Posted on May 22, 2008

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Do You Feel a Draft? 18:13:26
This is BIG, really BIG. Flood the National Convention Floor even if you are not a Delegate 16:12:15
The Tone of the Revolution... Is this the end? 11:17:00
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Fire Team for Freedom is ON the Air! 23:55:55
Budget Hero Simulator 23:55:39
Do not fret. There are millions... perhaps billions of freedom lovers. 23:43:37
RP Needs To Get on Leno Show 23:36:56
Congressional Responsibility Survey: Download and Use! 23:34:17
"Spin" by Brian Springer 23:30:18
The Cure For Ron Paul's Issues: A Profound Plan For Freedom 23:29:42
This candidate in Illlinois needs help 23:21:40
OREGON-Front Page DIGG! lets keep it there!!! 23:01:07
Absolutely the most informative liberty video I've seen in the past year. 22:55:39
Report: U.S. Soldiers Did 'Dirty Work' for Chinese Interrogators *SHOCKING* 22:48:06
Pre-Planning for 2010 22:45:31
I need a 5 minute video to wake up some sheeple 22:20:20
Mr. Magorium 21:16:47
DIGG!!! YouTube = Terrorist Website 20:37:16
Court: Texas wrongly seized sect children---Judge has 10 days to comply with ruling; applies to 48 polygamist mothers 20:32:05
More dirty tricks from the McCain campaign - Washington state! 20:17:43
Who Killed the Constitution?: Thomas E. Woods Jr. LIVE NOW 3:30PM EASTERN 20:03:48
Ron Paul's Israel Problem. by Dr. Chuck Baldwin 19:44:50
Big Difference between Ron Paul and Barack Obama 19:42:53
Dr. Chuck Baldwin on the Alex Jones show. Youtube 19:41:18
Break the Matrix - Join the Fun! 19:12:21
Lieberman says that Youtube is a terrorist website 19:03:25
An article just said we incite violence! 18:53:20
Adopt a Meetup Project 05/22/08 list 18:21:28
Ron Paul to Be on Sean Hannity Show? 17:44:55
Ron Paul Poem 17:37:25
Congressman Cannon implies Ron Paul is a radical 17:28:46
The First Ron Paul Internet Post from 1985 17:23:41
LOL. Buy a car in MO and get ur choice of gas or a semi-auto handgun!! 17:22:33
RP supporters need a secret hand signal for the convention! 17:21:50
Patriots to Ron Paul; Challenge John McCain! 17:19:08
Pakistani Daily: George W Bush Authorized 911 Attacks Says Government Insider 17:16:25
Ron Paul is coming!!!!! 17:08:00
GARDASIL Vaccine Turns Girl into a Gimp? 17:02:42
House panel subpoenas Rove in justice probe 16:52:12
Bill Moyers interviews Rev. Jeremiah Wright. 16:35:19
World Bank responsible for infecting 3rd World w/ AIDS? 16:30:22
Constitutional Law Zone 16:21:42
Old Media links, emails, and numbers 16:18:44
Vincent Bugliosi: Bush should be tried for murder 16:17:37
Bush authorized 9/11 - source; Stanley Hilton -senior advisor to Sen Bob Dole 16:06:10
Lieberman at it again 15:04:28
FLDS Partial Victory 14:33:19
Wallstreet Journal: Does the Libertarian Party Matter? 14:28:54
Court: Texas had no right to take polygamists' kids 14:00:49
Revolution 4 Freedom Festival - Granny's Update - 5/22/08 (KEEP BUMPED) 13:52:46
Memorial Day: Support the Troops! 13:52:30
By God there may still be hope for america 13:46:20
McCain ‘Spiritual Guide’ Says America Founded to See Islam Destroyed 13:37:32
Ron Paul/Newt Gingrich Debate/Discussion: Doable? Good Idea? 13:36:39
good alex jones show today 13:30:06
Second Amendment clearly explained - to a cop! 13:12:46
Can Anyone Explain Why Fox News Is Pointing Our McCain's Migrating Stance on Issues? 12:59:48
Alex Jones does the work of the NWO 12:44:31
March to War in Lebanon? By Ron Paul on 22 May 2008 12:42:14
Will the Libertarians Spoil McCain's Chances? 12:37:45
Ron Paul's Ultimate Revolution -- It's You! 12:37:33
Bin Laden bin DEAD! 12:35:33
One of the most beautiful articles about Dr. Paul and his legacy 12:25:21
Revolutionbroadcasting the new home of the Ron Paul National Meetup Conference Call Every Thursday 12:21:23
Texas insists 28 year old woman is a child?! 11:58:47
what to do without our internet 11:57:59
July 12 March on Washington - Ideas - Hot Dogs to end pork barrel spending 11:50:11
IRS Documentary? 11:41:43
My voting friend has a question: 11:20:01
George Bush authorized 9/11 Attack says Government Insider! 10:53:16
Moles Wanted 10:28:10
The British called, they want their guns back 10:27:47
there is a finacial adviser from goldman sacs 09:23:05
Make a difference for Ron Paul at the RNC -- even if you aren't a delegate! 08:56:05
U.S. deserter faces deportation from Canada 08:16:34
Need some help clearing up someone's mis-info about the minimum wage 07:59:59
American Jewish Congress Threatens SC State Gov't Over "I Believe" Car Tag 07:32:59
Poker Face: I'd Rather Die Than Be Your Slave 06:39:43
Alex Jones: Jesse Ventura Interview, May 20th, 2008 06:33:48
Heart experts warn Tasers deadly 06:24:15
McCain Lies, NWO puppet 06:05:34
2hr video I haven't seen before. Very, very informative 05:59:43
Ronald Reagans Inaugural Adress---Enhanced....circa 1981 05:59:30
Secretive meeting of "Bilderberger" in three weeks! 05:32:52
How the Depression is being manufactured again! 03:35:26
Too many issues not enough time 02:40:26
Free GOP convention site offered 01:21:54
Fabian Strategy- repost 01:04:12
This is SCARY! 00:58:39
"2084" -Is China Building the Next-Generation Police State? 00:30:28
Tune in and listen to REVOLUTION relevant radio while cruising the posts here at the DP 00:28:43
HR 4088 must be stopped 00:26:08
McCain's Top aid (A democrat) leaves campaign because of Obama 00:20:31
Jesse Ventura on Larry King right now says he is going to run as independent 00:14:36
James Dobson focus on the family 00:08:01