Posted on March 15, 2008

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McCain's answer to HOPE ANTHEM 23:55:25
Debunking Fed Reserve Conspiracy Theories 23:44:19
When I'm wrong, I'm REALLY wrong. 23:41:13
Where is the thread from SGP about delegates that 23:37:57
A common interest of banks is forming against the common interest of man. 23:34:12
Get TV Commercials on before PA vote. ***Donate to air new Animation*** 23:33:54
New Poll needs your vote 23:30:57
Best *RP* You Tube Video? 23:21:46
Which Presidents throughout US History have fought the Central Banks? 23:21:30
Protest Federal Reserve Banks on April Fool's Day 23:19:36
Market Panic Forces Governments into Action 22:40:47
It is the 15th - any sign of a media blitz? 22:26:43
Saw this in Ron Paul Forums 22:26:12
The best Ron Paul Video.."Brickfilm" 22:23:37
Nasty response from a Huckabee supporter 22:20:04
A NATIONAL OUTCRY! - to get Bush & Cheney to take the next nine months off and go home now! 22:04:41
Nevada Caucus results anyone? anyone? 21:33:58
I have identified not only "Trolls" within Daily Paul, but we also have "Clown Trolls," as well! 20:50:57
What happened in Alaska? 20:37:27
Satan's Government Author on The Edge radio right NOW! (3/15 @ 8-10pm EST.) 20:15:25
John McCain to Debate Ron Paul...: could it be? 20:12:17
Just exactly what IS this new "High Tide" thing? Just another video? A money bomb? An upcoming event? Someone please help. 20:11:57
Alaska Ballot Access Reform Bill Has Hearing 20:08:21
The Campaign 19:57:06
Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime 19:50:09
Chipin for High Tide Video Airtime 19:47:28
Former member of Ron Paul's campaign Jonathan Bydlak is willing to answer your questions 19:23:33
Those who don't trust Obama may go for Pro-less goverment Clinton or Anti-war MC Cain. 18:58:59
HELLO RON PAUL 2008 official campaign headquarters..anyone listening? 18:43:34
* Before America: From Freedom to Fascism, show them FIAT EMPIRE * 18:23:24
The North American Union comes another step closer... 18:13:36
US Economy Loses No. 1 Spot...EU Passes US 17:40:54
The Queen versus The Masons 17:32:05
Patriot Act II? 17:19:28
For punks- inspiring music 17:12:15
***Raul, & Cramer, & Bernanke *** 16:52:06
Great Article About Where the Economy is Heading 16:51:49
More Rate Cuts From Fed Expected Tuesday 16:38:08
Delegate Rule Book- Thanks to Lynn!!! 16:19:31
Crazy CT Gun Law Proposal 16:18:49
Ron Paul House Painting Might Get Foreclosed!! 16:15:30
IS IT TRUE? RP has introduced a bill to abolish the Federal Reserve? 16:10:05
Leave All Your Ron Paul Stuff At Home Maybe... 15:41:30
Pot, Meet Kettle!....(The Pot Calls The Kettle Black) 15:37:04
We the People (Be Part of It) 15:30:27
Sw Missouri Results Ron Paul Takes Greene County, MO UPDATE!! 15:27:32
Watch this promotional vid=) 15:25:03
McInsane states that all of his opponents for the nomination had endorsed him. He must have forgotten Ron Paul again 15:24:57
onevoicereason- Bumping old irrelevant posts 15:11:16
Ron Paul on the Surveillance Bill 15:09:52
Robert's Rules of Order 15:08:54
Alaska Republican Party just struck hemp out of their platform! 14:58:22
Remember Mccain didn't had enough signatures to be on the Ballot in Indiana? 14:53:14
Winter Soldiers Testify Now - Sat. March 15 - Live on FSTV 14:25:49
Transition To Sound Money 14:21:43
I love Daily Paul. But...... 14:14:15
Any Playwrites here? 13:56:53
Peden begs for money after getting his hat handed to him by RP 13:55:11
Where Are The Donations 13:50:58
We Love Neocons On This Site. This Site Is Weak 13:42:09
Bush to hold emergency meeting with Working Group on Financial Markets - Monday 13:39:03
Who are you going to vote for in November? 13:20:31
6 pages of "The Revolution: A Manifesto" available on Amazon 12:52:56
Alan Stang----Has Ron Paul Quit The Race? 12:49:38
Why Ron Paul and Kucinich are Friends 12:06:22
Ron Paul = George Bush 11:55:37
Restore the Constitution Petition 11:51:03
What the Price of Gold Is Telling Us - by Ron Paul 11:47:37
3D ad for the movement! 11:40:47
*****symptoms of depression***** 11:04:02
Former FBI Agent Calls for a Second Internet 10:54:35
Let's Vote for RP on YouTube 10:39:33
HUMOR- Onion Candidate Profiles 10:06:14
Survival!!!!! 10:04:03
Have you guys seen this RP promo? 09:47:40
Eliot Spitzer and the $200 billion dollar bail-out - Greg Palast 09:21:21
Congress Secret Session March 13, 2008 09:13:46
Former State Trooper makes a warning: 08:30:32
Sign the Petition to present to Congress on the 15th 08:17:40
CNN Atlanta HQ hit by tornado 3/15 (all of Atlanta hit) 08:02:52
Ron Paul "The High Tide" 05:55:36
Ron Paul on Eliot Spitzer Scandal 05:23:06
Ron Paul On The Alex Jones Show 05:08:00
NEW RON PAUL Commercial WOW! BUMP IT UP!! 04:52:05
Iranians are in the same boat as us!!! 04:26:11
McCain: Congress 'disconnected' from Americans 04:01:16
Spitzer is out for exposing the Bush adminstration 03:31:47
Is Osama Laughing? 03:27:54
Collapse of Financial Institutions . . . The Domino Theory 02:47:27
Torrents for knowledge 02:11:06
Ron Paul : Tough Medicine is the Treatment Says Dr. No 02:07:47
ABC News Runs Defense For Puppy Killer 01:50:26
Zeitgeist Day is March 15th 01:36:11 Is Giving The Great Doctor A "D"! Time To Set Them Straight... 01:29:06
Metal Gear Solid 01:12:40
Barry Goldwater, Jr., on Ron Paul's New Book 01:09:53
A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall 00:56:04
Immigration agents implementing tough new deterrence technique. 00:52:37
Establishment, MSM, GOP, CFR: BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH! 00:29:27
***A bit of proof that the race isn't over! Look at the "Hard Total" at!*** 00:23:27
Where in the world is Vicki Iseman? 00:19:26
Ron Paul predicted this recession... 00:19:16