Posted on May 16, 2008

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Donate 'The Revolution: A Manifesto' to all 238 libraries in NH 10:30:18
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I just want you to know about this... 23:58:24
The "Anything Goes" Thread 23:53:35
*Urgent*-Codex Issue in Canada-Please sign Petition! 23:49:12
Irony: The flag post got flagged! 23:46:58
billions of fraud money by us and iraq goverment officals 23:46:49
What just happened here? 23:45:05
This is one of the best videos to date - A MUST watch 23:29:03
Bush tells the truth, but let them fight it out!! 23:01:14
Weekend Fun - Name the RPublican Party 22:38:55
Moles at the Convention 22:34:58
Would the members of Daily Paul kindly answer this question? 22:23:52
Bush Lied About Giving Up Golf: Video Proof 22:23:32
Yahoo!News Has Best Ron Paul Article Ever 22:11:17
The Garbage People 21:59:24
AK GOP pulling some bull ! Dropping planks and platforms! 21:32:27
info on contactin beck, dobbs and all numbers, contacts we used to have 21:25:15
Rumsfeld: resetting neo con agenda through ... an attack 21:22:09
Whats Happing in NV? 21:20:30
Another great Revolution March promo! 20:30:50
Another great Revolution March promo! 20:30:16
Ronald Reagan -- GOLDWATER --Ron Paul...PLATFORM ---THE SOLUTION TO Socical sercurity...and everything else.... 20:13:23
Ruwart Disappointed by Barr's Campaign Focus 20:05:21
Tsk tsk, the hypocracy of some people here 20:04:15
What an Obama and Ron Paul team to change America! 19:53:40
Bernanke has lunch with those he is supposed to be regulating??? 19:50:20
President Bush: ‘I Gave Up Golf for the Troops’ 19:49:28
Did Sean Hannity serve in the Military? 19:27:48
Ron Paul Segment coming up on Fox News 7:28pm EST 19:24:16
A Solution to Non Specific Ron Paul Topics 19:15:05
MTV's Aimee Allen, Ron Paul Anthem Music Video MUST SEE!! 18:47:41
Anyone - Dr Paul Speech Today in Bowling Green KY ? 18:43:54
RON PAUL -- Grandma gets [BUSTED] 18:41:58
Another petition oppoirtunity. 18:25:24
The Ron Paul Machine Continues On... 17:42:31
Joe Rogan likes RP 17:07:52
Great article today in the Christian Science Monitor 16:59:58
Thomas Loc Dot Gov 16:53:55
House bill H.R.220, short-titled the “Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2007,” introduced by Rep. Ron Paul. IMPORTANT!! 16:44:02
*** An Alternative To War *** 16:03:37
For those of you who don't think it can happen here! 16:01:15
Great McC Video: "We failed in Iraq; we failed with Katrina" 15:56:56
I'm at work and I don't have time for this... 15:51:35
Mccain asking for money: The decoded message 15:50:01
PREAKNESS MONEY BOMB today between 3-4pm (EST) - GO NOW! 15:39:54
*Now you can watch vote fraud* 15:39:02
Contact your Senators and Representatives 15:23:13
US soldier refuses to serve in 'illegal Iraq war' 15:22:55
We need to get a grip. 15:16:23
Top Five Presidential Campaign Reads-Summer Reading List for the General Public 15:13:14
A really bad week for McCain 15:06:12
****Just thinking outloud***** 15:01:44
The truth about Bob Barr 14:52:58
> 1000 articles, speeches and video by Ron Paul in one place! 14:51:56
Could Hemp revive American industries? 14:02:29
A Marine and a Cab Driver in Iraq 13:29:19
Possible constitutional amendments 13:28:59
Iran can't find a buyer for their oil 13:16:25
I prefer Mopars 13:03:53
Rumsfeld On Tape: Terror Attack Could Restore Neo-Con Agenda 12:57:27
Upcoming primaries 12:56:36
How can we change the political landscape back to one of liberty, peace and prosperity? 12:52:09
Rumsfeld: Why not another 9/11? 12:49:15
Yet another Freudian slip by McWar 12:39:58
"Tangible action on Iran" ?????? 12:39:36
FED Inflates Money Supply at Record Rate 12:37:25
Video: Congressman Ron Paul Questions Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker 12:27:34
How about a Paul/Buchanan ticket with Jesse... 12:27:15
Ruppert Murdoch's NewsCorp Comes Out in Favor of the Gold Standard 12:20:23
The Ron Paul Machine Continues On... 11:59:14
US soldier refuses to serve in 'illegal Iraq war' 11:58:55
Ron Paul is no compassionate conservative when it comes to Myanmar 11:46:42
Inflation or Deflation WWRPS 11:42:12
Alaska Converts McCain Delegates to Ron Paul 11:35:39
Ron Paul endorses ? for president 11:16:50
Email for colorado delegates... we may get a fair shake! 11:12:40
Infowars Money Bomb: Help Us Beat the Corporate Media!! 10:46:29
Why Google? Ron Paul News puts it all there for you.. check it out: 10:40:08
Nevada Ron Paul delegates need your help. 10:28:43
Olberman Rant on Bush's 'Golf Sacrifice' to dead troops 10:27:16
Dems rally forces against the war. We can help. 10:14:36
New Liberty Hour Talk Radio 11am May 16th WAMT 1190am (Orlando) 10:11:50
Iranian embassy employees shot in Baghdad,,,,Here we go 10:04:57
$$$ GREAT explanation of HIGH OIL PRICES $$$$ 09:47:33
bob barr is good for the rp revolution. 09:46:36
The Revolution lives on... 09:34:25
Alaska converts McCain delegates for Ron Paul 09:31:12
Osama Speaks-Friday "Palestine Cause Fuels War/ Fight Goes On" 07:53:01
Spread this as far and wide as you can 07:25:35
Europe's single currency 06:32:28
Bush support the troops? 04:11:40
Senate committee adds amnesty for 1.2 million illegal ag workers to Iraq spending 04:03:45
Tried to debate an Obama supporter tonight 03:40:13
Does anyone think that maybe Ron would vote for... 03:30:03
U.S. Troops in Iraq being Electrocuted by Halliburton 03:22:52
The Battle for America has Begun - Strategic Forecasts 03:11:42
****Viguerie Calls on Top GOP Establishment to Resign!**** 02:46:36
The American Revolution Anniversary 02:26:29
The latest from Colorado 02:22:59
What's next for the Ron Paul revolution? 01:53:29
Why the HELL is Eugene Flynn trying to UNSEAT Ron Paul in his district?? 01:08:08
Senate Moves Forward on Orwellian “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act” 00:39:06
PENNSYLVANIA:Please extend a warm R3VOLUTION handshake to Wozniak and Hanna 00:14:45
Arizona Drops Federal Government... WOW!!! 00:00:23