Posted on March 12, 2008

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CNBC Jim Rogers: 'Abolish the Fed' 14:34:23
It was 40 years ago today ... Chicago 10 12:34:11
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Indiana -- Shawn Olson For Representative District 4 23:58:22
Ron's Back in the House! "Our Empire is Coming Down!" 23:46:36
So why couldn't all debt just be written Off? 23:34:25
Maybe some paths to victory are only for faithful souls who never give up?! 23:33:53
The Fall of the American Consumer 23:04:44
Ron Paul Article by Alan Stang 23:02:49
Problems with Connection 22:52:38
This economy is unwinding and we are watching history unfold 22:51:55
Is the R3VOLUTION behind this? 22:36:07
Join Huccabee Meet-up groups, and tell them about Ron Paul 22:23:37
Nye county convention. 22:19:09
Hans is MAD as HELL!!!!! 22:02:31
Unaired Ron Paul Ad 21:51:23
I can't believe the U.N. wrote this, but it's on the money 21:42:34
All You Should Know For The Presidential Election D|IGG 21:38:49
WE GOT A FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! 21:18:30
Ron Paul: Federal Reserve's $200 Billion Injection 20:58:09
MN GOP Rejects Ron Paul Republicans 20:55:31
Washington State Ballot Access Reform Bill Dies 20:54:17
Dr. Paul needs to do nothing. He simply needs to stand by. If anything happens, it will happen because of you. 20:27:11
Ron Paul: Federal Reserve's $200 Billion Injection 20:12:33
Ron Paul: Federal Reserve's $200 Billion Injection 20:12:24
Cyber Storm II 20:09:46
Tomorrow the economy is really going to crash. 19:59:36
Ron Paul: Federal Reserve's $200 Billion Injection 19:47:26
We Are Change UK: 9/11 Questioned in European Parliament 19:39:12
Dr. Paul needs to do nothing. He simply needs to stand by. If anything happens, it will happen because of you. 19:17:03
7 Insane Conspiracies That Actually Happened 18:44:26
Ron Paul the ONLY Republican in Texas to vote against TORTURE 18:22:30
Resist in March/Support the Peace Movement 18:18:29
Anti MaCain website bt the AFL-CIO 18:10:51
Everyone needs to check out this Anti-McCain site! 18:07:42
Why does the air force want to be linked to nazism? 17:53:40
April 15th, 2008 Massive Protest Day: "Abolish Fed & IRS" 17:14:36
Anybody else having more than normal problems getting on to this site 15:42:29
Americans have been turned into slaves 14:54:02
CA Voter Registration Incomplete Notices 14:40:52
Fed Actions Create Federal Default Threat 14:24:57
Good comparison between Iraq and Vietnam 13:06:04
Call restaurants - tell them to stop showing Fox News 13:03:29
Check this. ANTI Bush PRO RON PAUL car 12:58:13
Delegate Training Tonight! 12:47:31
A Must Read Article by Alan Stang 12:46:50
Getting Ron Paul's Healthcare Solutions Before the Public 12:15:32
Republican Party Begging for Money 12:08:12 -- No, John you can't be President... 11:59:28
Spitzer: From the frying pan 11:55:30
Central Banking Thoughts and Feedback 11:43:30
Don't quit now. Volunteer to assist at the Convention 11:40:02
digg labs/ big spy 11:36:34
Yet ANOTHER Paper Ignoring Dr. Paul's Candidacy 11:31:35
Why the gold standard? 11:09:52
GOA's take on McCain...more good 'ammo' against this phony... 10:31:55
Time to ask the Amish for help 10:25:58
How credible are the "hard delegate" and "soft delegate" counts that estimates? 08:52:42
Is this a threat? Texas RPR be aware 08:51:45
Encouragement with a little sarcasm for flavor... 08:25:16
No, Ron Paul has Not Dropped Out! 07:34:42
Connections for Real Food and Nutrition 07:15:19
The Fed Invents a NEW TRICK, by Michael Nystrom 07:15:13
What next for the Ron Paul revolution? 07:06:01
Why does Neil Cavuto look so sad? Ron Paul is still in the Race! 06:34:40
You Night Owls ~ turn on Coast to Coast 05:28:16
The internet is going nuts with this Fallon thing. 05:24:57
Dr Paul on Cavuto 04:58:08
The Eminent Domain Battle 04:34:21
McCain Fortune Traced to Organized Crime 04:25:42
Damn Europeans being picky. Shut the f up. 04:09:18
VAC lyrics 04:05:42
CNN Mississippi Primary Results 04:03:53
Not in Our Name National Project Comes to an End 03:44:03
Not in Our Name National Project Comes to an End 03:43:32
Not in Our Name National Project Comes to an End 03:42:13
BREAKING! Panamanchurian Lawsuit Filed! 3-11-08 02:50:30
Please help California's Homeschoolers 02:10:56
Great report from one of our Nevada delegates 02:09:52
Tax Day '08 - Take Your Post For Freedom! **Keep this Bumped** 01:45:51
The top U.S. military commander for the Middle East resigned Tuesday amid speculation about a rift over U.S. policy in Iran. 01:37:54
Winter Soldier 3/13-3/16: Iraq Veterans Against the War 01:29:08
Fed Actions are Creating Federal Default Risk 01:27:26
Help in the AOL STRAW POLL!!! 01:22:01
Just filed for Precinct Commiteeman tonight... 01:14:26
My friend is home from the Marines and he showed me his military ID card. It is already chipped 00:44:01
is the Bilderberg Group trying to infiltrate the NRA? 00:32:52
Ron Paul Seven Days of and DIGG 00:26:29
Steve Tucker served a 10-year prison sentence for selling light bulbs. Is America's drug war worth it? 00:19:05
This is so moving I cried! God I love you Ron and you supporters! 00:11:02
DELEGATES 00:05:17