Posted on April 21, 2008

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Ron in Reno! 23:55:16
How to Get Ron Paul Nominated Anyway 12:41:09
This is big. 02:39:30
Help Ron Paul get interviewed for a worldwide audience! 20:26:01
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RP spoke of when it changed for our money. Read this.... 23:58:44
Hillary Clinton vows to "OBLITERATE" Iran- another sign WAR is coming. 23:57:20
Wired: RP Supporters for John McCain? 23:55:19
Senator Bernie Sanders making the case for Socialism on Colbert 23:50:19
Beyond Treason 23:38:58
Ron Paul Supporter gets her child unlawfuly Taken by the state of Missouri! Sad Video! Please watch NOW! 23:18:52
Justice Dept. to monitor Pa. primary 23:12:35
"Waco: A New Revelation" the film that triggered a Congressional investigation. 22:53:10
The "Ron Paul of Utah"???? 22:48:30
The "Ron Paul of Utah"???? 22:48:26
I just got a letter from the IRS: Update. 22:44:27
Fw: Beware of a lion in sheep's clothing 22:40:29
Great NEWS! We have Rapid City, and Aberdeen Ron Paul Billboards!!! (Please Donate and forward) 22:27:12
First silver, now gold 22:14:17
RON PAUL 4409 video of some Crazy supporters in Phoenix. 22:10:52
Is the Ron Paul army ready to get him on the ballot in 50 states? 22:02:24
Vigilanti Radio live now 10-12pm : Dr. Steve Parent 22:00:01
Who needs slim jims?? 21:55:25
Senator Dodd response 21:55:24
Alone Against Tomorrow 21:47:58
Ron Paul Power of Music Rally 21:46:09
New to the Fed? Best short video ever to send to people 21:30:43
Food Shortage Hits the US 21:24:35
Baloney Detection Kit. 21:21:27
Some bad news... Bergen judge boots Sabrin slate 21:16:28
another Sabrin poll 21:11:10
Volunteer to call to get volunteers for the gop 20:53:15
Wall Street Journal Parody With A Topless Ann Coulter Rankles Murdoch In Real Life & on YouTube 20:50:18
Donald Trump: The war is a total disaster; Everything is a lie... 20:46:04
Ron Paul should run in general election as a republican 20:43:08
Great Review of The Revolution: A Manifesto 20:31:07
Bastiat Prize deadline nears 20:28:32
How to Get Ron Paul Nominated Anyway 20:27:42
Collateral Damage? Innocent Iraqis? 20:13:57
Psst! George Bush has a secret. 20:05:15
SPP Summit in New Orleans kicked off today 20:02:17
Very Cool Ron Paul Video! 19:59:14
Arthritis and Microlactin treatment 19:58:53
RP in San Diego 5/23/08 19:56:11
Who would you vote for? 19:27:45
MO LAW, no write-in 19:16:01
Mr. Fed.... 19:12:10
Isn't it ironic? 19:08:36
The Military Is Taking Felons!!! 18:48:31
Larry Mann shares more 18:18:45
Don't let what happened in Missouri happen to you! 18:10:30
Mothers Petition Texas to let them keep their nursing infants 17:48:44
Good WND article on the raid of the FLDS ranch 17:30:16
Paul's Peril 17:26:21
Gee, I wonder if this is the reason they are trying to starve everybody 17:20:43
Ron Paul on Capitalism 17:02:23
Question Regarding the Fed 16:00:02
A Labor-Backed Currency 15:48:02
Credit Crisis Education- link with videos 15:05:01
Revolution Broadcasting IS LIVE NOW! Dr. Steve Parent 15:04:21
"We are change" gets assaulted 14:34:04
Tim Robbins Speech about Media 14:25:15
Organ transplants for immigrants stir debate in Calif. 14:20:58
Todays Ron Paul articles (April 21st 2008) 14:02:39
Crude hits $117.6 on weak dollar, Nigeria pipelines 13:43:45
Police Order 370 Tasers For Republican Convention - Don't Taser Me Bro! 13:42:20
Mental Detox 13:34:29
Good Blog on Fundamental LDS Story....implications for personal freedom 13:30:14
US 10th largest bank, National City, Needs Bailout 13:25:23
Revolution Broadcasting TODAY AT 3PM Easterne time : Come see our schedule featuring guests such as, Mike Gravel - Bob Barr and 13:21:33
Barnes & Nobles in Florida have RP BOOK RIGHT NOW! 13:00:51
American Conservative 04/21/08 issue: Future of Ron Paul Movement 12:57:40
American Conservative 04/21/08 issue: Future of Ron Paul Movement 12:57:20
Pennsylvania Primary Tuesday April 22nd 12:45:08
How To Skirt McCain Pledge 12:42:57
NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act 12:41:22
Ron Paul to speak at the University of Montana 12:27:25
Very enlightening Interview about the Illuminati 12:22:50
Freemasons have been historic defenders of Liberty 11:46:40
Just Discovered Svens Son's real Identity!!! ***HOT TOPIC*** 11:22:37
My conflict with my daughters 3rd grade teacher 11:21:52
U.K. 50B Pound Bank Bailout! Problem Global 11:20:53
Ron Paul Signs in PA - Great To See 11:15:32
Texas Polygamy Case is Shocking!!! 11:12:12
Thousands of Ron Paul signs in North Carolina reported on Neil Boortz 11:09:18
SF Gate article about FEMA camps -- please help me find! 10:53:15
Phil Donahue destroys KOOKY conspiracy theorists on his show 10:48:55
Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World 10:40:04
Murray Sabrin on The RADIO now!!! Listen Now 10:31:49
Trevor Lymans site is up (Beta) 10:13:32
Every RNC Delegate should have a copy of the The Revolution: A Manifesto 10:12:24
Ron Paul raised a mere $123,523 in the entire month of March 10:10:40
Conservative Paulbots still making Ron Paul signs in Phoenix Arizona! This video ROCKS! 09:27:18
I now declare my Lawful Intent to the Traitors in Parliament 09:15:06
NY Times: List of McCain Fund-Raisers Includes Prominent Lobbyists 08:58:34
Shock The Nation, Gather Our Wounded Soldiers...... 08:22:20
Warning! Svens Son is on the loose! 07:21:15
The Future 04:25:54
Movie: Esoteric Agenda Must See!! 03:58:44
Ron in Reno! 02:20:20
Oil prices haven't gone up at all? 00:34:38
Voter base 00:22:57
Ron Paul LEGO MOSAIC for Sale/Trade 00:21:19