Posted on April 6, 2008

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Ron Paul Interviewed on I.N.N. 19:25:25
Please Become A Delegate! BUT, If You Can't...Then Go to Your District/State Caucus to Vote for Delegates!!! 08:45:37
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Nevada Ron Paul Supporters!! 23:13:39
For Girls Only- Great Reusable Feminine Hygiene Products 23:12:21
Reports says leaving Iraq will cause genocide 23:04:21
Rep. Marcy Kaptur on the North American Union - a must see 22:56:29
2 quick questions 22:56:19
Truthers Unite 21:44:34
Iran to OPEC: Stop Oil Sales in Dollars 21:36:52
WORLDNETDAILY: Ron Paul backers 'hijack' delegates according to 21:27:49
NO NEWS? 21:25:55
RON PAUL TRUMPS----(kicks ass)-- OBAMA ON CHIP IN SITES>>>>SEE HERE NOW!!! 21:24:34
Patreus report on Tuesday 21:19:16
Global Rice Panic Begins? 21:04:55
New Movie Stop-Loss About Iraq A Must See 20:54:55
G7 Meeting next week -- look for another dollar drop. 19:59:36
Question for Dr. Steve 19:51:09
McCain's Senility Apparent 19:49:24
David Gay for U.S. Congress 2008! 19:47:41
** Something BIG is coming ** 19:38:00
Dirty Money behind Global Warming 19:37:43
Best way for the REVOLUTION to use its influence? 19:25:38
Ron Paul Needs Help In Congress 19:21:44
NH Recount 19:20:27
Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden? 18:49:27
Ron Paul Backers "Hijack" Delegates in Minnesota 18:43:43
Look everyone....there is a difference..... 18:40:14
Contract Justice 18:39:57
Delegate At-Large... real thing or RNC blowing hot air up my you-know-what? 18:29:17
Final Nail In The Coffin 18:27:20
How did our man do in the Virgin Islands convention? 17:55:40
The Banker and the Fisherman. 17:32:45
80 Dollar Chain Saw Muffler? 17:12:10
UN Human Rights Council: Defeating Freedom of Expression 17:11:41
Iran hitting back? 16:52:12
LATimes Blog "Ron Paul Draws Support Among Pennsylvania's Gun Crowd" 16:30:16
April 11th 16:03:59
"Ron Paul’s Health Ideas Make Economic Sense" 16:02:34
CNBC "Greenspan, the U.S. Fed chairman from 1987 to 2006, endorsed the Republican presidential candidate John McCain..." 15:39:44
HIGH TIDE AIRTIME - currently at $8,200 - Monday last day to donate 15:17:50
gold vs dollar video 15:04:06
Does anyone have? 15:00:28
Cannabis Legal Sacrament For Sick 14:42:39
I'm not a 9/11 truther 14:20:25
American Icon Charlton Heston Dead at 83 14:05:53
RNC 2008? 13:57:29
Ron Paul will stay in the Race 13:52:42
We are Ron Paul 13:30:02
Show of force 13:22:04
Truth is Treason - DOCUMENTARY FILM 13:15:10
IU Students for RP Chalk the Constitution for Obama Concert 13:13:19
What will we do after the election if a miracle doesn't happen... 13:01:15
Assault on Free Markets 12:35:27
What can happen at the 2008 RNC 12:16:33
Don't Blame Me...I Voted For Ron Paul 12:08:17
The censorship continues... 11:20:06
Lets build a solar farm. 11:19:23
Obama-McCain & Clinton Admit to Being CFR Stooges. (Humorous) 11:12:09
WHOS GOing 10:47:27
Please Read! WE CAN WIN THIS! Don't listen to the corporate media... 10:09:40
Khan's "Over The Wall" Strategy - April Vortex 09:57:28
Massachusetts - dJK 09:46:56
Clinton False Story Of Health Care 08:45:24
cspan 08:14:24
FREEDOM ISN'T FREE, please you can help, check this thread out! 07:45:18
Texas Temple Tussle 06:43:56
911 Truther Shouts at Hillary in Beverly Hills, video on 06:38:18
Perhaps one of you is responsible for this 06:09:26
Freedom is popular- but people are not politically active 04:02:45
Ron Paul supporters undercover 03:50:47
What's the scoop on Arizona and the Virgin Islands? 03:15:02
'Violent Bible' movie to counter Wilders' "Fitna" gets Axed 03:12:58
IU Students for Ron Paul chalk the US Constitution 03:12:22
Dr Steve Parent Radio interview is up on you tube? 02:40:36
John McCain - The Manchurian Candidate 02:39:10
Real ID Rebellion 01:57:11
Anyone Live Near Chicago area? 01:44:04
Charleton Heston dies at age 84 01:14:58
Please help , i am an iggnorant american 01:11:33
Russia increasing bomber patrols from from 2-3 per month to 20-30... 01:05:33
Coulter Compares Obama to Hitler 00:47:22
((Men of conviction)) 00:44:21
It happened in MN 00:33:54
So much to do...So little time...To prepare for the next Depression... 00:02:32