Posted on April 22, 2008

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Prominent PA GOP Party Members Sue GOP Delegates, 21:55:48
New Stickers from DP - Ron Paul Represents Me! 21:17:17
Today's Headlines from the Second Great Depression 10:17:47
The Double Trouble of Taxation 10:37:56
Freedom Rally coverage by the Missoulian 07:31:49
Something Significant Happened in Spokane 11:17:48
The Revolution: A Manifesto AVAILABLE NOW! 10:37:57
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GO PENNSYLVANIA HEROES! 16%!!!! 23:53:59
Ron Paul's best county: 26% 23:37:02
This Reason blog clarifies that yes, the MO State GOP holds they can make last minute rule changes to disqualify delegates 23:29:50
Continuing the Revolution 23:20:11
From Hawaii, the neo-cons eat each other 23:15:28
Ron Paul targeted over surveillance votes 23:09:54
Texas Local Gov’t Forcefully Overthrows Paul Delegates! 23:01:11
Ron Paul at 64% in Snyder County,. PA 22:59:09
James Hogan NJ sixth district- Radio Interview 22:57:23
LIVE RADIO COVERAGE of the PA primary for Dr. Paul 22:54:51
Sabrin campaign gaining momentum 22:42:24
in OK, 5 national delegates so far, more on the way 22:39:19
~~Radio Bomb!!~~rate it, favorite it!! 22:36:24
Pennsylvania is a Loophole Primary 22:29:50
Pennsylvania is a Loophole Primary 22:26:58
Pennsylvania is a Loophole Primary 22:23:07
A Call to Action Folks!!!! 22:21:03
Five minute DIGGing experiment idea for Ron Paul. 22:20:27
Ron Paul just lost 2'000+ Votes according to PA DOS website 22:20:20
\ \ \ \ \ 7 - 12 - 2008 / / / / / 22:09:29
FROM THE MINISTRY OF BIG ( BROTHERLY ) LOVE-- IT takes a Village, People, to take a village 22:01:22
**Maryland gold/silver dealer cannot source silver + Update** 21:47:31
Dover TWP District, Pa Results 21:26:43
Chris Burgard, maker of "Border Movie" challenges candidates on Immigration problem 21:15:33
REFEED : Senator Mike Gravel Interview tough questions a must hear! 9-11pm Tuesday 22nd 21:13:27
Dr. Paul: Sowing Liberty 21:03:38
A Vote Of Conviction 20:49:04
The Genie ain't going back in the bottle! 20:47:26
Ron Paul Support in PA (((129'000 STRONG))) @ 16.0% as of Now!!!*** LIVE REPORTING THREAD *** 20:46:59
McCain is the project winner with 359 votes! 20:43:23
So many great videoS from Montana 20:03:10
So many great videoS from Montana 20:02:29
Vote...AOL Straw Poll 19:22:24
San Francisco GOP Central Committee: UPDATE 19:15:21
Ron Paul Vindicated Again On Foreign Policy 19:07:47
545 People 19:07:44
The Socialists have arrived... 18:49:25
Got $30 to help Idaho? UPDATE 18:23:01
Al CIAda No. 2: Attacks on Western nations in works 17:57:58
Full Video of Ron Paul's speech at the University of Montana including the Q & A session 17:35:07
Nevada Convention tomorrow, RP in Reno tonight 17:20:35
Are you smarter then an 8th grader? 17:08:57
Hillary Clinton: “Obliterate Iran” 17:08:44
Are you smarter then an 8th grader? 17:07:33
New website!, and contact info to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS OUTRAGE 17:06:41
The Making of a Sociopath 16:50:00
What does Lee Iacocca Think? 16:46:05
Ron Paul Freedom Rally University of Montana 16:36:52
Look What I Found on ebay 16:31:13
9-11 and the Neo-Con Agenda 15:28:54
Senator Mike Gravel LIVE! on now 15:28:28
Silver.... THEN AND NOW! 15:28:27
After the polls close, where are Ron Paul Supporters going in PA?? 15:23:36
As Dr. Paul says: It's not about him 14:34:58
"Pick your city" ..... what clinton says today in PA. 14:33:18
Interview Dr. Paul supporting congressional candidate on right now 14:07:01
Dr. Paul is on the cover 13:59:29
Hawaii State Convention 13:41:28
Tax Battle Brewing in Tenn......... 13:11:19
Ex-EPA Chief Off The Hook In 9/11 Air Case 13:11:04
How about an un-cessessionist movement? 12:33:40
An email to me from Howard Dean DNC National Committee Chairman Dr. Steve Parent 12:23:42
★ C2C ~ Real ID warners put Ron Paul on magazine cover ~ 2B sent to all Senators, Congressmen, Governors! ★ 11:50:40
Why the Cato/Reason Crowd Hates Ron 11:38:09
No bullets NO SHOOTING! 11:24:10
"The Revolution: A Manifesto" Grassroots Book Distribution Project 11:05:24
Authorities Lose Patience With Collapsing Dollar 10:58:13
Buy your Silver and gold now! you have competition 10:48:38
Dr Janice Dorn on the Radio now!!! 10:28:13
#17 in Bestsellers, #7 in Hot New Releases: The Revolution: A Manifesto ( 10:27:31
FEC Violation Ends McCain's Presidential Bid... 10:17:37
FEC Violation Ends McCain's Presidential Bid... 10:16:58
University of Montana 10:04:56
More Police State 09:51:18
Plan B 09:40:26
Pro-Freedom, Pro American Band ... Must Hear This! 09:09:03
UPDATED - FEC Violation - McCain **ACTION NEEDED** 09:03:50
Bob Barr Google Ads: Cease and Desist 08:52:19
Look at this crap! I hate McCain! 08:45:03
WTF!? Ron Paul supporters back McCain??? 05:45:00
The Double Trouble of Taxation By Dr. PAUL 05:09:47
Freakout of the day- Patriot Act to be used against the Ron Paul Revolution? 04:51:34
Three States Subjected To “Martial Law Sweeps” 04:44:14
weird google ads 04:21:09
SPP to be re-branded as NASRA? 04:09:38
In The End 03:36:13
(ALERT!) ** Pennsylvania Polling Issues for Tomorrow** 03:02:56
Coast to Coast , the end times 02:30:54
"barbaric and unnecessary...crosses the line of human decency" 02:23:47
DailyKos BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01:47:10
Pennsylvania Delegate list not anymore 01:35:12
How Long Before Al-Sadr’s Mehdi Army goes on the Offensive? 01:23:51
"September Clues" Complete. All 9 parts and Epilogue in one 01:11:35
*Hot Topic* "Dr" Steve Parent creates fiasco at RonPaulForums after posting 5 editorials overnight lol 00:49:23
So- How is Pennsylvania looking? 00:49:21
Search function on this site 00:40:11
for the night owl's if you missed it, you'll love it..grab a tissue 00:16:48