Posted on March 21, 2008

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Jim Forsythe for Congress 14:51:30
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Good News from Montana 23:53:56
I just came up with a new 3D ad idea! 23:49:24
Crack those piggy banks, and open those wallets 23:31:42
Anyone watching Real Time RIGHT NOW???!!! 23:23:28
Did anyone else notice? 23:17:27
Ron Paul on the Daily Show/Colbert Report? 23:13:56
Ron Paul Poetry 23:11:20
Fed Plans Huge Tax Payer Backed Mortgage Bail-out 22:38:45
DHS blinks on Real ID 22:37:10
Missouri GOP Trying To Steal RP Delegates!? 22:33:15
To: 2008 Republican National Convention Delegates.. Say NO to McCain! 22:04:20
Moving To RonPaulForums 21:51:49
Anywhere But Here: The Looming Train Wreck of No Child Left Behind 21:50:21
What are you doing to Support Ron Paul? Only 100 are doing anything? WOW! 21:45:03
Wacky? Embarrassing! 21:43:47
************BlAtEnT ViOlAtIoN oF HuMaN RiGhTs CLICK HERE, This will make you mad for sure************ 21:34:06
Off Topic: The money Masters 21:24:37
Off Topic: Goldseek, Market Wrap Week Ending 3/20/08 21:12:24
What are the latent motives behind the recent Passport Security violations? 21:08:01
Hope Anthem Video 20:48:02
Unintended Consequences Spitzer got snagged by the fine print of the Patriot Act. 20:40:33
Does Ron Paul think Osama Bin Laden is alive? 20:38:54
Murray Sabrin HQ Volunteer event tomorrow 20:26:28
Alabama Code - no candidate shall be printed upon any official ballot used at any primary election unless such person is legally 20:22:37
The dismal future for the American Empire 20:22:06
Colorado: paper-ballots plan abandoned 20:12:24
OUR WAY 20:09:17
IMPORTANT 19:46:22
CNN: Well-Respected Economist Says Congress and Fed Responsible for Recession 19:38:12
POW MIA: Ron Paul speech 19:11:18
Libertarian Party of Georgia wants us (or our money) 19:10:56
OT Cop Threatens To Shoot My 14 Brother Over Toy Gun 19:06:50
Can You Handle the Truth? 19:04:41
+++ Ron Paul backers tangle with state GOP over caucus reports +++ 18:57:27
Another Addition To Our Platform - "Stop All Foreign Aid" 18:42:24
Ron Paul Satisfies Ballot Requirements Nationwide 17:54:26
Our Constitutional Republic, proof positive Jesus is Alive 17:52:57
Yes, there really is a silver shortage 17:45:46
Can Anyone Verify? 17:44:27
Winning a primary -- a crazy idea whose time has come. 17:27:29
Brave police officer killed during domestic dispute call 17:05:45
Checking out "Them" 17:05:14
Recommend One Additional Plank 17:03:35
Two brave police officers shot during traffic stop 17:02:55
30 known facts of America MUST SEE EVERYONE See this VIDEO 16:59:11
Brave female Police officer killed by rapist 16:58:38
A New President Should Seize Control of the U.S. Monetary System 16:43:42
A Vicious Circle ending in a Systemic Financial Meltdown: Roubini's Nightmare Scenario 16:38:23
More reasons to stick with Dr. Paul 16:32:13
Read up! Matthews for Congress, Maryland CD-2 16:26:38
Idea: Make a Deal with McCain to Get a Debate 16:24:47
Let's call money-based lobbying by its real name: BRIBING 16:11:14
*** BEWARE! Immigration officials detaining and deporting American citizens! *** 16:04:00
WOW! I've found 4 unseen (by me, at least) AWESOME RP interviews!! 16:01:27
DC vs.Heller: Heller's atty's entire oral argument was actually QUITE deceptive. 15:55:08
How Liberals Created our Neocon Nightmare 15:30:45
Aimee Allen's *Unofficial* Ron Paul Revolution Video. Who said we were finished? 15:29:54
Visit & ivaw on Youtube 15:23:10
Media Blackout of Ron Paul 15:08:05
Newsweek : Ron Paul on why he's still running for president. 3-20-08 15:07:22
Escape foreclosure 14:54:22
cluckfest 14:52:59
Feedback from Bob Barr article in the Times 14:52:44
Ron Paul backers tangle with state GOP over caucus reports 14:47:39
Know an Idahoan? 14:15:41
Freedom to Fascism showing in Lexington, Ky 3/26-3/27 14:11:31
Eliot Spitzer - George Bush connection. 13:51:59
Great Article about Ron Paul 13:23:19
Passport Security Breach on McCain, Clinton & Obama 13:09:35
PA. allows for write-ins for Delegates to the RNC 13:06:37
Ron Paul Turns in Signatures to Appear on Montana Republican Primary Ballot 12:47:19
Poll: Divisive Dem Contest Could Boost....who? 12:40:12
Driving is a Right...... 12:36:34
Do you think the RP revolution is ready and capable of funding a lawsuit against Bush and the Federal Reserve? 12:35:22
Newsweek: Ron Paul and his 800,000-strong army of supporters 12:31:15
Acting with Wisdom Amid the Growing Financial Storm 12:28:05
LA times promoting the hightide video 12:22:36
Newsweek RP Interview 12:03:13
Stand up for B.J. Lawson! - The Little Old Ladies Are Attacking! 11:24:23
NH election box stuffing continued. Your money was well spent. It was a fraud. 11:15:17
Gold and Silver had their biggest drop in over 10 years = Deleverage 10:53:09
FEMA Says Founding Fathers Are Terrorists 10:50:40
Lauer Taunting Bloomy - Fancy-Colored Firearms. 10:48:28
Need advice/feedback about The Congressional Student Leadership Conference 10:22:42
Calling All Daily Paul Poor***This may Help 10:07:26
financial crises 92-93 what to expect now 10:06:21
How can we force a debate with Mccain? 09:57:58
CNN~Rescuing the dollar - the debate heats up 09:41:19
FCC Announces AT&T & Verizon Win 80% of Airwaves 09:22:34
Ron Paul and Elliot Spitzer; Nailing The Next FDR's 09:18:48
Off Topic: The Financial Crisis and the Big banks 09:04:55
McCain's FEC problem - updated 3/21 08:06:32
Highway Trooper ramming a man running down a street 07:38:29
Jim Rogers Calls For Bernanke’s Resignation 07:36:59
The latest on Eliot Spitzer 07:01:30
Ron Paul - New Radio Interview 3/20/08 06:44:01
April 15=Great American Strike 06:28:24
Are Bush and Cheney Planning an Attack on Iran on the Eve of Leaving Office? 06:07:20
Mccain content filter... 04:38:57
Daddy WarBucks: "FREEDOM FORTRESS" - Need A Ride To A Rally? 03:02:27
ETF COMPANIES WHAT"S Reputable 02:43:30
~Breaking News~ 02:07:11
McCain Broke the Law 01:41:02
Please no coast to coast money bomb!! WE already have one! 01:38:33
Delegate Revolt 01:36:14
Gull island oil reserve. The government doesn't want us to know. Digg it! 01:33:55
Alaska is Ron Paul Country 01:22:28
My assumptions on gold - please critique 01:18:58
I know this might sound negative but... 00:39:07
After abolishing the IRS? 00:20:49
A sincere question ,something I've always wondered 00:01:49