Posted on March 5, 2008

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Straight Talk from a Texas Meetup 23:07:13
Voters Choose, help a child and help promote Dr Paul 20:46:36
Ron Paul's Victory Statement 16:02:42
They Thought They Were Free 14:47:42
Nine States To Go...Get out that Vote! 10:14:08
A Shrewd Run for Congress - GOP United Against Ron Paul in '96 Too 00:22:27
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How Conspiracy Theories hurt Ron Paul 23:59:51
Role of gold in Great Depression 23:57:24
The msm is not smart enough to see the inevitable 23:55:45
Wikipedia front page 23:55:19
Ron Paul Republican running in Oregon's 1st Congressional District! 23:47:11
Morale Booster... Encouragement... 23:16:45
American Troops going insane 23:16:16
Where is our leader? 23:13:28
Keep it up! Our morale is unnerving the critics! 23:11:08
A message from a Houston Meetup 23:07:56
Busted...Got you with your hand in the cookie jar! 23:03:28
Ron Paul still a candidate 22:59:37
**** Urgent Must See This **** Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication *********** 22:52:21
Ultimate Concealed Carry 22:33:11
Ron Paul campaigning today 22:29:16
Tribute to MSM! Can't Watch This! 22:28:32
MCCains Positive Press is Plummeting. Its about time everyone sees the real McCain!! 22:22:54
Dr. Paul, the Lone Voice of Conscience, again. 404-1. The Bravest, the Smartest, and the only Honorable one in the room. 22:14:38
South Dakota County Caucuses March 6th! 22:03:37
a lightbulb... 22:01:30
HUGE Link TV Opportunity-International RP Friends! 22:00:44
Opportunity in San Diego 21:53:47
Let us raise our good Doctor some cash! 21:50:20
everything you need to know about the 2008 election. Major DIGG put it out there! 21:41:19
Central Ohio Household Registers 100% for Ron Paul 21:35:15
The inside story. Paul and Barr..... maybe? 21:34:46
Can any of you trollers tell me the answer to this questions or dont they train you for this type of tactics? 21:28:14
Tucker Carlson 3/5/2008 21:08:11
Glenn Beck...afraid of promoting Ron Paul? 20:58:03
__----Tell Your SENATORS TO STOP BIG MEDIA---____ 20:57:36
My county convention speech -- Please steal it!! 20:54:59
Paul Craig Roberts 20:52:55
Indiana Supporters.. 20:50:19
we must push push push 20:47:43
Electronic Voting Machines Whistle Blower! 20:43:14
"Hello" to McCain,Obama,Clinton Campaigns, FBI, etc.... 20:41:05
Make fun buddy 20:27:33
RNC Convention? 20:27:23
And then.. there were two 20:22:01
Dr. No strikes again and makes me glad I support him 20:07:56
my precinct chairman... was for huckster.. now for RON PAUL! 20:07:47
Can someone explain this to me??? 19:58:38
What Ron Paul Did For Us Today 19:50:15
Ever Eat at "Taste of Texas"? 19:48:48
Lets TELEVISE the REVOLUTION & Ron Paul 19:17:15
This Nation Really Is Ripe For Revolution.... 19:16:30
The Democrats now work for us. 19:06:13
McCain: What if no one donates? 18:58:17
Where does Ron Paul get his books? 18:43:37
Can someone build a simple web widget? 18:21:26
"WE ARE BORG!" Hilarious new Obama video. 18:11:33
White House Q&A 18:05:34
maybe the Weather Channel will run Ron Paul ads for cheap... 17:57:10
Anyone Interested In Taking Our Revolution To The Next Level?? 17:53:44
ohioanforpaul is a KOOK! 17:40:09
Ron Paul on the Hill Today with Farmers 17:39:43
Daddywarbucks- here is my article/ad that you requested 17:38:50
Blame America First ? 17:25:26
Time to get America ready for President Paul 17:24:54
We Have to Figure Out a Way to Unite the Conservatives Behind Dr. Paul 17:23:05
direct email campaign to help get Ron Paul's legislation passed 17:02:24
Please Answer These Questions 17:01:53
Lets hit McCain where it really hurts!!!!!!! 16:54:30
National Defense 16:49:17
Concerned citizens enter the Athens County Board of Elections in Ohio, 16:33:45
Naming your delegate slate- Repost 16:32:23
Bush endorses McCain... Disgusting 16:31:52
A word from Ron Paul 16:27:44
Need some great resolutions? 16:23:47
Email from John McCain - He says he won the nomination 16:16:47
E-MAIL BOMB: Ask MSNBC to publicly take back their comments 16:01:49
Vermont towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney 15:45:35
what if...? 15:45:32
Ron Paul Hammers Neo-Con Rival To Retain Congressional Seat 15:41:26
The game is afoot 15:40:33
Proud of Vermont 15:25:48
UPDATED***When is the time to use our second amendment rights against tyranny? Curious*** 15:23:16
+++ Is Paul waiting for us? +++ 15:17:45
What is Dr. Paul's Position on U.S. Off-shore and Alaska Oil Drilling 15:14:03
*&%&*****Would this get me a ride on a FEMA bus????? 15:02:44
Seperating conspiracy theory from conspiracy fact- REPOST 14:58:31
Industrialized Hemp Resolution 14:43:59
Bush endorses McCain 14:41:34
cnn admits ron paul is still in the race 14:32:13
Yen Carry Trade. Why can't I use this to refinance my house? 14:24:42
There are rose colored glasses and.... 14:20:13
Ron Paul or God? 14:17:19
Dr. Paul's article from main site 13:56:12
Please Digg: Get this message up! 13:47:04
March in St. Paul, not in Washington! 13:46:57
March in St. Paul, not in Washington! 13:46:57
Explain Please how Ron Paul wins his congressional seat by landslide yet those very same voters give McCain their vote for the 13:40:59
Is this an Omen? - A main trunk branch broke 13:37:44
Those who speak out go to prision? Is that what's next for us? 13:34:02
Alert: Due Diligence now labeled as bad 13:33:58
Apparently, according to, Ron Paul dropped out of the race... 13:31:02
Not So Fast McCain: His lingering FEC problem 13:30:32
To my fellow Christian brothers and sisters who supported Huckabee** WELCOME!** 13:28:25
Is it Peden Trolls? 13:23:55
Forbes-Ron Paul Editorial 13:23:08
McCain’s Lingering FEC Problem HUGE! INFO HERE! DIGG!!! 13:12:56
HUGE Opportunity!!! 13:08:39
Are We "Fringe"? Are We United? Food For Thought! 13:06:54
FISA redo/reorganization? 13:06:41
Huckabee Supporters Wanted Here! 13:05:00
There were 11 now there are 2- CNN: Huckabee's exit leaves anti-war Texas congressman Ron Paul as McCain's sole active 13:04:38
Pandering_Begins_Ron_Paul_for_TRUTH 13:03:39
How nice of them,, more devices to control the public 12:53:45
write in petition 12:43:34
education program concerning IRS elimination 12:36:26
McCain "OFFICIALLY" receives GOP nomination??? 12:35:36
Time to get serious! If you aren't already a delegate, then find out how to become one. 12:35:33
Magic Leprechaun Dennis wins big in Ohio 12:31:21
silver up 93 cents today.. so much for the sell off! 12:28:58
Talking about the Remnant 12:27:19
The Dream has HAPPENED!! 12:25:01
Let's look at what President Bush has signed into law. 12:18:51
Check This Out 12:12:55
Even Politico Spins the Story Against Anti-Warriors 12:08:30
Ron Paul Victory Statement March 5, 2008 12:07:31
How to get ALL our delegates to the convention 12:06:35
If there were 535 Ron Paulicans in Congress... 12:05:14
What WE can do now 12:04:07
Could we convinse Rand Paul to run as a third party? 11:34:04
A Warm Welcome to Values Voters! 11:28:38
Order out of Chaos. 11:17:25
Politicians Are Gutting America Like A Fish 11:16:17
Delegates Needed Now ! 10:57:10
Time for HQ to have another chat with us.... 10:41:56
A Grand Stand (In His Own Words -- A Video -- A Reminder) 10:41:12
Why do they want Obama to be president and what chance is there of stopping it? 10:29:58
Congressional District Voting versus state wide primary voting Fraud 10:29:14
The funniest posts 10:22:34
Ron Paul Re-Elected By a Landslide! 10:20:39
Why we have hope: Example 10:18:43
How to make the Washington Rally HUGE 10:06:09
Where is KY post that wanted call4paul help? HERE IT IS! 10:04:28
My take on the delegate situation 10:02:49
Ron Paul Won 09:42:40
So I was walking my kids to Daycare this morning... 09:32:23
Enjoy 09:28:15
Embarassing yourself by emailing Morning Joe 09:22:36
Revolution Revived! 09:13:28
So when is the Liberty March 08:57:05
Ron Paul War Vid 08:31:19
Just FYI 08:03:56
Silver Futures and Options Contracts ** Please Help ** 07:54:55
The Revolution Continues (Candidacy Announcment) 07:34:18
Still think it's going to be easy? 07:24:42
Time To Get To Work // A Time To Get Serious 07:05:40
CD 14 - Ron Paul 0 3,234 12.15% 6,697 12.00% 06:53:18
**Somebody - Please clarify Texas and delegate convention rules** 05:28:02
The Wizard of Oz 04:49:55
Excellent new article by Dr. Paul 04:49:21
Dedicated to our Freedom Fighter, CONGRATS on your Re-election, Dr.! 04:19:39
This is bigger than you think... 04:17:32
RON PAUL Vs. McCain debate 04:13:27
Republican National Committee ;-( 04:09:05
Everyone stick together. This is too imporant to give up. Please read and bump. 03:40:57
Who Looks Foolish, Alamo Heroes or Us? 03:34:16
Hillary Clinton State of the Union Speech 03:23:34
nolan chart reporting mccain has enough bound delegates... 03:19:54
Why is so negative? 03:19:28
Did McCain really win enough delegates 03:08:22
What if McCain gets sick, or Dies? 03:02:57
Now its time to hit them where it counts!! 02:50:33
Sodahead Poll 02:49:37
Ron Paul At The Arab American Institute Conference 02:47:49
Hope Anthem Video Please rate and bump! 02:26:25
Aimee Allen's vid 02:21:27
Now Watch Dr. Paul Make some Kick @ss Speeches 02:17:46
Vermont towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney 02:04:36
The Gauntlet 01:56:58
WTF.....Explain this 01:54:56
Naming your delegate slate 01:47:33
Politics is an oblong super ball 01:47:03
Thread Removed=Censorship 01:44:45
Dennis leading in ohio 2 to 1! 01:42:09
Happy Constitution Day! 01:40:34
Take it for what its worth,, but information is power 01:39:25
Ron Paul is just one "STROKE" away from winning the nomination... haha, it's a pun, click to find out how.... 01:35:51
Darnit Texas! 01:33:29
Is anyone suprised Hillary won? 01:21:29
Huckabee OUT! Paul Vs. Mccain. Go-Go-GO!!! 01:18:52
huckster throws in the towel 01:13:17
does anyone in houston know who John Faulk is 01:07:43
Mike Huckabee Out? 00:57:14
So we need delegates at the convention, then what we need to do is have a chipin for delegates that cannot afford the trip 00:56:39
88% reporting for Dr. Pauls congressional seat WINNING WITH 70% OF THE VOTE SO FAR 00:50:53
Question... 00:50:03
***Nacogdoches County Texas...What are the odds?????*** 00:47:01
Dr Paul at Forbes...please digg! 00:46:19
Modern Declaration of Independence 00:40:42
I voted for Ron Paul today in Ohio and stuck around the polls to hand out literature 00:29:45
Huckabee Drops Out 00:12:40
About Ron Paul..awful quiet on DIGG today 00:11:33
Huckabee is OUT 00:05:43