Posted on May 7, 2008

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One Million Votes, and #1 on the NY Times Best Seller List 21:59:50
MP3 | Ron Paul Duke University NC Speech 09:58:31
Ron Paul in Kentucky - May 16, 17 09:41:24
Ron Paul on Cavuto 05:48:43
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blakmira calls us "lower than scum" ;) 23:42:01
Digg link for Ron Paul #1 on NY Times Best Sellers List!!! 23:07:54
Nevada Republican Convention 23:00:46
Big Brother Is at the Door: Wearing GPS Monitoring Devices 22:51:35
Have you read The Illumnati by Larry Burkett ? 22:46:19
***HOT TOPIC*** New Plot against Ron Paul has been Uncovered (((DIGG NOW PLS))) DIGG LIKE MANIACS 22:44:54
Any of you want to claim this! Really cheered me up 22:24:46
BJ Lawson Campaign Merch 22:05:01
Somebody forwarded this to me. The neocons are breaking! We are winning! 22:00:52
An Ultimatum Strategy 21:28:00
We are almost there. 21:27:14
AOL re-starts on-line Poll between Ron Paul and McSame 21:05:16
McCain to attend LaRaza Annual Convention 20:26:00
Ventura/Paul? Jesse Interested in Running for President as Libertarian 20:19:45
Crying While Schooling 20:17:40
Has anyone taken colloidal silver? 20:10:50
Handouts About 7/21 Rally at RP Speeches 19:54:29
HOW MANY FIASCOS? have the FED been responsible for in American History? 19:51:51
did anybody here anything about 19:35:45
Are You Brainwashed? 19:31:23
you HAVE to read this!!!!!!! 19:12:58
anyone in ny??? challenge mccain to a debate! mccain in midtown tonight 19:12:43
OMG gag! 18:59:13
Ballot Access Case in North Carolina 18:47:38
YOUR PARTY, YOUR PRINCIPLES PASS THIS ON!(If I were President by Chuck Baldwin) 18:32:41
do we live in the U.S. or the U.S.A. ?? 18:24:37
Educators Needed 18:23:53
Seriously, what is wrong with questioning 9/11? 18:17:10
Ron Paul supporters: Would you move to Paulville? 18:13:09
Waking Up 18:10:46
What are OUR chief complaints with John McCain 18:05:46
Tougher security checks to enter US 17:41:06
Article in MSM about cyclone said... 17:33:23
Ron Paul supporter attacked and then charged with murder!! 17:31:52
Jesse Ventura: why was he considering RFK jr as a running mate? 17:22:24
In Minnesota, 15 Paul supporters running as Republicans for various state and local positions 17:03:52
Why most people can’t join the Revolution! 16:54:30
Democracy 21: White House Move Yesterday to Rig FEC 16:53:42
This is movin fast, FRONT PAGE get in and make a comment! 16:48:48
Ron Paul in new music video 16:47:54
Send The Revolution to all the National Delegates! 16:15:00
Has the US media committed treason? 16:01:11
George Soros and John McCain attached in this article about gun rights 15:30:22
Ron Paul can win(McCain one scandal away from oblivion) 15:28:33
POKERFACE LIVE INTERVIEW TONIGHT! Wednesday May 7th about 14:20:44
Article on Sante Fe Reporter online 14:13:28
Vallejo, CA to file for bankruptcy 14:10:11
Dictator in the U.S.A. Chris Matthews Tells Free Men and Women How They Can and Can’t Vote 14:07:15
Congress looking at steel pennies and nickels 14:05:58
You may want to teach your children how to survive being tasered. It is likely in their future. 14:00:31
The Truth About Oil Prices 13:54:24
U.N. may force Myanmar to accept aid 13:33:08
Myanmar and Chile Catastrophes 13:23:44
Ron Paul on Gas Tax Holiday 13:21:19
Ron Paul Books Signing San Diego City Hall 13:17:24
Great New Ron Paul Article on the FRONT page of Reddit! 13:17:18
Ron Paul Books Signing San Diego City Hall 13:15:41
Ron Paul Book Signing San Diego 13:14:45
roberts rule of order link please 13:00:18
Ron Paul Uprising -- Delegates need to read!! GOP is scared. 12:50:12
I have a question for you... 12:17:52
Is anybody from DP going to the march? 11:54:52
Great video to show McCain, Clinton, Obama supporters, This video is graphic and not for the squeamish 11:48:41
Brad Warthen's Blog: Ron Paul lives! 11:23:57
Cheney’s Chief of Staff Subpoenaed. Breaking news! 11:19:11
It's Time Now! (PLEASE KEEP BUMPED) 11:05:19
Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch... 10:54:41
America's present and future. Cops rule you! 10:29:46
I Heard Something Very Disturbing 09:38:08
How Ron Paul is going to WIN! Hump day Digg Fest! 08:45:39
Al Qaeda - a.k.a The CIA - Meddling in Africa 08:22:31
Ron Paul Tops One Million Votes 07:11:42
A letter from Ben Novak - How Ron Paul Is Going to Win 06:44:32
Getting back to our constitutional roots 06:13:01
Battle of the Hawks 05:33:11
Let's 'comment bomb' this website! 05:02:54
Why is Dr. Paul Blocking the "Save Act" to Enforce Immigration Laws??????? 03:18:24
When The Going Gets Tough !! Read This "Cut & Paste" :-P 02:33:37
Some thoughts on Paul's Obama comment 02:05:49
Walter Jones Wins! 01:21:43
Video - Ron Paul at Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne, Indiana - May 5th, 2008 01:04:55
Finally a link on DRUDGE REPORT 00:45:58
Dr Steve Parent FIRE TEAM FOR FREEDOM OUR IRAQ WAR VETS 12-2 am tuesday thru friday LIVE NOW 00:34:50
Want To Stump Every Obama, Clinton, and McCain Supporter? 00:27:05
The Trilateral Commission, John, Hillary, Obama, and the NWO of Feudalism 00:09:25
Obama's Victory Speech / Hypnotic Jingoist Session 00:09:17
Republican rift over credentials focused on Paul backers 00:07:58