Posted on March 14, 2008

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Dr Paul on Fox Business News 16:15:04
Dr Paul on the House Floor 3/12/08 15:44:59
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Watching the Dollar Die 23:50:09
RON PAUL PARROTS - CNBC now reporting "ABOLISH THE FED" 23:47:43
Question about the Yen / Yuan??? 23:35:01
citizen victory this week 23:00:31
Very Cool Video 22:53:12
Ron Paul on Eliot Spitzer Living by the Sword. 22:39:44
Jon Stewart Mocks the Media Feeding Frenzy of the Spitzer Scandal 22:24:48
Please Read 22:13:38
House Passes FISA Amendments Act: Hoyer didn’t hear anything in the Secret session 21:52:57
Josh's t-shirt , Limited edition! 21:34:02
Ron Paul mentions in The NY Sun 21:28:18
What happend to Bush? 21:28:12
Big Oil Steals your Tax Refunds 21:23:51
Bomb Hits Apartment in Oklahoma 21:21:07
Get ready for our new pledge! 21:18:58
Please read the Freedom Movement is Newly energized!!! 21:18:52
Air National Guard Jet Accidently Dropped a Dummy Bomb in Okla. 21:18:26
Stakeholders sound off on UIGEA regulations 21:12:12
Republicans warn about Ron Paul supporters crashing caucuses 21:02:10
Republicans warn about Ron Paul supporters crashing caucuses 20:57:41
Updated!! Ron Paul Speaks at Freedom Rally!! (PLEASE KEEP BUMPED) 20:44:46
DELEGATE QUESTIONS,,,Can anyone explain this ? 20:37:03
How the FED RESERVE (NWO/World Bank/IMF) bought US today! 20:27:40
RP-Seven Days of Glory Video 20:21:08
Ron Paul/Bob Barr-1998-National ID Cards 20:17:52
Ron Paul's Expert Opinion on Fox Business 19:44:06
The new scare tactic is $9 gas if we leave Iraq! 19:22:00
Know your enemy 19:19:42
Vote for Ron Paul on Youtube 2007 Awards 19:15:51
Ron Paul Can Win The Republican Nomination Just Like Abraham Lincoln 19:09:46
Simple Question 19:08:44
MUST SEE (DaddyWarBucks) and all 18:59:22
Can We Fill Current House and Senate Vacancies With PAULITICIANS? 18:49:49
House Passes Revised FISA, WITHOUT Retro. Immunity!! 18:45:28
More intel on McCain (video) 18:39:00
More from Griffin- How Collectivists create their own opposition 18:19:20
CNN Cafferty File censoring comments on Ron Paul? 18:16:36
37 Big Financial Firms Sued - Fraud, Bid-Rigging 18:14:13
IMF tells states to plan for the WORST 18:07:59
Another Gem. 18:01:03
Is a brokered convention still possible? 17:58:20
US economy loses largest in the world rank to europe! HUGE NEWS!!! 17:54:34
• Stocks fall sharply on Bear Stearns bailout, sinking dollar 17:33:34
!!!!!!The greatest Ron paul Video I have ever seen!!!!! 17:30:18
Found a gem 17:29:04
AWESOME! 3D animated R.P. spot FINISHED!!!! View here!! 17:21:55
A Military Earmark's Ties to Obama Money Man 17:11:46
Why did Ron Paul vote against the new FISA bill today? 16:49:38
What was decided by Congress' Closed Door Session? 16:48:58
George Bush and Ben Bernanke's Leviathan: Killing America 16:43:12
Another lawyer arrested by the FBI 16:32:59
Economic downward spiral 16:29:33
Can someone please 16:26:24
Calling All Missouri Ron Paul Voters 16:10:43
Ron Paul on NOW!!! 16:06:27
Gilgamesh73's NWO post 16:03:31
********** Governors May Hold the Power Key to Bringing Troops Home ********** 16:01:13
Calling All Oregonians/Washingtonians! Please Keep Bumped For Today! 15:55:02
O'Bama's Earmarks 15:36:02
When are we going to unbind the Constitution? 15:27:21
A simple plan to DESTROY John McCain - updated 15:23:39
Fun with the Federal Reserve 15:22:34
Let's have a Freedom March around the world on the same day!!! 15:22:05
Obama's Minister resigns as Spiritual Advisor from Obama Campaign 15:14:58
check this out... 14:53:24
The Shock Doctrine.... 14:50:17
Bill's Ex-Counsel: Hillary Is "Misleading The American Public" 14:46:45
Film Your Issue 2008 contest entry 14:45:40
Awesome, NEW Ron Paul RƎVO⅃UTION Video: The High Tide. 14:44:51
Awesome, NEW Ron Paul RƎVO⅃UTION Video: The High Tide. 14:32:54
Newsflash: House passes FISA legislation HR 3373 14:19:28
Did The Senate Listen To Ron Paul? - Senate Rejects McCain-Backed Plan to Ban Earmarks 14:13:32
Aviod foreclosure - Burn it down? 14:12:19
Bush Executive Order: "Criminalizing The Anti-War Movement" 14:05:40
FISA Update 14:00:15
Proposed PAA replacement isn't terrible - Downsize DC 13:56:12
OT: more McCain fearmongering... 13:53:23
GOP Treasurer Bilked Hundreds of Thousands, If Not $1M - Time To Join Your County GOP 13:47:52
Gas $4.00 In Hawaii 13:38:18
McCain's Arrogance Knows No Limits 13:36:56
Pull out the money you have in cash out of your US bank and put it into Swiss Cantonal Banks 13:31:00
Diggfest for Dr. Paul - please digg and keep bumped. 13:28:42 13:28:11
End the Massachusetts State Income Tax!!! 13:24:57
2nd Ammendment Under Renewed Attack 13:10:48 13:09:07
Should I get out of direct deposit with my bank? Does it matter? 13:02:43
Bush Executive Order 12:45:08
Please Vote in AOL poll 12:28:15
Where is the 12:26:31
Ron Paul Alex Jones Today 12:26:25
Ron Paul Alex Jones Today 12:26:22
Bush Just Spoke With The Economic Club of New York - He Is Evasive 12:23:13
TV Commercial to nominate Ron Paul as Republican nominee 12:18:21
Patraeus admits surge has Failed 12:04:46
Come to the Anti-Fed concert, april 12 12:00:26
McCain Has Lost It - Reportedly 11:50:51
This is the ANSWER WE'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!!!! 11:48:54
Hey guys, ya know I heard, 11:47:45
Corporate Personhood 11:45:13
Bush speaking-The Economic Club Of New York 10:26 AM Live Link included 11:25:40
"he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.'' 11:17:13
Military Recruiting Centers Under attack all across America 10:48:57
UPDATE! "Freedom Rally" Petiton is Up! (PLEASE KEEP BUMPED) 10:48:42
Nobody can tell the future... 10:43:12
Got a challenge for me? I am off delegate hunting! 10:42:50
Buying Silver can anyone point me in the right direction 10:31:04
Link to ALL of Ron Paul's Bills before Congress 10:30:35
IMF warns of global economic collapse, wants it "orderly!" 10:29:38
Huckabee supporter here 10:25:02
The Amazing Ron Paul Animation! 10:19:40
Markets and the US Dollar Crisis 10:11:39
OFF TOPIC: The Obama/Ferraro racism flap 10:07:43
DIGG Ron Paul 3 D Video 10:04:24
Need some advice: Planning to move to TX 10:02:46
And the dominos begin to fall... 09:49:00
It's starting 09:33:03
CPI unchanged for February??? These guys lies are becoming more and more ridiculous every day. 09:21:50
George Washington's support of the Central Bank while at the same time advocating Gold Standard 09:03:57
Question to be posed to Dr Paul. 08:57:01
Question to be posed to Dr Paul. 08:56:55
Ron Paul shold take an international trip. 08:52:46
House committee chair defends 'bloody hands' protest 08:48:30
Meet Your New Banker: Uncle Sam 08:46:03
a question about my moneys safety 07:59:34
Jesse Ventura mulls 3rd party run 07:59:30
YooHoo! Gaggle This America!!! 07:17:19
Tent cities spring up in LA 07:10:59
The GOP is hiring 07:07:17
Protesters Greet McCain in Exeter 06:54:29
Ron Paul clarifies "conspiracies" 06:51:31
Do you own your home? 06:44:50
Something spontaneus - Re: The Awesome 3D RP vid The High Tide 06:44:41
Hundreds seeking housing money overwhelm Boca Authority 06:08:51
Economy Hammered by Toxic Blend of Ailments 03:49:40
This article is eye-opening... Plan To Spray Toxic Biological Chemicals Over San Francisco Announced 03:47:58
where in the constitution does it say Only Gold and Silver shall be Legal tender 03:35:26
Another old school video- Funny- makes me think of our current congress 03:00:40
Toronto Star Article on Financial Crisis 02:57:25
The Reason Banks are Trying to Discourage Cash Withdrawals 02:42:20
Messages to McCain 01:59:35
Instead of Washington ... 01:52:22
Economic Forces Converge Like Never Before!!! 01:30:43
Bush says fighting in Afghanistan is "romantic".... 01:27:47
Would you consider the Bourbon Democrats from the 1800s libertarians? 01:25:59
Ron Paul " Our Nation is Coming Down" 01:14:11
Anti-war protesters chant "war criminal" at Rice 01:13:40
This is where I learn everything 01:11:42
How Low, Can They Go? 01:06:24
Irony? 00:58:51
Where is the best place to find the informations for my dad? 00:56:45
Philosophy of Liberty... 00:53:14
I am considering running for town council 00:49:32
Anti-war protesters chant "war criminal" at Rice 00:46:51
You! must plan for the worst! 00:44:34
McCain "Natural Born" Question Going Before Judge 00:23:26
Three New Videos of the New Hampshire Recount 00:16:04
CA Home Prices Plunge 17.9% in Feb. --Equity Draining away... 00:07:41
UPDATED SGP : aka Dr. Steve Parent to be on RPRRADIO.COM TONIGHT MONDAY the 17th at 9:30PM to explain the delegate process live. 00:06:10