Posted on April 1, 2008

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PA Delegates need donations - please help and keep bumped - $2600 so far! 23:28:58
Video: Ron Paul on Glenn Beck - April 1, 2008 23:10:32
On Money, Inflation and Government 10:49:11
Clinton to Visit Bloomington, IN TODAY! RP EVENT! 00:08:02
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Remember 23:46:41
Watch this..... 23:44:54
Need New Voting System in general election 23:24:45
From Lew Rockwell: Dr. Paul speaking twice this Thursday in Pittsburgh -- go, go, go! 23:18:08
Aaron Russo phonetapped, murder brought up 23:07:58
coast to coast with Ron Paul 23:00:53
IN HISTORY HAS THERE EVER BEEN A DELEGATE REVOLT?? where the delegates voted for someone other than who they were supposed to?? 22:46:54
HELP Does this Say Massachusetts delegates bound Is it the Law 22:38:48
Gary Hart Confronted on New World Order Vision - 22:36:22
Ron Paul delegate *** 22:34:22
Holy Crap, the Flagging needs to stop.... 22:29:16
FED POWER GRAB, reddit 22:26:49
Three Words: Ragged Old Flag 22:20:04
eGold - Check it Out 22:10:43
Daddy WarBucks: The Simple Truth About Today's Market Rally 21:38:50
Looking for your input.... Im creating a freedom store... 21:33:09
**Are the jackals after Dr. Paul** 21:31:41
A RP ELECTRONIC BANK based on silver and gold using Pay Pal and electronic tranfers! 21:25:04
Ventura/Paul 21:23:15
Jesse Ventura on Larry King 21:19:26
Jesse Ventura just said on Larry King Live that Ron Paul would make a great president! Apr 1 at 9:18 pm 21:18:20
RP is on Glenn Beck right now 8:11 Central 21:11:10
Please help me with your suggestions 21:06:20
Ron Paul Interview: Income Tax, Fed Reserve, Debt 20:58:41
This happened in CT. 20:52:43
PROOF POSITIVE - that the RP Revolution is more powerful that SEX! 20:49:06
We are not alone... the world wants Ron Paul! 20:31:14
Ron Paul with Glenn Beck up on YouTube 20:18:51
Safehaven 19:16:23
Saddam ** a letter to 18:13:41
Silvers Down, Dows up, HELP 17:57:10
DickTaters.... 17:53:26
WATCH THIS THEN........ 17:38:39
Obama Feigns Ignorance of CFR, NAU 17:20:52
Is hacking on the Daily Paul still happening? 17:19:40
Is this where the Framers faltered? 17:18:29
Have public schools been turned into Training Camps for professional sports teams? 17:07:08
Christine Smith--Ron Paul's VP? 16:45:26
Cause and Effect 16:41:51
14th Amendment 16:19:12
Stay hopeful!! 15:45:37
Army lying to recruits? 15:36:41
The Fed: Lew Rockwell on air with Charles Goyette (4/1) 15:05:36
Re:"No One is Leading." 14:59:11
Two systems running parallel 14:55:48
How'd it go in Colorado? 14:50:30
Do men find women who can understand and discuss the political issues to be especially attractive, or is it just me? 14:40:35
An Open Letter to Ron Paul 14:34:07
Citibank site problems or ??? 14:31:14
Ron Paul to endorse Bob Barr for POTUS? 14:30:17
Impending Police State in Central Illinois. 14:23:48
Dr. Steve to be on RONPAULRADIO.COM today 3-5 13:40:24
APRIL FOOLS.....The Market is UP UP UP---Buy Buy Buy... 13:17:12
Off Topic: Hillary is financially broke 13:11:39
WAPO: With the Internet Comes a New Political 'Clickocracy' 13:08:24
Doug Wead's latest blog- Ron Paul owns the future 12:58:45
Americans losing control to the FED is like a slow rising tide over many decades! 12:37:25
Dr. Pauls Hope for America Tour in Pennsylvania 12:32:32
eliot spitzer and the fed 12:12:42
Cint Eastwood for President?!?! 11:49:31
***Greeting Planned for Hitlery in Erie PA today!*** 11:48:31
Lets discuse the Plunge protection team and federal reserves admittedly 11:36:43
Please stop with the April fools jokes already ok? 11:19:41
"Ron Paul Supporters vs. Real Conspiracy Theorists" by LibertyMaven April 1, 2008 10:25:37
I guess some dailypaul rumers are true. Truckers striking. 10:08:26
Oliver Stone's movie about Bush 09:48:14
Eisenhower warned about the power being accumilated in the hands of the few. 09:39:59
New York State government shifting tax burden to counties 09:38:27
Petition Online - People to McCain: You Are Not Above The Law 09:35:43
Take a break and check this out ,,,this will make you feel better 09:25:40
April Fools Day jokes are a distraction 09:12:51
Oklahoma State Legislators Want Sovereignty 08:39:37
Incredible new robot! 08:32:28
McCain announces his choice for VP Condolezza Rice :Lighten up 07:55:36
USA 2008: The Great Depression 07:23:22
Soviet scars from Afghanistan 03:08:39
Another Case of Efficiency Through Bush-Style Privatization 02:50:34
Check it out and vote for Ron Paul! 02:47:50
RON PAUL Matchbooks 4Sale 02:15:42
Ron Paul: The Day Before Super Tuesday 02:11:53
new york legislature considering "workplace bullying law" 02:09:34
Platform Resolution Suggestion 01:31:01
Juan mccain on the issues lets just call him poopy pants from now on. 01:10:08
10th Amendment is alive! County Sheriff Can Bust Big Brother 00:38:13
Bob Barr To Run With Ron Paul Endorsement? 00:21:51
Breaking News - Bush has been arrested 00:16:20
***Check out fox news!!!!! Bob Barr is going to run!!!!! Dr. Paul will endorse him !!!**** 00:09:40