Posted on April 24, 2008

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Constitution class 15:49:59
FBI wants widespread monitoring of 'illegal' Internet activity 12:41:53
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Net Neutrality 23:57:17
Most Prisoners at Abu Ghraib should not have been there, says General 23:55:36
An Oldie but a Goodie. 23:36:27
How the Ron Paul Movement Looks to an American in Europe 23:32:15
Only $200 More for Mitchell South Dakota Ron Paul BillBoard!! 23:29:55
Suburban Farming 23:02:27
Distinctions are deliberately blurred... 22:08:12
WE CAN WIN : Keep this up extremely important :VOLUNTEER FOR THE CONVENTION! KEEP THIS BUMPED!!! Go to 21:54:01
NORTH AMERICAN UNION Secrecy Reported by CNN 21:37:20
Ron Paul comes to campaign in Kentucky-Two vital Events 21:32:05
**Guess Who Jenna Bush Thinks of For US Pres...Ding, Ding, Ding!!!** 21:01:56
martfuncher 20:52:03
Judge sentences Snipes to 3 years for tax convictions 20:50:19
N.Y. Orders Large Web Retailers To Charge Tax... 20:42:15
McCain Has Lunch with the Rothchilds 20:26:40
Post Happy Thoughts Here :D 20:23:05
'Time for Americans to start stockpiling food' Wall Street Journal 20:17:22
Face scans for air passengers to begin 20:14:28
Oregon Primary Election Voter's Pamphlet, no statement from Ron Paul 20:07:17
"The Revolution: A Manifesto" Grassroots Book Distribution Project 19:58:07
"The Revolution: A Manifesto" Grassroots Book Distribution Project 19:57:33
>marriage 19:53:16
No bullets, no shooting 19:49:14
How nice CNN plugs the new book ! 19:19:36
New Promotional Website for Alt Media 19:18:52
crimes of our leaders 19:15:53
Snipes sentenced to 3 years for tax charges 18:37:20
The GOP asked me to fill out a survey then asked for a donation Here is my response!!! 18:30:52
McCain Holds Foreign Fundraiser 18:02:51
Rush Limbaugh calls for riots in Denver during the DNC 17:52:50
Be prepared~The cost of attending the National Convention. 17:30:44
Worldwide Internet Sales Tax Coming Soon 16:47:38
Machine Gun-Toting Officers To Patrol NYC Subway 16:40:34
Will the Amero replace the dollar before we get a chance to use our silver as legal tender?! 15:46:45
Wall Street to lose 36,000 jobs 15:36:55
Greg Lewis Money Bomb - April 27th 15:32:04
I'm from Chapel Hill, NC and I just voted for Ron Paul!!! 15:30:40
Confidence in FLDS arrest warrant now shaky, authorities say 15:20:35
Los Angeles grassroots yard sale! This weekend 15:19:51
India pours US a medium sized glass of shut the %$&*@ up! 15:10:06
San Antonio for Ron Paul Daily Video BLOG 14:58:00
Sorry, my mistake 14:45:13
Hilary raised $10M in 24 Hours!!! 14:26:35
Michael, WHAT is going on with this website? 14:11:57
Secret Trilateral Commission Meeting In Washington April 26-28 14:11:56
Why I've become disenchanted.... 14:00:11
New York Internet Sales Tax!!! 13:47:18
Interesting obervation about jet fuel exploding... 13:45:51
True Deligate Count Why Isn't Campaign Headquarters Making A Rukus 13:41:47
Have you purchased from Survival Enterprises? 13:18:54
When will they declare marshall law/ will there be an election at all? 13:13:08
700 TRILLION..that is what the estimate is for global derivatives!! WERE DOOMED! 13:07:49
Does Anyone Really Know What A Billion Is?? 12:49:13
What's This All About?? 12:06:24
Between Taxes, Interest and Inflation - Americans are working half of their lives for the Banking Cartel! 11:58:25
McCain: Commoners Must Accept Globalization 11:43:41
Whither The Price of Oil? 11:28:12
Freaky weapon to drive away protesters? 10:58:36
****Everyone Please Get Involved**** 10:56:27
Government to Collect, Track DNA of All Children 10:55:36
Hoarding Regulations in America 10:15:31
Anyone Know How Many Hits A Day This Page Gets? 10:09:36
Bear Sterns Collapse Engineered by JP Morgan & the FED? 09:53:47
Active Denial: a look into 2009! 09:40:47
US 'war on terror' backfiring, says thinktank ,,,,,,,Da Ya Think! 09:30:23
My 2nd last Editorial on the Good "Dr" Steve Parent - Im sorry I doubted you! I now repent! 08:36:08
John McCain gets tax-free disability pension 08:27:38
Illegal Internal Immigration Checkpoint 07:31:18
Ron Paul the engine that could 06:46:25
Mexican Official gets caught swiping Blackberries 03:48:58
China coal reserves down to 12 days 03:20:05
Day 2 of the SPP Summit; Real ID for Canadians? 03:10:09
AWESOME Florida Healing Revival on God TV till 2 a.m. Pacific 03:03:53
Unlawful Censorship of RP? You Decide 02:58:25
NWO counter-resistance sweep NOLA streets at North American Union Summit 2008 02:50:41
Indian article about the food crisis and ethanol 02:40:52
Sound Familiar? 02:31:45
How to Handle Cops The Courts and Be Free Man/Women on the land 02:25:12
Petraeus promotion keeps nation on its war course 02:15:55
Criminals target energy, financial markets, Mukasey says 01:54:57
Great article from an ex-patriate Ron Paul supporter 01:38:08 01:34:58
Nevada Delegates Sound off! 01:30:14
Not a Corzine fan, but this is interesting 01:14:22
A victory in Minnesota- McCain Loyalty pledge struck down 01:05:49
Another message for the mSm. 01:02:34
I forgot to tell you guys JP Morgan Chase just infused one of the biggest banks here in Ohio 00:36:43
George Orwell, Big Brother is Watching Your House 00:33:35
A Biblical Prophecy flier was sent to me in the mail and I went to che,ck it out 00:03:13