Posted on March 19, 2008

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Greg Lewis 2008 Moneybomb 11:31:13
Vote for Ron Paul - YouTube 2007 Video Awards 11:26:06
Making a Recession Great 10:21:32
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Antiwar and Prowar supporters argue: Arrests made 3/19 23:29:00
Truth about FEMA - Video 23:16:54
Are we pulling Ron Paul up the hill? 23:15:06
McCain at Villanova 23:07:37
What Is Happpening On April Fool's Day?!!! 23:06:57
An excellent video about the mindset we should have 23:06:43
Ron Paul's brain 23:06:43
Ron Paul on the Tenth anniversay of the war in Iraq 23:05:40
Bush on Columbia 22:53:44
END THE FED! 22:51:17
Dr. Paul for freedom Communist are for totalitarianism 22:51:07
Bush sending weapons to Kosovo 22:48:08
Do Americans Take Out Political Leaders 22:22:31
RP to be on Kudlow tomorrow! (3/20) 22:21:18
Why Democracy is a bad thing 22:16:51
Why silver and Gold are down. ********* 22:12:09
Illinois Republicans for RP...important!!!! 21:59:57
Making a Recession Great 21:55:19
Pennsylvania Update, The Truth, And They Need Your Help! 21:27:24
Investigating Blair For War Crimes Of Iraq 21:14:46
POLL: Health Insurance is KILLING US!!! - who/what do you use? 21:10:52
Yeah, this is worth it. 21:05:01
aol poll reset 20:48:06
S.P.G. any thoughts on this? day, new people, new ideas? 20:19:19
Could somebody tell me how these wins are adding up (keep bumped) 20:14:49
Jim Rogers on US Economy FED Ron Paul 20:05:48
Ron Paul says have fun 19:58:46
AP president: US arrests journalist in Iraq to 'control' information 19:55:15
Ron Paul wins here where it counts 19:44:59
ANYBODY from Idaho on here? 19:44:33
Winter Soldier--Get the Word out--DIGG 19:20:00
Have You Signed This Yet? 19:19:27
This seems far-fetched, does anyone know more? 18:51:54
What can we do to get a McCain Vs. Dr. Paul debate? 18:50:51
Gold coins: is an ounce an ounce? 18:19:55
In case you though it was getting better 18:14:04
Old Republicans!!!! 17:51:42
Ron Paul Isn't About to Embrace John McCain-- and McCain Just Wants Him and His Supporters to Disappear and Get off His Lawn 17:50:09
On GOLD...Are we in for this manipulation again? 17:30:30
The cost of war you can't put a dollar value on 17:10:25
Who Would The World Elect for the President of the United States? 17:09:56
What to Expect from SCOTUS in Heller vs. DC. 17:06:10
Well, the DOW is down nearly 300 points.... when will they learn? 16:54:34
***wow*oil**** 16:50:36
McCain says the darndest things... 16:27:08
Obama - calls for Firing Imus...over racial slur...ABC News 16:10:42
SGP on monday nite??? 16:06:34
$$ronpaul$$federalreserve$$ 15:43:09
Help Murray Sabrin - Vote in online Poll now! (KEEP BUMPED) 15:36:54
Ron Paul statement on 5 year anniversary 15:21:21
Comcast Cameras To Start Watching You? 15:15:42
JP Morgan Might get blocked! 14:32:54
War is a Racket 14:29:44
Is it true that there is a date set for the next Money Bomb on April 1st?? 14:22:41
A Comeback? 14:19:37
What Is Happpening On April Fool's Day?!!! 14:19:10
Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac - Please explain 14:14:02
SS Cards to Start Using Real ID? 14:13:51
What do you know about school lock-downs? 14:08:48
" Pennsylvania Ron Paul Concert Event" 14:06:15
Minn. DNA Warehouse, Does Your State Have One? 14:06:05
Why we need the FED, just in case you want to know. 13:58:14
Reformation of the Republican Party 13:54:30
2nd Admenment is in trouble.... 13:51:01
Just bought silver..need some feedback please 13:48:43
2/3 of Americans say the fight in Iraq is not worth it, Cheney replied, "So?" 13:37:26
McCain coming to N.J. 13:34:02
"Freedom Rally"!! Money Bomb!! (PLEASE READ & KEEP BUMPED) 13:30:57
WORLDWIDE currency collapse??? DEFLATION??? 13:25:31
TWO NEW ARTICLES: Washington Times and LA Times 13:00:01
Paul slighted by the 'neoconservative' GOP 12:35:07
The Steel Penny ? NO says Ron 12:06:25
OHIO seizes voting machines 11:46:23
More Good Delegate and Primary News!!! 11:43:15
Possible Candidate for SC 4th Congressional District vs Bob Inglis 11:31:20
Update from Murray Sabrin- Opponent's campaign collapsing 10:52:55
Dozens Arrested Outside IRS During Antiwar Protest 10:29:37
WE CAN WIN: Here's How to Unbind your National Delegates at State 10:27:57
Why The Financial Markets Are Rallying? 10:10:56
The chimp is speaking 10:04:40
Um, why is Obama's Reverend not supporting Ron Paul??? 10:04:16
Bush on CNBC now 10:03:07
Can APMEX be trusted? 09:40:45
RFID's hacked 09:31:17
Supreme Court decision on interpretation of Second Amendment 09:25:39
off topic Britian sucks 09:24:51
How are we looking in Idaho? 09:18:12
we must contact this website and demand removal... 09:02:08
Gold plunged overnight 09:00:17
Are you a precinct leader? 08:54:47
Ludwig Von Mises speaks 08:32:58
Peter Schiff On Glenn Beck 3/17: Ron Paul - Real Conservative 08:28:42
Too funny... 08:26:41
Military veterans 08:14:26
Got a survey from the National Republican Congressional Committee 07:58:03
the rEVOLution=join or die. 07:41:49
the pressure is on 07:39:13
VISA Stock is going to be big! 07:10:01
Gold Prices drop 07:04:36
Sigh. Arlen freakin' Specter... 06:54:08
Commentary: One veteran to Iraqis: Just pay us back 06:37:27
Southern California Tent City Built To House Former Home-Owners 06:23:17
A message of HOPE to all RP PATRIOTS 06:18:34
Great News! PA Meetup Speaks Out!, but, .............. 06:18:05
CFR spreading its filth elsewere... 06:04:30
Jim Rogers... the Fed has given up on the Dollar 05:23:22
Zeitgeist Addendum To Be Released October 2008 04:46:27 Newsletter!!! Check this out! 03:24:15
Delegates for South Carolina 03:22:45
Browser strangeness 03:18:56
hillarious mccain picture... go check this out! 02:55:32
I need everyones input on something please. 01:56:57
Are the delegates going to vote Ron Paul on the first vote? 01:29:14
CNN- Larry King Live: Disgusting propaganda... 01:11:14
What's best year for liberty eagle 00:45:18
Ron Paul backers succeed in guerilla takeover of some GOP caucuses 00:44:18
Will you vote for me? P.S. I am not Ron Paul 00:18:18
Can someone explain what exactly debt deflation is? 00:14:47
Ron Paul has been right about our Economy, for decades. 00:13:24