garrison's rebuttal? 03:46:08
Carry On My Wayward Son 02:48:28
Why I Don't Support The Ron Paul Freedom March 02:26:34
March on Washington alternate idea! 02:24:52
Mukasey Shuts Down Probe of Bush Aides 02:06:51
My friends, I was endorsed by an extremist... 01:34:31
Please explain increased $$ supply from rate cuts 01:26:52
Money bomb for Murray Sabrin today 01:25:20
Once the people see there is no redress possible then what? 00:41:09
McCain calls himself a liberal republican...what a loser 00:36:55
Breaking the matrix - buy infomercial ad time(??) 00:25:38
When Paul Supporters Attack 00:00:51