Posted on March 25, 2008

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History, from the future 14:57:54
Ron Paul on the Republic Broadcasting Network 13:26:56
MP3 | Coast To Coast George Noory Ron Paul Interview 02:49:53
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Would someone Please sue the Federal Gov for Bribery,Coersion,Terror 23:55:10
Make congress do their job 23:46:10
Montana Gov Paying lip service while complying to real ID!!! 23:43:12
The Bloodline continues 23:36:59
Badnarik bookmark 23:33:54
**The Tibetans have gone "all in". What about you?** 23:22:49
Ron Paul Wants A New 9/11 Investigation 23:04:13
Recycle photography Silver? 22:49:16
Wall Street May Face $460 Billion In Losses 22:38:17
Torture Bracelet To Control Dissenting Americans? 22:30:17
Stop the "Official" conspiracy theory about Sept 11. 22:25:46
How do you feel about Kevorkian running for congress? 22:12:13
See? There's nothing wrong with our economy. We have Oprah to the rescue. 21:48:01
McCain Now Claims He ‘Had No Confidence’ In Bush Before The Surge 21:29:49
CNN Reported on Confusion in Pledged Delegates 21:27:30
Big Brother for foreigners 21:22:57
Thousands of American Refugees: Coming to Canada or in US tent cities 21:21:41
"Handful" of Missouri GOP delegates challenged 20:55:46
Delegate Process 20:54:28
Today: RON PAUL ON COAST TO COAST A.M. March 25th 2008 20:39:39
Capitalism and democracy, can they both exist? 20:17:21
McCain: Osama bin Laden and I agree on Iraq 20:08:31
ANALOG 19:47:19
The Revolution in IDAHO 19:32:03
Why am I not under attack!?! 19:27:57
Lou Dobbs - All Governors who are resisting the National Id 19:27:24
Bush cares for troops 18:44:38
THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE deemed a terrorist document by HR1955!! 18:26:02
Ron Paul is the worst choice for President 18:06:44
Crony Casino Corporatism ("CCC") 18:01:32
Jesse Ventura on Larry King Tonight 18:00:08
Dr. Ron Paul Campaign Today..... 17:57:13
Mike Gravel joins Libertarian Party 17:47:05
Secretary Paulson: Social Security and Medicare must change-bankrupt 17:33:20
THE MASTER PLAN is to control and enslave the world through DEBT! 17:03:58
$366.94 16:59:49
Winter Soldiers 16:58:41
Remembering the 4,000 - LAWeekly Blogger starting to get it. 16:57:32
The tide has turned.... 16:53:42
Please Help: Need Ideas for pop up facts. 16:04:26
Who judges the qualifications of a Republican presidential candidate? 15:54:48
Nancy Reagan to Endorse McCain 15:25:18
Online Poll needs your help NOW! 15:05:22
Vote RON PAUL 2008 14:59:29
Why Ron Paul Scares the GOP 14:46:46
How to disarm the American people 14:43:29
Should the U.S. become a fully Socialist Country? 14:43:14
Sadr militia battle troops in four Iraqi cities 14:17:09
Most Important Campaign Issue??? VOTE!!! 14:11:20
How do you sell your gold/silver in other currencies? 14:06:25
Presidential Votes To Be Rechecked In 11 Ohio Counties 13:30:04
From Thomas Sowell An Article on Obama (His True Colors) 12:00:15
attn: CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS - PROP 65 puts your health freedom at risk. 11:09:14
Flagger-Monkeys Win 11:01:57
"SHUT UP and SING" Phil Donahue on Corp. Media and the Iraq War 10:18:53
Constitution Party Notes: Ballot Access petitioning help needed in Texas and Illinois. 10:12:47
And so it continues... 10:06:37
The Constitutionalist Party 09:47:22
The Thirty-Year Itch 09:30:38
Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early 09:28:58
Grassroots Leaders and Links 09:22:42
Buy your Amero coins here....... 09:07:35
GOP Still Trying to Fill Blank in Key Illinois Race 09:02:20
Food Prices Soar Worlwide 08:06:59
Give Ron Paul supporters extra points for creativity says LA Times blogger 07:24:34
Buchanan Brigade Promoting the March on Washington 06:57:00
The GWB Library - HUMOR (Which We Can All Use A Little Now & Again) 06:55:24
Bob Barr to run third party with our support? 06:35:45
I'm Sorry But Would Somebody Remind Me Again Why We're At War 05:46:37
Coast to Coast AM Money Bomb! 04:58:06
So many strange coincidences??? 04:09:20
OMMIGOD - Is this McLAME or What? 03:21:59
South Dakota needs Yard Signs! (Pay it Forward) 02:35:00
Hmm, just created a post and it was gone in two minutes... 02:32:44
*** Ron Paul on Coast To Coast AUDIO Here *** 02:28:18
Listen to Coast to Coast here... 00:56:25
Is anybody listening to Coast to Coast? 00:43:58
I thought about this idea: the REVOLUTION in sports events 00:30:56
Awesome! Clinton Busted!!! 00:29:44
Schiff Inflation vs. Deflation and World Stocks? 00:28:31
Bob Barr on Antiwar Radio Tuesday Morning 00:25:32
I pledge I will not flag 00:23:32
Am I the ONLY one who has a HUGE problem with this??? 00:11:57
War protesters storm Chicago Easter mass throwing fake blood.. 00:08:53
Daily Paul help? Can someone tell me what this is? 00:02:56