Posted on May 14, 2008

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MP3 | Ron Paul CSPAN BookTV Speech Q&A 22:18:19
Ron Paul on Fox Business News 04:32:27
Not Over Yet! 00:13:15
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Is Bobb Barr ockblocking us 23:58:06
I think I got it 23:36:22
JPMorgan Chase CEO: Recession Just Beginning 23:33:41
Got skills? - The Freedom Movement needs you! 23:31:14
Ron Paul on NPR today- audio link request 23:22:50
Anyone watching Boston Legal? 23:11:19
BIGG DIGGS join in NOW! ! 23:08:26
TWO RP articles on FRONT PAGE digg NOW! 22:22:51
NH: 6th open carry litter pickup sparks stunning encounters 22:20:55
John Galt where are you? 22:05:17
Exxon Made $1,300 Every Second in 2007 Shattering All Profit Records 21:44:58
auditable electronic voting system 21:24:52
Ron Paul publicly names neoconservatives 20:52:07
Thanks to all of you is ranked in the top 10 of all Ron Paul sites. 20:00:31
Anyone Getting Their Gardens Ready? 19:36:05
OKAY, Possible SOLUTION Please VOTE HERE (about DP forums/bickering) 19:26:40
Gardening post has disappeared. Any other posts gone? 18:49:35
Revolutionary Ideas 18:18:27
Hey Oregonians, I am asking for your help (URGENT!!!!) 17:50:39
GOP's QUIXOTIC stance!!! 17:43:32
Infiltrated, But Unstoppable 17:41:30
Just for information 17:11:24
The Real Reason for war with Iran... 17:07:26
Washington D.C. Police to be Armed With AR-15 Rifles This Summer 16:51:27
Ron Paul on NPR 5/14 Listen Here 16:41:29 "Ron Paul Hopes To Crash McCain's Party" 16:36:10
How To Hide Inflation From Consumers 101 16:35:43
Talk of the Nation Today!! 16:28:58
Sean Penn blasts Obama's 'phenomenally inhuman and unconstitutional' voting record... 16:18:09
Great article on "good" Ron Paul and "evil" Alan Greenspan 15:55:30
I just got hung up on on the Sean Hannity show because I said I want to talk about Ron Paul 15:51:16
$2000 Gold in 2009 says Peter Schiff, Ron Paul supporter 15:47:41
CONFUSION: The Cost of Gas Help My Understanding Please 15:25:15
Careful about this!!! 15:18:55
Volcker calls for more Street regulation 15:00:56
We need to stop the Farm Bill! 14:47:05
Send Johnny a message about his lobbyists here: 14:39:18
This is funny! 14:37:24
State Department Snubs Iraqi Whistleblower 14:32:57
Emergency message from Dr. Murray Sabrin (close friend of Ron Paul for 25 years) 14:25:30
Video of interviews on the beach: This is what we're up against with Obamites! 14:22:02
Ron Paul Fox Business Interview David Asman 05/13/2008 14:19:50
****FOOD SHORTAGE now in POTATOES*** 14:10:49
Ron Paul publicly names neoconservatives 14:09:12,,, rate this!! 13:56:01
Ron Paul publicly names neoconservatives 13:43:10
4th Amendment Lives! - Utah Judge rules "We're not a police state yet" 13:40:49
Ron Paul & FED Regulations 13:38:41
Court Halts Spraying in California, Ordering Environmental Review 13:34:50
Paper Ballots Hand Counted At The Precinct Or Bust 13:34:24
● NEW ABC article- Ron Paul: Crashing McCain's Party... long article... 3 pages 13:24:00
Alright you guys I have an urgent thing for you to do... 13:06:00
Do NOT do this at the Convention (9/11 inside job signs and shouts) 12:58:57
Precinct & Convention Experiences 12:01:25
Virtual Campaign Staff for Congressional Candidates Needed- good idea 11:59:25
I'm sick of people calling us Nuts! 11:58:04
How to Sell Liberty 11:55:05
Is John McCain the real conservative? 11:54:17
Q: If taxation is theft, how is government to be funded? 11:53:52
Free Energy is Here! Send to everyone you know! 11:51:34
Missouri GOP delegates attorney chip in 11:42:22
What is up in Texas City? 11:33:14
Just something motivating for you all, 96.5FM in Ohio, senior correspondent for MSNBC says I don't care what Obama or Hillary 11:29:52
Some U.S. detainees drugged for deportation: report 11:29:49
Your Choices for the 2008 Elections: WE already know. 11:19:55
Anti-Racism Advocate Heavy Fed Investigates Ron Paul! 11:11:42
You Say You Want a Revolution?: Taki's Book Review 11:02:40
GOP Stunned by Loss 10:40:11 10:35:18
They are watching us 10:29:43
deleted 10:10:30
Anomaly West Virginia Primary-RP loses hundreds of votes 10:06:05
Where's the Logic - Inflation measured not counting Food and Energy 09:46:51
UK releases 1000 pages of UFO previously classified documents 09:19:07
Bush in Israel Celebrating 60th Anniversary 09:14:01
Ron Paul is a KOOK 08:37:38
the democrat conyers releases letter to pres about impechment 08:10:42
Why do I get a user warning when I post? 07:58:40
Vatican: It's OK to believe in aliens 06:12:37
Kennedy Warned Us - Kennedy a Kook? The Happening 05:07:05
Credit crisis makes Americans sell possessions 05:06:02
Mexican drug violence 05:00:08
States Seize Citizens' Property to Balance Their Budgets 04:28:43
Hawaii Not a US State (Hawaiians Stand Up for their Sovereignty) 04:08:13
Moore making ‘Fahrenheit 9/11′ sequel 04:01:51
Ron Paul to be on "Book TV" on May 18 03:39:26
Economic misery 02:30:23
Charges Dropped Against ‘Dangerous’ Detainee Who Was Tortured At Guantanamo 01:47:28
Facial Recognition Technology To Prevent Underage Smoking 01:35:02
Alert: Six Carrier Groups Headed for the Gulf... 01:33:11
Great New Ron Paul March Promo! 01:23:04
Great New Ron Paul March Promo! 01:22:02
Great New Ron Paul March Promo! 01:21:18
Day-old baby among 400 FLDS kids in custody--newborn son are sharing a mattress on a floor 01:19:46
NYT: In the Tracks of Ron Paul, a Candidate Goes Forth 01:07:11
RP Summary 01:05:09
Heres Today's Neil Cavuto interview with Ron Paul(Youtube) 00:50:33
Has anybody converted there car to a water burning car yet?...Check out this site!! 00:44:22
Who to vote for if not Dr. Paul, I am putting all my faith in our delegates at the convention 00:27:48
UPDATE : Challenged delegates for Dr. Ron Paul in MO speak about the current situation LIVE : Wednesday May 14th at 3pm eastern 00:24:19
If I Was A Terrorist A Must see video 00:21:17
The Ron Paul Soldier. How to spot them 00:12:55
Larken Rose: Solutions 00:08:28