Posted on April 9, 2008

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Ron Paul questioning General Petraeus 19:33:56
Jesse Ventura on Hannity & Colmes 09:29:35
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WIKIPEDIA 23:56:44
McCain Can Easily Stumble Over The Next Four Months And We Must Be Ready - Revision III 23:25:26
The coming depression...suggestions on healing herbs that you can grow 23:04:21
What if YouTube got hacked? 22:54:47
"The Mother of ALL Crisis".....Paul Volker 22:35:50
Secret Crowd 22:16:43
MARCHING ORDERS: Quicken The Pace 22:08:25
Chinese Paramilitary Cops Police Americans 21:57:46
Rise of the Retro-Cons 21:37:06
Ron Paul Hosts Major Fundraiser in NJ for Murray Sabrin 21:29:36
Global food prices jumped 57 percent in March, according to the FOA. 21:26:58
Get Motivated! 21:05:14
Delegate Voting for Dummies 20:40:23
Liberty items for the troops 20:38:48
Nation’s Largest Taxpayers Group Honors Congressman Ron Paul 20:35:41
McCain Refuses to Rule Out Pre-Emptive War Against Another Country 20:19:31
PaulCongress 2008 Federal Liberty Candidates 20:09:00
Ventura’s 9/11 Questions Break Through Mainstream Media Dam 20:08:50
does anybody know about "the raw food diet"? 20:01:28
Please help Ron Paul Republican Linda Goldthorpe running for MI 1st district and get her to the $2000 mark!!! 19:47:29
Dr. Steve Parent Radio interview tomorrow Thursday the 10th 4-6 central time 19:32:56
Ron Paul - Patraeus YouTube April 9 19:15:50
Here's the Petraeus video from today. 19:15:13
((( don't 19:04:56
The Establishment, Washington Lobbists & CFR Members Achilles Heel 18:50:34
House Passes Resolution on Chinese Crackdown on Tibet 413-1. Guess who the "1" was?? 18:35:13
Just a notice about the famous TICKER... 18:28:54
Patreaus opening statement on Iraq war Hearing on C-SPAN One right now, 3:08 p.m. Pacific Time 18:09:49
Anyone watching the Olympic torch "run"???? 17:41:13
Where is the Patraeus---Ron Paul video? 17:40:00
[McCain's] Project Vote Smart bus "Balances Spin" 17:27:33
Will these be used on you and me next? 16:37:51
Independence Day Inspiration! 16:34:51
Just a classic 16:33:35
BUMP THIS! VOLUNTEER FOR THE GOP CONVENTION! GO TO tonight or tomorrow. The new form will be up soon! 15:58:42
Hemp for Alternative Energy...and More! 15:41:47
Ron Paul to question Petreus and Crocker today 15:41:23
Is limited government immoral? 15:33:44
Help us with Media coverage in Pennsylvania!!! 15:30:14
This is the BillBoard We're putting up in Yankton, South Dakota!! 15:27:59
Real ID act- Government backpeddles! 15:15:56
Obama and Hillary 14:57:43
Pat Buchanan, McCain Not A Realist 14:41:23
What's the Real Game Plan? 14:01:53
Ron Paul backer quits NH House primary 13:47:46
Cast Your Vote for Gun Rights 13:40:51
Wild Interview-Jesse Ventura on Opie and Anthony 13:39:16
“We Won’t Pay!” — A Tax Resistance Reader 13:21:17
BREAKING: Sequoia Touch-Screen Voting Machines Subpoenaed in NJ 13:20:57
James Nichols (brother of Terry Nichols) 13:06:21
whistle blower says he has rigged elections 12:57:24
We have already had two constitutions, "The Articles of Confederation" and "The Constitution", why not write a new constitution? 12:45:38
Dems want Iraq to pay oil... 12:43:43
My second letter (well, recently) to my Senator 12:36:36
Private Forum: Interested? 12:36:19
John Edwards 12:32:43
Property reassessment? 11:34:32
Please help me see if I have this correct about OUR delegates 11:06:57
Ron Paul on Radio - 4/8/08 11:00:04
Ron Paul TV 10:40:57
Please send me resolutions! 10:36:57
Should I write about the 'Delegate Wars'? 10:27:48
Esoteric Agenda 10:16:44
Speech location 09:59:50
12670 miles per gallon? 09:41:49
Iran-The new Al-Quaeda 09:23:57
UPDATED!!!!! "HAVE THE FBI ARREST JOHN McCAIN FOR BREAKING THE LAW"---it is a federal law hes broken right?? 08:52:19
New " SECURED SOCIAL SECURITY CARD " A Way Around The Real I.D. Card 08:52:13
Dr. Paul Top Fossil Fool ? 08:40:04
LA Times Blog Poll: Absolut Reconquista Ad Tell-em how you feel 08:10:32
Sick of Main Stream Media 07:44:23
In the event 07:44:07
Some INCREDIBLE LINKS TO some INCREDIBLE information! I hope you will check them out! 07:24:21
Another Lovely Pro-Illegal Immigration Piece 06:57:49
Ron Paul Not Endorsing Bob Barr,... or anyone else! 06:52:13
Minutes of recent Fed meeting show concern 05:39:16
Monsanto, Rumsfeld and Transgenic Seeds...We Are In Trouble! 05:00:40
The Patraeus-McCain Disconnect 04:22:55
DPers: Your Input Requested 03:58:16
US: House panel questions Bear rescue plan 03:49:10
MN GOP cries foul over delegates backing Ron Paul 03:32:06
I was shocked to see this! We are in deep doo doo. 01:37:44
Anyone In Jersey? DC? 01:36:26
Ron Paul interviews, speeches and debates all in one place 01:25:13
Ok...I tried this and if you want to go without food... 01:17:38
VIDEO: Another Dangerous Criminal Off The Streets Funded By YOU! 01:07:14
The democrats are helping us! 00:49:14
AOL Straw Poll April 7-14 00:28:58
Teens accidentally shot by Howard officer 00:19:29
John McCain BROKE and fundraising? 00:05:29