Posted on March 4, 2008

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The Good News: Ron Paul Wins Texas 14 22:42:46
Welcome Huckabee supporters!!!! 22:33:28
Ron Paul Ranked #27 Out of 200 House GOPs 15:36:32
Give CNN Hell: Ron Paul left off their poll... 12:22:53
Funny stuff 10:27:53
March 4th - Good Luck Dr. Paul! 01:00:06
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McCain short of his delegates in Texas? 23:53:27
Pelosi pushing contempt? 23:48:50
Listen DAG BLAMMIT! 23:47:08
Stay positive? 23:45:21
The Revolution is Indispensable to restoring our Republic 23:40:29
It's already happening... 23:36:54
Are you sick of Meetup mailing lists? — Freedom Fortress is the answer. 23:26:36
Sooo.... 23:24:08
There were 11 now theres 2 we just keep rolling BROKERED CONV. 23:23:59
Children of the State 23:22:55
Surprise! I just showed up and I'm a delagate to the Regional! 23:19:10
On to Pennsylvania! RP home state! 23:13:40
McCain HAS NOT CLINCHED ANYTHING!!!! Updated 3/5 is the real delegate count 23:13:15
Clinton leading in most OH districts 23:08:49
Does Anyone Have The Campaign Finance Link? 23:08:18
Did McCain clinch 1,191 delegates or not??? Someone please help??? 23:08:10
The Creature from Jekyll Island 23:05:01
Texas precinct convention delegates, sound off! 23:02:56
Who is the mystery "Other" candidate??? 22:56:13
I don't understand the nomination thing... 22:55:03
On Ron Paul 2008 22:52:48
Bush/Cheney Wanted for Treason 22:50:47
McCheese Givin' His Speech Now... 22:50:23
Peaceful, non-cooperation 22:49:09
Frustrated? Want to do something about it? 22:47:13
Huckabee Drops Out! 22:45:33
Someone From Ron Paul's Campaign 22:40:52
Mike to drop out? 22:37:17
can RP debate Mccain at least,now that huckabee is out? 22:27:10
MSM Declares McCain the Nominee; Huck Concedes 22:26:38
Candidate Hoa Tran beating McCain in several Districts 22:19:07
Do we need a super crappy president to wake this country up? 22:15:23
Vote Fraud in OH 22:15:09
anybody want to meet in manhattan? 22:10:10
Look at this crazyness in the Texas District 22:09:22
3/4 at 9:05 pm ET - HUCK WILL DROP OUT! 22:08:23
Huckabee doing well in the Dallas and North Dallas Districts 21:54:22
Go vote on the AOL poll 21:50:09
The Texas results are from early voting, NOTE these people will not be showing up to be delegates 21:44:32
Interesting they are not reporting the districts around Austin 21:37:13
Huckabee dropping out tomorrow??? 21:34:36
Please every one help! 21:31:25
Vermont Votes To Arrest and Detain Bush & Cheney 21:31:21
|||**** I BEG YOU! *** EMERGENCY **** Keep BUMPED!!! ***** ||| 21:22:52
**If the MSM crowns McCain the GOP winner** 21:22:45
McCain winning District where Georges Bush's official home is - two peas in a pod 21:16:19
In Ohio we were encourage to ask for a paper ballot... 21:08:49
Vermont Towns Vote to Indict Bush and Cheney 21:02:49
Vermont passes Legislation 20:59:54
Paul & Barr meeting for a possible third party ticket??? 20:53:08
Anyone... Anyone... Anyone...? 20:46:53
Lap dog media 20:45:09
For those of you who are not yet signed up as precinct leaders, we desperately need you to do so - regardless of the state in wh 20:42:15
Who wants to make me a bet that Ron Paul will win his district but McCain will take the primary in Ron Paul' very own district. 20:40:12
Mastermind behind the REAL ID....GET'EM! 20:20:15
Okay is this the Ron Paul strategy after he wins his Congressional Seat 20:19:27
Pervasive Republican result lags 20:16:15
Money Tracker Gone? 20:10:59
AOL 3/3-3/10 Presidential Straw Poll: Vote Now! 20:10:47
I Like Ron Paul and He Can Win 20:10:38
MAJOR VICTORY FOR US One of our meetup heads has taken county chair in his state and this is happening all over the country. 20:09:25
Just got back from voting... 19:54:22
Ron's Congressional seat? 19:49:46
Calling Texas - 19:43:09
George Washington's Farewell speech against entangling alliances 19:38:50
Ron's Congressional Primary Election Results Here 19:27:32
OHIO....We just voted!! 19:15:15
Everyone here is already a delegate or working to be one, right?!!!! 19:14:07
DIgg--How long until $4.00 gas 19:06:43
Some random thoughts to think about post election season. 19:00:33
possible run-around in precinct 58 in Houston, Tx 18:56:36
Is this why Ron Paul only got 8% in the New Hampshire Primary? 18:52:22
Media´s Deafening Silence and Ron Paul´s Candidacy 18:33:11
Paul-Barr Presidential Ticket Coming? 18:30:44
Forbes Printed a letter from Dr. Paul 18:28:15
New 3rd party run talk 18:13:34
Article about Ron Paul in... 18:09:14
Thank you U.S. Servicemen and policemen 18:04:59
From Daily Dose: 17:42:34
++++UPDATE: Letterbomb update++++ 17:21:38
And now, a word from the one who knows money, Ron Paul 17:09:31
Vote in this poll and make some good comments 16:57:23
Another inaccurate "poison pen" from ABC News 16:57:16
ROGER. OUT!---Good Luck Daily Pauler's 16:53:19
Tell CNN to watch this! 16:41:41
Attention Florida! Become a Delegate 16:32:58
Faux is even worse than CNN with this delegate stuff...this is really starting to tick me off...... 16:29:42
To Change or What to Change, That is the Question 16:24:09
Sign of depth of McCain's desperation? 16:14:16
Give MSNBC Hell: Abe's Letters discovered... 16:00:16
observation from the ground in Austin Texas 15:34:01
personal good news 15:29:24
California Policemen...What Was This?? 15:28:31
I was interviewed at my polling place by the local news 15:28:04
Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain 14:37:29
FEDS cite hassles if States don't Comply with REAL ID law 14:34:18
A truly frightening economic outlook from a European research group 14:29:38
Watch TX-14 results here: Keep bumped 14:18:20
*news black out* 14:14:09
Breaking News - Irag War Costs Will Surpass WWII 14:09:39
Fed's New Video: Crisis Preparedness 14:03:46
"Homeland Security Training in Israel" - Oh Boy! 14:02:15
What if The Huckster drops out tonight? 14:01:06
Pat Buchanan, "...Confirmation That American Democracy Is A Fraud" 13:59:07
monopoly 13:55:11
I know this brings back the FDA issue so many disiked but its interesting 13:52:48
Why does only one company get to decide our elections? 13:52:40
Has anyone else ever seen this 13:49:46
Double-Dare You to Walk a Mile in My Ron Paul Shirt 13:49:28
Ron Paul Goes to the Zoo! 13:47:24
McCain Blasts Russian Election 13:33:22
Yahoo's Front Page 13:23:35
An Appeal to the World 13:16:14
Something up in Oregon, says Urgent 13:01:42
Silver & Gold dipping, get ready to buy. 12:46:55
! Bringing joy into our hearts (and forum) :) ! 12:44:34
Morgan Stanley currency chief predicts dollar collapse 12:42:27
Claire Wolfe: 179 things to do 'til the Revolution 12:30:53
Is Ron Paul our King Theoden? 12:25:51
URGENT: South Dakota Urgent: Republican County Caucuses Thursday, March 6th at 8PM 12:09:26
Oil Bourse Is Here - Reality - old link PLEASE 12:04:32
Constitution Money Bomb today 11:50:29
Where are the ads in TX? 11:48:25
Hillary on steroids? 11:17:11
Request for advice! 11:17:07
Founder of on RPRAIDIO NOW 11:03:00
Ohio to close to call so why no polls, only Texas Polls 10:47:55
"Federal Reserve Rescue Has Failed" 10:39:05
Watch this then vote! 10:19:09
I Photographed My Vote On Those Stupid Electronic Voting Machines 10:15:38
Just Voted In Central Ohio! 10:05:05
Bank Failures: Should you worry? 09:58:37
Banks Have NEGATIVE Reserve Ratios 09:52:54
How's that war looking now? 09:51:18
CITI Bank Implementing Withdrawal Limits and Restrictions on YOUR Money 09:48:14
Is Bush to Blame for the Economy? 09:29:49
The Story-Life Of Lincoln 08:15:32
Spring idea!!! Victory Garden for Ron Paul. 08:03:20
RON PAUL Warns Us Of Becoming Involved In Foreign Entanglements 07:48:41
Is Texas already decided? 06:39:59
Michael Nystrom for VP? 06:29:56
Is Ron Paul missing something? 05:27:43
RP and the Iraq puppy off a cliff Youtube 04:15:50
New Video about the Democrats and their "fainting" shtick! 02:01:26
******Ron Paul supported lawyer beats the IRS in tax court!***** 01:45:27
Murray Sabrin Money Bomb was sabotaged 01:14:15
Extreme Ron Paul LOVE video! 01:12:42
No matter what. I LOVE ALL OF YOU 01:09:10
Please Sign The June 21st Rally Plea Petition! 01:07:35
Nixon ends gold convertability, sounds like Ben Bernanke 01:03:56
Dennis K. getting the Ron Paul treatment 00:20:15
War Costs 00:12:35
Hope for the Economy DIGG! 00:05:58
Anybody else a little freaked out by cops? 00:05:32