Posted on April 8, 2008

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Got a Question for Dr. Paul? Ask it here! 22:03:04
The Emerging Surveillance State 21:53:48
Freedom Rally - Washington DC, April 15! 21:51:57
Hotel assignments for the Convention in Minnesota 15:48:16
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Former Morgan Stanley executive warns of collapse, validates Daily Paul's survivalists, gardeners, doomsday prophets, etc.!! 23:46:20
US Lawmakers Invested in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars 23:41:27
Jesse Ventura CNN Interview April.8 2008 23:24:04
Time to educate 23:05:43
Article about Petraeus and ambitions of being president 22:41:22
Obama Friends With Admitted Terrorist 22:35:44
New mental illness: Anti government phobia 22:27:24
Freedom tour Idea for the campaign 22:15:49
Listen to this 21:35:47
Hahaha McCain Girls 21:24:21
Please sign petition to revoke McCain's delegates! (2341 signatures - 6:50 p.m. central Wed.) 21:22:40
Silver as a hedge? Could someone explain? 21:20:01
**We need to impeach Bush and Cheney before it's too late!** 21:15:33
AMERICAN AIRLINES CANCELS 500 flights 20:54:12
Fox Business News mentions Ron Paul has received NTU award 6 times 20:41:39
Strawman? UCC-1 Has anyone tried this and is it TRUE? 20:23:36
The Book 20:20:40
GRANNIES RECONSIDER...Marc Scibilia not invited to the Freedom Rally in DC? 20:03:14
McCain's huge gaffe... 19:46:17
Forsythe pulls out 19:43:09
Please silver now! this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! 19:42:22
Whoa, like wow, hope this isn't true... 19:34:01
They finally defined "Victory" ! 19:27:11
This Could Be Fun! 19:25:37
loved it.. not long but, inspiring 18:36:29
Sorry, I have to ask 18:14:35
So today gold fell 8.80 on news that the IMF was dumping 12% of its gold 18:06:42
Hillary Clinton's "Democratic" Advisor is The Boss of "Republican" John McCain's Advisor 17:46:45
I really just don't understand it. 17:29:20
News Video that leaves you wondering "What Next??!!" 17:27:12
Calling All Supporters Help needed NH Recount 17:22:20
Ron Paul Brings Campaign to Penn. April 11 17:19:22
Please, do not make posts with lines in them! 16:59:48
Ron Paul should be at NAU protest 16:55:20
Need a chuckle? 16:50:28
Greenspan just said ..... 16:44:09
Any tips on how to gain Convention support for Ron Paul Delegates? 16:39:45
Member History? 16:13:31
Obama Delegate Resigns After Questionable Comment 15:57:09
McCain Befuddlement Watch 15:51:48
News coverage about China protest all over MSM 15:14:36
Dr. Steve on Illinois Patriots Radio Show 15:02:17
Petraeus On Iraq Withdrawal. 14:54:42
update on HR 5405 14:39:57
Hear yea Hear yea 14:29:49
Ron Paul: The Revolution, a Manifesto 13:55:26
Newsweek Writes Article About the Global Elite and How They Set the Global Agenda 13:36:56
unintended consequences: US foreign policy has all but wiped out the Christian population in Iraq. 13:31:59
"Unbound" Delegates -- How should we vote? 13:26:43
Sec Tres Henry Paulson 13:13:33
Fed Auctions Another $50 Billion 13:06:28
For those of you in the northeast who can't make it to Washington on April 15 13:01:21
Where are the Republican National Bylaws? 12:50:53
ALERT! (Please Keep Bumped) 12:37:59
big bad boys go bad...bad boys rescue big bad boys.. average joe goes bad.. average joe gets flushed! 12:35:03
Railroads now showing economy's problems 12:19:40
Another Bill to Protest - HR 5405 - Secure Social Security Card 12:18:17
Ron Paul Meetup Office 12:04:58
Congressman Ron Paul Gets Heated With The Emerging Surveillance Bill 11:52:17
Guess who doesn't pay taxes? Kellog-Brown Root (formerly Halliburton) 11:52:10
MSM Poll -- Dr Paul is Included! Please vote! 11:50:41
McCain for President? Not Yet, Ron Paul Backers Say in Washington State 11:42:46
Tell Absolut Vodka to go back to Mexico 11:26:33
In praise of HQ 11:13:44
End The Income Tax In Massachusetts 10:22:34
MCCAIN? - Any news on his campaign overspending? 10:15:31
What happened to Ron Paul's searches? 10:06:20
Why were the Articles of Confederation replaced by the Constitution? 10:00:23
IMF to sell 12.5% of gold stake in efficiency drive 09:59:14
(FYI) MSNBC&FOX both are showing live Petraeus/Congress Hearing 09:49:05
Check out James Hogan- Republican candidate for congress in New Jersey 09:46:03
Great article about Ron Paul and us 09:26:38
RP Supporters willing to "lie, cheat, and steal??" The MN GOP is scared! 09:06:00
Addicted to War 08:54:25
Paul backers manage to nab delegates 08:54:00
S.2544 Emergency Unemployment Act 08:33:02
Ron Paul "The Emerging Surveillance State" April 7, 2008 07:39:51
Good News from New York 06:38:36
Wall Street Wants Student Debt as Collateral for Fed 05:50:38
Federal Reserve Playing a Dangerous Game 05:42:59
No Justice at the Justice Department 05:10:32
Citizens Arrest Warrant for Bush and Cheney in D.C. 04:51:44
Here's an Idea: Pay People To Watch Videos 04:07:00
John McCain and Ron Paul debate Tobacco policy 04:07:00
Which Central banks participated in the FED liquidity injection? 03:36:32
New Jersey question 02:39:26
good night folks... 02:35:43
California real estate 02:23:25
"Financial Coup d'Etat" 02:04:47
High Tide is acting not talking. I hope you are supporting! 01:56:34
Seems you asap need to become a delegate 01:55:09
Wow! A Democratic Truther about Nafta Super Highway 01:43:36
Great delegate news story from Minnesota! 01:36:14
OPEC Secretary General states OPEC plans to drop the Dollar 01:30:18
**"THEY ARE SELLING OUR GOLD!!!" -- A Response** 01:14:24
How would you respond to this ? 01:01:08
to all the FATHERS on this forum: 00:48:33
The Gift of Insults 00:44:35
False Flag attack this week? 00:38:24
Because we all need a little CASH . . . 00:35:14
So why do we have 374 Peeping Toms? 00:24:05
Keep up the great work. 00:22:53
Fret Not My Friends! The RP revolution is driven by truth and will continue to grow, prosper and prevail! 00:13:31
Top U.S. Banks Worse Than Nigeria 00:06:19
Sometimes I listen to Christian radio because they seem to be rather uncontrolled but I heard a commercial the other day that 00:05:41
Thriving Business 00:05:25