Posted on April 26, 2008

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Big surprise from Ron Paul is Down But Not Out 08:00:49
Weekend Book Bomb 08:00:50
Dr. Paul's Remarks on the Pennsylvania Primary 08:00:50
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Nevada State Republican Convention MAY CONTINUE TOMORROW MORNING!!! 23:39:48
Lincoln 1860 - Paul 2008 23:19:55
Report from Nevada GOP Caucus - Ron Paul can not be allowed to win! 23:14:44
Silver going for over $21/oz on ebay 23:14:01
A Glorious Disaster: Barry Goldwater's Presidential Campaign and the Origins of the Conservative Movement 23:13:49
PLZ DIGG NOW!!! FROM NEVADA CONVENTION!!! Ernie Hancock's Report+ 2 MSM articles (((BREAKING))) 23:05:19
Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin!McCain Must Lose! 22:47:21
Mayor Nutter taking away gun rights 22:46:29
Texas already losing kids between the cracks...I knew this would happen 22:22:42
A Bifurcated Republican Convention in Nevada-ABC KOLO News Reno 21:52:05
ATTN: Delegates - The DVD's for Delegates project needs your help! 21:49:36
pretty good media coverage in Idaho 20:55:32
Ron Paul gets warmer reception than Romney at Nevada Convention 20:04:07
Britons kidnapped in Iraq are ‘held by Iran’ 19:57:48
Old Order Mennonite dragged to jail for selling raw milk 19:44:01
clinton wants to debate obama Lincoln style 19:22:31
HERE IS McCAIN'S WEBSITE BLOG - Why don't we all pay a visit tommorow and see if we can stir things up a bit? 19:16:58
***Youtube*** Cindy Sheehan calls Ron Paul :"The only TRUE Conservative in Washington" and calls Obama 18:48:51
I am going to address Laurie and i have answered many of these questions over the last 3 days and i will not answer them again! 18:31:49
Hyperinflation soon: ShadowStats economist John Williams 18:27:43
Be Careful what you say when buying ammo at Walmart... 18:05:25
Who is behind Quackwatch? 17:52:53
Anyone interested in participating in an aggressive bloggin campaign to educate and enlighten the opposition? 17:49:08
earth quakes out west 17:39:44
RP and supporters ridiculed on hot air blog 17:04:58
Revolution 4 Freedom Festival - (Update) Get in on "Cow Chip Bingo" now!!! 17:00:33
Ron Rocks Reno 16:56:04
McCain under investigation for Rothschild campaign donations 16:24:42
Cindy Sheehan Makes Bid for Pelosi’s House Seat 16:06:16
Pentagon Suspends Briefings for Analysts 15:50:05
Warning to the United States of America ! ! 15:37:16
Senator from Montana speaks the truth... 15:27:26
who owns you? the queen of england of course ! 15:12:44
The Biofuels Scam, Food Shortages 14:52:25
~*If You Have Extra Books*~ (Ideas) 14:47:25
Knowledge by itself is not power 14:46:14
If you got your Book from Amazon Make sure you review it!!! 14:28:32
The RPR Needs Help in Hawai'i - can you help? 14:26:06
New Project Idea: A Copy of "The Revolution: A Manifesto" for every member of the U.S. Congress updated 13:58:43
check this ; PBS breaks ‘media blackout’ of story on Pentagon propaganda 13:43:19
All the President's Liars 13:15:07
URGENT: Canada and US need to deal with this NOW 12:45:19
The Pope....HMMMM? 12:36:39
NJ 6th Congressional District... RP Supporter Running! 12:17:16
The Jihad Candidate, A Warning for America.... 12:15:10
RON PAUL @ frontpage 12:09:52
Don't take any wooden nickels or paper dollars, buy and trade seeds! 11:56:34
ron paul supporters nominate Chuck Baldwin for the CP party pres 11:56:04
*****Ammo - it's now all about the ammo!***** w/LINK 11:41:33
This could solve a lot of problems! 11:28:19
Hope Anthem 11:09:59
Constitution Party Convention Live 10:58:13
Gold vs Dollar...this will blow you away...must see 09:00:33
2 Events for New Englanders in May 08:57:41
Hard numbers: The economy is worse than you know 08:27:01
Inflation mentality on the Fed's mind 08:18:15
Truckers And Citizens United 08:10:57
Dave Barry on the Economic Stimulus Payment (Humor) 08:10:57
Thinking outside the idiot box of politics 07:46:29
Founder of America's third Largest Party says:"Alan Keyes is an ENEMY OF RON PAUL" @ CP Convention 06:34:37
Olbermann Ownz BillO & McCain 06:12:19
Have Amreicans lost control of this country and just don't know it? 05:08:13
VIDEO: Ron Paul on LOCAL IDAHO NEWS 03:36:31
What's that you say Bill? 03:27:38
Anarchism in America 02:52:10
US-contracted ship fires on Iranian boat: report 02:37:21
News from the Nevada State GOP Convention! 02:33:09
Corporate Theft!! Artists Beware! 02:20:22
Declaration of Liberty statements, make yours today 02:03:13
Naval Incident Raises U.S.-Iran Tensions 01:54:08
Arizona Senator Questions 9/11 Official Version Of Events 01:50:49
Stop Al Gores $1.2 Trillion Global Warming Tax Sign The Petition 01:40:20
Attack Fraud in the Corporate Media And GOP 01:15:04
Did Steve Parent lie about live call with RP on 4/24? 00:30:16
REVOLUTIONARIES NEEDED to Phone Bank Hawaii!!!!! 00:03:46
What would it take for any of you to rise up and take/demand your rights back from this evil government? 00:00:32