Posted on March 24, 2008

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We Still Have a Campaign to Support, Remember? 23:17:59
Bear Stearns Bailout and My Outrage 22:26:58
Candidates Ignore Financial Crisis 22:15:38
Bob Barr on Antiwar Radio Tuesday Morning 19:07:58
Rand Paul on "Uncensored Radio Free America" - TONIGHT - 10PM CT 10:53:25
Newsweek says RP Army is 800,000 strong 09:14:47
This Ad Is Now Running In 38+ States Like I Promised You. Don't Quit, Do Something! 21:54:09
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SO JDAYH HOW do we seperate the two? 23:55:00
PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy 23:46:31
Did anyone else think this was strange? 23:43:24
got legs..... just put it out there 23:40:39
DR. RON PAUL MONEY BOMB APRIL 01, 2008 23:31:35
DR. RON PAUL MONEY BOMB APRIL 01, 2008 23:18:27
Off Topic: Yipee.. $30 billion bailout! Where do I get my check? 23:14:40
MO GOP breaks its own rules 23:02:54
[WA] Important - GOP candidate shortage 23:01:31
20,000 Precinct Leaders 22:59:18
NH recount 22:55:59
Not so fast on the health insurance mandates...Are they constitutional? Good article...DIGG! 22:50:32
Mosaic of 4,000 Iraq War Dead w/Bush and McCain Likenesses 22:29:36
Bear Bailout and My Outrage 22:25:41
Step by Step makes a Mile 22:25:36
What is our economic forecast for the end of the year? Anybody? 21:50:36
U.S. Supreme Court Wont Hear Campaign Finance 21:47:17
Hillary's Economic Plan 21:39:10
Two McCain Moments, Rarely Mentioned 19:49:36
**"McCain Is Now A Finance Criminal"** 19:36:23
**Alan Stang asks if the Bilderbergers are after Ron Paul ?? 19:21:38
US is a corporation 18:53:44
Bernanke's own home down 260K in value 18:43:26
New Alan Stang column on The Death of the Dollar and the NAU 18:41:02
Let it B known... 18:39:51
Buy Gold and SIlver Now, While They are Cheap! 18:14:34
While you were sleeping... Banks Want YOU to Bail Them Out 18:11:10
Overall US death toll in Iraq hits 4,000 18:00:06
Just sent my donation reply form to McCain with Ron Paul stamps all over it!!! 17:59:01
Digg war with trolls 17:43:02
**Utah has mass 17:22:08
****Tesla the great 17:14:00
Ron Paul on rbn (update) archived! 17:11:07
great article here from the UK on the economy.... 17:03:35
***Flying planes by remote control 16:46:34
Judge Napolitano 16:05:06
Audio on how the delegate process works 15:52:54
**George Carlin** 15:51:47
20,000 and counting 15:48:08
How war hero John McCain betrayed the Vietnamese peasant who saved his life 15:36:44
Bernanke as Napoleon 15:25:35
McCain Is Now A Campaign Finance Criminal 15:22:13
Is a World Government on the Horizon? 15:16:59
Delegates must VOID McCain's wins !!! 15:16:32
FLAGS can someone clarify? 15:04:39
Sabrin challenges "playboy" Unanue to a debate 15:01:14
Murray Sabrin poll extended 14:59:19
Imagine My Surprise: Ran into Ron Paul when I wasn't even looking 14:57:05
For those going to St. Paul: Protesters SUE for the right to march on RNC!!! 14:04:28
Tom Ridge On The Amero, NAU, 9/11, CFR and Bohemian Grove. Video 14:00:08
Fed Govt Steals $1.2 Trillion from Taxpayers to Bailout Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac 13:51:30
CAFR-Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 13:48:39
Give Thanks....we need some encouraging words here 13:35:19
70,000 U.S. TROOPS DEAD FROM IRAQ WAR!! 13:35:09
Bhutto death reported as Suicide bomb again 13:23:50
McCain 'breaks official spending cap' 13:17:16
Contact your Representatives! Tell them to support RP's bill to abolish the FED! 13:09:39
UPDATE: Ron Paul supporters take control of Republican caucus 12:26:08
Mccain is scum all voters need to know this! 12:24:06
FBI’S Terror Watch List Not Updated Properly...SCARY Read, Digg!!! 12:12:24
MORE news on McCain breaking the law 12:11:35
Do You Think People in the Republican Party are waking up??? 12:08:59
PLEASE DIGG 12:04:54
PLEASE DIGG THESE!!!! LINDA GOLDTHORPE for Congress, a RON PAUL Republican. ALSO, April Fools Moneybomb. PLEASE DIGG! 12:03:35
What the history channel WILL say about us! 11:48:27
From Economist's View: "Are any of the candidates serious about financial reform?" 11:45:37
Now i understand... 11:31:40
CALIFORNIA stealth delegates needed 11:06:18
Cheney balks at majority of Americans on Iraq "strategy" 10:53:55
"Freedom is Not Free"! (G.W. Update) (PLEASE KEEP BUMPED) 10:44:04
Amazing Video- "History Channel" - The Presidential Election of 2008. 09:42:25
Man saves McCains life at great rick to his own. 09:40:55
DHS to California: "Umm, okay. You can just think about RealID for awhile." 09:22:28
QUESTION about Silver/Gold 09:17:20
Troops Request Liberty Items Please Send! 09:10:27
Ron Paul: Life Beyond the Party 08:22:12
Ron Paul Survives Lies, Manipulation Of Mass Media 08:10:53
Public apology to DaddyWB 07:59:53
Like it or not, the Ron Paul Revolution continues 07:58:53
RP Delegate count up by 7% 07:57:50
Do you have a credit card ? 07:50:15
Let's talk about credit. 07:35:54
John F. Kennedy Speech On Secret Societies 07:05:06
Can you help me challenge McCain's eligibility? 06:52:23
"Paul backers claim chunk of state party" 06:51:21
History Channel: Election of 2008 04:42:35
Who do you agree with most? 03:37:56
Site to Automatically Write a Politician 02:48:09
Ringside Revolution UPDATE 01:57:50
Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Racist? Anti-American? 01:57:08
Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Racist? Anti-American? 01:57:04
**Two or more conspiring to do something 01:55:34
Libertarian humor: R.C. Hoiles on government schools 01:20:19
Bill Clinton 01:13:42
What does the DP community think about THIS!? 00:51:21
Has Anyone Heard The Latest On Missouri & The GOP's....... 00:40:42
Fellow Revolutionaries on all Fronts! 00:11:50
***Law suite filed to bring 00:07:07