Posted on May 11, 2008

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Amit Singh Fundraiser May 14 --with Ron Paul featured guest 05:42:57
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The tide is turning!!!!! 23:45:07
Please Hurry Dr. Steve! 23:33:05
How not to win your state convention 23:26:22
Spread the Message. 23:21:16
A Blueprint for Wake Up. 22:57:13
One More Thought on AZ GOP Convention 22:36:42
How John McCain Can Beat Us 22:07:44
Happy Mother's Day!!! 21:58:54
An issue of immorality 21:45:43
Mother's Day Froggy/Bimbo and Fishy Style 21:18:52
FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution 21:09:50
Help us gather the christian voters fast! 21:08:49
Freedom To Facism Rebuttal 20:52:03
Who's That Hiding In My Fox 5 News Logo? 20:45:46
Help educate yourself and fellow Americans 20:44:46
Constitution Activist Program**IMPORTANT*** 20:44:01
Miscellaneous Loose End 20:37:38
Lets see where the conspiracy lies in refrence to big oil. 20:37:13
$ trusting the electronic vote ? 20:30:30
* Ron Paul is popular* 19:53:51
Ron Paul's Message is spreading wide and far!! 19:51:02
Would Ron Paul policies keep gas prices from skyrocketing? 19:33:31
WERE ON DIGG's FRONT PAGE NOW!!! KEEP DIGGING! Ron Paul Rating slaughtered on Yahoo's Front Page! (Pls Rate the story and DIGG) 19:15:54
McCain loves dirty money 19:13:56
LOL. WE are the Neo Nazis! We must be winning! 18:31:44
What is the Republican Party doing????? 18:28:22
Linda, are you out there? You're my kind of girl! 18:00:45
Cannabis Cures Cancer - "Run From The Cure" 17:58:41
When will they start killing all the old people? 17:42:17
Bush declares war on Economy 17:41:06
1st time poster 17:34:05
We are already a police state. This doesn't happen else where! 17:22:01
UPDATED : May 12 : My new standard of responding to the negative comments about myself and our goals 16:28:18
This lunatic is openly advocating Murder of Ron Paul supporters! Can we sue him? 16:23:52
FLDS member protests Texas raid in letter to President Bush 15:44:08
SGP and Laurie are the same person! 15:43:37
GREAT NEWS McCain faces doubts among Republican conservatives 15:33:00
Report from the AZ GOP Convention 15:28:52
Patent For a Pig: The Big Business of Monsanto 15:16:56
***If Americans only knew...((((********** 14:58:17
NEEDED-more updated info on CFR for mail out 14:43:03
The N Y Times, Sunday May 11 - No Chance? No Problem, Says Paul 14:41:09
It may be too late for even RP! 14:06:27
MTV's Aimee Allen, Ron Paul Anthem Music Video MUST SEE!! 14:05:45
MTV's Aimee Allen, Ron Paul Anthem Music Video MUST SEE!! 14:04:56
We must Rally behind John McCain. 13:30:52
Ron Paul as Obama VP or FED Chairman? 13:15:54
King George punishes Ron Paul 13:09:51
Chinese Merchants Don't Want US Dollars Anymore 12:07:14
Question for Christians: Canvassing on a Sunday? 10:55:59
The subprime mortgage primer (humor-classic!) 09:47:57
Mental health workers rip CPS over sect 09:44:38
Obama Has Visited 57 States 09:21:27
Modern Freemasonry - Albert Pike 07:42:37
Utah Republican State Convention Report (long) 07:31:57
Pro-Impeachment Candidates for the U.S. House, Senate, and White House in 2008 07:23:11
A Capital City With The Devil in the Details? These Roads Aren't Paved With Good Intentions 06:50:05
War profits taint the greedy hands of more than 25% of members of the US House and Senate! 05:58:12
DIGG: Outstanding McCain Expose Video 05:51:32
Summer Jobs for Young Ron Paul Republicans - Sonoma County 04:31:26
You say inVitro meat, yuck. But eat deep fried meat slurry, corn and chemicals. Called chicken nuggets 04:28:59
Bloggin Debates with McCain's Camp could be productive! 03:05:53
Bush signs S.1858 ; American citizens are now officially exposed to genetic testing, 03:03:44
Lodge of Cowards Training - Skull and Bones - King George II 02:23:46
Civil Disobedience - Remember the Owlamo 01:27:42
Beautiful rendition of NATIONAL anthem 01:22:00