Posted on April 4, 2008

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Ron Paul Poster Featured in Redefine Magazine 14:50:17
Absolute Must Listen: Our Confusing Economy, Explained 12:34:29
Why Keep Analyst X A Mystery? 11:48:22
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Another Airline goes bankrupt! Skybus Airlines 23:26:53
ever since Cheney said so, about the public being against the war, I can't help but put him higher up on my list ahead of George 23:12:17
How about this...a state full of Ron Paulers 23:09:32
Neo-Con Patrick McHenry Insults U.S. Combat Soldier. 23:04:27
Look in your wallet and shred your Chase credit card, any other credit companies in the elite group? 23:00:01
How to become legally free via the Redemption Service?? 22:21:59
Interesting web site 22:20:29
I was in Florida last week 22:18:35
New Jersey Delegates- deadline fast approaching 22:14:35
Montell Williams letter bomb 22:09:57
kucinich tears congress and bush and new one, go dennis go! 21:53:05
Jesse Ventura as Ron Paul's running mate could bring us over the top! 21:42:08
FEDERAL RESERVE FLYER .jpg document easy to download... 21:40:04
Orange County Republican Party Slams Door On New Members! 21:24:46
Ego's have taken over this place. 21:23:37
How to raise an independent and curious child (the opposite of public school) 21:20:04
"And Then There Was One" 21:11:22
First Time Long Time 20:59:59
58/373 20:39:56
John Ashcroft Booed For Obama/Osama Gaff 20:29:23
More about future of economy and money!!! Enjoy! 20:19:29
Bear Stearns Fallout continues 20:17:05
Question for my friends on the board 20:09:22
B-1 Bomber burns in Qatar- conducting unknown mission- have WAR operations against Iran begun? 20:08:32
What will happen if we fail and what will it look like? 20:02:37
No mention of Murray Sarbin 19:50:41
DHS blinks on REAL ID 19:46:51
McCain backpeddling 19:30:01
40 Years Later: Was There A Conspiracy to Kill King? 19:22:57
Ron Paul's Health Care Plan 19:19:19
On This team...WE FIGHT!!!! Watch tonight! Respect to Galactic 18:18:26
How Other Countries View Us 18:15:07
McCain BOOED 18:06:18
What types of drugs 17:56:13
Statism: A Bankrupt Ideology 17:55:05
My Blog Marked As Potentially Subversive On Federal Servers 17:46:34
Real ID 17:38:14
The Biology of Perception 17:19:43
What Has to be Done at Conventions 17:18:52
ON MY WAY TO THE FiGHT! 17:18:29
"The Great Manic Depression" 16:57:43
Standing in the way of war with Iran 16:43:45
Are you guys like me in that... 16:26:15
Please read - a chance to be involved in the Iraq War!!!! 16:11:51
10 min from Ron Paul's Speech: Awesome 16:07:54
HEY ! Egypt is getting a free fence, courtesy of US taxpayers 16:03:07
Congressman Ron Paul endorses The John Birch Society; congratulates Society in its 50th year 15:58:52
After the news I've been reading about possible wars, I'm very scared and don't know what to expect in the future 15:57:05
Where's the Silver? 15:45:21
McCain Booed At Martin Luther King Speech: Watch The Video 15:09:36
Legal Question 14:59:43
Latest from Granny - Good to Go! 14:49:07
McCain Finance Maneuvers: Shamed Into It? 14:15:56
John McCain: Changing His Mind On Public Financing — Again? 14:11:42
Weekly Pay Day For Dr. Paul Every Friday - KEEP BUMPED 13:13:50
From a McCain meetup - FEC 12:50:59
BusinessWeek Article: There Is No Gas Shortage 12:50:54
"There's No Such Things as a Pledged Delegate," Hillary Clinton 12:40:21
ATTN: Parents 12:19:28
Iraqis taking matters into their own hands? 12:10:04
Ron Paul Rally Pittsburgh, PA 4-3-08 (youtube) 12:09:06
Third Parties need to get on the ball!!! 11:39:32
WAPO: ISPs Test Expanded Tracking of Web Use 11:17:24
Apotheosis of Democracy? 11:17:23
Silver to Gold Ratio has Narrowed 11:07:39
Off topic yet interesting 11:04:51
At least THIS website is fair to us 10:53:33
At least he's winning DC! 10:52:41
McCain FEC Complaint - sign here! 10:41:46
AOL Straw Poll... VOTE NOW! 10:23:32
Whose bread I eat whose song I shall sing. 10:23:25
Ron Paul article on 10:04:56
Jessi Ventura talks about the controlled demolition of WTC 10:04:52
Ron Paul mentioned on MSN Homepage now! 10:01:04
McCain's medical records 09:50:26
BJ Lawson on RPR Radio now 9am Fri 09:11:16
NC GOP's Answer For Ignoring Ron Paul on Their Website 09:04:37
The Battle of 300 on the History Channel 09:02:15
Americans Against Media Censorship Of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul 08:53:10
A Must Read!!! 08:52:27
Some new Talking points from PA rally - Economic Facism 08:37:45
Is Ron Paul banned 08:27:06
Call to action National Guard - Please everyone read 08:24:27
UN Weapons Inspector Says 80% Chance of Iran War (w/ new article) 07:23:23
"Ron Paul, Gone But Not Forgotten, Could Teach The Media a Lesson" MediaWatch and FOX Business News 07:09:30
I move that we ban Laurie 07:09:27
"Ron Paul(Foreign Policy) + Ron Paul(Economy) = The Solution" LibertyMaven Article 06:56:26
Slate: "The Return of Ron Paul" 06:39:26
Full slate of Paul delegates in Pierre South Dakota 05:24:52
Gone but not forgotten? You had him on yesterday! 05:18:57
What Has to be Done at Conventions(video) 04:38:26
Mortgage Reset - Don't worry - Your Rate will be lower 04:11:00
FAIL 04:03:10
Secret Crowds Rise Up 03:41:47
Ron Paul with Cavuto on Bear Stearn Buyout 4.3.08 03:37:17
SGP and Laurie Persist -- This is highly entertaining! 03:33:57
A little musical love for the overstressed posters on the Daily Paul tonight 03:15:33
>>>what states do we still need DLEGATES IN STILL?? THERE IS A WAY TO RECRUIT THEM JUST POST THE STATES HERE!!!!! 02:57:06
Some political thoughts I had 02:55:24
Pittsburgh today 02:17:58
TREVOR LYMAN! 02:14:11
Any news on S1959?? 02:10:57
i posted about book signing and are getting flaged whats going on here 01:55:22
"You are wearing me out brother." - Obama 01:42:24
Is there a book signing ???? 01:39:29
The Ron Paul Book Brigade 01:31:50
Freedom's Ground Web-a-Thon....April 16, 2008 01:27:39
Ron Paul Supporter Speaks at Hostile Senate Dist. Convention 01:26:28
SGP and Laurie: Cease and Desist! 01:20:58
Welcome Walden Paragon!!! WE are cool at DP I promise 01:12:58
Reading Between the Lines 01:00:40
HIGH TIDE AIRTIME - currently at $7,000 - please help!!! 00:50:19
Know Your Rights 00:25:20
We have a highly intelligent bunch here on the Daily Paul, so here is my idea and eventually you could actually get paid to doit 00:23:44
Delivery of 32,000 Signatures to FEC Complaint Against McCain (Video) 00:22:40
The untold story on the blimp and your money PART 1 ! 00:14:53
I have had enough of this bickering over what i should be doing! 00:11:56