Posted on April 2, 2008

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Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke 12:09:06
Ron Paul is going on a Freedom Tour!!! First stop: Pennsylvania!! DIGG IT! 01:16:34
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Do you have the courage? The strength? To watch this... 23:49:21
Is anyone in for a Sabrin, Sanders, Forsythe moneybomb day? Let's get one going, I am in 23:48:20
Professional Perspectives: Fluoride in Tap Water 23:43:27
Smokestack Injustice? Toxic Texas Smelter May Reopen 23:28:48
We had an April Fools Day money bomb yesterday, did anyone miss it that may want to say April Fools and donate today 23:04:18
I'd sell my mother for an Aaron Russo "signed" AFTF movie poster! What about YOU!? 22:53:36
Fixing Daily Paul 22:49:03
Why is the US funding terrorist sponsors? 22:44:18
Re: Jesse Ventura on the Rotten Republicrats 22:14:54
Ron Paul, the peace messenger 22:12:20
Ron Paul supporters set sights on influencing Texas GOP 22:03:50
Just another proof that Dr. Paul is in it to win it 21:53:06
WARNING 21:34:14
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Predicts Recession REDDIT!!!DIGG 21:21:45
A third American war crime in the making [Iran] 20:18:41
Dr. Paul on KDKA Newsradio Tomorrow 8:10AM ET 19:56:12
Angela Davis speaks at college 19:43:29
The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden 19:39:10
UN tries to declare water as a human right!!! 19:35:13
Have you seen this? 19:19:19
Egos On Parade 18:52:53
Who owns the FED? Article... 18:49:25
Application for Consideration to the National Convention - Texas 18:13:14
Navy Times: U.S. must leave Iraq, retired generals say 18:00:01
I Have A Challenge 17:53:39
**Digg has banned me from Digging** 17:45:38
Paying 5000 dollars for a 1,400 dollar computer 17:36:05
Ron Paul on the Glen Beck 4-1-08 17:30:49
Gary Hart Confronted on New World Order Vision - 17:30:26
Off Topic: Fitna (The Movie) Banned From You Tube 17:25:57
IMF - "25 percent chance of world recession" 17:14:39
***Link to ALL your questions about SILVER****** 16:33:53
On TV NOW! Program on UCTV that everyone should see. (92% Income Tax) 16:12:16
NESARA 15:57:24
the global warming tax is upon us 15:55:22
April a Busy Month for Ron Paul 15:53:31
Liberty community in Brazil. This offer is on the level. 15:50:34
Stimulus Package 15:48:12
List of Freedom Loving Organizations 15:01:57
OpEdNews: "Ron Paul; Getting Smarter Every Day:" 14:56:14
Gold & Silver and Ron Paul & The Fed!! 14:39:30
ACTION: Promote RP's "American Freedom Agenda Act" (Keep Bumped) 14:35:17
Banking industry to lose 200,000 jobs 14:11:03
IRAN WAR News Updates 13:53:01
Libertarian Ed Thompson Spends $20, Wins Mayoral Election 13:48:03
Guess we won't want Jesse Ventura after all 13:43:04
A DAILYPAUL.COM moneybomb? Date to be determined? 13:41:19
TAKE ACTION: Call the members of the Banking Committee Now! 13:37:42
LAWSUIT against McCain? 13:32:55
States where McCain got on the ballot with Matching funds? 13:31:27
"The Top Ten Craziest Things John McCain Has Said While You Weren't Watching" Alternet (mentions Ron Paul) 13:30:28
Ron Paul: Do Not Meddle With Russia 13:03:27
Ron Paul: Disband NATO - Statement on H Res 997 12:55:20
RON PAUL NEW US Secretary of the Treasury? 12:35:30
More flights grounded for "inspections" 12:30:13
Help me wrap my mind around this one... 12:12:36
**Truckers protest 11:49:34
Let's go to the convention 11:44:56
Crystal V. Broyles of will be on 'Illinois Patriots' Radio Show 11:24:08
frickin' sharks with laser beams 11:17:57
Ron Paul Drilling Bernanke EARLIER! CNN 11:02:54
RP on CNBC NOW 11:02:11
Another $19B Write Off - Not a Reprint 10:54:22
New from GOP USA: Is Bob Barr the New Ron Paul? 10:47:54
Larry King interview of Ron Paul that never aired 10:30:49
Do GOP Delegates think like Glenn Beck? 10:27:05
The War Drum For Iran Beats Louder - Treasury Official Calls Iran 'Central Banker of Terrorism' 10:26:21
RP vs Ben should be going down sometime in the next hour cnbc....4/2/.....9:30 a.m. cst 10:12:14
Barack, Why do you want to bomb us? 09:55:13
McCAIN - The best way to export democracy & lifestyle 09:34:25
Impeach Bush Now - jail him, take away the key - he is a TRAITOR to this Country 09:33:00
It's "its" when possessive, "biased" when describing. 09:04:24
CARE2.COM is another way to let your voice be heard! 09:02:11
"Ron Paul Jesse Ventura Ticket? Don't Count This One Out" on Gambling 08:28:29 Blog: "Ron Paul: Disband NATO" 08:25:37
New World Order 08:15:02
Let's THANK Governor Schweizer of Montana for his REAL ID stand! 08:13:02
Prominent bankruptcy lawyer's article on Fannie Mae mentions Ron Paul 07:57:35
Aaron Russo was almost murdered 07:44:42
Does anyone want to help with a write-in congressional campaign? 06:31:29
what heck 05:31:56
help us wirth becoming deligates 05:28:59
WWRPD 05:10:42
"HOME IN" (Constitutional Sit In) **UPDATED** 05:07:07
awsome possibilaty 04:47:53
Hillary Clinton's New Video Game: 3AM Call of Duty 03:02:25
Ha! Ha! You Decide :-) 02:47:43
Two Freedom Rallies this Thursday 02:46:48
Offer of a Murder Surfaces at Wiretap Trial. "Aaron Russo" 02:33:41
Obama Dismisses CFR and Defends the Patriot Act 01:43:33
Where is, " It's time to stop the crazy conspiracy" essay? 00:35:46
Gmail can no longer be trusted 00:34:23