Posted on May 29, 2008

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Rand Paul on Gardner Goldsmith Today (5/29) 08:10:20
*** OPERATION ST. PAUL *** Saturate Delegates With TV - Print - Billboards 00:28:13
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Obama's "Not Exactly's": This person is more dangerous than any candidate in recent years... 23:53:24
English-only speakers disappearing in Miami-Dade 23:38:37
the ghost of Gen.Nathen Bedford Forrest. 23:32:23
Finally the defenders are awakening 23:22:40
Fulford: Great Plazma Ball Just Before China Earthquake 22:55:46
MN Convention: Please watch and rate these videos so we can get the word out! 22:55:46
write in ron paul. barr and baldwin are bums. 22:53:20
Digg this - McClellan drops WMD on Whie House 22:41:16
ROLL OUT!!!! 22:38:44
Paul Ventura POLL NEW VIDEO! 22:35:24
funny... NOT! 22:30:09
Call Today to Stop Worst Vaccine Bill Ever in New York - - ALL FEDERAL SHOTS WILL BECOME MANDATORY !! 21:59:35
Indonesia Pulls Out of OPEC 21:49:12
A reason for metals getting hit??? More defaults... 21:37:36
Uh Oh... the War Propaganda is starting again- false ties between Iran and terrorism are now underway... get ready for WAR 21:28:38
The Breakdown of Globalization -- Wow, watch in entirety!! 21:26:41
NWO Elitist Rupert Murdoch says Obama will win the presidency: "McCain has problems"... can't be trusted. 21:24:53
Super Tuesday of State Conventions is this weekend: Wyoming, Virginia, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Washington: BE THERE! 21:01:46
John Bolton, fmr US ambassador to the UN Narrowly Missed Citizen's Arrest 21:01:27
Govt. "regulators" investigate possible gas price manipulation -- but not metals or the DOW? 20:56:44
*********I'M UBER DEPRESSED******** 20:55:49
Huffington Post Article Attacks Ron Paul’s Character, Says were brainwashed! 20:48:58
This is WAY out of context but..... 20:48:26
ABC News article on Ron Paul 20:26:01
Which Party Should We Choose? 20:12:50
Democratic Congresswoman speaks against NAFTA superhighway 20:06:44
Video - Ron Paul on Truthout - posted: May 29 20:05:33
GMO and FDA Health Fraud Schemes 19:41:21
Ron Paul in Phoenix, AZ 5/22/2008 19:36:52
RP Republican Murray Sabrin's UN-ORTHODOX Ad: "THE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS" 19:34:51
****NC Judge Rules No Third Party Ticket Allowed***** 19:26:00
Help Abolish the FED - Message from Trevor Lyman 19:08:51
Ron Paul Still Making His Mark! GREAT Positive News article!!! 19:03:26
Ron Paul questions Condi Rice today 18:20:28
AHHH! Oh No! Please Rain, go away! Don't put the damper on the Minnesota rally and my chance to meet Ron Paul! 18:12:13
FLDS update: Texas Supreme Court lets ruling stand to return sect children to parents 17:49:20
Dept. of Homeland Security shotgunning incident.. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! 17:24:50
Allarms are Going Off!! ARE YOU AWAKE? Are You Scared Yet?? 17:07:13
Need help explaining why dollar is going to collapse 16:42:55
please send any yard signs 16:31:21
Homeland Security Agents Reveal Illegal 'Shotgunning' Practice 16:18:49
Bob Barr Endorsed Ron Paul on Dec 10th, 2007 16:11:07
RON PAUL BLOWOUT SALE!!! GREAT DEAL ON ALL RON PAUL STUFF... Continue to plague your neighborhood with signs, stickers, buttons 16:06:38
Another attack tying our movement to racism 15:59:56
Barr & Root think they'll get the Revolution & $30 million 15:59:14
Marine Crusaders proselytizing Muslims in Iraq 15:27:24
WTO, Multi-national Corp Exposed by the Yes Men 15:26:56
Delia Lopez - Ron Paul Delegate and Congressional Candidate - LIVE NOW! 15:10:33
Current Info. on GOP volunteers 15:01:40
McClellan getting savaged for saying what everyone knows to be true anyway 14:58:04
RFK Jr.- "They ARE Destroying OUR Constitution." 14:33:56 14:31:38
Ron Paul Rides Toward Victory ! 14:26:13
this is a bunch of BUNK! 14:18:43
A Real Republican Comes to TOWN. 13:42:14
McCain - The most flawed candidate 12:49:44
Lets email bomb Hugo Chavez! 12:37:59
Probably the Best Ron Paul news report ever 12:31:15
Massachusetts Tax Revolution- Help Us END the Income Tax 12:30:52
Profits, profiteering, Rush, Free Enterprise, Corporations, Elites, Etc. 12:27:14 has one foot in the grave. 12:12:48
Murray Sabrin 25k push 11:58:45
A Special Report -proofs Of Conspiracy- V3 11:40:10
AK folks: Tell us about Gov. Palin 11:39:35
Put Any Bob Barr/Chuck Baldwin etc Posts Under One Thread *Please* 11:37:01
Ron Paul segment on Soiux Falls local news 5/27 11:06:10
It's a miracle...the message is spreading! 10:47:09
Evidence of Rampant Voter Fraud 10:36:27
Michael, prepare for an attack 10:33:09
The Bus Fare - Revisited 10:29:50
Civic Fest? 10:28:31
NOW what the f**k is going on with Gold/Silver-? 10:19:10
OPERATION ST. PAUL Saturate Delegates,TV, Print, Billboards DIGG! 10:05:30
Non-Borrowed Reserves of Depository Institutions 08:58:15
President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas: We're screwed. 08:04:08
The Revolution, Phase II 06:46:42
Bob Barr's VP Donated to Joe Lieberman and ENDORSED John McCain???? WHAT??? are you kidding?!!!!!!!!!!! 06:38:51
Anti-American Hugo Chavez To Give Free Oil To Blacks 05:59:01
Libertarian Party 1972 - 2008: Rest in Peace. 05:28:22
Media Campaign Against Ron Paul Continues 04:51:34
The Presumptive Republican Nominee and That Other Guy 04:10:45
Great Article! Paul offers choice from SD 04:00:43
Does anybody know what this is about? 03:55:26
Bill O'Reilly Flips Out — DANCE REMIX 03:08:19
Defining Life at Conception: Montana Bill sponsored by the Constitution Party 02:52:17
FBI Recruiting Infiltrators for GOP Convention Protestors 02:44:58
Is it time for "The People's Congress"? 02:31:43
why is nobody questioning how the scott mcbook got out ??? 02:29:37
Signs Of Ron Paul Support 02:22:54
Village shopkeeper threatened with arrest 02:19:51
Understanding Gold! 01:35:11
Jim Rogers: More Pain for the Greenback, and the Failure of the Federal Reserve 01:27:29
Laws Against Buying Oil – Gold & Silver? 01:23:22
Deflationary Spriral... were at the beginning! 01:16:06
Blowback at Republican Minnesota State Convention - Karl Rove could give Paul more delegates 00:49:59
Storms on the Horizon - Speech Today by the Federal Reserves Richard W. Fisher 00:48:45
I've got a list of Republican Voters in SD. How many names do you want? 00:40:27
McClellan: Bush Governed With Propaganda: Former press aide delivers biting criticism in memoir 00:37:42
Convention Countdown - 94 Days 00:37:07
POLL: Did Bush mislead the country into Iraq and use Propaganda? 00:24:10