Posted on April 17, 2008

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SAVE OUR COUNTRY! Cost of the National Convention, don't worry just get there. 17:02:09
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THERE MUST NEVER BE ANOTHER WACO! By Pastor Chuck Baldwin 23:55:49
Obama/Pushpinder 23:31:08
The June 21st rally is still a go in D.C. 23:27:09
Alternative to Fractional Reserve Banking? Is it an inherent evil? 23:26:57
My daughter wants her license 23:02:00
Comment on this Blog Post about yesterday's Debate 22:51:31
Breaking NOW !!!@=>>>Famed GOP Analyst & Party Insider - "Illini Pundit" Declares Race is OV3R for McCain !!!!!!!!!! <<====@@@@ 22:49:04
* * Sign Petition to Stop W. TX & CPS * * 22:37:54
Ecuador wants military base in Miami 22:35:05
GOLD Advice. I Need Help. 22:25:45
PA debate in 1 minute. Funny video. 22:06:44
Time for BJ RPF got it started lets continue the madness for the cause 21:42:58
Ron Paul at PSU - Excellent Quality 21:41:52
Time for BJ RPF got it started lets continue the madness for the cause 21:41:45
Silver Bullet??? Against MSM 21:13:38
Paulville & The Dark Side Of Libertarianism 21:09:31
Fundraising Queen of the Campaign? 21:05:57
The Martial Law Act of 2006 21:03:31
University mechanic bids for seat in Congress 20:58:12
McCain meetup group banter 20:56:36
The Truth Sounds So Good! 20:45:09
Oil For war 19:48:44
Update WEST TEXAS CHUCH,, Crawford acknowledged the records contained no evidence of sexual abuse. 19:31:52
300,000 Vets scarred for life 19:27:17
Autograhped RP book on Ebay 18:54:53
A less than subtle step toward Nat'l ID? 18:49:41
Your Input Requested!! 18:39:32
D.O.J. Hearing for New Hampshire recount needs supporters tomorrow 18:25:15
Does anyone have a hot air balloon? 18:13:14
Feds to collect DNA from every person they arrest 17:53:42
And So With Guards and Men, The Sheep Remain Inside Their Pen 17:51:14
Weirdness Occurring in Houston, Tx. 17:08:44
All these men banned from having guns..... 15:56:10
Does anyone have 15:40:00
Heads Up on Real ID Act 15:18:20
McCain asking his doners to bail out Guiliani, "special fund" related? 15:16:15
Jericho? 15:09:19
Hear the Six Best Minutes of Tim Robbins' Controversial NAB Speech 15:03:33
"The Economic Stimulus Bomb" for Bob Barr 14:47:37
Is 420 more important day than Independence Day? 14:46:18
I'm thinking of creating a website- Would anybody be interested in this? 14:33:29
Thank you for the $675.08 14:32:07
419 and 420 14:31:24
News from Missoura 14:26:28
"Leaving Hope" 14:19:42
Will Ron debate McInsane in PA? 14:18:16
Why we are going to war with Iran 14:17:03
Ron Paul Site Pal 14:10:13
I am a Black OP now? 14:06:48
Anyone else notice that you cannot view a users profile? 13:49:31
Article on LRC today: 'Why Limited Representative Government Fails' 13:29:27
All Candidates: Declare Allegiance - US Constitution or CORPORATE US? 13:24:52
Ron Paul comes up big for 420 13:14:04
Check out the NEW Campaign Radio Ad! It's Awesome!!! 13:05:52
Risk of Nuclear Attack on U.S. Rises - Lieberman 13:01:53
Post Debate: Was That the Worst Debate Ever? 12:57:09
Liars, Wall Street & Your Gold 12:54:58
Freedom Rally - 4/15/08 - Ernest Hancock Video 12:44:03
Pentagon seeks authority over training foreign military 12:41:10
Ron Paul on Mancow 04-16-08 12:38:29
--Deconsumption--- this writers predictions have been right on! very SCARY! 12:37:37
White Catholic priest defends Rev. Jeremiah Wright (incredible interview) 12:35:24
LOL! McCain Stole Recipes from Rachel Ray and Food Network 12:25:18
WARNING: GOOGLE, MICROSOFT storage of health records not covered by privacy law.. ... 11:29:02
Only $300 to go on our Rapid City BillBoard in South Dakota! 11:20:15
Tell OUR state Republican Parties We Want Ron Paul to speak at the Convention 11:14:48
I support Wayne Allyn Root for Libertarian Nominee 11:11:04
brazil... 10:51:35
Bush admits to approving torture on ABC. - News blackout! 10:01:02
Resistance is terrorism. Just ask Condi... 09:10:25
Bush can superseed Congress, National Emergency, no elections. 09:02:41
Ron Paul like Jimmy Carter? 08:28:10
Where, Oh Where is Sarah abused FLDS teen bride? 08:26:48
"I am proud to announce today that the Iranian nation's power is of an extent that no major power can dare jeopardize security" 08:26:01
Pray nothing happens to the pope during his visit, he could be key in the escalation of the war in the middle east. 07:25:48
Has Capitalism Failed by Ron Paul 07:01:12
The World According to Monsanto 06:58:33
Must read: "Sole surviving son denied health benefits post-Iraq" 06:14:46
At Least 36 U.S. States Face Water Shortage 05:12:24
Are you a Patriot, take the quiz ? 05:07:45
NEED HELP naming a group - please do my 1 question survey 04:36:38
New world order, fiat dollars, gold, reserve currency of the world. 03:34:40
Pentagon Seeks Authority to Train and Equip Foreign Militaries 02:55:11
Someone cool you know is Catholic : ) 00:20:20
Washington Rally April 15th - I've got some photos to post! 00:10:20