Posted on April 25, 2008

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News Out of Idaho 20:23:42
U.S. Notes Decline, Headed for Biggest Two-Week Loss Since 1982 12:42:01
Dr. Paul to be on CNN, Fox Radio, Bloomberg TV MONDAY April 28th 21:41:23
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I was just 23:50:01
What’s this? Ron Paul tops McCain? 23:32:53
* * VOTE NOW! Biggest Bigot for President 2008! * * 23:14:50
Did you discover ron paul on the internet? 22:59:41
Ilegal Aliens 22:33:33
McCains health records 22:29:01
National Debt 22:20:07
"Media caught Lying About Ron Paul Popularity" 22:03:45
Stimulus Bomb - It would be mind-blowing 21:24:06
Oregon Primary May 20 21:23:20
3 NYPD detectives acquitted in groom slaying 21:17:19
Back to the Future 20:59:57
Did Steve Parent lie about live call with RP on 4/24? 20:57:44
Will you donate you tax rebate/part of it to Ron Paul? 20:53:52
Fries and Gravy. Canadian link i'm looking for..? 20:50:24
Just an interesting comment regarding NewsCorp 20:42:57
The Plunge Protection Team 20:33:34
Former pentagon officials getting paid to push hawkish topics on the major news networks (on CNN no less) 20:14:45
Lisa C. ! SIERRA ! Now that I have it...What do I do with it? 20:09:28
CAPITOL HILL BLUE on The Revolution: a Manifesto 20:08:58
Real ID Activist Idea 19:59:30
Then And Now 19:46:45
Dirty Sexy Monkey Love 19:23:50
Judicial Watch Files Complaint against John McCain 19:16:16
Chicago man dies after Taser hit by Ohio police 19:10:01
Is this really happening? 19:01:09
Huckabee Writing Book on His Presidential Bid 18:24:01
fancy NUCLEAR footwork 18:17:22
New Yorker can get Republican Endorsement for Congress with our help 17:54:03
Voting Machine Evaluation. Give me a break 17:44:41
Bush vs. Zombies --- Enjoy! 17:41:54
Drug Prohibition, Alice in Wonderland, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons 17:34:51
The only news site to get it right 17:33:51
And so it starts...shots fired at Iran. 17:32:41
51 shots, not excessive! 17:18:47
Is it true Rush Limbaugh all but endorsed RP? 16:45:46
Where can I get The Revolution: A Manifesto? 16:31:37
Oil jumps $2 on Fri amid fresh US-Iran tensions 16:07:35
McCain accusing NC GOP that THEY are out of touch with reality???? 16:07:25
Ron Paul Quiz - just for fun 15:55:05
House Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Conference 15:44:21
Ron Paul Revival (Amid GOP Decline) - American Conservative- GREAT 15:29:49
Free Wesley Snipes & Free Yourself 15:29:45
McCain supporters sabotage PA Amish voting machines 15:27:56
Arizona sheriff stirs furor with crackdown on illegals 15:25:39
FYI, Patriots' 15:08:18
Lining Up the Crosshairs 14:55:31
VA Lying About Veteran Suicides 14:41:42
Ron Paul Campaign Update 14:23:58
The Anti-Terrorist & How to become a Cult Leader 14:04:36
where Rockefeller got his education in fascism 14:01:24
so its Syria now... 13:47:59
Ron Paul supporting Murray Sabrin this Monday 4/28 6 PM in Newark, NJ 13:45:29
Obama's women reveal his secret - Asia Times (a shrewd insight) 13:39:30
Educating new Banksters 13:31:17
Adopt a Meetup Project 04/24/08 list 13:29:38
Ministry of Truth publishes revisions to language 13:29:03
AOL Straw Poll 13:08:07
Get Deprogrammed Now 12:18:59
3 NYPD detectives acquitted in 50-shot killing 11:51:19
Conservatism: An Obituary 11:46:00
Back to the future-from Latvia! 11:30:44
How to Weaken the Bush Regime 11:15:43
Are you being monitored? 11:10:57
Nevada Delegates, Good luck Tomorrow 11:09:47
Is the money counter bar down? 10:55:27
Showtime For Iran? 10:44:30
no justice for sean bell 10:31:38
Dr. Paul live stream NOW april 25! From Idaho 6pm eastern 10:13:20
Ron Paul Book Challenge 10:03:19
American Suicide 09:59:06
Dr, Paul in Idaho TODAY, April 25th 09:41:59
Something Significant Happened in Spokane 08:59:02
Why are we in Afghanistan 08:39:39
John McCain, Charles Grassley Physical Altercation Confirmed By Washington Post 06:35:23
regarding tax cases and wesley snipes 06:18:55
The Green Light 05:21:06
My favorite "news" article so far! "Ron Paul tops McCain" 03:09:19
DougCO, OR - Our little corner of the world... YES ;-)) 03:06:18
$1 DVDs of Ron Paul and more. 02:52:59
$1 DVDs of Ron Paul and more. 02:42:02
Truth about Iraq from a Soldier 02:30:19
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 02:26:39
The Energy Non-Crisis 02:21:33
We're using 02:15:19
McCain bends pledge to eliminate all earmarks ... again 02:13:36
McCain Campaign Unaware of 13th Amendment Violations 01:53:43
Machine Gun-Toting Officers To Patrol NYC Subway-Operation Tourch 01:52:33
Ron Paul's Upbringing - UNDER UTILIZED 01:48:56
NORTH AMERICAN UNION & VCHIP TRUTH (5,500,000 views) 01:40:53
Former CIA Official Exposes Bush Administration Fraud 01:18:24
Ron in Reno! 01:12:46
Ron Paul In Idaho! 00:55:31
How to create an angry American 00:39:40
Disgusting.... Calls to regulate the internet are increasing... and once again, for really stupid reasons. 00:39:08
How can you have a REVOLUTION without Bad Guys?!! 00:36:18
"The Constitution is just a piece of paper" - G.W. Bush 00:20:24
Who owns you Americans? 00:18:18
How Long Will Americans Stay Apathetic To The Reality? 00:16:59
The End of America 00:15:54
What would happen if the fed raised interest rates next time ? 00:14:58
"Ron Paul Knows His Stuff" according to respected gold market analyst and professional trader Jim Sinclair. 00:04:15
How to create an Angry American 00:02:58