Posted on May 13, 2008

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● Nebraska results... 13+% for Ron Paul!! 100% reporting 21:45:13
MP3 | Ron Paul KTRH Houston / FOX Business Interview 19:57:29
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Bush Interview from Politico 23:46:31
Important question for the people of Nebraska Did Ron Paul run any ads? 23:44:19
Todays' video on foxbusiness is UP!! 23:43:31
This November 5th 23:10:15
George Bush: Raping Prisoners for Your Freedom 22:44:14
Who to vote for if not Dr. Paul 22:25:42
Can anyone help me find this? 22:25:40
anyone here from DC 22:23:31
"Be a slave in your own land or tell the truth and hope SOMEBODY will listen!" 22:09:01
Did I just see Pat Buchanan giving the hand signal? 21:56:29 - Ever have a great idea for a campaign ad? 21:55:34
McCain in Bellevue Washington today 21:50:34
Fed Res Graphs, shows total borrowing from 1910-2008, this will blow your mind! 21:47:14
Ron Paul on NPR's Talk Of The Nation 21:38:07
MSM Love Affair w/ Obama 21:34:52
Grampa Abe McCain 21:19:25
Banking Holiday 21:14:42
URGENT! Need Help calling Independents in SD before MAY 19th!!! 21:10:53
Council on Domestic Relations..UPDATE 21:00:25
i guess Bush isn't all bad... 20:43:44
HIGHTIDE PROMO in Idaho 20:42:31
mcgruff to appear on regis and kelly tomorrow 20:23:05
This REALLY makes me want to puke... 20:09:21
Just for Fun - sorry If I offend aunts. 20:07:37
What the HECK is going on? 19:54:20
McCain electable? 19:43:46
22/22 Donors to RonPaul's campaign today are NEW DONORS? 100% NEW DONORS 19:30:23
Conservatives livid at John McCain 19:24:33
The 9-11 Commission Charade 19:12:57
AOL poll back in action... 18:30:10
Senate wants Bush to stop filling oil reserve 18:19:06
June 5th Reverse Money Bomb -- withdraw your funds? 18:08:58
Chris Martenson's "Crash Course" 18:08:18
***Ron Paul Republican*** NEBRASKA - Jeremiah Ellison 18:04:23
Fox: Ron Paul revolt could be 'disaster' for Republicans 17:44:50
United we stand? 17:24:55
More trouble brewin' in texas 17:20:42
Don't Settle For This At The Convention!!! 17:19:18
Ron Speaks on the Radio about our "planned revolt" at the convention 17:07:33
Ron Paul Space Sattelite Project is picking up HEAVY steam (Pls DIGG NOW) 17:06:34
West Virginia Results 16:25:44
"Wired" wants to know what your..... 16:21:20
delegate question 16:05:21
Man jailed when 18 yr old daughter fails to get her GED 16:01:13
Digg the Ron Paul Blackout 15:58:09
McImpotent on SNL May 17th 15:28:10
THERE IS NO WE 15:28:05
China's Earthquake and our response. . . 15:08:33
Here Are Your Choices 15:04:34
05-13-08(Youtube)FOX news discusses a Ron Paul Revolt at the Convention. Judge Napolitano defends Ron Paul! 14:20:54
More Information on The Revolution Freedom Festival - (KEEP BUMPED) 14:20:17
Fox news attacks RP...Again 14:16:07
** Scary-- The Ordinary Face of Everyday Evil * * 14:14:15
Has the war room been shutdown? 14:02:53
Help me with one last Paul / McCain contrast please? 13:56:16
RP needs you help NOW to pass this bill, it will take you only one minute! 13:55:03
MICHIGAN Precinct delegate deadline today 13:53:47
Paul to discuss "The Revolution: A Manifesto" on C-SPAN's "Book TV" 13:44:05
Bank Deposit Boxes Being Raided By Feds!! + Video 13:05:54
John McCain convention coup detected by FOX 13:03:13
John McCain convention coup detected by FOX 13:02:30
Emergency Bank Holiday - with video 12:58:20
Privatize NASA 12:56:28
June 5 video 12:42:00
Emergency Bank Holiday 12:34:51
Subject: H.R. 5782 National Reciprocity 12:22:45
Can the Republican Party be saved? 12:19:11
Need a laugh? 'Ron Paul Supporters - Please vote for Obama in November' 12:09:36
A new tune for those sick of the lies 12:08:04
Mary Ruwart is my second choice as i belive RON PAUL would prefer 11:55:18
Need suggestions for GA state convention. Also district report. 11:43:53
Paul / McCain legislation side by side? 11:31:35
Nebraska Results Live 11:27:06
Isn't there a Primary today in West Virginia??? 11:21:37
GOLD (silver)suppression Job 1 at the FED! 10:51:41
what site is this? 10:38:17
Nebraska Primary? 10:29:06
Is Bob Barr the New Hope for America? 10:25:47
McCain, he is weak... 09:57:41
How did you find out about... 09:51:41
im not voting for barr!im voting ron paul 09:42:35
Some "Straight Talk" on the Hon. Bob Barr & why ld NEVER support him! 09:41:05
Eliminate McCain as a candidate 09:37:37
Pentagon Keeping Secrets From the CIA 08:09:16
Mercola newsletter of today tells 1.3 million people to vote Ron Paul! 07:54:34
Could Hillary be the Lincoln of 1860? 07:41:40
Tonight Ron Paul with Neil Cavuto 07:14:31
Internet Censorship -- can someone find me a link? 06:49:28
Ew Loko Lkie ioidts 05:13:09
Feds Accuse Student Of “Terror and Espionage” For Talking About Constitution 03:20:13
Barnes And Noble Suppresses Dr Ron Paul Revolution Manifesto 02:01:24
The Gas Pump Version of Y2K - Old gas pumps can't handle ever-rising prices 01:58:34
Is Bartering or Trade Tender legal? 01:45:59
★ Drudge: Ron Paul's forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain 01:35:14
Will Paul supporters unite this November or will the opposition movement go unnoticed yet again? 01:19:25
mccains new touring schedule 01:17:42
DIGG * Girl dies after being choked by COPS! 00:57:29
Gold & Silver the FED and Ron Paul! READ IT! 00:49:05
Bob Barrs excellent record on Illegal Immigration 00:47:08
Sometimes, state government is the problem. 00:39:53
Bob Barr's Resolution urging Ron Paul to seek Libertarian Party nomination 00:37:35
FLDS PARENTS say state has scattered children across Texas--I'm homeless and childless’ says mother of 6--READ HERE!!! 00:34:17
What happened in the UK after they gave up the right to self-defense? 00:31:37
Ron Paul winning this straw poll in AZ 00:25:33
"True Fiction" Intel... One of the reasons we invaded Iraq! [Pic] 00:19:27
watch silver and gold... 00:15:37
Coins for silver 00:06:08