Posted on April 14, 2008

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April 15 Freedom Rally 23:54:44
Yo! Operation Pennsylvania! 21:49:09
Bailing Out Banks 19:56:45
Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker Agrees with Ron Paul. 16:07:16
Spokane & Stevens County Conventions Go For Ron Paul! 03:35:22
Ron Paul Presents President's Forum Lecture Tonight! 01:45:41
Video: Ron Paul at Gettysburg College 4/11/2008 01:41:34
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Chip in to help Eastern So. Dakota be informed & Ron Paul Billboards. 23:47:51
Food Riots Around The WORLD????? 23:39:30
Is Polygamy Harmful To Freedom? Part Two 23:31:58
The Pope is coming. Maybe he'll remind Catholics about just war? 23:29:00
Ron Paul gets his time with General Petraeus Video Ouch!!! 23:27:32
Sue the IRS- amazing video, check it out!! 23:23:33
Cheney Laughs About North American Union Agenda 23:22:43
I'm GOIN to the RALLY!!! 23:12:05
FEMA has hijacked my town 23:06:41
General Electric (GE), food riots, and more: an open letter. 22:20:31
RE: Republicans Holding Their Noses 22:17:27
Should government be involved in marriage at all? 22:14:52
Poem From Friend 22:06:46
People (not Pet) Peeve 22:01:51
Media Exposure Competition for the Rally 21:49:24
Jim Sinclair on CNN 21:34:58
Breaking News:Ron Paul Revolution Radio is quitting! 21:29:56
Ron Paul to speak and receive award at Future of Freedom Foundation event 21:17:30
What do you think are the three most important issues of the RP Revolution? 21:16:50
Help 21:10:26
Dr. Paul to be on MANCOW April 16th 20:59:07
One of my Political artworks. Would like a critique please. (digital art) 20:57:10
Live Web-a-Thon April 16, 2008 9-11pm EST 20:49:15
Definition of Patriotism by Ron Paul 20:47:38
Who's Watching You? Tesco To Monitor Millions Of Consumers Around The World 20:40:46
Last chance to sign Petition for Restoration of the Constitution 20:21:32
Bankers cheer Frank-Paul approach to Web gambling 20:18:26
The Elephant In The Room Documentary 20:16:34
Question? 20:11:21
STOP Mayor Bloomberg! 20:02:58
ACT BEFORE APR. 15: Support Paper Ballot Bill NOW 19:47:59
The Democrats are suing McCain for FEC violation- they've also filed a complaint and have called for an investigation 19:32:39
getting out of the dollar...lots of room for suggestions and comments here! 19:27:05
Nightly Business Report Just Mentioned Ron Paul signs in Western PA 19:18:20
The Dollar Crisis is spreading Worldwide and fast. 19:15:08
Freedom Rally - Washington D.C. (Webcast)? 18:56:23
Yahoo says Independents to decide presidency 18:54:55
Nader on 9/11. Nader on Ron Paul. 18:49:08
RPR Radio Broacasting live from the "Freedom Rally"! 18:17:39
This Story Is Too Good To Go By Unnoticed: "Dining with The Oligarchy" 18:02:51
WAR ON WAR! $5000+ in Prizes! 17:58:29
The Three "Iraqs" - Why the War was Always Doomed To Failure 17:49:28
Market bubbles due to testosterone? 17:41:17
Want to Read The Most Important Article on Daily Paul? 16:51:45
What happened with these people? 16:12:47
UN Chief:"your upsetting our Millennium Development Goals, GIVE US $$$" 16:09:04
Living in Denial 15:55:55
Fringe Party-Fringes Unite 15:26:03
Granny goes to DC freedom rally 15:23:28
Peter James has General election coming in 5 to 8 weeks 15:23:08 15:21:19
Bailing Out Banks--Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 15:08:04
Ron Paul: Bailing out the banks 14:55:57
Can anybody give me some silver advice? 14:53:57
DNC pdf complaint against McCain 14:41:20
Reminder- SPP Summit April 21-22 in New Orleans 14:26:56
What is Western Democracy? A critique of American Government. 14:24:50
Research Roundup 3: 14:06:51
Research Roundup 2: 14:04:48
Research Roundup 1: While the site was down I did my own research, the results are…. 14:02:34
FBI nudges state 'fusion centers' into the shadows 14:00:21
Straw Poll: What are you doing tomorrow (April 15)? 13:49:21
Saturday Night Live covers the Petraeus Hearings 13:13:28
*Let's ban products from the companies supporting the Olympic Games!* 13:13:01
Could the Daily Paul add additional forums to promote activism for specific topics? 13:10:26
Ralph Nader has praise for Ron Paul's run for the presidency! 12:57:06
Things are unraveling for McCain and the War very quickly 12:46:37
collapse contagion.... 12:29:42
food riots in other parts of the world.. can it happen here? 12:15:14
South Oregon canvassing material needed 12:08:53
In case your not aware, paper ballots trail info 11:57:42
Pro-American Union website. from ron paul forums 11:25:18
Unalienable rights come from our Creator, not a Bill of Rights. 11:22:38
Constitution does NOT grant us the right of free speech 11:21:42
Sabrin's slate of congressional candidates 11:13:16
Idaho needs 113 signs 10:55:00
The GREAT AMERICAN Strike for Peace and Prosperity is April 15, 2008 10:02:03
The Blimp Story 1-1/2 09:59:45
tax rally in st paul, or was it a Ron Paul rally? 08:57:56
Repubs Holding Noses and voting McCain 08:46:13
Ahhhh, those wacky Ron Paul supporters. Part 92 08:41:26
Dems suing McCain over campaign financing 08:04:41
Personal Liberty declaration, great for handing out in Washington, tomorrow. 07:44:03
BOYCOTT on tax day ? (shopping and banking) 05:54:21
Minnesota anti tax rally draws Ron Paul supporters 05:29:52
We Are Drafting Ron Paul for a Third Party Run! 04:30:56
7 Video Game Currencies Stronger Then The Dollar 03:44:14
So, who was at Penn State Friday? 03:34:52
`Restless' Independents, Not Parties, May Select U.S. President 03:30:25
Nader supports new independent inquiry into 9-11 03:28:52
The YouTube Interview: Ron Paul 03:28:32
Hooray!!! Daily Paul is back! 02:48:15
We missed you DP 01:44:00