Posted on March 13, 2008

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Ron Paul Speaks! (KEEP THIS BUMPED) 14:48:23
More Lessons from 40 Years Ago 13:11:38
The Lesson of Eliot Spitzer 00:49:46
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The Storm is Coming 23:55:16
Writing's from the rEVOLution March 11/18 08 DIGG in 23:35:41
Women Rule? 23:25:15
Any news about Alaska or any other Convention? 23:25:07
There was an article the other day that said there was chatter with the terrorists that makes them think they are going to 23:23:05
Got this email on gas prices 23:20:58
New 3D animated Ron Paul spot!! 23:19:19
"Carbon Tax" in progress... Will they tax air next? 23:12:08
Ron Paul on Fox Business Today March 13th 23:11:00
Things are happening...Check this out 22:56:05
Operation "Restituo Res Publica" Physical Actions That Produce Results 22:53:01
Seven Day's of Glory DIGG FEST to a 100 tonight! 22:52:55
Taking Back Our Freedoms" Rally" April 15,2008 MASS RALLY IN DC 22:44:27
Wouldn't this spice up the elections - Bush to resign? 22:39:01
Anti-Trust and Monopoly (with Ron Paul) 22:24:49
The Chair just said... Is this normal CSPAN 10:30PM EST 22:06:02
Ron Paul "The High Tide" Promo - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 22:01:02
OFF TOPIC!!! 60 Ways To Keep Your Wife's Love, and the romance alive! 21:46:51
Call In Radio 21:38:08
So why is this Fisa Bill So Terrible? 21:35:13
Ron Paul video nominated for YouTube award... Go Vote! 21:20:00
The Censorship of Ron Paul 20:59:44
Two Weeks Away From A Revolution? 20:57:38
RonPaul an Honest politician 20:56:25
Ron Paul Vs. Condi Rice 20:51:58
Ron Paul " Our Nation is Coming Down" 20:44:13
Thank you! I love you guys! 20:41:13
Ron Paul Rocket man video DIGG here 20:40:45
Ron Paul : Surrender Should Not Be An Option 20:34:28
Sick of the federal reserve. Trying to rise awareness. 20:33:47
If There Is A "Ron Paul Fund Manager"...This Guy Would Probably Be It! 20:25:47
Ron Paul's My Space surrpasses 60,00 above and beyond the rest 20:24:32
(YouTube) Ron Paul : Tough Medicine - On Fox Business 20:15:30
Support RP's HR1146 End US involvement in the Un-American United Nations 20:15:28
03/13, Ron Paul: What the price of gold is telling us 20:13:39
Want to spread DR, Paul's message to 23 million people? 20:03:38
The War and the Working Class 19:56:38
The Wages of Peace 19:51:48
Presidential Preference Polls 19:28:43
TUCKER: Last show tomorrow 19:21:00
Anyone Hear of Obama's Legislation? 18:42:14
Ron Paul Video Nominated for Award - VOTE - 18:19:52
New Ron Paul Campaign Poster: RETURN OF AMERICA 18:18:38
BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!! 18:17:15
Murray Sabrin is a real deal 18:09:56
CSPAN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 18:07:27
VIDEO: Ron Paul warns of Worldwide Economic Collapse -3/12/08 17:53:37
It's Here! Beyond A Reasonable Doubt, 71% Say.... 17:52:50
Your chuckle for the day 17:38:44
Ron Paul the AAAA best congressman in the last 100 years 17:30:53
***Go to the Convention*** 17:30:05
John Gibson Canned (remembering) 17:16:39
Measure of Popularity 17:15:24
This is rich... 17:14:33
Anyone have Answers/Rebuttals? 17:02:54
THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!! 16:38:00
Ron Paul just on FOX Business News: "Still a candidate!" 16:32:47
Is Ron Paul Anti Central Bank or 16:30:36
So, if I don't get a Real ID 16:25:59
Help, What does this mean? Mortgage companies may have to Nationalize. 16:24:29
Are you going to keep bending over? 16:20:21
Are you going to keep bending over? 16:19:45
Hotels Booking Fast For Convention .. hold now 16:18:11
Babies born in DU environment 15:57:27
McCain to restore FL and MI delegations? 15:46:34
DIGG here.. Ron Paul is right gold trades @ 1000 an ounce 15:31:18
Want to see my out of the box thinking attempt? 15:28:42
SGP aka : Dr. Steve Parent has been asked to be a guest speaker on 15:25:38
Illustrating the Intellect of The Average Voter 15:23:42
DIGG here. Ron Paul warns of economic collapse 15:22:17
U-Tube Censors 15:09:53
aol poll 15:07:48
by any means necessary 15:04:28
**Ron Paul inspires me and still provides hope** 14:32:09
Ron Paul vid nominated for YouTube award! - go vote! 13:45:33
One man....against an army 13:45:01
George W. Bush - A President of Real 'Change' 13:41:15
AFL - CIO attacking McCain -- this is really GOOD! LINKS UPDATED! 13:33:37
RP addresses the House 3/12 re: the economy. "This will end badly" 13:31:36
Ron Paul - Government Vaccinations, Bad policy, bad medicine 12:52:31
Bloomberg: U.S. Stocks Tumble on Carlyle Fund's Default, Retail Sales 12:52:24
Pro Fed Arguments 12:49:51
Executive Producer Named for GOP Convention 12:42:01
Anyone see this? 12:36:26
REAL ID Protest in Raleigh NC 3/8/2008 12:30:25
REAL ID Protest in Raleigh NC 3/8/2008 12:30:04
Don't Let Ron Paul's Legislation Sit and Gather Dust!! 12:27:45
Movie Producer Coming to My House! 12:24:57
Man gets jail time for firing shotgun at Ron Paul sign 12:16:18
Tele-bomb the Federal Reserve 12:02:10
Two Senators pissing on the porkers 12:00:09
Hundreds seeking housing money overwhelm Boca Authority 11:47:09
Printing Money To Save The Banks 11:26:28
Great article by mayor of Salt Lake City 11:19:36
Russo - Freedom to Fascism (Income Tax) 11:13:36
Revenge of the Nerds 11:13:07
Press Release: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 11:08:21
If ya have a min. 11:02:55
Dollar Index To Drop Below 72 Today - Watch Here 10:02:46
News Falsh:"Carlyle Capital in Default, On Brink of Collapse" 09:42:21
Dollar Dips Below 100 Yen for First Time in 12 Years 09:15:25
McCain wants to DESTROY Islam - DIGG IT! 09:10:58
This video was censored, and removed, by YouTube. 09:03:57
Florida Town Bans Baggy Pants 08:50:59
Has anyone seen??? 08:38:52
i would just like to say.... 08:33:12
Is McCain being propped up with drugs? 07:59:22
McCain's advisor: Destroy Islam 07:37:01
Right to Hunt in S.C. article 07:13:56
Buy an Inverter! 06:54:23
Tennessee Delegates 06:14:18
Dr. Mercola endorses Ron Paul in an email today. 06:10:25
RON PAUL VS. C. RICE!!!!!!! 05:51:35
***Alan Stang and Daughter aka "Ron Paula" Become Delegates*** 05:47:53
The Leave us Alone Coalition 05:22:43
Can anyone tell me how to take an ITUNE download and 04:16:37
Financial Times Article- Fed takes leap towards the unthinkable 03:40:48
Philadelphia Trumpet Article 03:37:02
YouTube now censoring Ron Paul ! 03:19:15
Banks in big trouble 02:42:48
Ron Paul on $11,000 greenbacks! 02:38:14
APRIL GOT 100% 02:14:16
WOW you guys!! 1.3 Million people just got a plug for RP by Dr. Mercola! Wahoo!!!! 02:02:22
Fear messages and the humor in Irradiated bird flu flouride martial law freaks 01:53:13
Protesters Welcome John McCain to New Hampshire 01:25:57
June 21st Revolution March Promo Video 01:20:42
(If reality were a novel) What if Bush invades Iran and they have Ron Paul committed under the claim of Schizophrenia 01:09:59
***This Is What The Revolution Is About***** 00:53:39
Someone needs to warn Ron Paul 00:31:50
Ron Paul: Federal Reserve's $200 Billion Injection 00:29:54