Posted on May 12, 2008

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US laying foundation for Iraq colonization (SOFA) 11:42:13
Big Government Responsible for Housing Bubble 11:37:19
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Bob Barr video on Ron Paul 23:56:49
Very Important for all supporters!!!!! 23:11:40
Calling all RP Supporters. Very Important! 23:09:30
Another good article by Chuck Baldwin on McCain 23:07:35
Larry Agran - Candidate Ignored by Media in 1992 23:06:38
OMG. Huck for VP... 23:03:37
McCain-Calls for Mandatory Caps on Climate Change 22:58:44
anyone from porland oregan ? 22:34:20
BIGG DIGG get in on it 2600 keep FP 22:12:07
Thomas what you don't understand.... 21:58:51
Thomas what you don't understand.... 21:58:29
Bob Barr Announces Libertarian Run For President 21:51:23
Gun Control in Canada 21:49:20
FDA "Harmonizing" Health Care with Mexico & Canada 21:39:08
Anti-Genetic Discrimination Bill Passes 414 - 1 ... Guess who the one vote against it was? 21:37:26
You are all committing acts of terror and espionage (new link added) 21:31:41
Why Rev. Wright is right! 21:23:48
ron paul,los angeles times 21:18:42
Fixing Healthcare in A Free Market 21:15:13
Ex-officials: Bush admin. ignored Iraq corruption 21:00:57
Democracy Hacked... its no joke. 20:58:29
Anyone in Hendersonville, TN? 20:53:54
Big Media Reform Conference 20:52:00
Illegal Alien Raid Part Of FEMA Camp Drill 20:40:06
* Obama's First 10 Executive Orders * 20:33:07
Ron Paul's Campaign Cash? Got Ideas? 20:05:24
MSN: FRONT PAGE- SLATE article about Ron Paul and Bob Barr... it's more about Ron than Barr 20:04:47
From Ron Paul's Publisher via Lew Rockwell 19:09:29
Waking up friends - Bush and the Nazi's... 19:03:23
Sean Hannity was even talking about the coming high gas prices 18:57:33
The Ron Paul Rocket Project is in Forming Phase 18:57:06
George Will catching on to McCain 18:52:53
* * WE don't agree with the NRC's stated platform * * 18:17:54
For all you nay sayers that say there isn’t a move to “harmonize” the US, Canada and Mexico into a region, take a look!! 17:55:39
Nevada Delegate Dennis Grover speaks out tomorrow LIVE 4pm eastern 17:38:43
* 18 vets daily kill themselves - 1,000 veterans attempt suicide per month * 17:38:11
McCain aides quit over lobby ties - one was to run Convention! 17:37:45
POLL: How big of a roll should Ron Paul play in the convention? 17:35:38
The cats out of the bag..LA Times exposes our plans for convention 17:31:51
Ron Paul on Google News Homepage - Links to FoxNews 17:30:42
Challenged delegates for Dr. Ron Paul in MO speak about the current situation LIVE : Wednesday May 14th at 4pm eastern 17:28:44
Ron Paul's Revenge: New AOL Article. POLL INCLUDED! VOTE! 17:25:13
Rush Limbaugh mentioned us and Ron Paul today.... 17:13:44
Poll: Should we be helping LP and CP candidates get ballot access? 17:12:03
DIGG-RP's Loyalty to the Republican Party-REDDIT 17:06:30
Ron Paul's forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain 17:02:36
Operation Chaos? 17:01:21
***Good old John Mccain at it again!*** 16:41:03
***Stop bickering for a moment ;-) Does anyone know about Brown's Gas? *** 16:25:07
AOL Poll: How much of a role should Paul be allowed to play at the convention? 16:18:43
What power is stopping Ron Paul 16:18:39
Cease fire ! cease fire! 16:17:40
Bob Barr is a Libertarian - Really? 15:58:21
***Surviving 2012 ((()))((())) Planet X 15:49:54
bob barr speaks about ron 15:45:52
You know what to do with this AOL poll... 15:45:15
Couldn't Be More Wrong 15:44:59
Insider speaks 15:41:28
Who's missing? 15:39:34
Bad problem with US dual citizenships 15:37:32
Say We Do Eliminate The Federal Reserve - What Then? 15:29:40
Dr. Paul polling at 46% on AOL Straw Poll 15:11:08
Ron Paul on front page of AOL!!! 15:09:29
Political Machine 15:08:14
Wanna know what is causing the Earth to shake? 14:49:14
DRUDGE: Ron Paul's forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain... 14:47:55
Judicial Watch on the move again ! 14:19:58
Betrayal at CO GOP 14:13:25
Gold Standard Questions 14:13:13
Revolution Freedom Festival - On the Move - Update (PLEASE KEEP BUMPED) 13:50:41
GPS Tracking Forced On Dallas Kids 13:41:46
Question ; If you had a son turning 16 getting a job 13:37:00
Bob Barr All Over the News 13:25:58
Bob Barr 13:20:16
Paulville? Count Ron Paul out 12:54:51
Ron Paul - page 48 12:34:44
The Constitution: should taxation be voluntary? 12:10:25
DailyPaul is not for ATTENTION WHORES 11:52:43
* * Bill O'Reilly Goes Nuts-Exposed HA! * * 11:31:06
RP LAT Blog on Drudge right now... Digg it! 11:30:56
What are you defending - the Constitution or the Bible? 11:00:41
How far right is Mccain ? Can you hear the goosesteps 10:20:32
Citizen from Old Soviet Communist Country says Less Freedom in U.S. Now 10:17:20
NASA Will Announce Planet-X? 09:44:48
soldiers get to the front!! 09:38:48
US public and Middle East to pay price of Republican and Democratic cowardice 09:34:45
If you need a new business bank account 09:24:52
Voter ID Battle Shifts to Proof of Citizenship 09:05:27
Trilateral fear Paul 08:58:34
Let's Not Write The Fed a Blank Check 08:32:54
Ron Paul's forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain 08:29:49
(SUCESS) TV viewership still down in wake of 100-day writers strike 07:23:34
Clinton Has Tough Reason to Hang On ($11 Million Big Ones) 07:18:30
Ron Paul covered by IU Website 06:47:47
Why Has John McCain Abandoned the American Soldier? 06:37:15
One Hundred and Eleven (111) Pro-Impeachment Candidates 06:31:02
Bookies Slash Odds On Ron Paul 05:30:06
Who 02:19:36
What? 02:05:06
Calling ALL ANGELS! 01:51:00
Let me help You? and we all can help RP 01:37:57
Let's All Give a Warm Daily Paul Welcome to... Mike Benoit! 01:21:26
Will King George NUKE Ron Paul's Revolution? 00:55:23
Former IRS Commissioner 00:08:54
SGP - Insight on the Process in Oregon 00:04:57