Posted on May 26, 2008

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We will be providing the LIVE speech from Dr. Paul in Branson MO STARTING NOW MAY 30 20:26:03
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Please digg this story for Ron Paul and Murray 23:19:32
Baldwin on Medical marijuana, foreign policy, why vote for session talk 23:12:11
Scumbag hit piece on Dr. Paul, Washinton Post 22:54:31
Communists for Obama Article 22:51:31
Bill # H.R.3835 To restore the Constitution''s checks and balances, Ron Paul (R-TX 14th) 21:52:33
Im new here. But is It odd to have over 300 GUESTS online here?? 21:39:42
Very Good Vid, The Ron Paul REVOLT! 21:36:56
Carter: Israel has 150 nuclear warheads 21:29:28
Digg this - John McCain's true immigration policies exposed. 21:17:54
TED TERBOLIZZARD and DEAN SANTORO ron paul congressional republicans LIVE NOW! 21:05:01
Obama on Internet Freedom? 20:47:43
Has anyone in Idaho actually seen Ron Paul Tv ads? 20:44:16
Viacom lawsuit threatens internet freedom 19:55:13
Are You Required by Law to Fill Out the Census survey? 19:42:05
Dead Troops Remembered By President Who Had Them Killed 19:17:31
St. Paul!! 19:15:01
Watch the NeoCons in the background of this Pat Buchanan Speech - funny 19:05:42
Great News from Colarado 19:05:16
Liberty Garden Part III - How is your garden coming along? 18:40:27
CHUCK BALDWIN (Constitution Party) Thread 18:08:11
The Constitution Keeps On Giving 17:24:46
The troops don't defend our freedom--anyone with me? 17:22:05
My Senator's Response to a letter I wrote about the Real ID Act. 16:54:52
Freedom Walk teleconference tonight 16:50:06
Freedom Walk teleconference tonight 16:49:47
Freedom Walk teleconference tonight 16:49:25
What are you thoughts on joining the military?? 16:27:55
Bill # H.R.3835 To restore the Constitution''s checks and balances, Ron Paul (R-TX 14th) 16:20:02
Did anyone notice that Bob Barr's website is an EXACT copy of Dr.Paul's? 16:17:05
New Cover Name for the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION 16:11:07
BOB BARR THREAD -wether you are for or against please post here UPDATE!! 15:51:11
Military Officers Challenge Official Account of September 11th 15:42:05
Whatever Happened to the Country We Loved So Much? (Keep Bumped) 15:15:29
Mugging the Election System 15:10:24
Bob Barr on the Real ID Act 15:06:23
Ron has NO intention of filing where it is required to be a Write-In Candidate 14:40:49
**********Ron Paul Blimp Lets Bring it to St. Paul ************ 14:33:50
Photo of Ron Paul Sign at Glen Helen AMA National Motocross 5/25/08 14:00:00
Anti-Barr Forum Posts 13:50:43
Pro-Barr Forum Posts 13:49:57
Just an inspirational Song being Memorial Day and All 13:42:23
Five Reasons why Ron Paul supporters should NOT support Bob Barr 13:17:34
Rhino, Alaskaron, this may interest you: Busted! Now I've seen everything... 12:23:17
Colorado CD7 Report - Ron Paul National Delegate (Alternate) Elected 12:20:53
Bold Plan To Continue The rEVOLution 12:15:48
Bob Barr: A Little Cheney in Him? 12:08:09
It is Treason and who will stop it! 11:40:31
Who is Ron Paul? 11:34:15
When are you going to realize 11:33:06
Idaho for Ron Paul 10:49:18
A Typical Caricature of Bush; Ironic, Isn't It? [PIC] 10:35:45
Does anyone else remember... 10:32:33
S. DAKOTA AIRTIME 100%+ of $4K Raised - Keep it coming! Need by TONIGHT!! 10:31:53
Bush / McCain event cancelled due to lack of sales :) 10:06:12
Former Ron Paul Aide Talks of Barr's Role in Patriot Act 10:02:37
The offical FLDS thread move it all here Paulites 10:01:41
Please keep all FLDS postings on one thread 09:57:52
Military Chief Warns Troops About Politics 09:40:22
Asylum from the DP Asylum--Devon's New Site 09:00:33
The memorial day thread 08:48:22
Ron Paul on Book TV C-Span 2 Memorial Day 7PM EST. 08:43:16
Memorial Day 07:44:55
The Real Wealth of a Nation 07:13:00
Video: Constitution Revolution 07:11:11
Who cares about the presidency? Keep fighting locally 06:38:12
You were warned... 05:48:51
Awash In Profits, Exxon Extracting Every Penny From Its Franchisees 05:47:39
Question for the Libertarian Party 05:11:32
Creating The Miracle Together 05:06:30
Let's Create The Miracle! 05:04:58
Maybe a Miracle Can Happen! 05:02:49
Perhaps a miracle can happen! 04:56:22
The New Global Hunt for Tax Cheats 04:45:43
Who do you think was one of the Bush Administration's key players on the economy? 04:24:35
wow... visit this website 04:22:33
A message from the Libertarian Party 04:22:31
PLEASE WATCH!! The real significance of recent subpoena of Karl Rove 03:28:16
Pirate attacks around the world rise by 20% 03:10:08
The Profound Plan to bring back the Constitution*****ACT NOW**** 02:52:52
Politics (blue/red states) & Gas Prices 02:31:48
Indiana Jones (warning, if this stuff still matters to you, SPOILER) 01:48:22
I sincerely apologize. 01:24:57
Bob Barr = False Flag Candidate 00:56:36
Look we all know our delegates are going to rock the house at the convention, lets forget all this Bob Barr, and whoever else 00:34:12
Bob Barr and his supporter(s) are attempting to derail the Revoluton. 00:34:00
* * ALERT - TX Supreme Court helped with FLDS raid from the outset!!! Outrageous * * 00:26:43