Posted on May 24, 2008

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Ron Paul Will Lead Freedom Walk '08: Green Bay to Minneapolis-St. Paul 21:27:52
NY Times on Ron Paul: It’s Not a Campaign, It’s a Mission 13:19:25
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Obama visited 57 states, says McCain losing his bearings 23:19:08
Arrested for talking about Jesus 23:18:00
**OKAY**COMEDY BREAK** 23:17:31
121,000 Locations to Hit. Hit the American Consumer where it hurts. 22:48:15
Chicago Police 21:36:34
CSPAN Sat. 8:30pm central Libertarian Debate: Followed by LP Chairman Debate: Sunday, Libertarian programming all day. 21:34:53
I Spent the Day Crying........(a true story) 21:34:33
* 21:32:40
OK all you Conspiracy Theorists... 21:30:08
Clips of Paul "Freedom Rally" in Phoenix, AZ 21:23:43
Most Americans do not even think about getting information from alternative news sources 21:10:42
Listen and watch Cspan 9pm est 5/24 21:02:43
Upbeat report on NBC affiliate in San Diego re Ron Paul visit 20:10:06
MARCH IN LONDON?! 20:03:08
Who Killed the Constitution?: Thomas E. Woods Jr. 2 BOOKS ENDORSED BY DR. PAUL new book look in here 19:55:28
Secessionist Convention Announcement 19:37:59
More from Nevada 19:32:45
Alex Jones Endorses Dr. Chuck Baldwin 19:32:26
DERRRR.... the GOP is starting to realize McCain sucks... New York Times Article. 19:28:55
Refresh my Memory. Please. 19:25:27
Indiana Jones movie upsets communists 19:12:19
Ron Paul Can win Idaho !! 18:27:24
Revolutionbroadcasting will provide LIVE coverage of the Freedom rally in SD with the granny warriors. 18:26:09
New people are joining the Revolution every day! 18:05:01
Horrors of Genetic Engineering are here 17:59:23
Ron Paul = C-I-A- Bob Barr??? Golwater's FREEDOM Movement = REAGAN! 17:49:48
Ron Paul Twins endorse Chuck Baldwin!!! 17:44:45
Chemtrails EXPOSED!!! 17:43:37
Bush-McCain Fundraiser Cancelled/Moved 17:33:01
Lieberman, Graham Violating McCain Campaign's Ethics Rules? 17:17:17
Arizona Rally, Meeting Dr. Paul and chatting in the Lobby before 16:38:15
Encryption Chip Will End Piracy, Says Atari Founder 16:27:14
Suck it McCain video lol 16:15:41
libertarian party fleeing to the desert [lol] 15:59:57
RON PAUL 4409 -- 5-22-08 -- We're ALL here together! 15:53:51
YouTube blackout of Ron Paul 15:45:43
AZ Senator Karen Johnson at Ron Paul Rally yesterday: 9/11 needs a new investigation 15:36:19
Barackula !!! 14:42:10
"Hillary Clinton’s gonna become the Ron Paul of the Democratic Party..." 14:19:37
Animals/squirrels/rats in garden what should I do? 14:07:09
Satan could choose Ron Paul as his VP!!! 13:31:35
oh dear..i almost pissed myself laughing... 13:09:15
Eric Nordstrom, founder of the Ron Paul moneybomb asks us to support a Dish Network Channel 12:58:03
The cure for Ron Paul issues, a profound plan for freedom 12:19:01
3-day weekend? That ain't no revolution. 12:18:22
Signed Copy 11:36:25
A little bit of satire poking fun at terrorists and conspiracy theorists 11:09:47
Primary position is up for grabs! 11:01:28
It’s Not a Campaign, It’s a Mission!!! 10:50:09
Obama could choose Ron Paul as his VP!!! 10:40:26
"Hey, RFK got shot in June! Someone could still get assassinated." -- Hillary Clinton 10:20:03
Only 5 months to go... 10:14:33
Police State: Unmarked chopper patrols NY city from high above--marines patrol subway below 10:12:58
Need Advice to combat illegal checkpoints 10:12:35
Police State Alive and Well in the Middle of Nowhere 09:46:55
Don't Feed the Fat People in Mississippi 09:28:34
Isn't this whole thing just boiling down to centralizing everything 08:09:57
U.S. intelligence has been meeting and advising the group that has been blamed for bombings in Iran 07:27:47
Nation's Poorest 1% Now Controls Two-Thirds Of U.S. Soda Can Wealth 06:47:41
City of Vallejo, CA goes bankrupt 06:20:06
Ron Paul Stumps In San Diego 06:15:01
Anybody catch the Arizona rally or get video? 05:57:48
Ralph Nader calls for Bush, Cheney's resignation 05:28:19
John McCain Faces off with Ellen Degeneres 05:00:45
American tankers run over civilian cars in Iraq and laugh: 03:48:55
We put up over 200 signs in Sioux Falls Tonight! 03:34:30
New York Times: Ron Paul and EPIC Photos 03:33:41
Who's the real threat: Vegan potlucks or Ron Paul's revolutionaries? 03:04:37
This. Is. A. Pro. Ron. Paul. Video. 02:57:01
Marcy Kaptur North American Union 02:37:18
John McCain and Funny Money 02:21:29
McCain's going down...please digg 02:00:45
Need Some Help On Ron Paul Criticisms 01:59:31
Young Vets Target McCain 01:31:41
One more step closer to a police state 01:20:21
SAU is formed... 01:15:39
Israeli pilots threatened to blast Blair’s jet out of sky 00:27:22